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  • Cabin Decor Brings Back Fond Memories

    Creative Floor LampsIf you were the kid who was always singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” and looking forward to fishing season, you probably still have a soft spot for boats and boating. Maybe you grew up and bought your own canoe or rowboat along with a collection of fishing equipment. You might even have a cabin or lodge now, nestled in the woods near a lake where you can paddle or row around to your heart’s content.

    Whether or not you have the time and equipment to go boating or fishing, it’s possible to bring back your favorite summertime memories simply by choosing the right rustic decor. The Wooden 2-Paddle Floor Lamp, for example, evokes the feeling of an afternoon on the lake just by being included in a living room or den. Instead of a standard metal or log shaft, this lamp features two paddles propped up under the shade, looking as though they’re just waiting for you to grab them and head out on the lake. A repeating fir tree motif on the shade completes the look.

    In a cabin or lodge, lighting such as the Wooden 2-Paddle lamp makes a lovely complement to log furniture. If you’re lucky enough to have a weekend or summertime getaway, including rustic lighting in your cabin decor helps to keep the style cohesive while providing necessary illumination in your living room, den, bedroom or dining area. A three-way socket lets you choose the right level of light for any setting, from lively parties to relaxing with a cup of tea after dinner. Lighting does just as much for the atmosphere of a room as furniture does, so you want to be sure to choose something that looks just right.

    It might seem strange to think that a lamp can take you back to some of the happiest times of your childhood, but with the Wooden 2-Paddle lamp, it’s quite possible. The unique design and rustic motifs bring everything you love about boating right into your home, all packaged in one attractive piece.

    Now available for $256.95 Check out the Wooden 2-Paddle Floor Lamp for more details.

  • Day Beds Add Sleeping Space to Rustic Decor

    Day beds don't consume that much spaceSleeping space can be at a premium in summer homes, especially cabins and cottages. Have you ever found yourself scrambling to fit everyone when family and friends come to visit? It’s fun to have people stay over, but if you can’t accommodate them comfortably, it can be a hassle. Including a day bed in your rustic decor can help to alleviate this problem and take the stress out of summertime gatherings.

    The Cedar Lake Rustic Log Daybed provides one or two standard sleeping areas or one large sleeping area depending on the frame you choose. Use the bed on its own if you only need a little extra space, or choose a roll-out trundle to accommodate another guest. An optional pop-up trundle can extend the day bed to almost king size, providing an extra comfortable sleeping experience. Naturally aged Northern White Cedar logs make up the main frame of the bed, and each option includes a metal frame to support the mattress.

    Cedar is a lovely wood to include in your cabin decor. When cedar logs are hand-peeled like they are in the Cedar Lake daybed, all of the natural characteristics are brought to light. Knots, bumps and beetle tracks are just a few of the rustic accents you’ll find in this attractive log furniture. Unfinished, the bed looks as though it was harvested right out of the forest. A clear or Honey Pine finish may be chosen for extra protection. No matter which finish you prefer, the natural character of the wood will remain intact.

    All beds should provide a safe and sturdy sleeping space, be they for temporary guest accommodations or everyday use. Each log in the Cedar Lake daybed is kiln-dried to ensure that any settling or checking is done before the bed is assembled. This creates a rugged log furniture piece that you can enjoy in your living room, bedroom or guest room for years to come. Your guests may want to come stay again just so that they can enjoy it themselves.

  • Log Furniture Adds Comfort to Everyday Dining

    Add these dining chairs to your regular dining experienceDining in comfort shouldn’t be something that only happens at fancy restaurants. When you bring the family together for any meal, be it a daily dinner or a holiday celebration, everyone should have a comfortable place to sit while enjoying the food. You also want seating that matches the rest of your dining room, especially if you’re aiming for a particular interior look such as cabin décor.

    No matter what the style of your home, comfort and beauty should be foremost in your mind when choosing chairs for your dining area. A Cottage Hickory Upholstered Back Arm Dining Chair is just the type of piece that can bring attractive rustic décor to your home while filling the need for comfortable seating. Solid hickory wood and logs provide a sturdy frame, and the upholstered seat and back give added support. Log arms give this chair an almost majestic appearance, making it a lovely rustic accent for any dining room.

    To give the Cottage Hickory chair a beautiful dark look, the bark is left on each log used in the chair’s construction. This preserves the natural appearance of the wood and creates a treelike look in the finished piece. Kiln-drying brings the logs to a specific moisture content, greatly reducing the risk for warping, cracking or shrinking that sometimes plagues log furniture. A final coating of clear catalyzed lacquer protects the wood from any potential dinner mishaps as well as wear and tear from daily use.

    Adding any furniture to existing rustic décor means making sure that each new piece harmonizes with what you already have. The many fabric choices available for the upholstery on the Cottage Hickory chair help take the hassle out of this step in home decorating. From rugged browns and greens to bright country prints, you can choose exactly the right fabric to make your dining area both cozy and attractive. As you and your family gather for another meal together, you’ll be able to enjoy the particular comfort and beauty that only log furniture can bring.

  • Cabin Style Accessories Make a Bathroom Unique

    FDon't forget to get log furniture for your bathroom!or people who love home decorating, even the smallest details are important and can be a lot of fun to coordinate. Creating a log cabin décor for your home includes the obvious things like log furniture for the living room, log beds, and log dining furniture, but you don’t want to forget the bathroom. Everything from faucets to vanities to towel sets can work to transform an otherwise routine room into a stylish, woodsy space.

    Next to the bathtub or shower, the vanity area is the part of the bathroom that gets the most use. Log vanities and mirrors along with rustic lighting harmonize to create a unique country décor that is a far cry from the standard porcelain bathroom. The shapes of log vanities vary from rounded accents that resemble trees to smooth paneling swirled with the natural variations of wood. Choose from deep brown, light wood tones, or white finish for just the right look for your bathroom. Add a mirror framed in logs of a similar color and a set of attractive track lighting to bring the whole vanity area together.

    Coordinating matching accessories is another enjoyable aspect of decorating. Choosing the right look for your soap dish, toothbrush holder, wastebasket, and other incidentals is important if you want the layout of the room to appear balanced. Even small things like towel bars and toilet paper holders can contribute to the rustic décor of your bathroom. Rounding everything out is as simple as adding country-themed towel sets and shower curtains. The many beautiful styles available cater to all tastes in log cabin décor, from bright colors to subdued woodland scenes.

    You don’t have to settle for the ordinary when designing your bathroom. With log furniture and accessories, you can put together a rustic décor that is interesting to look at and fun to be around, even during your daily routine.

  • Cooking Up a Great Cabin Décor Kitchen

    Don't forget the kitchen when choosing your cabin decor.Why is the kitchen such an important part of the house? 'Cause there's food there, of course! When the kids come home from school, they go straight to the refrigerator. When guests come over, they want to see the kitchen and all the neat gadgets, gizmos, and decorations in it. When you come home, you probably want to enter your kitchen and grab a cup of coffee, a cold drink or start preparing the evening meal. People instinctively are drawn to the kitchen upon entering the house.

    The kitchen is the area of every home that is paid a great deal of attention to: making sure it's clean, organized, and is always stocked with food. The motivation for these tasks has to come from somewhere, and that is your foundation. If you have a dull foundation or unattractive decorating in the kitchen, you will be less motivated to keep it at its best. If you start off with a strong, solid foundation, you will be inspired to expand your efforts to keep this room spotless and giving off the most mouthwatering aromas. Why else would everyone automatically head for the kitchen?

    That perfect foundation to start off with is cabin kitchen furniture. The kitchen cabinets, islands, and sinks are the best way to start off a warm and wonderful kitchen. When you have the basic cabin kitchen furniture in place, you can start adding items such as the sink accessories, paper towel holders, rustic towel racks, napkin holders, and much more. Don’t forget the gorgeous rustic pot racks like the Meyda design in the picture above, and if fishing isn’t the right them for your house, we have plenty of other selections to choose from.

    Cabin decoris sets the mood for your kitchen and invoking the feeling of any room is never complete without the accessories. Little pieces of cabin decor in your kitchen will create a clean, fresh look that is inviting to not just the cook but everyone else who lives there or visits.

    Creating a meal can be a lot of fun with our cabin kitchen furniture and accessories. With a kitchen this warm and inviting, your friends won’t hesitate a moment when weekend brunch or dinner takes place at your house. Such a welcoming spot is the best place for a chat over coffee or a plate of nachos with the kids after the high school football game. On any occasion, cabin kitchen furniture will create the perfect relaxing gathering spot for everyone in your home.

    The rustic pot racks are an eye catching centerpiece for the kitchen. Immediately when you or someone else walks in, they will notice an outstanding piece such as those from the gifted designers at Meyda or the Frontier Ironworks.

    There are a lot of ways to go about creating a beautiful rustic or cabin décor kitchen, and you want to plan it with the utmost care. Start with a blank canvas, and add the basics like the cabin kitchen furniture. Then, you add splashes of colors and detail that make the room truly divine in its warm charm and inviting appeal.

  • Meyda Pendants – Dressing Up Your Rustic Lighting

    Rustic lighting goes along with your cabin decor.One thing that you will find in almost every well appointed home’s foyer and dining room is a chandelier. These elegant lighting fixtures are unique pieces of illuminated art that show off our sense formality and sophistication. No matter how relaxed the aura of your home’s interior is, these two rooms will feature a hanging light that is centrally located and much fancier than those in any other room. You don’t have to settle for a flashy dripping in crystals chandelier – there are lots of great looking cabin and rustic lighting décor designs to choose from.

    Rustic ceiling fixtures, such as our chandeliers, cast a beautiful light on any room. Now, the first thing your guests will notice won't be your plasma television or your collection of porcelain ducks. It will be the log ceiling fixture hovering delicately over the room.

    Our chandeliers are a very unique item that you’ll find on the pages of the Woodland Creek's Log Furniture Place catalog. You can have the rustic furniture or cabin decor, but a nature inspired home is incomplete without one of our rustic chandeliers. You can even choose to go without any of our other furniture and cabin decor, but if you add this beautiful piece of art into your home, it will immediately add a sparkle to your home.

    Each chandelier is handcrafted with the utmost care and love. We take the finest wood and mold it into a piece of art. Each rustic ceiling fixture is meticulously designed with close attention to the smallest details. The details are what make these pieces so outstanding.

    For example, the Meyda Greenbriar Oak Chandelier pictured above is just one of the Meyda pieces that were inspired by nature, flowers, and art. These pieces are truly unique, with color variation in the stained glass used forming each hanging lamp. This spectacular rustic ceiling fixture adds colors and elegance to any room. The detail is extraordinary—inspiring, even.

    Meyda lighting designs are extremely popular among our customers. They add just the right amount of outdoor elegance to your more formal public rooms. When you think of rustic, country or cabin decor, you will no longer have cowhide shaded table lamps or oil lamps come to mine. Browsing through of rustic ceiling light selections are a wonderful array of clean and fresh, eye-catching chandeliers and hanging lamps.

  • Great Home Office: The Cabinesque Work Environment

    When you have cabin decor in your home, you need to maintain the feeling in your home.Many people are catching on to the new trend: working from home. People have begun creating businesses from home: taking orders, calls, and handling their finances. In order to do this successfully, you need all the office supplies, a desk, and a quiet place to work.

    Having a home office is beneficial for you and your business. You can get your work done without any distractions. By having a room specifically for your office, you will be able to have everything organized and have plenty of room to do what you need to do.

    Creating a home office can be fairly simple if you know what you’re doing. When putting together an office, you should have style and elegance in mind. A Microsoft Hardware Poll found that 89% of workers found that the design of their office space affected their work productivity and behavior. Just think about it. If you are in a cramped, dirty office you’re going to dread working. However, if you have an elegant, organized office space, the vibe is going to make your more productive and alert.

    The best way to get a professional work space is by using cabin office furniture. It adds elegance to any office, without surrendering quality or functionality. Cabin office furniture revitalizes any office space, giving it a breath of fresh air.

    The cabin log desks are beautiful. They are made from hand selected woods like Red Cedar, hickory, Northern White Cedar, aspen, Knotty pine, and other fresh woods. Our cabin log desksare hand-crafted, giving it a soft nature appeal. Now you can add a country appeal, while also making your office appear more businesslike. Everyone likes that.

    There are many pieces of cabin furniture that you can add to your office to give it that country charm. Cabin bookcases are a great addition to any office. They are functional pieces of art and can hold a tremendous amount of books. They’re sturdy, so you won’t have to replace it every few years. It will be there to stay. Cabin bookcases are the symbol of professionalism and intelligence. The sleek design and high quality of these bookcases make them a must-have for every office.

    There’s more to having a beautiful office than the furniture. Nowadays, it’s all about the little accessories that go along with it. Small decorations should be added to your office in order to add warmth and variety.The finishing touches to your cabin décor office should be naturally outdoors or charmingly down home. That country warmth is achieved by adding the perfect mix of cabin furniture and well, you have a lot more choices here than you would with any modern decorating style.

    You could go with any of the following accessory themes – or even mix them up! It’s eclectic in nature and such a welcome place to spend most of your waking life, if you’ve put your personality into it, that is.

    • Woodsy Outdoorsman
    • The Old West
    • Farmhouse
    • Mountain Cabin
    • New Immigrants – mixing Old World heirlooms with rustic New World foundations.
    • Cottage Chic
    • Antique Collector
    • Appalachian Artifacts
    • Shaker Simplicity
    • Great Lakes Lumberjack
    • Urban Survival

    Your biggest limitation here is your own imagination! The cabinesque office can be completed with more character than your standard mass manufactured office suite. Whether your own a business from home or just want a quiet space to work on the computer, it is your best interest to invest in cabin office furniture. It is the best atmosphere to get your work done. Now you’ll love entering your office and getting to work.

  • A Man and His Bathroom… Go Whole Log

    Log furniture is perfect for every room in your home.Log furniture for bathrooms that is, and such a masculine look. You’re probably a fascinating guy, so why would you settle for a ho-hum bathroom when you could have the look that personifies you? Women go in for all that fancy gleaming stuff, but you’d rather have something more manly in your bathroom. After all, you no doubt spend a lot of time in there reading if you’re the typical guy. We know you’d feel a lot more at home with log cabin furniture in your library than all the fluffy looking styles a standard bathroom store has to offer you.

    Cabin décor will definitely suit the taste of the manly man. It has solid weight and rugged beauty that is all natural. Crafted from solid wood, you won’t have problems like handles falling off in a matter of a year or laminate that peels from the steam of hot showers. Nor does a log furniture vanity contain any particle board that will soften from wicking up all the moisture that a bathroom in use coats everything in.

    You have a selection of types of wood used in their creation to pick from too. Rustic log furniture is made from aspen, cedar, pine and hickory. This gives you a great choice in colors, wood grains and finishes without ever approaching something that could be really frilly or feminine. Granted, a lot of ladies these days love that clean, honest feeling of rustic cabin décor. If you’re married to one of these women, consider yourself a lucky guy. For the single man who loves the no fuss feeling at home, one of our cabin log furniture vanities and linen closets will no doubt be the perfect fit and no one will argue with you over whether or not it matches the rest of the house.

    Outfitting the masculine bathroom with cabin log furniture is going to make things a lot more comfortable for the outdoorsman, even if you are forced to wear a suit to work. It can be filled with light woods like the clear pine used to create the glass coated pine log vanity pictured above. Or you can choose rich, dark barnwood furniture vanities topped with a copper sink for full effect. However, if choosing between light and dark woods proves to be a dilemma, then the contrast found in our hickory cabin décor vanity styles will provide you with the perfect solution.

    Unlike the female decorated bathroom, cottage or cabin log furniture designs beg for the clean look of smooth white walls and you can choose towels in any color at all. Heck, you can mix up the colors if you want and it will always go with your woods and white plaster. So whatever thick oversized towels speak to you at the store, they’ll be perfect for the rugged manly bath outfitted with no fuss and frills.

    Log furniture and barnwood furniture vanities come in a range of sizes, so we are certain there will be just the right one to fit your room. While the married man’s woman will no doubt be super interested in our bathroom accessories made of natural woods, barks and iron… the single guy will only care about towel bars. No problem, our cabin décor lineup of items for your rustic bath will fill the bill for both of you and even that woman you live with. We can’t however, promise that our manly bathroom trappings will stop your kids from banging on the door while you’re using the facilities. Some things never change.

  • Creating House Beautiful with Cedar Furniture

    Cottage chic or cabin decor, the perfect cedar furniture will set a welcome note.Cedar furniture is great furniture for the warm, welcoming cottage chic collection throughout the home or office. This rustic furniture gives the home or office an outdoorsy feel to it, so nature lovers will absolutely adore this furniture. It makes the room or house feel warmer and homey while offering comfort and strength at the same time. Cedar furniture gives the home or office a classic homey feel to it while still having an outdoor touch. Its sophisticated design can turn any ordinary home into a nature lover's paradise. Even if the family is more of the indoor type, they will get a taste of the outdoors and learn to love it.

    Cedar log furniture is different than cedar furniture. It is still cedar, but it is made from the logs of cedar. Unlike cedar furniture, which is cut and shaped, it remains as close to the natural state as possible. It still looks beautiful and has a sophisticated feeling to it, but it looks more rustic and untamed which brings every one to use it for cabin decor. Many homeowners prefer this because it fits more with their personality. Cabin log furniture is great for any room of the house including the library and the office. Most manufacturers make cedar log furniture by hand to give it a homey and handmade look to it. This way it is still exuding beauty and elegance.

    Cedar furniture and cedar log furniture will go outside in the garden, backyard or patio as well. Cedar outdoor furniture is another great collection to have for the garden or patio. This collection comes with chairs, swings, tables and rocking chairs. Cedar outdoor furniture is a collection that will finish any home project, and is guaranteed to last for many years. It is natural but will stand out in the garden and look extravagant with any color of flowers or bushes.

    The collections of cedar furniture, cedar log furniture and cedar outdoor furniture makes for a great home and garden. It can be used for any room in the house and is still beautiful to make it look homey and comfortable. It is the perfect accessory or theme to any home whether you prefer the cottage chic feeling or the more naturally rustic cabin decor. This solid wood furniture comes in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, so there is sure to be something for all themes. It is still strong enough for everyday use and for the kids. It is guaranteed to last for many years after factory made, store bought furniture. This rustic furniture is perfect for the unpretentious home today that is all about living without faux airs. Everyone, nature lover or not, will love this green living furniture.

  • Create a Cabinesque Bedroom with Adult Cabin Log Beds

    Adult cabin log beds are a focal point of comfort that make a house homey.Adult cabin log beds add a rustic, uncomplicated centerpiece to any bedroom. These unique pieces of  natural rustic log furniture can give the room a simple appeal, honoring the outdoor theme in the most basic way.

    A person can choose to decorate in just about any style using cabin log beds for the master bedroom. For your weekend retreat the adult log bunk beds give you charming looks and room for overflow guest beds in vacation homes. These log furniture beds welcome any overnight guests and vacationers with simple country style, showing off the best of what nature has to offer.

    People find that log furniture gives the room a pleasant, uncluttered look. This creates a peaceful atmosphere to be enjoyed by all that reside there. Rustic log furniture creates a fresh, inviting atmosphere that instantly puts people at ease in their surroundings.

    In the bedrooms, beds are the focus - the piece that completes and crowns the room, becoming the most important piece of furniture in the whole ensemble. Without the right bed, the other furniture in the room falls flat. With rustic canopy log beds, there is a beauty of the natural grain and the simple style of the bed frames. It adds country elegance and makes guests feel right at home. These sturdy beds are handcrafted, with proven expert craftsmanship that can last a hundred years or more. They are built out of the finest woods, such as pine, cedar and aspen, among others. The colors of natural woods guarantee adult cabin log beds can be matched to any existing color scheme and decorating theme.

    Cabin log beds can come in a variety of styles. These beds range from the most basic styles to styles that include bowed head boards, patterned head and foot boards, four poster log beds and more. There is literally something to satisfy the individual needs and tastes of just about everyone. These beds also come in suites that can provide the matching armoires and dressers.

    Adult log bed frames provide the ultimate charm and functionality. They offer sturdy craftsmanship and durability that outlast the warranties they are sold with. They are able to hold up under the weight of larger adults or the rough play style of children. With adult cabin log bunk beds, the homeowner will save money by buying one bed that can fit two, even three kids comfortably. The homeowner can also save space and still get the look of a simple country appeal.

    Homeowners can meet personal tastes and necessary function with cabin log beds. This simplistic log bedroom furniture can give any room an earthy, home-like appeal instantly, all while serving a functional purpose. Log beds come in the traditional mattress sizes with a classic allure that will have you finishing out that bedroom set to complete your new relaxed haven look.

    Adult cabin log beds and adult cabin log bunk beds offer an individual style and personality that the homeowner can work with. They create a truly unique design focal point for bedrooms, not to mention the other styles of log furniture available for the rest of  the house. Rustic log furniture is perfect for everyone. An experienced home designer that needs a new piece of furniture will find out instantly that log furniture freshens up any room. A novice home designer will also find that these beds fill the need for sleeping comfortably and looking great in the process.

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