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cabin decor

  • Dine In Style With Rustic Cabin Decor

    Achieve a unique style with rustic dining chairsThe arrival of fall brings rich colors and special smells to the landscape. Leaves take on brilliant red, orange and yellow hues, pine cones dry out and drop and autumn produce begins to appear in gardens and at farm stands. Take one look out your window, and suddenly you find yourself craving warm soups, comforting casseroles and, of course, a classic apple pie.

    This urge to cook things that are in tune with the seasons isn’t unusual. Eating seasonally used to be the norm and is becoming important to many families once again. When you take the time to cook special meals that coincide with the time of year, it’s important to slow down a bit and share the bounty with your family. Adorning your dining room with log furniture such as the Nordic Hickory Upholstered Log Dining Chair creates a cozy atmosphere that draws everyone together at mealtimes, bringing back the old-fashioned values of a shared family meal.

    Hickory is a dense, sturdy wood that works well in any home, but it looks especially beautiful with cabin decor. The dark outer bark is left on the logs used in the legs and upper supports of the Nordic Hickory chair, so you’ll see an eye-catching contrast between these and the 2”-thick hickory wood seat. Log accents forming the back of the chair are carved to a comfortable curve, exposing some of the lighter hickory wood beneath the bark. An overall clear catalyzed lacquer finish creates a slight sheen while protecting the piece from daily wear and tear.

    When you bring your family to the table for a delicious fall meal, you want the eating experience to be as comforting as the food itself. Nordic Hickory chairs feature a 1.5” foam cushion wrapped in your choice of rustic fabric. Choose from woodland scenes, colorful leaves, Southwest patterns, a beautiful tree-lined landscape or forest green to enhance your cabin decor and create a unique dining room setup that you and your family can enjoy this fall and on into the winter.

    Save as much as $100 when you get the Nordic Hickory Upholstered Log Dining Chair at the discounted price of only $349.00!

  • Log Furniture Combines Beauty and Comfort

    Foot stools of beauty and comfortLog furniture is one of the most beautiful things you can include in your home. Nothing compares to the look and feel of pieces handmade from natural woods and built to last for generations. These sturdy pieces give your home an air of rustic comfort, bringing the tranquility of the deep woods to any room.

    Of course, you want your cabin furniture to be as comfortable as it looks. That’s where pieces like the Glacier Country Log Foot Stool come in. Designed with strength, durability and beauty in mind, this foot stool offers more than just a place to rest your feet after a hard day’s work. Its heirloom-quality construction is achieved through careful handcrafting methods and attention to detail. Each log is harvested from dead-standing lodgepole pine trees, then hand-peeled and assembled into a one-of-a-kind piece. Mortise and tenon joinery in the log legs and crosspieces ensures sturdy construction. The hand-peeling process creates an attractive color contrast between the lower logs and the smooth top, making the Glacier Country foot stool suitable for any type of cabin decor.

    The rugged nature of cabin furniture puts it in a class by itself. Even among log furniture, cabin pieces are unique. Many feature natural accents in the wood, be it inner bark left behind when the logs are peeled or knots and insect tracks forming a unique brand of decoration. Since no two trees are ever exactly alike, these accents change from piece to piece. This makes each handmade Glacier Country Log Foot Stool different from all the others, so you can be assured that the piece you receive is truly one-of-a-kind.

    Adding a foot stool to your collection of log furniture is a unique thing in and of itself. You don’t see log foot stools very often; instead, most people have ottomans or use reclining easy chairs with built-in footrests. With the Glacier Country stool, you get a comfortable pine piece that looks great in your rustic home, adding personality and eye-catching style that sets your cabin decor apart.

    For only $54.95, you get to bring home and enjoy all the benefits of the Glacier Country Log Foot Stool.

  • Country Furniture Makes Any Kitchen Relaxing

    You'll love these cute little kitchenette tables!Being able to start the morning off slowly seems like a luxury in today’s society. When you can take the time to sit in your breakfast nook or eat-in kitchen, have a cup of coffee and enjoy a leisurely breakfast, you should do all you can to savor the moment. Whether it’s a couple of weeks off from work for an at-home “staycation” or a weekend at your lakeside cabin, laid-back times are rare and need to be treasured.

    Giving yourself a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the view out your kitchen window makes slow mornings even better. What better way to dress up your eating area than with log furniture? With its beautiful Northern White Cedar construction, the Cedar Lake Log Kitchenette Table is built for cabins and country homes in need of a quiet, casual dining setting. Hand-peeled logs are tenoned to ensure strong joins and a sturdy support for the 2”-thick cedar slab tabletop. Triangular log pieces run from each of the four thick legs up to the underside of the table for extra support, creating a table that’s as strong as it is attractive.

    You won’t find any veneers or paneling on the Cedar Lake table. Every part of it is made from solid cedar wood and includes all of the natural character that developed as the trees grew. Along with strips of inner bark, you may see knots, burls or insect tracks running along the wood. Each of these serves to enhance the unique appearance and brings natural charm to your cabin decor. Choose clear finish to protect these characteristics or honey pine finish to add a little extra color to the wood. Try the optional liquid glass application if you want a shiny look and hard finish for the tabletop.

    Whether you need 36”, 42” or 48” of space, the Cedar Lake table can accommodate your dining needs. Tuck it in the breakfast nook and enjoy a slow morning whenever you get a chance. You’ll be glad you took the time to relax.

    Get the 36" square Cedar Lake Log Kitchenette Table for only $499.00. Read more about this piece at the main page.

  • Use Rustic Log Furniture to Add Sleeping Space

    There's just more room when you have daybedsIncluding extra sleeping space in your cabin or lodge can be helpful when guests come to visit. Rather than having to scramble to find room for everyone, you can get things set up before people arrive and make sure that they’ll all be comfortable during their stay. When you don’t have enough space for a dedicated guest bedroom, a Hickory Log Daybed can help. Combining the versatility of a day bed with the beauty of rustic log furniture, the Hickory Log Daybed is a great choice when you need to accommodate visiting friends and family.

    Daybeds are perfect for use anywhere that space is limited, be it a summer cabin or year-round rustic home. During the day, a daybed can function as extra seating. At night, it turns into a comfortable sleeping space. The Hickory Log Daybed takes a twin-size mattress, but also has an optional pop-up trundle to expand the sleeping area. Made from kiln-dried hickory logs joined together with mortise and tenon construction, the bed is built to last. Kiln drying ensures that the already dense hickory reaches a specific moisture content, so the wood won’t warp or crack over time. Careful handcrafting and an eco-friendly clear finish add to the stability.

    Making sure guests are comfortable when they stay overnight is something you’ll never have to worry about with the Hickory Log Daybed. Four sturdy logs with hickory crosspieces and vertical log accents create a rugged frame for the mattress. You’ll find that log beds are not only comfortable; they’re also very reliable.

    There’s a special beauty to log beds that is reflected in the Hickory Log Daybed. When the logs are dried, the bark is left on for a deep overall color that is enhanced when the piece is finished. This dark coloration makes a lovely addition to cabin decor that coordinates well with other rustic log furniture. Whether your cabin is already decked out in dark colors or you’ve furnished your rooms with sunny cedar and pine, hickory will fit right in.

    Get more sleeping space with the Hickory Log Daybed for only $995.00.

  • Accentuate Rusitc Furniture With Eye-Catching Bedding

    These Bedding Sets Offer and Outdoors DesignWhether you’re looking for a way to brighten up your country furniture or you’ve been searching for just the right home decor, a good rustic bedding set can give you what you need. Designed to bring rugged outdoor beauty to every aspect of your bedroom, the River Fishing Bedding & Decor collection offers a comforter set, sheet set, accent pillow, window treatments and even a shower curtain all in the same attractive, woodsy style.

    Perfect for use in any cabin, lodge or cottage, River Fishing bedding lives up to its name with beautiful complementary designs. The 100 percent heavy cotton material of the comforter uses a pattern of deep brown divided into squares by lighter pinstripes to frame the eye-catching “river fishing” fabric. Along this brightly colored strip, a multitude of fish swim and leap through sparkling blue water. A rocky riverbank lined with towering fir trees provides a lovely contrasting backdrop. You’ll find the same pattern on the included pillow shams along with more brown squares on the bedskirt. The tan-colored sheet set sports even more leaping fish, providing both contrast and interesting detail.

    Available in twin, full, queen and king sizes, the River Fishing collection can be used to complement any rustic furniture. With its mix of light and dark colors, the bedding is perfect for cabins, cottages, lodges and more no matter what the size of the bedroom. Add a square accent pillow featuring the same bright river fabric as the comforter for extra outdoor personality. You can further deck out your bedroom with River Fishing curtains and a window valance. The dark brown curtains match the comforter, while the valance adds a splash of color with even more river fabric.

    If your bedroom is a master suite or has its own accompanying bathroom, why not bring the River Fishing style in there as well? An optional 72”x72” shower curtain completes the set, creating a balanced look throughout your bedroom and bathroom areas. Enjoy the feel of the outdoors with this bright and beautiful cabin decor collection.

    Get the entire sheet set of the River Fishing Bedding & Decor collection for only $44.95! Take a look at the rest of the collection and see what more is in store for you!

  • Dine in Rustic Style With Aspen Furniture

    Dining tables look best when matched with chairs from the same setPutting together a beautiful dining room set for your cabin or lodge is easy if you’re a fan of log furniture. Log pieces pair a rugged, woodsy appearance with sturdy construction to give you a wide variety of home decorating options. From a cozy breakfast nook for you and your significant other to an expansive dining table setup for your next family reunion, natural wood furnishings are the perfect choice for cabin decor.

    The Aspen Mountain 4 Post Log Dining Table offers a lovely starting point for rustic dining. Solid aspen wood and logs combine to create a table that’s both strong and eye-catching. Each joint is made in a classic tapered style reinforced with glue and screws so that none of the hand-peeled logs shift or slide. This is especially important if you’re going to be entertaining large groups of people, since the table will have to bear the weight of multiple place settings and serving dishes.

    Four sturdy aspen log legs support a hand-sanded solid wood top in the Aspen Mountain table. Natural log edging around the top adds extra charm. With aspen furniture, you can expect to see visible knots, insect tracks and other rustic accents, all of which enhance the style of your home. Cabin decor is all about getting back to nature, so if you want something that will really change the look of your dining room, upgrade the table to aspen logs with extra gnarls, burls and other characteristics. These logs are selected by hand for their unique personalities and eye-catching styles. Choose from beeswax/linseed oil finish or a deeper bronze aspen finish to preserve and protect the wood.

    With five table sizes ranging from 36”x48” to 48”x96”, you can be sure you’ll always have enough room to seat everyone. Plus, you can pair the Aspen Mountain table with matching chairs or benches for a complete aspen furniture package. The rugged character of the wood will give your dining room a rustic makeover that you and your guests will love.

    Get the Aspen Mountain 4 Post Log Dining Table for only $767.00. You can even check out the matching chairs that you can get with your purchase at the main site through the link.

  • Protect Cabin Decor With Useful Home Accents

    Coaster sets with a bear themeAll homes accumulate different decor items over time. You bring some along when you first move into a new place, then acquire others on shopping trips or as souvenirs from vacations. You take new pictures and buy new frames, switch around your favorites and move toward a home style that reflects your personality. Rustic decor offers a lot of room for this kind of personalization with its focus on woodland scenes and old-fashioned charm.

    If you’ve ever sorted through all of your decorations, you’ve probably found a few that don’t serve much purpose. These are the things that wind up in garage sales or being given away to people who can use them. Others, like the Wood Lodge Coaster Set, are both attractive and useful. You probably don’t think about coasters until the moment you sit down with a hot drink or sweaty glass and realize that there’s no place to put it that won’t mark up the furniture. Having a set of coasters on hand solves the problem and ensures that your best furniture pieces remain free from blemishes.

    With the Wood Lodge set, you get four rustic wooden coasters that match perfectly with cabin decor. Each features a different woodland design with multiple images including deer, pine trees, black bears and rustic lettering. Subdued colors make each coaster suitable for use with a variety of log furniture, so you can enjoy the beautiful set no matter how your home is already adorned.

    Decorative coasters also make fun conversation pieces when you’re hosting visitors. Unlike some other decor items, which are designed simply to sit and look attractive, coasters get passed around and used as everyone settles in with their favorite drinks. The eye-catching rustic patterns and designs add to the coziness of your home and invite positive comments from friends and family. Plus you never have to worry about someone dripping lemonade or leaving a brown ring on your log coffee table. As long as you have a good coaster set, all of your furniture stays protected.

    Get the entire Wood Lodge Coaster Set for as low as $13.99! For more details, visit the product's home page.

  • Canopy Beds Make Interesting Cabin Decor

    Every part of these beds are made of the best aspen materialsIf the first thing you think of when you picture a canopy bed is a pink-swathed sleeping space for girls, you’re missing out. Canopy beds aren’t just for kids. Whether included in a standard bedroom or master suite layout, adults can enjoy the beauty and comfort of this bed style as well, Log beds are particularly beautiful examples of the canopy style, as can be seen in the Beartooth Aspen Log Canopy Bed.

    Whether you choose the Queen, King or California King size, you’ll appreciate the style that the Beartooth Aspen bed brings to your cabin decor. Four large, sturdy logs support the canopy part of the bed, while your choice of standard double side rails or spindled double side rails provides side and mattress support. Both the headboard and footboard feature upright aspen log accents with solid crossbars in classic cabin decor style. An optional under-bed dresser gives you extra storage space for clothing, linens and other bedroom necessities. Choose from flat front or half-log drawers to create the perfect rustic look.

    Each log in the Beartooth Aspen bed is harvested from dead-standing aspen trees before being hand-peeled and assembled into the finished bed. Using aspen to build log furniture results in pieces with unique personalities and rustic beauty. Naturally occurring twists and knots in the wood are accented by differences in color, unique insect tracks and subtle red and blue undertones. A triple coat of clear lacquer finish works to enhance the coloration and provides superior protection from potential damage, ensuring that the bed remains beautiful over time. If these natural accents aren’t enough for your tastes, upgrade to “extra gnarly” aspen for an even more stunning finished piece.

    Log furniture puts a rugged twist on the idea of canopy beds. Whether you go with the standard look of aspen logs or choose a style with extra character, the end result is a one-of-a-kind bed. You’ll drift off to sleep each night surrounded by the rustic beauty and woodland charm that can only be found in handcrafted log beds.

    You can get the Beartooth Aspen Log Canopy Bed for only $1,249.00, but if you visit the page you can choose from so many additional options to go with your purchase.

  • Relax and Reflect with Sturdy Teak Furniture

    These rockers are comfortable like no otherSome days you just need to rest. Whether you’ve been working too hard, haven’t gotten enough sleep or are feeling down in the dumps, it’s nice to be able to relax and rejuvenate in the comfort of your own home. And nothing says relaxation like a rocking chair. The GroovyStuff Rockdale Rocker not only gives you a perfect place to sit and rock your troubles away, it also brings the unique beauty of teak furniture to your cabin or lodge.

    Teak is a great wood for making rustic furniture. Strong and decay resistant with an attractive red-brown color, teak brings stability to any piece it’s used in. The Rockdale Rocker combines teak with metal supports to create a sturdy chair that can be enjoyed in the living room or den, or even out on the porch. Slight variations in color ensure that each rocker is unique. If used outside, the wood will slowly turn silver-gray as a natural patina develops. If you’d rather keep the color looking deep and rugged, a simple coating of Briwax will refresh its original appearance.

    When you add a relaxing rocking chair to your cabin decor, you’re not just bringing in another attractive piece of furniture. You’re also adding a sense of comfort, something that tends to be lacking in today’s fast-paced society. Rustic furniture can’t take away all your stress, but it can give you a way to ease it. The gentle back and forth motions of a rocker make you slow down and focus on something besides your “to do” list. While you’re rocking, you can forget about all the things that add tension to your life for just a little while.

    With its slatted back and curved seat, the Rockdale Rocker offers comfort whenever you need it. Plus the attractive color and rugged reliability of the teak add something special to the atmosphere of your home. Whether you’re rocking away a rainy afternoon or relaxing when you come home from work, a rocker can make your personal time that much more comfortable.

    You'll love the GroovyStuff Rockdale Rocker even more, now that it's only $774.95.

  • Log Beds Bring Back Summer Memories

    Aspen bunk beds made of dead standing aspen treesThink back to the summers of your childhood. What do you remember most? Running around outdoors until your parents called you in for dinner? Going camping with the family? Or did you have a getaway like a cabin in the woods where everyone would go to relax and spend some quiet time enjoying nature? All of these are great summer memories, and they don’t have to stay in the past. With a little creative designing, you can turn your home into a rustic retreat that can be enjoyed any time.

    Whether you camped out or spent time in a woodland cabin, you probably slept in a bunk bed at least once in those summers gone by. You can recapture that feeling or give your kids the same fun experience by incorporating the Aspen Estate Rustic Bunk Bed into any bedroom. Available in Twin over Twin, Twin over Full and Full over Full, this rugged bunk is suitable for both kids and kids-at-heart. Each bed is made individually by hand from either dark aspen logs or clean sanded light aspen logs. Built-in bunk ladders at either end of the bed make it easy to get to the top bunk without worrying about stability.

    Dead-standing aspen trees provide all of the wood for the Aspen Estate bunk. What does this mean for your bedroom’s cabin decor? Picture a natural forest, each tree unique in its growth. That’s exactly how the finished bunk will look in your home. Bumps, twists, knots and tracks are just a few of the interesting accents that you get in aspen log beds. A clear catalyzed lacquer finish is applied to protect each distinctive feature.

    The classic look of a bunk bed is the perfect way to incorporate cabin decor into any bedroom in your home. Enjoy rugged comfort as you hearken back to your favorite childhood summers, or start making new memories with your own kids. Whether you use log beds in your year-round home or a cabin getaway, you’ll always have a unique place to sleep.

    Incorporate the Aspen Estate Rustic Bunk Bed into your bedroom for only $1,765. To choose bed sizes, visit the official product page.

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