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  • Make Aspen Furniture the Focus of the Bedroom

    These Nightstands are Head TurnersIf you’re looking for simplicity in bedroom design, cabin decor is a great choice. Inherently rugged and infused with the beauty of the great outdoors, pieces like the Midnight Dark Aspen 1 Drawer Log Nightstand add beauty and functionality to your personal space. Each nightstand is built using solid aspen logs and features the quality you’d expect from handcrafted furniture.

    Nightstands serve two purposes in the bedroom. One, they balance out beds, dressers, vanities and other pieces that would otherwise overwhelm the room with their size. Two, they provide the storage you need for small items such as pens and paper, remote controls and reading glasses. With the Midnight Dark Aspen 1 Drawer Log Nightstand, you get your choice of a flat or half-log front for the single drawer along with a solid lower shelf that can be used to hold books, magazines or home decor items. The drawer slides in and out on full-extension ball bearing glides rated at 75lbs. Along with dovetail box construction, this ensures long-lasting, reliable stability.

    You can enjoy the Midnight Dark Aspen 1 Drawer Log Nightstand without guilt knowing that all the logs were harvested sustainably from dead-standing timbers. Using trees at the ends of their life cycles preserves forest environments and ensures the maximum amount of unique aspen character for each nightstand. Take a close look and you’ll find the designs that developed as each tree grew, including knots and warps as well as beetle holes and superficial cracks. Enjoy these characteristics as is or opt for a honey finish that deepens the wood color to make a bold statement.

    Making rustic furniture a fixture of your bedroom creates a style that’s unique and beautiful. Choose matching pieces such as dark aspen beds, dressers and chests for a cohesive, beautiful look that you can enjoy each night as you head off to sleep. Turn your bedroom into a rustic getaway with a full complement of rugged, beautiful furniture. The strength of aspen ensures longevity while its timeless look will never go out of fashion.

  • Rustic Decor Keeps the Christmas Glow Alive

    Keep the Holiday Cheer Alive with Art PrintsEvery year after Christmas, there’s a sense of sadness as the glow of the season fades and the routines of daily life creep back in. You find yourself wishing that you could capture the feeling of Christmas day and hold onto it all year long. With prints like Snow Folk Hope by Mary Ann June, you can. Though the holidays are over, this cheery print will continue to bring joy to your rustic decor throughout the rest of the winter months.

    Snow Folk Hope features a pair of snow people—one snowman and one snow woman—standing on either side of a scraggly Christmas tree. Each is decked out in festive winter outerwear including a coat, scarf, hat and mittens. As they stand looking out at the viewer with big smiles on their snowy faces, they’re reaching out to hold the tree up so the star on top can be clearly seen. More stars appear around the border of the print along with intertwining twigs that sport bright berries and curls of bark. Finished off with a tan background and the word “Hope” written above the tree in simple script, this print is just what you need to keep the holiday cheer alive in your home.

    Simple colors create a subtle landscape in this decorative art print. Whether you choose a custom frame for the museum-quality image or have it reprinted on canvas, you’ll enjoy shades ranging from rustic brown to light tan with splashes of forest green and golden yellow here and there. Deep maroon also makes an appearance, standing out against the white of the snow for an eye-catching accent that looks beautiful when displayed above wood furniture. Artist Mary Ann June makes the most of every color to create a well-balanced print with timeless style.

    Hang Snow Folk Hope wherever you’ll see it most often to enjoy its cheerful image and uplifting message throughout the day. As part of your cabin decor, these happy snow people will bring a bright spirit to any room.

  • Handcrafted Rustic Decor Brings Woodland Beauty Home

    Wall Lamps to Compliment Your FurnitureThe woodlands hold a wealth of beauty that can be enjoyed on any hike. Birds sing in the trees, squirrels skitter through the underbrush and all manner of unseen creatures add their voices to the choir. It’s hard not to want to bring the experience home, and with the Honey Bear Swing Arm Wall Lamp, you can have it in your cabin decor.

    Handcrafted by artist Dick Idol, this unique light fixture is made from resin and features a multi-wood finish in shades of brown to mimic the look of natural tree bark. Starting with a sturdy round mounting plate and extending out into a 24-inch arm, the “tree” part of the lamp looks just like a pair of branches attached to a trunk. Another vertical “branch” extends up from the arm to support the UL-certified lighting components and the espresso leatherette shade. Adding a 100-watt bulb brightens up the style and brings just the right amount of light to any room.

    Look closely at this rustic decor and you’ll see two adorable black bear cubs climbing across the arm and the base. Also crafted from resin and painted in a shiny black finish, these simple accents turn the lamp from a basic log design into something truly special. Guests will want to take a second look to see just what is adorning the lamp, and they’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality craftsmanship of each detail.

    This lamp is a compact 19 inches high so you can mount it anywhere in your home. It makes a great reading lamp for the living room or den and can also be used above the counter in the kitchen. In the bedroom, it adds a rustic touch to complement other cabin-style pieces. You can even put it in your home office to give yourself something special to enjoy as you go about daily work. With its attractive woodland motif, deep colors and bark detailing, the Honey Bear Swing Arm Wall Lamp is just what you need to complement log furniture.

  • Spice Up the Dining Room with Barnwood Furniture

    FeeGather Around these Round Dining TablesEvery dining table design has something different to offer. Long, slim tables create an elegant setup for holidays while bistro tables offer an intimate dining experience. The Arthurian Round Table combines authentic reclaimed barnwood with a circular design that exudes charm and makes your dining room feel cozy the way only rustic furniture can.

    Round dining tables echo the feel of bistro styles but seat more people, an important consideration if you're planning to entertain guests. The design of the Arthurian Round Table is particularly flexible in that it allows you to choose from standard, counter and bar heights as well as six different diameters that range from 30 inches to 60 inches. With these options, you can get a table that's a perfect fit for the size of your family as well as you dining room space.

    This sturdy barnwood furniture features the same attractive construction regardless of configuration. Solid planks make up the top and are held in place with an octagonal border. One thick beam is used to create the pedestal-style support and rests on a pair of crossed boards for added stability. Curved accents decorate each join at the bottom and top of the support beam, a feature that softens the otherwise stark design of the table. The natural accents found in barnwood add to the look as well, with everything from nail holes to saw marks making an appearance somewhere in the piece.

    You can't go wrong when you include a bit of barnwood in your rustic decor. When used in the dining room, the Arthurian Round Table imparts the special beauty of naturally aged wood. Skilled craftsmen make sure that each piece is used in a way that shows off the full impact of its inherent beauty. Topped off with a clear finish, this rugged dining table makes the perfect centerpiece for daily dining, holidays and other special occasions. Surround it with chairs made from barnwood to create a truly stunning effect that impresses guests and makes you family feel right at home.

  • Add Useful Rustic Decor to the Bathroom

    Towel Bars can be made decorative.If you're thinking about renovating the bathroom in your rustic home, remember that accessories are an important part of the design. Fixtures such as vanities and cabinets set the stage for the room, but it's pieces like the Colorado Iron Towel Bar with Shelf that pull it all together. With its solid construction and attractive accents, this rugged piece is just what you need to complement log furniture and bring out the rugged nature of your bathroom design.

    The Colorado Iron Towel Bar with Shelf features an iron bar that stretches between two panels crafted in your choice of motif. Select trees to give your bathroom a woodland feel or go wild with images of moose or bear. These designs stretch from the towel bar to the shelf above, giving the appearance that one is supporting the other. Hang washcloths or towels for drying hands on the bar and store bath towels folded on the top shelf to grab as needed. Use the included mounting hardware to hang this rustic decor in your bathroom wherever you need extra towel storage.

    You can count on wrought iron to last through just about anything. When properly treated and finished, it resists rusting and retains its smooth appearance over time. Choose one of three finish colors for your towel bar so that it matches the other decor in your bathroom. Canyon Black is closest to the traditional wrought iron color. Frontier Rust adds an antique touch. Choose Patina Natural Rust to complement a bathroom with a "deep woods" theme.

    Made with pride in the USA, the Colorado Iron Towel Bar with Shelf provides handy towel storage in an attractive piece of cabin decor that brightens up your bathroom. This combination of style and function creates a timeless design that will be a fixture of the room for years to come. Choose complementary towel styles that feature your favorite woodland animals and make them part of the decor of the bathroom. When properly balanced, rugged accessories create a unique and enjoyable bathroom atmosphere.

  • Unique Candles Brighten Up Cabin Decor

    Candles are great for adjusting room lightsCandlelight has a way of making any room feel more cozy. Adding candles to your rustic decor imparts a sense of calm, relaxation and serenity. When those candles are a Set of 3 Rustic Birch Bark Candles, they also bring the beauty of the outdoors to your home. This unique candle set can light up the living room, add elegance to the dining table or turn your front hall into a woodland oasis.

    Rustic Birch Bark Candles are made from solid wax wrapped in real birch bark. The style is one-of-a-kind: a series of "rings" inside each candle with an exterior that looks exactly like a small birch log. This makes them perfect for all kinds of cabin decor. Since the prominent shades in birch bark are black and white, you can get creative with other accessories. Try decorative pine branches, bright knickknacks, rustic lamps or even photographs for a display that grabs attention.

    A set of log risers made from aspen wood makes a beautiful accompaniment to this bark-wrapped candle set. The risers are available in different sizes and can be arranged any way you wish. Elevate the candles in tiers to create a multi-level effect that disperses their light in unique ways and add accents in complementary colors to complete the look.

    As a dining table centerpiece, Rustic Birch Bark Candles provide beautiful subdued lighting for special meals. They're perfect for holidays, and can be customized depending on what you surround them with. Create a fall display with cornstalks and pumpkins, brighten up Thanksgiving with a cornucopia or make Christmas shine with holly leaves and berries. The candles may also be used to add a bit of charm to "ordinary" everyday meals or bring a romantic feeling to an evening spent alone with your spouse.

    Light your Rustic Birch Bark Candles whenever you want to enjoy the special flicker of candlelight. Arranged along with log furniture and complementary accents, this three-candle set is just what you need to make your home feel special any day of the year.

  • Bring the Family Together with Barnwood Furniture

    Upholstered Long BenchesNow that fall is in the air, it's time to start planning for the holiday season. It may seem like a long way off, but if you're the type who likes to have the whole family home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, you know how much preparation is involved. One thing you want to be sure of is having enough seating in the dining room. Instead of trying to surround the table with a ragged grouping of individual chairs, you could try rustic decor like the Cottage Barnwood Upholstered Bench to seat the coming crowd.

    Barnwood furniture is made with reclaimed boards and planks from old structures. The wood in the Cottage Barnwood Upholstered Log Bench is red oak from tobacco barns that were used in the 1800s, so it has a special character that's unique to weathered wood. With thick planks used for the legs and a full-length supporting beam, this bench is built to last. The upholstered seat is further supported by planks of wood that sit just beneath it and are attached securely to the legs.

    The builders of this beautiful bench preserve its personality using a dull catalyzed lacquer finish. Finishing barnwood seals in the nail hole accents, saw marks, abrasions and weathering patterns so that you can enjoy them for a long time. Barnwood itself is known for longevity given that it's been naturally weathered from spending years being exposed to changing weather conditions. After that, day-to-day wear and even heavy use around the holidays won't cause the appearance of the wood to deteriorate.

    Customize your Cottage Barnwood Upholstered Log Bench with one of the nearly four dozen fabric choices available for the seat. Find one that complements your cabin decor, then choose the length you need to seat all the guests you're expecting for the upcoming holidays. Whether you need a four-, five- or six-foot bench, you get the same stability and beauty you expect from barnwood. Let this eye-catching piece enhance your dining room during the holidays and throughout the rest of the year.

  • Cabin Decor Brings the Deep Woods Home

    Sturdy Lamp Sets with a Nice Bronze FinishPicture yourself standing in the deep woods, surrounded by towering pines with the sounds of the forest around you. Wouldn't it be nice to take the peace you find in that place and bring it home? While having the Autumn's Light Accent Lamp Set as part of your rustic decor isn't the same as taking a hike along your favorite woodland paths, the unique design can serve as a reminder of the quietness you find there. The decor of any living room or den can benefit from the subdued colors and intricate design of this lamp set.

    Each Autumn's Light Accent Lamp rests on a sturdy base with round tiered accents and an amber bronze finish. The deep color is contrasted by the light amber glass that surrounds the bulb socket. All around the glass, detailing is used to depict flowing images of pine branches, cones and needles with the resulting impression that a tree is growing up from the base of each lamp. Metal rings cap the lamps off and support metal pine cone accents. The balance between dark and light creates a lamp that's pleasing to the eye and just right for cabin decor.

    With the light from a 25-watt type B bulb, these lamps take on a subtle glow that lights up the pine cone and branch accents from the inside. It's hard not to sit mesmerized by the look of these finely crafted pieces. You can place them side by side for a two-level lighting effect or have one at either end of a table for an interesting visual arrangement.

    The Autumn's Light Accent Lamp Set includes two lamps: one that's 21.5 inches tall with a 6.5-inch base and another that stands 18 inches tall on a 5.5-inch base. Together with wood furniture and other rustic accents, these attractive lamps transport you to that peaceful place in the forest that's far away from daily stressors and concerns. With their fine craftsmanship and soft lighting, these lamps are the perfect touch for your rustic home.

  • Bring Illuminating Rustic Decor to Your Cabin

    Wall Sconces with a beautiful rustic accentSummertime at your cabin means staying outside as long as you can until dusk turns into dark and you have to take the party indoors. As you sit and talk or play a game of cards, it's nice to enjoy cozy cabin decor like the Cottage Hickory Double Log Wall Sconce. This handcrafted piece serves two purposes: it provides light for your evening activities and brings a little bit of the outdoors to your cabin's already rugged style.

    Every Cottage Hickory Double Log Wall Sconce features a pair of small hickory logs attached to a solid wood backing. Kiln-drying the logs boosting the natural hardness of the hickory to give it extra strength. The drying process also preserves the unique characteristics found in the bark, which is left on the logs for a beautiful dark finish. The lighter color of the backing provides attractive contrast and harmonizes well with log furniture. Clear catalyzed lacquer is used to finish the whole fixture and protect the wood from damage.

    You can make your new wall sconce match the theme of your home by choosing a pair of lampshades in whatever style you fancy. Pick your favorite from a selection of solid colors, outdoor scenes and textured surfaces to create the look that's perfect for your cabin. A beautiful yellow-brown shade with a pattern of leaves and pine needles is suggested for the sconce or you can select your own design separately for a custom look.

    Measuring about 36 inches long and 17 inches high, the Cottage Hickory Double Log Wall Sconce can be placed anywhere in your home. Enjoy the combination of beautiful style and handy illumination as part of your rustic decor this summer and on into the fall. As the days get shorter, you'll appreciate having the extra light to .brighten up the evenings and bring a touch of outdoor charm to your home. Whether you only spend the summer at your cabin or like to go there for weekends throughout the year, this sconce will come in handy.

  • Cozy Up to Aspen Furniture

    Consider Getting Aspen Dining TablesPutting together a dining set that looks great in your cabin or lodge means choosing natural log furniture with one-of-a-kind personality. The Aspen Dining Table With Metal Inserts delivers just that. Rugged, handcrafted components come together in a piece that features bold aspen design along with an eye-catching metal nature scene set into its surface.

    Starting with dead-standing wood, talented craftsmen hand-peel four thick aspen logs to use as legs and include the same detailing around the edge of the tabletop. Make this basic style your own by choosing light aspen, dark aspen or "extra gnarly" aspen depending on the statement that you want your cabin decor to make. Both the clear and honey finish options protect the wood and allow the burls, insect track and elk chew marks to shine through.

    Eighteen different metal inserts are available for this stunning table. Choose from fishing scenes, elk or deer, bear, Western themes and more for a beautiful finish that gives your table added personality. The insert is set into the tabletop behind a sturdy panel of glass so you can enjoy it every time you sit down for a meal.

    Make your Aspen Dining Table With Metal Inserts part of a complete dining set by adding a chair or bench package. You can choose plain seating made from the same type of aspen as the table or add metal inserts to enhance the style. Get a combination of side chairs and arm chairs or benches in varying sizes to give everyone in the family a sturdy place to sit. Each seating option features the same careful handcrafting as the table and is made to last just as long.

    Table size is another important consideration when purchasing aspen furniture, especially if you tend to host big gatherings on special occasions. The Aspen Dining Table With Metal Inserts comes in lengths ranging from five feet to ten feet so you can gather as big a group as you want to enjoy a meal while relaxing in a cozy cabin atmosphere.

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