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  • Rustic Outdoor Furniture You'll Love

    Goodbye cruel Winter, it's time to get outside!

    As Winter rears its ugly head one last time, it's time to start planning for the warmer months ahead.  With flowers blooming and animals scurrying about, it's time to get that patio, deck, and yard ready.  We're ready to help you Spring into action with some of our amazing, rustic outdoor furniture.

    Turn your yard into a rustic outdoor furniture wonderland.

    You've mowed the yard, dusted off the grill, and now you need a place to relax.  The Contoured Comfort Country Garden Log Yard Swing is a fantastic place to do just that.  Crack open a cold beverage and relax for hours in this rustic log yard swing.  Made from Northern White Cedar and designed with curved slats, this outdoor swing makes for some of the most comfortable outdoor seating around.

    Maybe you're one of those people who likes to go at their own pace.  Fear not, we have the perfect rustic log yard swing for you!  Our Contoured Comfort Double Chair Log Yard Swing features the same comfortable, contoured slats as our Country Garden Log Yard Swing but has two, stabilized swings so mom can go nice and slow while Junior tries to hit the skies.

    Rustic Outdoor Furniture Contoured Comfort Country Garden Log Yard Swing

    As your family comes together more and more with the warmer weather, you're going to need a place to entertain and feed all of those guests.  We have some fantastic options to choose from, including the Contoured Comfort Log Picnic Table and Contoured Comfort Roundabout Table & Chair Package.  We know you'll love the comfort and durability provided by either of these gorgeous, rustic log outdoor tables.  Made from Northern White Cedar, these tables are naturally resistant to insects and decay!

    Rustic Outdoor Furniture Looks like a comfy family to us!

    You'd be off your rocker if you didn't love all this rustic log outdoor seating.

    Lead your partner to ultimate comfort when you both take a seat in our Contoured Comfort Log Rocking Love Seat.  Leave this rustic log rocker unfinished and it will age to a beautiful, silvery-gray, right along with you.  Handcrafted from insect and decay resistant Northern White Cedar, our Contoured Comfort rustic outdoor furniture will last your family for years to come.

    Rustic Outdoor Furniture Contoured Comfort Log Rocking Love Seat



  • Enjoy the Comfort and Personality of Rustic Furniture

    Chairs that have the best of both worldsRustic furniture is all about personality. The look and feel of the wood, the unique coloration and the rugged design come together to create a sense of comfort that invites you to sit down, relax and let all your cares melt away. If that’s what you want for your cabin or country home, take a look at the Pine Lake Upholstered Log Chair. This handcrafted piece is made in the USA with care and attention to the details that provide an inviting rustic feeling.

    Large, hand-picked logs appear at the front of the Pine Lake Upholstered Log Chair. Two serve to accentuate and support the arms, and a third stretches across the bottom to complete the sturdy outline. A hardwood frame with oak hardwood spring and leg rails supports the upholstered chair body. Underneath the seat cushions, you’ll find an insulated seat deck that maximizes comfort and keeps spring noise to a minimum. Along with the soft fabric and padded seat roll edge, these features make for a chair that you can truly relax in. If the back cushions aren’t sitting right, open up the hidden zipper and adjust them until the chair feels just the way you want.

    This rugged log furniture also features sinuous steel springs in the seat and back cushions, all held together with insulated steel tie wire and metal spring clips. This setup ensures that, instead of the squeaking that you get with many upholstered chairs, the chair can be enjoyed without the annoying sound of metal moving every time you change positions. That means you can take a long, uninterrupted afternoon nap without waking yourself up or simply sit and enjoy the peace and quiet of you rustic home.

    There are plenty of fabric combinations available to make the Pine Lake Upholstered Log Chair match the rest of your cabin decor. Base fabrics include several dark solid colors, and all the cushion fabrics feature different attractive designs. From contemporary to Southwestern, you’ll find something to create the rugged personality you’re looking for to enhance your living room or den.

  • Hickory Log Furniture Creates a Cozy Living Space

    Cozy Log ChairsDesigning a living room that exudes comfort and style requires just the right balance of sturdy furniture and rustic decor. A cozy sitting area is a must in any home, and the Cottage Hickory Log Hoop Chair has the look and feel you’re aiming for. Solid hickory wood combines with soft upholstery in a chair that you’ll love to look at just as much as you’ll enjoy sitting in it.

    Individual handcrafting ensures that every Cottage Hickory Log Hoop Chair is of the highest quality. Solid hickory wood makes up every component of the frame. You won’t find any pressboard, veneers or faux finishes in this piece. Instead, you get a solid chair that stands up to daily use thanks to a kiln drying process that brings the wood to a specific moisture content. Kiln-dried hickory won’t warp, shift, crack or shrink, so each chair retains its initial beauty for a long time. In fact, handmade furniture lasts so long that this chair is likely to become a family heirloom.

    A sturdy base is an essential part of any chair, and this solid wood furniture features four hickory log legs with not one but two crosspieces in the front and more around the sides and back. Curved hickory logs create the “hoop” shape that curves around from the back rest to create a comfortable nook in which to sit. Dress up the upholstered seat and back with your choice of a solid or patterned fabric that matches your decor. The dozens of patterns include rustic woodland scenes, contemporary geometric designs, subtle textures and stripes.

    Finished with a clear catalyzed lacquer, the Cottage Hickory Log Hoop Chair is a fine example of quality craftsmanship that brings the beauty of log furniture and the rugged personality of hickory wood to any home. Choose other hickory pieces for your living room for a unique bold style that will never go out of fashion. The Cottage Hickory line includes stools and swiveling chairs, benches, tables, hutches and more so that you can spread the stunning look of hickory to every room in your home.

  • Aspen Furniture Brings Timeless Splendor to the Home

    Easy Chairs for the Living RoomRustic decor exudes a sense of comfort that you can feel the moment you walk into a room. This is just the kind of environment that you want for the spaces where you go to relax. When you make the Aspen Mountain Log Easy Chair a part of your living room, you bring that comfort to your home in the form of a handcrafted piece that showcases the best that nature has to offer.

    The Aspen Mountain Log Easy Chair features large aspen logs in the legs and frame with slimmer logs providing support in the front and back. Each log is peeled by hand to reveal the beauty of the wood underneath the bark without compromising its character. The lines, cracks and checks that you see in the logs are a natural feature of aspen and don’t have any effect on its strength or longevity. The use of mortise and tenon connections at each joint of the chair reinforces the solidity of the wood to provide years of relaxation for everyone in your family. Glue and screws are used to reinforce the joints for added stability.

    You can make this aspen furniture your own with your choice of finish and accessories. Clear finish is meant to protect the wood from wear without changing the color of the piece. Bronze aspen has a warm tone that looks great in cabins and ranch houses. Add a chair cushion upholstered in one of over three dozen colors and patterns for maximum comfort. If you’re looking for something a little exotic, try the “extra gnarly” aspen log upgrade to change the whole look of the chair. “Extra gnarly” logs feature twists, turns, knots and a multitude of natural “decorations” that transform a simple easy chair into an eye-catching conversation piece.

    Bringing the Aspen Mountain Log Easy Chair to your living room lets you enjoy the beauty of log furniture whenever you sit down to relax. Its sturdy construction, rugged appearance and natural character offer a timeless splendor that the whole family can appreciate.

  • Treat Kids to Special Barnwood Furniture

    Kid Sized ChairsThough sharing is an important skill for all kids to learn, it's equally important for them to have things to call their own. Being in charge of a favorite toy or other precious possession teaches responsibility and helps kids learn how to take proper care of household items. Giving them a special gift such as a solid piece of wood furniture is a good place to start.

    With the Homestead Barnwood Child's Chair, you not only give your kids a place to sit; you offer them the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of real barnwood furniture at a young age. Each piece of wood used in this stunning little chair is harvested from old barns in the Montana region of the USA. This results in a distinct coloration that is unique to barnwood. Years of sun, rain, wind and snow leave behind patterns of light and dark as well as swirls in the wood grain. Layers of stain and clear lacquer are applied to the finished piece to give it a deep, rustic tone that enhances its natural charm.

    Sized just for kids, this eye-catching chair features a sturdy design that stands the test of time. The legs sit at slight angles to the seat and connect with crosspieces underneath to offer rugged support. Stout rectangular beams stretch between the legs on each side for more strength. On the back, you'll find a traditional design of two horizontal wood pieces supporting three vertical ones between straight side supports. The edges of the smooth seat are slightly rounded for comfort, which serves to soften the otherwise sharp lines of the piece. Every bit as beautiful as an adult chair, this kid-friendly model adds beauty to your home.

    Though kids may not develop an appreciation for rustic decor right away, they will love sitting in the Homestead Barnwood Child's Chair whenever they need a break from playing. Perfect for bedrooms and nurseries, this chair gives kids something special that they can treasure throughout childhood and keep to pass on to future generations.

  • Keep Comfort in Mind for Home Office Country Decor

    Home comfort office chairsYou might think that the functionality should be main focus of home office design. Though you need a desk, filing cabinet, bookshelf and other furniture necessary for your daily work, you can’t forget about comfort when choosing each piece. Others see working from home as a luxury, but you know that it can be just as taxing as working in a regular office building. With this in mind, you’ll want to choose log furniture such as the Cedar Lake Comfort Log Office Chair when putting together your rustic office setup.

    If your back starts to hurt just at the thought of sitting in a log chair all day, the Cedar Lake chair will change your mind. Northern white cedar logs are hand-peeled to accentuate their natural character before being crafted into a one-of-a-kind chair designed with an eye for comfort. Each horizontal back support log is flattened to provide sturdy support that’s easy on your back. With the built-in hydraulic lift, you’ll always be at just the right height for doing computer work or paperwork. The contoured seat hugs your body so that you can relax even during the toughest tasks.

    An office chair should also make it easy to reach what you need without having to get up. A swivel mechanism and five standard wheels let you turn or roll the Cedar Lake chair wherever you need to go. Sturdy log legs arranged in a star pattern ensure that you’ll always have proper support as you move.

    You don’t have to compromise on style when you choose handcrafted cabin decor for your home office. One look at the Cedar Lake chair and you’ll see how it stands out from modern office furniture. Instead of cold metal and dark colors that project a feeling of austerity, log furniture exudes warmth and charm. Hand-peeling makes each log unique, leaving behind little dots and stripes of inner bark to contrast the attractive honey color of the wood. Finish it off with a clear or honey pine coating for a beautiful country decor touch.

    Balance between style and comfort for only $655.00. Check out the available indoor finish options for the Cedar Lake Comfort Log Office Chair.

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