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cabin decor

  • Use Coat Racks to Make Cabin Decor Inviting

    Hang your hats on these coat racksWhether you have a designated mud room, decorated front hallway or simple entryway, having a place to hang your coat and hat when you arrive home adds a cozy touch. It also helps to keep the kids’ coats off the floor and allows visitors to shed their winter layers when they come in. If you don’t have space for an upright coat rack, a wall-mounted rack such as the Silver Creek Rustic Coat Rack With Shelf offers the same functionality without taking up as much room.

    Made with care using solid aspen wood, the Silver Creek rack features sturdy round pegs for all of your outerwear. Two triangular supports mount onto the wooden slab back to hold the upper shelf. As the piece is crafted, the unique characteristics of aspen wood are taken into consideration to preserve the natural accents and curves of each log and slab. Aspen may feature knots or burls, insect tracks and other signs of its time out in the elements. These create one-of-a-kind pieces of log furniture that can never be replicated exactly.

    A rugged shelf upgrades the Silver Creek coat rack beyond a simple hanging space. Not only can you hang up coats, hats and other accessories, but you can also use the shelf to display your favorite cabin decor. With the right rustic touches, you can turn your entry space into a cozy, inviting place for anyone who steps through the door. Arrange your favorite knickknacks and pictures to create a special display, or try adding some candles for a fresh scent and cozy appearance. You might even want to add a few outdoor accents such as dried flowers or pine cones to accent your rustic decor.

    A good, solid coat rack makes any rustic home more inviting. Choose clear or honey pine finish for your Silver Creek rack to match it to other log furniture in your home. Five lengths ranging from 24” to 72” help give everyone enough room to hang their things no matter what the time of year.

    It's only $277.00 for the clear finish, but there's also a honey indoor finish for the Silver Creek Rustic Coat Rack With Shelf.

  • Log Furniture Brings Stability to the Dining Room

    Incredibly Durable Benches for the Dining RoomFor holiday dining, everyday seating or simple home design, benches are versatile pieces that bring charm and functionality to your cabin decor. You can’t go wrong with a good, sturdy bench in the dining room, living room or entryway. Benches convey a sense of solidity and strength, inviting visitors to sit and relax when they arrive at your home for the coming holidays or any day of the year.

    The Nordic Hickory Log Bench is perfect for all of your rustic seating needs. Crafted with care from hickory logs measuring 1.25” and 2”, this bench features the beauty of handmade log furniture along with the rugged stiffness that hickory is known for. The bark is left on each of the sturdy log legs and the log crosspiece that supports the bench seat for a unique dark look that accentuates cabin decor. Clear catalyzed lacquer finish enhances the rugged nature of the piece, ensuring stability and protecting the natural beauty.

    Hickory is an attractive wood with a slight reddish tinge to its natural brown color and a straight grain that shows in the solid slab top of the Nordic Hickory bench. The 48” length allows you to seat several guests comfortably. Using benches instead of chairs around your dining table makes for a cozy atmosphere and can help when you’re trying to accommodate a crowd. Whether you coordinate your Nordic Hickory bench with a matching dining table or use it to complement other rustic furniture, you’ll be sure to enjoy the rugged beauty of hickory.

    If your dining room is already looking just right, you can try placing the Nordic Hickory bench in the living room to provide unique seating and a touch of rustic style. It can also be used in the bedroom as extra seating at the end of your bed. Put one in the entryway to provide a place for visitors to sit and remove boots or shoes when they arrive. Wherever you place your new hickory bench, it will add beauty and charm to your home decor.

    You can in fact put one in many parts of your home, since they're only $549.00 each. That's how much you can benefit from the Nordic Hickory Log Bench.

  • Fireplace Screens Add Beauty to Cabin Decor

    Perfect the Living Room with Fireplace ScreensHaving a fire crackling in the fireplace is one of the most enjoyable parts of winter. Dancing flames are an iconic image of country life that brings warmth and comfort to any chilly day. You might build a fire to take the dampness out of your living room, to push away the cold of a winter’s night or simply to add some cheer to an otherwise dreary afternoon. A good fire is also wonderful to have around the holidays, as it brings a sense of comfort to your home that visitors find welcoming.

    However, no matter how beautiful it is, keep in mind that all fires carry some risk. Logs can slide and coals can pop out onto rugs. Even if you’re diligent, it isn’t always possible to avoid accidents. The Meyda Tall Pines Folding Fireplace Screen protects your living room with beautiful rustic decor style. Its sturdy mesh design keeps your fire in the fireplace where it belongs, while the pine tree scene provides an attractive accent that’s even more beautiful when backlit by flames. Made for fireplaces up to 34”x60”, the Tall Pines screen is just what you need to keep your home safe while adding a little rugged flair to your cabin decor.

    Handcrafted by artists at the Meyda Tiffany company, the sturdy Tall Pines screen is a one-of-a-kind work of art. Four towering pine trees adorn the central panel, each finished in a bright Antique Copper color that reflects the roaring fire in your fireplace for a beautiful overall effect. The side panels may be pulled out straight or bent at an angle to frame the fireplace and make the screen “pop.”

    When you’re done using your Tall Pines screen for the day, simply fold it up and set it out of the way until you’re ready to have another fire. The convenient folding design makes the screen easy to store during warmer months as well, keeping it ready and waiting for the time when winter comes calling and you feel drawn to the fireplace once again.

    Only $900. Learn more about the Meyda Tall Pines Folding Fireplace Screen.

  • Cabin Decor Gets Dining Rooms Ready for the Holidays

    Get into the season with new arm chairs!Are you looking for ways to dress up your dining room this Thanksgiving? With all the preparation that goes into the meal, choosing decor can sometimes fall by the wayside. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful to get your dining area ready for friends and family to enjoy. A new tablecloth, some decorative candles and a solid set of rustic furniture can take your dining room from everyday to holiday in no time.

    Aspen furniture is a particularly attractive choice for rustic homes. The deep bark and light inner wood offer an attractive contrast in pieces like the Aspen Estate Dark Aspen Log Arm Chair. Made to be placed at either end of a long table, this eye-catching dining chair is a beautiful addition to your holiday setup. Each hand-peeled log features slight differences in color along its length, a characteristic that helps give aspen wood its unique personality. Hand-hewn look joins offer a classic tenoned appearance while ensuring stability. The back is set at a slight angle to the seat, creating a comfortable slanted design.

    You’ll love the way aspen looks as part of the cabin decor in your dining room. Whether you’re introducing new furniture specifically for Thanksgiving or are looking for a style that will endure for years, aspen wood is a beautiful choice. In the Aspen Estate chair, you’ll find a frame of dark aspen logs supporting a seat made from lighter-colored boards. The angled back slats and top crosspiece are made from light wood as well, all the better to showcase the knots, warps and insect tracks naturally found in aspen logs. These little accents give each chair a unique look without affecting the strength of the wood.

    Aspen Estate chairs come finished with a clear catalyzed lacquer that seals in the beauty of the wood. Having a protective coating for your aspen furniture means that you don’t have to worry about spills or other accidental damage. You can relax and enjoy the Thanksgiving meal and your new furniture without hassle.

    Add this $406.00 piece to your shopping list for the holidays! For more descriptions, reviews, images, and specifications, you may want to visit the main page of the Aspen Estate Dark Aspen Log Arm Chair.

  • Keep Comfort in Mind for Home Office Country Decor

    Home comfort office chairsYou might think that the functionality should be main focus of home office design. Though you need a desk, filing cabinet, bookshelf and other furniture necessary for your daily work, you can’t forget about comfort when choosing each piece. Others see working from home as a luxury, but you know that it can be just as taxing as working in a regular office building. With this in mind, you’ll want to choose log furniture such as the Cedar Lake Comfort Log Office Chair when putting together your rustic office setup.

    If your back starts to hurt just at the thought of sitting in a log chair all day, the Cedar Lake chair will change your mind. Northern white cedar logs are hand-peeled to accentuate their natural character before being crafted into a one-of-a-kind chair designed with an eye for comfort. Each horizontal back support log is flattened to provide sturdy support that’s easy on your back. With the built-in hydraulic lift, you’ll always be at just the right height for doing computer work or paperwork. The contoured seat hugs your body so that you can relax even during the toughest tasks.

    An office chair should also make it easy to reach what you need without having to get up. A swivel mechanism and five standard wheels let you turn or roll the Cedar Lake chair wherever you need to go. Sturdy log legs arranged in a star pattern ensure that you’ll always have proper support as you move.

    You don’t have to compromise on style when you choose handcrafted cabin decor for your home office. One look at the Cedar Lake chair and you’ll see how it stands out from modern office furniture. Instead of cold metal and dark colors that project a feeling of austerity, log furniture exudes warmth and charm. Hand-peeling makes each log unique, leaving behind little dots and stripes of inner bark to contrast the attractive honey color of the wood. Finish it off with a clear or honey pine coating for a beautiful country decor touch.

    Balance between style and comfort for only $655.00. Check out the available indoor finish options for the Cedar Lake Comfort Log Office Chair.

  • Aspen Furniture Offers Rugged Clothing Storage

    Multiple drawer chests ensure maximum clothing storageWhen you need more clothing storage than your closet can offer, a solidly built chest comes in handy. Chests can be found in a variety of sizes and give you drawer space for everything from socks and delicates to jeans and sweaters. Whether used in a master bedroom, kid’s room or guest room, a chest of drawers keeps clothes safe and ensures that everything has its proper place.

    The Rustic Aspen 4 Drawer Log Chest gives you four sturdy wooden drawers to store all of the clothes that have been overflowing from your closet. Hand-peeled logs accent each corner of the chest and provide sturdy support that keeps the bottom elevated off the floor. Log edging along the top of the dresser adds an extra rustic touch. Good cabin decor is solid, rustic and attractive, which is just what you’ll get when you choose the Rustic Aspen line of furniture. Hand-peeling aspen brings out all of its natural beauty, from knots and twists to variations in wood color and grain patterns.

    All the wood used in the Rustic Aspen dresser comes from sustainable Rocky Mountain forests, so you can feel good about making an environmentally friendly furniture choice that also improves the look of your bedroom. Aspen furniture is rugged as well, as can be seen in the dovetail drawer construction of this dresser. Along with high-quality Euroglides, this ensures reliable storage and smooth drawer operation for the life of the piece.

    With a few simple choices, you can customize your Rustic Aspen dresser to better match the decor of your bedroom. For rooms with a cabin decor style, try opting for half-log drawer fronts rather than flat. This gives the piece a treelike look that makes your whole bedroom appear more rugged. Clear polyurethane finish seals in the unique marbled color of hand-peeled aspen, but you may prefer the bold, dark color of bronze aspen finish instead. Whatever you choose, you can rely on aspen furniture to give you the clothing storage you need in a style that you’ll love.

    All these choices are readily available for only $667.00, and you can get the Rustic Aspen 4 Drawer Log Chest just the way you like it.

  • Aspen Furniture Brings Style to Daily Dining

    Dining becomes more comfortable with the right benchesWhether you use the dining room every day or only on special occasions, you want it to look just right. A solid dining table with complementary seating doesn’t just give you a place to serve meals; it provides a focal point for the whole style of the room. If you’re a lover of cabin decor, you might want to consider including the unique look of aspen furniture as part of your rustic dining set.

    The Aspen Estate Dark Aspen Log Bench offers something a little different from traditional dining chairs. With six available lengths ranging from 3ft. to 7ft., this eye-catching bench can be used with just about any rustic dining table. Hand-peeled dark aspen log legs and crosspieces form a sturdy base for the lighter aspen wood seat. All joins between the legs and the seat are hand-hewn in the mortise and tenon style to ensure stability.

    Each log in the Aspen Estate bench is unique thanks to the influences of nature on aspen trees as they grow. Using only logs obtained from dead-standing trees, the bench is handcrafted to showcase the twists, tracks, knots and other natural adornments in the wood. A matte finish lacquer preserves every variation in color and style. You may find that your bench includes curvy legs or crosspieces with attractive bends. Rather than detracting from the style, these characteristics turn the bench into a one-of-a-kind natural work of art.

    Though it makes sturdy, attractive seating for the dining room, the Aspen Estate bench can be used in other rooms as well. Place it at the end of the bed in your rustic bedroom to add extra seating as well as a touch of cabin decor. As an entryway bench, it provides family members and guests with an eye-catching place to sit and remove soiled shoes or boots. This versatile piece of cabin furniture brings the dramatic colors of dark aspen to any room in your home, enhancing the impact of cabin decor style and improving the overall look of your cabin or lodge.

    Given how it's reasonably priced at $279.00, you will certainly enjoy the best dinners with your very own Aspen Estate Dark Aspen Log Bench.

  • Aspen Furniture Creates a Traditional Dining Setting

    Aspen dining chairs are great for the dining roomWhat does traditional dining mean to you? Do you have fond memories of sharing nightly meals with the family, or was your dining room only used on special occasions? Which customs are you trying to pass on to your own family? Whatever your traditions, you know that sharing food is about much more than the meal itself. There’s a certain atmosphere that goes along with it, whether you’re hosting a holiday party or serving up a favorite family dinner.

    Each part of your dining room’s style adds something to the overall meal experience. From lighting and table settings to the rustic decor you hang on the walls, everything plays a part. Log furniture adds a particularly unique feeling with its solid construction and rugged comfort. A log dining table is a sturdy place to lay out any style of meal, while chairs such as the Summit Peak Aspen Log Side Chair give you the space to seat immediate family, visiting relatives and friends at any time of year.

    Though seating may seem to play only a functional role in the dining room, it’s a lot more than that. Using aspen furniture pieces takes seating to another level. Summit Peak chairs feature a solid wood slab seat and traditional ladder back design, but there’s something about the aspen that makes it even more beautiful than other wood furniture. Looking at it gives the impression of the depths of the forest where the aspen trees grew. Aspen trees take on many unique forms depending on location and weather conditions.

    If you want something truly special for your dining room, try upgrading your Summit Peak chairs to “extra character” aspen. Each chair takes on a whole new appearance when built from this type of wood. Hand-picked logs with many knots, beetle tracks, checks and animal chew marks turn the chair into a one-of-a-kind work of art. Preserve this with a clear lacquer finish or darken the wood with honey pine finish and pass the chairs on along with your favorite dining traditions.

    Each of these great pieces is only $249.00! Explore the different material options for the Summit Peak Aspen Log Side Chair.

  • Log Furniture Gives Kids Comfortable Homework Space

    The right desks will help get homework doneThe arrival of fall means cooler temperatures, changing leaves and the start of a new school year. Returning to school inevitably brings homework, which can be difficult for kids to tackle until they’ve gotten into the swing of their new schedules. However, if you give kids a place to sit and study quietly after school, completing daily assignments may not seem so daunting.

    Kid-friendly desks such as the Aspen Estate Dark Aspen Log Student Desk provide just enough space for spreading out books and papers. Dark log legs support a solid aspen top and a set of three drawers made to store files and supplies. Smooth, full-extension glides rated at 75lbs. ensure that each drawer will be able to hold everything your child needs when doing homework. Pencils, pens, notebooks and calculators fit perfectly in the two small top drawers; the lower drawer can be used to organize past assignments.

    Hand-peeling boosts the appearance of log furniture by leaving behind bits of bark that accentuate the wood underneath. These dark accents enhance the naturally light color of aspen sapwood and heartwood, creating an eye-catching contrast for your cabin decor. Add a coordinating side chair or arm chair for extra style. Either type of chair provides a comfortable place for kids to sit and work and contributes something special to your overall home design.

    The properties of the wood are what makes aspen furniture a good choice for kids and teens. Aspen has a particular toughness that is reinforced by naturally occurring oils that help it resist damage. Clear lacquer finish gives the Aspen Estate desk more protection and makes it much easier to clean. This is especially important if your kids like to eat or drink while doing homework. Log furniture represents a big investment, and you want it to stay beautiful throughout your child’s school career and beyond.

    It might take a few weeks for the kids to get used to school again, but a study area equipped with reliable log furniture can help get them back in the swing.

    For only $749.00, you can have your very own Aspen Estate Dark Aspen Log Student Desk.

  • Pillows Soften Up Log Furniture

    Try these rustic style pillows!Using log furniture is a beautiful way to decorate your home. From cabins to country cottages, log pieces make a statement in any room. Often made by hand, this kind of furniture is unique and special. The many different types of wood available makes rustic decorating easy no matter what your personal style. However, despite its inherent personality, sometimes log furniture needs a little dressing up to look just right.

    You can add style to your rustic home simply by introducing eye-catching soft goods such as the Wildlife Venture Neckroll Pillow. Made as an accompaniment to Wildlife Venture Bedding, this comfortable and attractive pillow can also be used on its own in any room. Wherever it’s placed, the pillow’s unique shape offsets that of traditional square pillows and throw pillows while complementing the rounded appearance of most log furniture.

    The Wildlife Venture pillow features images of does, bucks and moose portrayed in dark brown against a tan background. These images appear on either end of the pillow and on a central strip of tan fabric. A bar of forest green to each side of this strip provides contrast and gives the pillow an overall woodsy look. At 20” long and 9” wide, this pillow offers a large surface for resting and relaxing as well as a highly visible showcase for the woodland motifs. Soft cotton/polyester blend makes Wildlife Venture comfortable as well.

    Whether your rustic decorating style runs more toward country or cabin decor, pillows can add an attractive finishing touch. They’re small enough to be used just about anywhere and yet large enough to catch the eye. Even if you furnished your home with wood pieces years ago, it’s never too late to update your style. Placing Wildlife Venture pillows on your bed, sofa, futon or chairs adds a new dimension of beauty to your log furniture. You’ll be able to rest in comfort while enjoying the attractive rustic appearance it creates. In cabins, cottages and contemporary homes, pillows and soft goods are perfect for adding that extra touch.

    Now at a low price of $109.95. Take a closer look at the Wildlife Venture Neckroll Pillow.

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