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  • Rugged Barnwood Furniture Reflects Style

    Rugged MirrorsChoosing accent pieces for your cabin depends on the kind of rustic decor you're aiming for. There are so many different styles that you can create simply by using different colors and types of wood. Reclaimed barnwood has a special beauty that is brought out even in simple pieces such as the Cottage Barnwood Mirror.

    Using red oak boards reclaimed from 1800s tobacco barns, this eye-catching mirror is perfect for any room in your rustic home. Barnwood furniture offers a unique look no matter where you place it. Each board has its own distinctive characteristics, honed by decades of exposure to changing weather conditions. Solid and attractive, barnwood creates a beautiful mirror frame.

    The Cottage Barnwood Mirror makes it easy to appreciate the one-of-a-kind appearance of this special wood. Bands of light and dark colors, slight twists and curves and even a few gnarled knots may appear in the piece. A dull catalyzed lacquer finish seals in every accent so that you can enjoy the stunning look of your mirror for years. A good mirror adds a feeling of space to your bedroom, entryway or bathroom the moment you hang it up.

    By reflecting a large area of the room, a mirror can make it appear as though there's twice as much space in any given area. This is a great asset in cabins where the rooms tend to be on the smaller side. It's also the perfect way to create an inviting space for guests the moment they arrive. A sense of openness puts visitors at ease and starts every visit off on the right foot. Investing in barnwood is a smart idea when you want to put together a collection of truly rugged cabin decor.

    Not only does the Sawmill Barnwood Mirror give you a functional mirror that's built to last, but it also brings a unique work of art to whatever room you hang it in. The subtle differences between the boards in barnwood pieces give you a distinctive creation that you can enjoy anywhere, any time.

  • Subtle Cabin Decor Makes a Beautiful Statement

    Beautiful bedding setsSome cabin decor is meant to catch the eye the moment you walk into a room. Made using bright colors or wood with extreme personality, these pieces are designed to stand out. However, boldness isn't always the best choice when decorating a rustic getaway. Subdued natural shades and subtle woodland designs can be just as beautiful and are often preferable for creating a relaxing atmosphere for your cabin.

    Your bedroom should be the most relaxing room of all. Bedding sets like the Wildlife Venture Bedding Collection are made to complement log beds and give your sleeping area the comfortable feeling necessary for you to get a good night's sleep. The cozy duvet cover features a repeating pattern of moose, deer and elk on a tan background accented here and there with tufts of green grass. A plaid bedskirt with shades of red, black and tan complements this simple, beautiful design.

    You can enjoy the Wildlife Venture Bedding Collection no matter what size bed you have. The basic set is available in twin, full, queen and king as well as super queen, super king and California king. Each comes with the beautiful duvet, coordinating bedskirt and a pair of pillow shams, except for twin which has one sham. Add a stunning Eurosham set for even more rustic style. To make your bed as comfortable as possible, you might want to mix and match from your choice of accent pillows, including an eye-catching leather and suede pillow with a unique embroidered moose design. A plaid lap blanket is also available for keeping you warm on chilly nights.

    The freedom to choose which accents you want in your bedroom is one of the biggest benefits of a bedding set. For example, if you just can't get enough of the Wildlife Venture style, you can add a set or two of olive-colored drapery with plaid valances to complement your cabin furniture. With all of the accessories available, you can add more whenever you like to create a sleeping space that's just right for you.

  • Make Versatile Cabin Decor Part of the Dining Room

    Benches with rustic accentsPutting together a rustic dining area is easy with all of the cabin furniture options available. While a solid log table is a perfect place to start, you'll also need to invest in attractive, comfortable seating for your family and any guests you invite to share meals. Instead of having to guess at how many chairs you'll need for your next gathering, try adding the North Woods Half Log Bench. With four sizes to choose from, this beautiful handcrafted bench is just what you need to round out your dining room style.

    Eye-catching knotty pine logs are hand-peeled before being assembled into the North Woods Half Log Bench. This leaves dark streaks and spots on the cream-colored wood, creating a one-of-a-kind look for your cabin decor. Knots and bumps in the logs are carefully preserved during the making of the bench for added character and charm. Pine wood has a smooth, attractive grain that can be seen along the flat top of the seat and throughout the bench legs.

    Not only does this bench sport a solid half-log seat, but its four log legs are also attached at an angle with mortise and tenon joins. Using this traditional method ensures strength and stability for the life of the piece. Your bench will last as long as the other rustic accents in your dining room, bringing natural beauty to your decor for decades to come. Choose a clear finish for a smooth style or leave the bench in its natural state to enjoy the look and feel of unfinished pine wood.

    This versatile bench isn't limited to use in the dining room. Place one in the hallway as an entry bench for guests to sit and remove their boots and shoes when they arrive and tuck another at the end of your bed for extra seating in the bedroom. Log furniture also looks beautiful as part of your rustic living room design. Enjoy a North Woods Half Log Bench or two wherever you want a little rustic style in your home.

  • Lamps Bring Cabin Decor to Life

    Lamps with eye-catching designsIf you're aiming for classic cabin style in your home, a variety of rustic accessories can help you achieve the desired look. Combining log furniture with attractive decor pieces creates a distinctive look that puts your home in a class of its own. Even when choosing everyday items such as lamps, it pays to keep an eye out for rugged style like that found in the Chainsaw Bear in Stump Lamp.

    At an eye-catching 29" in height, this rugged lamp is sure to draw comments from family and friends. The carving that gives the piece its name is deliberately rough, reminiscent of the large wood sculptures and totem pole designs often seen at campgrounds. The stump base adds an air of solidity that resonates with other cabin decor. A rugged lampshade tops it all off with its attractive brown color and a line of bear tracks running diagonally from the bottom edge to the top. This contrasts nicely with the dark brown of the rest of the bear carving and creates a soft glow every time you turn on the lamp.

    Whether you need full light or low light, the Chainsaw Bear in Stump Lamp lets you choose the right level of illumination for every task. Take advantage of the three-way socket to set the lamp to dim, medium or bright depending on the time of day. Choose soft lighting to relax at night or turn the lamp up to full strength for early-morning newspaper reading.

    Lamps are essential in every room of your home, which is why you should be discerning when choosing lamp designs for your rustic decor. Though you could go with a contemporary lamp style in your cabin, lodge or ranch house, it would seem out of place among all of your rugged pieces. Metal lamps with flexible necks are fine for modern home offices and you can use any kind of porcelain lamp with a pot base in a country home, but when you want rustic style, the Chainsaw Bear in Stump Lamp delivers.

  • Rustic Lamps Provide Unique Cabin Decor Accents

    Deer themed table lampsThough the days get longer as winter slips away, there are still a few hours in the morning and evening when you need reliable lighting. Well-lit rooms look and feel more inviting than dim ones, making lamps an essential part of your cabin decor all year round. However, you don't want to include just any lamp in your home's rustic design. The lighting you choose should match your furniture style and create a feeling of warmth.

    The Meyda Tiffany Company uses the beauty of nature as inspiration for all of its pieces, including the Lone Deer Parchment Shade Accent Lamp. At first glance, the design may seem simple; however, the longer you look, the more you'll appreciate the careful craftsmanship that goes into every Meyda Tiffany piece. A square base and slim metal center pole support not only the functional parts of the lamp, but also the stunning image of a leaping buck. Captured in silhouette, this icon of the deep woods creates the illusion of movement and a sense of power. An antique copper finish brightens the whole base, making the perfect complement to rustic decor.

    When you put a 100-watt light bulb into the Lone Deer Parchment Shade Accent Lamp, you can appreciate its beauty more fully. The white shade is constructed from sturdy paper and includes natural pressed foliage accents. A three-way socket allows you to choose what lighting level is best at different times of day. Use a soft glow in early evening, something a little brighter for early morning and the brightest level at night to light up all of your daily activities.

    Lamps from Meyda Tiffany provide more than just lighting. Each handcrafted piece is its own work of art, featuring slight differences in color and style. Your Lone Deer Parchment Shade Accent Lamp will not only brighten up your living room or den but will also provide a unique and beautiful accent to your wood furniture. Place this natural handmade lamp anywhere in your rustic home and enjoy its lasting beauty.

  • Create Authentic Cabin Style with Aspen Furniture

    These pub tables fit right into the cabin homeThe trick to achieving authentic cabin decor is to choose furniture pieces that combine traditional style with rugged personality. Simply throwing together a collection of chairs, tables and accent pieces made from logs won't give you the comfortable rustic atmosphere you're looking for. A classic cabin setting requires a bit of thought and planning as well as unique furniture to bring natural character to every room in your home.

    The Aspen Ridge Free Form Pub Table uses distinctive aspen logs to create a one-of-a-kind base that supports a round wooden tabletop. Instead of a basic pole or carved wooden base, this eye-catching table showcases the knots, burls, twists and gnarls that naturally occur in aspen wood. Stretching upward from a round bottom piece, aspen logs twine around and through each other in a free-form pattern that is never replicated from table to table. When you purchase this aspen furniture, you get a work of art that looks beautiful in your dining room or eat-in kitchen.

    Pub tables make great accents for home bars as well. Match the Aspen Ridge Free Form Pub Table with a few swivel stools and you'll have the perfect place for friends to gather any time you want to get together. Enjoy a favorite beverage or watch others play pool and darts for an enjoyable evening right in your own cabin decor home. You can also relax at the table by yourself and enjoy a cup of coffee and a good book when you need a little personal downtime.

    You'll love the way aspen wood complements other cabin furniture. The natural look of the logs in the Aspen Ridge Free Form Pub Table is balanced by the smooth tabletop, finished with several layers of clear polyurethane. A beeswax and linseed oil finish is rubbed into the rest of the table by hand, bringing out the natural colors of the aspen wood and giving the table a warm glow. Incorporating unique wood pieces into your home gives you an authentic cabin style that lasts and lasts.

  • Cabin Decor Makes a Beautiful First Impression

    Classic Coat RacksYou go in and out of your house so many times during the week that you probably don’t notice much about the decor of your entryway. However, this is one of the most important areas in your home. When others visit, the entryway gives them their first impression of your personal style and shows them what to expect throughout the rest of the house. Using log furniture in your foyer or front hall shows that you appreciate rustic style and natural beauty.

    The Pine Lake Peg Coat Rack With Shelf takes the splendor of pine wood and turns it into a useful, attractive home decor piece. Norway pine logs are fashioned into two slabs: one to support a row of pegs for coats and other outerwear, and one set perpendicular above it to act as a shelf. This added shelf space allows you to display framed photographs, potted plants, vases of flowers and any other decor items that strike your fancy. Choose anywhere from six to ten pegs to accommodate all of your outdoor clothing and to give yourself enough shelf space for your favorite decorations.

    Handcrafted in the USA from solid pine wood, the Pine Lake Peg Coat Rack With Shelf is designed to be unique. Choose the traditional style for a clean-peeled look with a smooth finish, or complement other rustic furniture with the rustic hand-peeled option. Your choice will show visitors what kind of log style you enjoy by setting the stage for the overall decor of your home. Whether you leave the wood unfinished or go for an optional protective clear coating, the addition of this attractive coat rack helps to show off your love of rugged handmade furniture pieces.

    Including cabin decor in your rustic home creates a cozy atmosphere that invites others to come in and relax. Whether you live in an actual cabin or spend most of your time in a country-style home, the Pine Lake Peg Coat Rack With Shelf can fit right in with the existing design of your home.

  • Unique Lamps Add an Artistic Touch to Rustic Decor

    Pine Table LampsIt’s easy to accessorize the wood furniture in your home if you have a flair for decorating. Looking at any room with an artistic eye reveals new and unique ways to change the decor so that it reflects the beauty of nature. Capturing the look you envision for your home requires pieces that match the styles and colors already in place. This can be difficult when adding necessary components such as lighting, since the fixtures you find don’t always fit in with your design ideas.

    The Meyda Tiffany Company helps to solve this problem by offering distinctive, beautiful rustic decor items inspired by the natural beauty of the outdoors. The Winter Pine Table Lamp is one such piece. Handcrafted by Meyda artisans, this lamp features contrasting light and dark colors, eye-catching pine cone accents and a unique shape that makes it perfect for your cabin or lodge.

    American Craftsman design meets Tiffany beauty in this one-of-a-kind lamp. Two tapered rectangular poles rise up from a squat half-pyramid base, all finished in bold Craftsman brown. A three-dimensional shade matches the shape of the base. Iridized beige glass creates the form of the shade, supported by a dark brown frame. The delicate image of a pine cone with a spray of needles surrounding it sits in the upper part of the front of the shade, adding beauty and interest to your living room, den or bedroom. Pop in a 100-watt lightbulb and enjoy the warm glow from this distinctive, artistic lamp.

    When you focus on cabin decor for your home, pieces like the Winter Pine Table Lamp make perfect additions. You get the lighting you need from a high-quality, American-made lamp that was crafted with care by skilled artisans. This unique process ensures that Meyda Tiffany never makes two pieces that are the same. Your rugged lamp will be a work of art that nobody else has, set apart from modern lamp designs and singular in its own beauty. Enjoy it wherever you need a little brightness in your home.

  • Aspen Furniture Improves Special Dining Areas

    You can add swivels to these bar stoolsWhen you have a bar or breakfast nook area in your dining area, you want to make the most of it. Countertop eating spaces are perfect for grabbing a cup of coffee, a snack or a light meal any time of the day, but in order to fully enjoy the experience, you need a comfortable place to sit. Instead of pulling up a regular dining chair, which isn’t likely to be the right height, why not try an Aspen Estate Dark Aspen Log Bar Stool?

    All log furniture in the Aspen Estate line features beautiful, unique aspen wood. Dark aspen is especially attractive with its deep color and unique natural characteristics. Hand-peeling enhances the bold qualities of the logs in the Dark Aspen Log Bar Stool, creating an individual piece of cabin decor that brings the beauty of the outdoors to your eating area. With its four sturdy log legs, log cross supports and flat seat, this stool is perfect for any rugged kitchen or dining room. Choose from 24” counter height or 30” bar height to get just the right fit for your home.

    Due to the unique nature of aspen furniture, you can get a whole set of Aspen Estate stools for your bar or eat-in kitchen and see beautiful variations in each one. No two will have the same curves, checks, warps or insect tracks. This individual style is sealed in with a clear catalyzed lacquer finish to ensure longevity and protect your stools from accidental damage. Hand-hewn look joins keep the piece stable over time so you can continue to enjoy your stools for many years.

    If you prefer a seat with a back, you can turn your $239.00 Aspen Estate Dark Aspen Log Bar Stool into an attractive chair with the addition of a swivel seat. This allows you to rest your back or move from side to side with ease as you sit and enjoy a little time to yourself. Whatever option you choose, you can count on aspen to bring something special to your rustic cabin decor.


  • Log Furniture Makes Dining Rooms Comfortable

    Adorn your dining room with arm beautiful arm chairsIf your house is the go-to place for holiday parties all year, you know how important it is to have enough room around the table to seat your guests. Not only that, the seating also needs to be both reliable and attractive. You don’t want chairs that will fold up or fall apart without warning. Log furniture helps to ensure that everyone has a comfortable, sturdy place to sit and adds charm to the decor of your dining area.

    Aspen Ridge Log Arm Chairs can be placed at the head of any rustic dining table. Made using hand-peeled aspen logs, these simple yet stunning chairs are perfect for dining rooms in cabins, lodges, cottages and even country homes. Hand peeling gives each log its own character by preserving natural accents in the wood and leaving behind bits of inner bark that provide contrasting accents. Each round log leg features a log crosspiece that helps to keep the chair together and supports the solid slab seat. Two more aspen logs create the arms and four vertical log accents are held in place between horizontal logs to make a comfortable back rest. Though the design is basic, the result is a unique, beautiful piece of rustic log furniture that brings woodland style to your dining room.

    Since every log in these Aspen Ridge Log Arm Chairs is taken from a dead-standing tree, you can rest assured that your new furniture has a low environmental impact. Plus you get the benefit of the natural knots, twists and burls that form in the wood over the lifetime of an aspen tree. These become an integral part of the finished $395.00 piece, adding a unique beauty that other woods don’t have. This beauty is preserved with a hand-rubbed beeswax and linseed oil finish that freshens and protects the wood. Clear urethane coating keeps the seat in good condition through daily use and the higher traffic of summer and winter holidays. Adorning your dining room with aspen makes it beautiful and welcoming for family and friends alike.

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