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cedar log furniture

  • Rustic Bathroom Vanities Worth Your Investment

    You're So Vain. I'll Bet You Think These Rustic Bathroom Vanities Are About You. Don't You?

    Well, you'd be totally right!  Our amazing, rustic bathroom vanities ARE about you.  We build every one of our vanities with you, and your family, in mind.  We handcraft beautiful, complete vanities from real, solid wood; not just a wood frame.  The cheaply made vanity options in Big Box stores feature an awful lot of plywood veneer exteriors.  In other words, we build these vanities to last through the upbringing of your children and your children's children.

    We've all heard the adage, "you get what you pay for."  And when it comes to buying furniture, it has never rang more true.  Buying furniture is a huge investment.  Heck, even the Big Box flimsy stuff is pricey and a lot of it is practically made of cardboard.  According to HomeAdvisor, the typical cost range for bathroom remodels is around $6,000-$14,000.  If you're going to drop that kind of cash, make sure you're getting the best products, made by the best craftsmen, from the best materials.  You've seen enough poorly made, inferior vanities in the Big Boxes, now it's time for a peek at the finest rustic bathroom vanities you'll ever lay your eyes and hands upon.

    Rustic Bathroom Vanities To Reclaim Your Throne Room.

    Craftsmen carefully select reclaimed planks, beams, and other barn wood pieces from century-old barns and construct rustic bathroom vanities that are as sturdy as the original buildings.  Nail holes, knots, and saw marks are commonly found in the reclaimed timber and give you an authentic style that can't be duplicated.

    The stylishly simple Reclaimed Barnwood Open Vanity is perfect for those who don't need a huge vanity or hidden space for all your toiletries.  You're going to love how this 30" to 48" rustic vanity fits into your new rustic bathroom.

    Reclaimed Barnwood Open Vanity Don't be closed-minded to awesome open vanities!

    Barn wood mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?  Obviously it is this beautiful, Reclaimed Barnwood Barn Door Vanity with classic, X-styled doors!  We offer this storybook vanity from 24" to 72" with choice of sink left, center, right or double sinks.  Pair your new, reclaimed vanity with matching barn wood mirrors and the equally gorgeous Reclaimed Barnwood Barn Door Linen Closet.  Live happily ever after knowing you've made a great rustic furniture decision.

    Rustic bathroom vanities This reclaimed barn wood vanity will last just about as long as the barn did!

    You'll Log For These Rustic Bathroom Vanities.

    We design our rustic, log vanities with one eye on quality and one eye on true rustic style.  Fortunately for you, we build them with both eyes on what we're doing!   The result is an amazing array of real wood and log vanities for your cabin, cottage, lodge, or home.

    Nothing says rustic like bark-on log furniture!  The Real Hickory Rustic Bathroom Vanity features solid wood panels, real wood door & drawer fronts, and bark-on log corner posts.  We build this rustic log vanity with hickory log door and drawer pulls and an option to add a solid hickory vanity top with log edging and live edge back splash.

    Real Hickory Rustic Bathroom Vanity Woodland creatures NOT included.

    Our Woodland Forest Log Vanity has quickly become a customer favorite and it's easy to see why.  Here at the mill, we love it too.  We use bark-on branches affixed to circle-sawn, cedar planks to create rustic "trees" on the doors and side panels.  With a multitude of size and finish options, we're confident you'll find the perfect combination to finish off that rustic bathroom project you've been laboring at for too long now.

    Woodland Forest Log Vanity Don't worry, jaw dropping is normal when viewing this vanity.

    You could lumber around those Big Box stores for days at a time, but you're not going to find rustic bathroom vanities like this next one.  The Cedar Lake Rustic Log Solid Wood Vanity may be a mouthful to say, but you're going to appreciate what all those words mean when this stunning, sturdy piece arrives to your home.  We combine hand-peeled logs, tongue and groove side panels, and inset door and drawer fronts to produce a sleek, rustic bathroom vanity that's sure to be an enduring focal point of your rustic bathroom.  The Cedar Lake Rustic Log Solid Wood Linen Closet is a matching piece to pull it all together.

    Cedar Lake Rustic Log Solid Wood Vanity We can't take our eyes off her, either.

    Quality Should Matter!

    Sure, you can go to a Big Box and buy an inexpensive, cheaply made, rustic vanities from them.  And then you can return in a few short years for another.  Or you could invest in real, solid wood, log and reclaimed barn wood bathroom vanities that will last generations.  But don't take our word for it, listen to those who were once in your shoes...

    Ryan H., owner of a Reclaimed Barnwood Open Vanity says, "This is an amazing piece of craftsmanship.  It has rustic charm with a subtle polished finish.  You can't find this type of quality anywhere else."

    Molly K., owner of a Reclaimed Barnwood Barn Door Vanity says, "In LOVE! We could not be more thrilled with the beauty, the craftsmanship, nor the service from Log Furniture Place. Our vanity arrived in the window of time given. It was boxed to ensure no damage and arrived as such. And they called with a question on our order to ensure we received the product we were expecting. We would recommend Log Furniture Place to anyone who wants incredible quality and craftsmanship to warm their homes."

    Greg, proud owner of a Real Hickory Rustic Bathroom Vanity says, "Can't beat solid wood and this vanity unlike many out there is made with real solid hickory wood. That means my kids can dent it, gouge it, etc. and I can fix it. Unlike the "hickory" vanity I replaced that I purchased from another company a couple years ago. That one was veneer and the minute I tried to sand it, it ruined the piece. Thank you for letting me 'Keep it Real' - I fully understand that saying now."

    You know what we get from reviews like these?  That quality materials and careful craftsmanship DO matter to people.  They sure matter a lot to us, too.  You'll notice the words quality craftsmanship thrown around a lot in our reviews.  Bet the Big Boxes can't say that about the two-bit rustic bathroom vanities they're shilling.



  • Quality, Handcrafted Rustic Furniture Could Save Humanity

     Our Robot Furniture Overlords Have Arrived

    "Step One Nearing Completion. Step Two: Strap Human to Cheaply Made Chair."

    Okay, so maybe it is still up in the air as to whether automated, assembly will be the undoing of us puny humans, but you have to admit that robots doing EVERYTHING is more than a little unnerving!  What does a person have to do to find quality, handcrafted rustic furniture??

    Is this funny to you?!

    Second Rate Will Make You Irate

    We realize that there is a market for inexpensive, cheaply made furniture for a reason.  Some people don't care about craftsmanship, can't afford quality built products, or don't realize the lack of quality they are paying for.  But things are just getting ridiculous...

    Popular Swedish Furniture made from particle board.
    Particle board loosely translates to cardboard in Sweden?

    Surely, we aren't the only ones that yearn for the days when it meant something to purchase a handcrafted product!  Remember when a big furniture purchase meant heirloom pieces to pass on to the kids? Heck, even to THEIR kids!  Well thanks to our Robot Furniture Overlords, those days seem numbered.  Around every corner lurks a crappy piece of furniture made in a rush, with inferior materials, with poor craftsmanship, or attention to detail.  A lot of times, real, solid wood isn't even used in the building process!  We don't want to be curmudgeonly, but how do we fight back?

    Teach your kids to build or create something for themselves. It's good for the soul!

    Quality, Handcrafted Rustic Furniture Is What We're Great At

    Fear not, all is not lost.  Not yet.  There are those of us who are fighting the good fight.  Resisting our Robot Furniture Overlords and their cheaply made furniture army.  It may take several weeks, but in the end our handcrafted, solid wood, rustic log & reclaimed barn wood furniture will be built and delivered.  You'll be proud to purchase and own furniture that you can pass down to your children.  We sure are proud to build it for you.

    Whether it's putting together the highest quality, handcrafted rustic dining furniture,

    We don't mess around when it comes to quality, handcrafted rustic furniture!

    or maybe you've had your eye on a brand new, quality, handcrafted rustic bedroom set.

    Sometime's it's good to go dark.

    Maybe you've really need to upgrade to quality, handcrafted rustic bathroom furniture.

    This reclaimed beauty will make you weep.

    No matter what kind of furniture you're in the market for, be sure to do your homework.  Buying rustic and log furniture is a big investment.  We want you to get it right the first time, and at Woodland Creek's Log Furniture Place, our master craftsmen are ready to ensure that happens.

  • Creating House Beautiful with Cedar Furniture

    Cottage chic or cabin decor, the perfect cedar furniture will set a welcome note.Cedar furniture is great furniture for the warm, welcoming cottage chic collection throughout the home or office. This rustic furniture gives the home or office an outdoorsy feel to it, so nature lovers will absolutely adore this furniture. It makes the room or house feel warmer and homey while offering comfort and strength at the same time. Cedar furniture gives the home or office a classic homey feel to it while still having an outdoor touch. Its sophisticated design can turn any ordinary home into a nature lover's paradise. Even if the family is more of the indoor type, they will get a taste of the outdoors and learn to love it.

    Cedar log furniture is different than cedar furniture. It is still cedar, but it is made from the logs of cedar. Unlike cedar furniture, which is cut and shaped, it remains as close to the natural state as possible. It still looks beautiful and has a sophisticated feeling to it, but it looks more rustic and untamed which brings every one to use it for cabin decor. Many homeowners prefer this because it fits more with their personality. Cabin log furniture is great for any room of the house including the library and the office. Most manufacturers make cedar log furniture by hand to give it a homey and handmade look to it. This way it is still exuding beauty and elegance.

    Cedar furniture and cedar log furniture will go outside in the garden, backyard or patio as well. Cedar outdoor furniture is another great collection to have for the garden or patio. This collection comes with chairs, swings, tables and rocking chairs. Cedar outdoor furniture is a collection that will finish any home project, and is guaranteed to last for many years. It is natural but will stand out in the garden and look extravagant with any color of flowers or bushes.

    The collections of cedar furniture, cedar log furniture and cedar outdoor furniture makes for a great home and garden. It can be used for any room in the house and is still beautiful to make it look homey and comfortable. It is the perfect accessory or theme to any home whether you prefer the cottage chic feeling or the more naturally rustic cabin decor. This solid wood furniture comes in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, so there is sure to be something for all themes. It is still strong enough for everyday use and for the kids. It is guaranteed to last for many years after factory made, store bought furniture. This rustic furniture is perfect for the unpretentious home today that is all about living without faux airs. Everyone, nature lover or not, will love this green living furniture.

  • Cedar Furniture for Indoor and Outdoor Living

    Buffets can Make Great Outdoor Furniture TooCedar furniture is distinctive in its quality and look. Fans of cedar furniture love the natural wood quality of the grain and earthy tones the wood captures. You will find high quality design and craftsmanship in solid cedar furniture, offering pieces that fit into everyday life that is fully functional and very attractive. Some of these pieces include cedar log furniture, cedar outdoor furniture and the four poster cedar beds. These pieces are made with such high standards that they can be used well past the warranty date on the original sale.

    The four poster cedar bed is a very attractive addition, or center piece, to any bedroom suite. Four poster cedar beds have traditionally been made of dark, heavy woods in ornate and intricate designs. While the four poster cedar beds are beautifully and uniquely crafted, they also offer a lighter look that can fit into most existing bedroom designs. The homeowner will have more options for creativity and budgeting. These beds, if done by a reputable cedar log bed manufacturer, will usually carry a warranty for the quality artisanship that is put into every handcrafted piece.

    Cedar log furniture provides a comfortable and intimate touch to any home, offering the visitor a glimpse into the creative imagination of the homeowner. It also provides the homeowner with years of dependable service. Homeowners have the choice of doing one room in this rustic, outdoor style, or using it all the way through their homes. Different rooms can be accentuated with a piece here and there. Entire bedroom suites, dining room sets, and living room sets available for those that want to see their whole house decorated with cedar log furniture. There are pieces such as vanities and other accessories that can be added to bathrooms and powder rooms.

    Not to be outdone, cedar furniture manufacturers also make cedar outdoor furniture. This furniture adds class and style to any landscaping design, showing off the true beauty of the wood. Cedar outdoor furniture makes manufactured devices like patio furniture fit seamlessly into a natural landscape, offering homeowners a way to bring fabricated function to organic design. With cedar outdoor furniture, homeowners can have any landscape and the look still works.

    Pieces that go with the outdoor collections can include picnic tables, quaint dining tables, with the matching chairs or benches, planter boxes, arbors and arches, outdoor end tables and coffee tables, rocking chairs and gliders, porch swings and gliders and love seats. These pieces can withstand the elements for years, standing against the weather. Families love spending time outdoors for picnics and games. The cedar outdoor furniture is a classy, stylish addition to any yard.

    Cedar furniture makes great indoor and outdoor furniture, built with quality and durability in mind. This classic style and artistic approach have kept customers satisfied and coming back for more great furniture pieces, year after year. Cedar furniture provides the homeowner with a style that is truly personal, allowing customers to decorate their entire homes in a look that is completely their own.

  • Cost of Cheap Furniture: Better Value in Outdoor Log Furniture

    Massive Cedar SwingsToday I’m going to talk about how to get the most bang for your buck when shopping for outdoor log furniture.   It wasn’t that long ago that you could easily find quality outdoor cedar log furniture offered by quality craftsmen and companies.  It was built with care by people who had a passion for outdoor wooden furniture.  The wood of choice for most of these craftsmen is Northern White Cedar due to the unique characteristics that cedar has.  A piece of outdoor cedar furniture will survive in the open year round for 10 – 20 years depending on where you live.  While it is still possible to find well built outdoor log furniture, one must look a bit more carefully, as a lot of large corporate garden centers are looking to cash in on the unsuspecting and uninformed.

    As happens in all markets large corporate retailers are looking to make more money.  In my opinion, they do not care so much about their customers as they do about keeping their shareholders happy.  So these corporate retailers exported some American made outdoor log furniture to China.  There they were able to imitate the look but not the quality or comfort.  They build cheap furniture using brittle log furniture made of Chinese Fir.  Why should this counterfeit log furniture be a concern to you?  Let’s take a look at Chinese fir and find out.

    Chinese Fir is a prized timber tree in China.  It actually isn’t a fir but is from the evergreen species.  Chinese Fir is a fine wood to use for indoor décor use.  It is actually prized in China for the smell.  Outdoors though Chinese fir furniture becomes very brittle and can become unsafe very quickly, commonly within a year.

    Imagine the top log rail of a log yard swing – the rail that supports the weight of the log swing and the people sitting in the swing seat.  If you were to sit 3 people down at once in a log swing the top rail is going to bend slightly.  With a Cedar swing the wood is soft enough to give slightly at the first weight variance.  It then snaps back into place – like a rubber band though with maybe ½” of movement.  Imagine now Chinese fir that is brittle and doesn’t like to bend.  Instead of bending these logs just break under the same weight load.

    Another difference you will find is that some Chinese fir log furniture is made out of small 2” diameter logs with small tenons.  As we discussed in “What is a Mortise and Tenon” you know that the larger the tenon the stronger the log furniture.  Many of the samples we have seen of this imported Chinese fir log furniture have also had mold on the logs from where the log furniture was built using wet logs and then packaged up and shipped over.

    Vastly Chinese fir furniture just does not hold up as well out in the direct elements of nature as cedar log furniture does .  I bought two Chinese fir Adirondack chairs 3 years ago for testing.  I placed one of these in a covered and screened in deck.  The other was left outside.  The Chinese fir chair that was left outdoors lasted for 8 months.  The Chinese fir chair that was placed in the screened in deck is now 3 years old and is starting to show signs of weakness.  To give a comparison I have had a cedar Adirondack chairout in the open for 7 years now and it still is strong and sturdy.  I’ve had cedar log furniture outdoors for the same 7 years and it also is as strong and sturdy as it was when new.  In our enclosed deck I have 9 year old cedar log furniture that as of right now I’m guessing will last another 15 to 20 years just by the way it looks now.

    Which wood has the best value in outdoor log furniture?

    Quality North American outdoor cedar log furniture or Chinese fir log furniture?  Let’s compare log swingsand see:

    Cedar Lake Massive Cedar Log Swing

      • life span of 9 – 15 years
      • cost of $290 including free shipping.
      • At the minimum estimated life span we get $32.33 a year.

    Imported Chinese 5ft Chinese Fir Log Swing

      • life span of 1 – 2 years
      • cost of $175 at a local large retail store.
      • At the max estimated life span we get $87.50 a year.

    I would say the answer is easily American made Cedar Log Furniture.

    Weight limits of cedar log furniture vs Chinese fir log furniture

    How figure that both swings are 3 person swings.  Our American made cedar log swing has a weight limit of 700 lbs, the imported Chinese fir swing has a weight limit of 300 lbs.  Can you even swing with your loved one on a Chinese fir log swing safely?

    What is the cost of safety to you?  To me it is quite a bit – luckily as shown I can purchase the cedar log swing and it will not only be safer but will be a better value to me long term.  It will actually save me money.

    Do you care about buying American made furniture?  So do I.  I’m grateful that I am able to buy American quality cedar log furniture and it will actually save me money and will support local businesses and local craftsmen who care about quality in log furniture.  Think about the long term when you purchase.  These large corporate garden centers are betting that the American public is ignorant and will just look to the bottom dollar.

    At Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place we care about you and we care about log furniture.  You will not find dangerous imported Chinese fir outdoor log furniture on our website.  Chances are you have a local smaller garden center who believes in buying American as well.  Now that you know the difference between Chinese fir and Cedar furniture, what the real cost of cheap furniture is, you will be able to determine for yourself what the best value is when shopping for outdoor log furniture.

  • Introducing New Rustic Furniture Collection: Cedar Lake

    Original Lake Log BedsWe are all very excited here at Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place to exclusively debut our new collection of log furniture.  With this collection we decided our goal was to combine the best of the best while offering the collection at a competitive price.  What we have ended up with is our Cedar Lake collection, a line of log furniture that will simply take your breath away when you lay your eyes on it.

    The Unique Aged Cedar Logs

    We started by locally sourcing the cedar logs from friends and associates.  For the cedar logs we wanted as much character as possible so we found logs that were naturally aged.  What we were able to find were a lot of dead standing cedar trees and cedar trees that had been cut down by farmers and stored in barns.  There the trees were left to sit allowing nature herself to age the logs.  The naturally aged cedar logs are thusly rich in character and many will feature beetle marks, burls, gnarls and other rustic character.

    Then the logs are brought to our factory we set out hand peeling the logs.  Hand peeling is not a fancy name for a machine peeler of some sort.  Literally we dig our fingers in under the bark separating the bark up off of the log enough to get a better grip in the hand and then the bark is peeled away.  It is a very labor intensive and time consuming process, but the end result are amazingly beautiful logs that have their outer bark stripped away while having areas of cambium, or inner bark, left on.  This hand peeling process ensures that the logs keep as much of their uniqueness as possible.  The cambium also adds some color to the whitish hue that Northern White Cedar has.

    After the hand peeling process the logs are brought in to the drying room, where a large wood burning furnace, or kiln, dries the logs.  During this kiln drying process a good percent of the moisture that was left in the logs is removed.  The escaping moisture is what creates the checking in the logs.  More about checking can be read in our article here:  Checking and Cracking.

    The Log Beds in the Cedar Lake Collection


    The log beds you will find in our Cedar Lake Collection are going to range from the classic log bed style to more unique styles.  Select skilled builders, or log furniture artisan if you will, will carefully construct each and every lodge bed.

    Since all of the logs are vastly different the building process cannot be automated. The specialized builders will sort through the logs patiently and carefully while envisioning your log bed in their mind’s eye.  After they have found the complementing logs needed to create the rustic masterpiece they envision they will then lay the logs out and will start constructing your cabin style bed by hand.  Bends, beetle tracks, twigs, splits, forks, checking, arches, burls and knots – all of these natural markings on the logs come into consideration in the placement and construction of your log bed.  The most unique markings are placed in the most visible areas when possible on your log bed ensuring that your rustic bed is a unique piece of art.

    This process is repeated for each and every bed in our Cedar Lake Collection, whether you choose the Original Log Bed, the Super Spindle Log Bed, the Flat Top Spindle Log Bed, the Original Canopy Bed, the Leaning Ladder Bunk Bed, the original Bunk Bed, headboards etc. etc.

    The Log Chests, Rustic Dressers and Cabin Style Nightstands in the Cedar Lake Collection

    We decided to create two lines of rustic chests, log dressers and log nightstands in our Cedar Lake Collection.  Both lines feature solid construction with smooth rolling drawers.  Both lines are built to become your family’s rustic heirlooms. Both lines feature solid tops with a natural edge.  Solid?!  Yes, solid…

    We looked around at a lot of the cedar furniture being sold, and found that the most popular and best selling rustic cedar furniture lines use plywood with veneer for the sides and the tops.  The tops are typically a thinner piece of furniture grade plywood with a log edging to make it appear thick.  These tops look great… but rustic furniture to me should be real.  It should be solid, it should be built to withstand lifetimes of use and abuse.  So we decided to go with a real top, a thick and solid top that will last lifetimes.  The tops feature natural edges on two sides.  These natural edges are often wavy and add a lot of character to the furniture.  The two non natural edges are hand draw knifed and can be lightly fired with a blow torch, if desired, to add even more color and unique character.

    The Cedar Lake Logger line is a heavy, extremely rustic, naturally beautiful line.  As you will soon see we built this line with no holds barred.

    The logger line features drawers with strong and durable full-extension drawer glides.  Yes, I said full-extension.  These smooth and silent roller bearing glides open effortlessly and allow you to pull the drawer open completely.  We continued with the logger line and built half log drawer fronts – not the typical one log makes a drawer – no, we combined multiple logs to create uniquely beautiful drawer fronts.  The drawers turned out so good that we decided to create the sides of the logger chests, dressers and nightstands with logs also.  Now you can see why we called this line the logger line!  For the drawer pulls we decided to use authentic drawer handles to accentuate the look of the log trim.

    We stood back and were pleased and satisfied with the result of our logger collection.  We then brought others in to get opinions and soon found that although everyone appreciated the unique look, not everyone would want a no-holds barred piece of rustic furniture in their home.  Thus we created the second line of rustic case goods in our Cedar Lake collection.

    The second line features the same thick and solid natural edge tops, the same solid construction, but we toned down the look by creating the sides of the rustic dressers, cabin style chests and rustic night stands with tongue and groove.  The tongue and groove sides give a cabin wall look.  We then used our extremely rustic logs on the corners for legs and decided to offer the drawer fronts in a flat front style or a half log style.  For the drawer slides we switched to smooth gliding euro-glides.   Now everyone was happy and we could move on to designing dining room and living room furniture!

    Log Dining Tables, Half Log Benches, and Comfortable Rustic Log Dining Chairs

    With the rustic dining room furniture we decided to start with the dining chairs.  We figured what point is it to have a nice solid log dining table if you don’t have a comfortable chair to sit in at it?  We used this same thought in our outdoor log furniture collection – the Contoured Comfort collection.  Our outdoor log furniture is known for comfort, for the ability to hug and curve the natural contours of your body.  We were not going to stop until we had duplicated this sense of comfort in a rustic elegant dining chair.

    Yes, we know a lot of companies are charging more for upgrading their dining chair to a comfortable log dining chair.  I don’t like to nickel and dime our customers.  You know what you want, why should you have to upgrade and upgrade just to get it?  It should come standard in my opinion.  So our log dining chairs come standard with a comfortable seat.  Not only a comfortable seat, I should also mention that we spent a lot of time on the comfort of the back as well.  You can lean back in your chair and relax after eating your meal, or while trying to mask your face while holding pocket aces, all comfortably and naturally.

    How that we had the comfortable log dining chairs it was time to create the center piece of the dining room, the dining table.  A dining table top goes through a lot of abuse, unintentional or intentional a dining table top needs to be solid and durable.

    Were again we found a lot of cabin dining tables using a thin wood with veneer with a log edging to give the appearance of being thick.  I’m sure these tables are fine for showpieces – for those with dining rooms that will only be used for the Holidays.  But why not have a rustic dining table that is not only an elegantly beautiful showpiece, but also a strong and durable log dining table as well?  Thus we drew design after design, constructed prototype after prototype, trying to hit that fine line of beauty and rustic.

    That we ended up with, funnily enough, is the same style of top that we use on our rustic dressers and chests.  The natural edge gives a natural beauty, like looking at a tree.  The thick and solid top can take beatings from kids without worry.  Any dents in the top will only add to the rustic look of the dining table without taking away from the rustic sophistication.

    Cedar Lake Collection Log Sofas, Rustic Easy Chairs and Other Log Living Room furniture

    The living room was quite a bit easier to design.  We had learned our lesson with the dining tables and knew we could use the same tops for our log coffee tables.  We also wanted to add a second option of table styles in the living room though, so we gathered inspiration from our logger line of bedroom furniture.  We took half logs and joined them together side by side creating a flat top and a unique log bottom.

    Our rustic living room seating includes log sofas,log futons, log easy chairs and log love seats.  We wanted to set our cabin style living room furniture apart from all the others.  What we decided to do was to add to the classic rustic log style by adding leather capped arms.  These softly padded arm pieces are added to the tops of the arms with nailhead trim, adding an elegant sophisticated look to your cabin furniture.

    Comfort is, in my opinion, the most important feature in a piece of furniture.  Especially living room furniture where one tends to sit the most.  Thus we spent a great amount of time designing the seat cushion supports, finding the most comfortable angle of the back, and of course creating the most comfortable yet durable cushions.  I’m quite pleased to say that though our log living room furniture looks rustic… it seats luxuriously

  • Rustic Furniture Reconnects You with Nature

    You don't have to be transported into the past to enjoy the honest natural beauty of log furniture.Once reserved for hunting cabins and mountain lodges, log furniture is welcome in many styles of home décor today. The warmth and relaxed feeling rustic furniture imparts can bring a connection with nature into every room. From very sparse lines in design to more intricate craftsmanship, you’ll find a great deal of charm and beauty in the purity that only nature can create.

    Log furniture can be crafted from gleaming pine, long lasting cedar and a variety of hardwoods.Each natural wood will impart its personality and hue to your decorating scheme. Pine will be pale in color blending beautifully with off whites and adding a fresh look that is warm and unique. Rustic furniture crafted from cedar logs will be carry a warm glow that is quintessentially the character of this wonderful wood. Aspen log furniture offers a silvered taupe tone, while hickory pieces exude both blonde and honey brown. For the darkest color in relaxed furnishings, the aged timbers for barnwood furniture is perfect.

    Depending on the designer’s eye, some pieces of log furniture will be supple and barely smooth as is the character of logs completely free of bark. Others exude a more rustic charm with both clean planed wood and bark covered logs used in the creation. Free of unnatural stains, rustic furniture brings out the true natural beauty of the wood and it’s graining. This lends a very unique look to each piece of rustic furniture built today.

    Log furniture can be very rustic or a wonderful blend of finely crafted ironwork and the warmth of natural wood. Selecting the right pieces of rustic furniture for your home can be a great deal of fun, unlike shopping for traditional stained to match furniture lines. No other style of home furnishings has quite the unique character that log construction offers. How could the factory duplication ever hope to compare with the fabulous creativity of Mother Nature? If it weren’t for the unexplainable, nature would be as mesmerizing as plastic resin pottery. Seen a few, seen ‘em all.

    Sturdy construction should be an important factor in the collecting of furnishings for the savvy homeowner. The majority of today’s fine furnishings offered in traditional furniture lines today are largely comprised with the use of particle board and paper or vinyl surface wood grain effects. This is not a wise investment in your home and its beauty. Log furniture, however, is solid wood from top to bottom, all lovingly finished to create handsome accents and useful pieces that will be cherished for many years to come.

    Rustic furniture can add so much of the warmth of natural purity to sleek modern homes and the perfect relaxed mood to the traditional styled abode. Something you will notice about log furniture that is not found in any other style on the market is the instant impact of character and reality one solitary piece can add to a room. Solid and built to last, naturally unique rustic furniture is something that you and your family will enjoy inside and on the patio or porch, as part of what makes a house a home. Harmony with nature will play a large part in your life wherever you add log furniture to the décor.

  • Discover the Benefits of Log Furniture

    Timeless styling and durability that can last over 100 years - log furniture is a wise buy for your home today.It used to be that it was easy to discern the difference between well made furniture and cheap furniture simply by looking at it. Traditional furniture manufacturing has completely adopted the hidden use of pressboard and thin laminate wood surfaces. You can pay a handsome price for mass manufactured ‘fine’ furniture today and wind up with inferior products that don’t last long at all. The first and obvious benefit of log furniture is that it is hand crafted from 100% solid wood. You can feel confident that you are getting what you paid for when purchasing log furniture.

    The finishes used on these handsome pieces of log furniture is there only as a sealer to keep the surface looking great for many years to come. The natural color and beauty of grain shines right through the clear finish. You’ll find it so much easier to coordinate fabric colors of any hue with any of the woods used to create handmade log furniture.

    Stains change the entire character of wood and will differ in appearance from one type of wood to another. When purchasing a mass manufactured piece that is stained ‘Country Cedar’ on inexpensive bass wood laminate, it will not really be a cedar color at all. Nor would such a fake finish provide a grain that would match true cedar log furniture. All of this nonsense and misleading decorating issues are completely absent in the honesty of log furniture. Here what you purchase is definitely true to color and true to the expected wood grain pattern.

    For decades, using log furniture in your cabin or vacation house has been an expected practice. Today’s more relaxed decorating style opens the doors to outfitting your home with its innate charms and character. Not all rustic furniture is completely made of logs. The use of naturally planed lumber and logs are combined to create lovely pieces for every room and any purpose or utility in the home. Log furniture is also an excellent choice for lounging on the porch and out into the yard as well. Your home can be so much more warm and welcoming with the more relaxed aura that rustic furniture introduces to your rooms.

    It really doesn’t matter if your home is decorated in eclectic, traditional or contemporary style; log furniture designs are available that will be perfect for bringing the warmth of natural wood into the room. The simple lines and freshness used in designing these more unusual pieces of rustic furniture make them easy to adapt to so many different tastes and themes. The clear wood tones are completely free of faux coloring. This makes working with the fabric and paint colors you love simple, no matter which type of log furniture wood you choose.

    Off white and soft brown of pine or the pale reddish blush of cedar log furniture is wonderful wherever soft tones are called for. The honey and rich browns of aspen and hickory offer a different look and feeling where a little more drama is called for. So much true beauty and artisan handcraftsmanship found in modern rustic furniture will be a welcome breath of fresh air and the best value for your home decorating budget.

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