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coffee tables

  • Storage, Style and Satisfaction

    Coffee Tables for the Rustic Living RoomI have developed a sincere appreciation for furniture pieces that include hidden storage compartments. Specifically, coffee and end tables. With a family of four humans and two dogs, there are plenty of odds and ends (and, frankly, ugly stuff) that need to be hidden away from visitors and ourselves alike.

    What makes a great coffee table? For us, it’s a combination of things. We gather around its edges some Fridays and Saturdays for family game night, so it requires a sizeable surface. As an added bonus, said games can be stored inside the coffee table for easy accessibility. It must be sturdy and easy to wipe clean after the countless art projects it hosts. Since a table of the proportions we desire will likely be the centerpiece of the room, it must have rustic style and character. Last, but certainly not least, it must function as a comfortable footstool. Yes, we are a casual family that puts our feet up on the table when we’re relaxing.

    Finding a coffee table that checks all the boxes can be quite a daunting task. I’m always on the lookout for one, even though we are more than satisfied with the one we have now. You never know, however, when the one you love is suddenly broken beyond repair and you have to replace it. Shopping in a state of desperation can lead to bad purchases, so having a reserve selection of furniture is never a bad idea. If you find an artisan or design that you love, add the contact information into your idea file, along with a photo, so it’s at the ready when you need it.

    Storage, style and satisfaction…the ingredients for the Reclaimed Barnwood Coffee Table with Drawers. Add a smile and a sign of happiness as you put your feet up on its reclaimed barnwood top, and all the world is right for a while.

  • Steadfast Centerpiece

    Place these coffee tables in the living room!We do a lot of living in our living room. Watching TV, playing games, assembling puzzles, creating artwork, indoor picnics. Our family of four spends a lot of time gathered on the couch and around the coffee table. Between the living room and the dining room, a lot of laughing and loving happens and many family memories are made.

    It takes a rugged piece of furniture to function as the centerpiece of a busy boy household. It has to be a step stool, a work surface, a game top, and occasionally a dining table. The massive square reclaimed barnwood table we have in our living room fits the description perfectly. Solid, seasoned wood holds up to the abuse our two boys hand out and the drawers along its sides are a great hiding spot for coloring and crafting supplies.

    These days with the boys are fleeting and I’m thankful for every minute we get to gather together around the steadfast centerpiece in our living room. Watching the joy dance in the eyes of our sons is one of the greatest pleasures in my life. I’m even more grateful that we can laugh and enjoy those moments without worry of the Country Roads Reclaimed Wood Square Coffee Table cracking under the strain of little boys.

  • Make Aspen Furniture the Focus of Your Rustic Living Room

    Coffee Tables for the Living RoomEvery room needs a centerpiece to draw the eye and provide a focal point for the layout. A well-made coffee table fills that roll in the living room by functioning as the central piece around which other furniture is arranged. The Rustic Aspen Log Coffee Table with Shelf sets the stage for a stunning design that features the rugged beauty of log furniture. With its unique characteristics and solid construction, this table is just what you need to start creating the living room you’ve been dreaming of.

    Each corner of the Rustic Aspen Log Coffee Table with Shelf features a solid aspen log that’s hand-picked for its distinctive beauty. Knots, gnarls and bumps appear along with decorative cracks in the wood. All of these develop as aspen trees grow and are preserved with a careful process that involves peeling the outer bark off the logs by hand. These logs are then used to frame the coffee table and support the top and the lower shelf.

    Cabin decor should be functional as well as beautiful, which is why this handmade coffee table features space for setting down your favorite beverage while you’re relaxing with the newspaper and for displaying decorative items to beautify the living room. Log edging around the aspen slab tabletop enhances the look of the piece, and this same edging appears on the slightly smaller shelf below it. This provides deep contrast with the lighter color of the inner part of the aspen tree. Clear lacquer finish lets each shade shine through in all its natural glory while protecting the wood from accidental coffee spills.

    The moderate size of the Rustic Aspen Log Coffee Table with Shelf makes it suitable for living rooms in cabins, lodges and summer homes. Due to the individualized way that aspen trees grow, every piece of log furniture is just a little different. The aspen logs may vary in size, and you’ll never see the same patterns duplicated on another log. Placing this coffee table at the center of your living room creates an attractive central point that establishes a rugged, timeless style.

  • Admire Log Furniture as Part of the Living Room

    Coffee Tables made of Cedar WoodThe living room or den in your rustic home should be a comfortable place where you can relax with a cup of coffee and the morning paper or gather with family and friends for an evening of good company. Creating the proper atmosphere means choosing country furniture that's simple, rugged and sturdy such as the Lakeland Frontier Log Coffee Table. With its attractive combination of cedar and pine wood, this rustic centerpiece looks beautiful as part of the living area in any cabin or cottage.

    The strong construction of the Lakeland Frontier Log Coffee Table is apparent the moment you look at it. Each leg is made from a thick, smooth-sanded Northern White Cedar log. Log crosspieces reinforce the rectangular frame at the bottom and top of the legs. Mortise and tenon joins not only provide added durability but also give the table the classic look that makes log furniture so appealing. Topping it all off is a smooth top constructed from pine boards. The light colors of both types of wood complement each other to create a simple, beautiful finished piece.

    Knots, varying grain patterns and stripes of color are all part of what makes natural wood so beautiful. When you include a handcrafted piece of furniture in your living room setup, you make all of these characteristics an integral part of the design. Enhance them with a light honey finish that adds a warm touch or leave them undisturbed with clear finish. Choosing an unfinished Lakeland Frontier Log Coffee Table allows you to enjoy every inherent accent as it appears without any alteration. All finishing choices result in a beautiful table so you can pick the one that's best for your living room style.

    To round out your living room, you can complement your Lakeland coffee table with other Lakeland furniture such as a sofa or chairs. You get the same sturdy handmade construction along with more beautiful cedar wood to make your living room a cozy, inviting place that you can admire and enjoy for years. Continue reading

  • Put Teak Furniture at the Center of the Living Room

    Coffee tables should attract people to the living roomCoffee tables are a fixture of many living rooms in all home styles. A good, solid coffee table provides a focal point for the room, giving people a place to gather around while they relax and visit. You can use it to set down drinks or small snacks, or you can incorporate it as part of your overall living room design by adding eye-catching books or rustic decor items.

    The GroovyStuff Desperado Coffee Table With Glass Top is an especially stunning piece that’s made for living rooms in cabins, lodges and ranch houses. Crafted from reclaimed teak wood and featuring a glass top, this table is singular among home decor. Teak furniture brings deep brown and red-brown colors to the style of your living area, adding a bold touch to the room. Reclaimed wood goes one step further with unique variations that make each table a distinctive work of art. A Briwax finish nourishes and protects the wood, bringing out the natural differences in color and adding to the beauty of the piece.

    An antique wagon wheel gives the Desperado table its characteristic appearance. Looking down through the glass top, you can see the hub and spokes, looking exactly as they did when the wheel was still part of a wagon. The bottom of the hub reaches down to a lower square shelf that houses a pull-out drawer, perfect for storing newspapers, TV remotes, books, magazines and DVDs. Square teak supports keep the round tabletop sturdy. Don’t forget to tuck a few coasters in the drawer as well, so that you have them on hand to keep your table free from stains.

    Including reclaimed wood furniture in your living room adds timeless beauty and a sense of rustic style. Built with care from a wood that naturally resists damage, the Desperado table is made to last a lifetime without losing any of its charm. Make this piece the center of your living area and enjoy the distinctive personality of teak furniture now and for many years to come.

    This is an amazing centerpiece for only $1,069.95. You won't regret checking out the GroovyStuff Desperado Coffee Table With Glass Top.

  • Country Furniture Creates Rooms for All Occasions

    Every living room should have a coffee tableEveryone’s idea of the perfect living room is a little different. Some prefer a cozy space where they can sit and read without interruption. Others go for an elegant look that will entice guests and spark comments at parties. Then there are those who need an expansive living area that will fit all of their friends when it’s time to get together and watch the big game.

    No matter what your personal style, country furniture can help bring it together. Every living room needs certain touches, and the Cottage Hickory Enclosed Coffee Table With Elevating Top adds a few extra features to one of the most classic. The tabletop elevates to 25” for the times when you and your friends need a place to put your pre-game snacks. Storage under the tabletop and in two lower drawers allows you to tuck away clutter before a formal gathering. An overall rustic appearance typical of log furniture gives it a bit of woodland charm.

    Crafted from solid hickory wood with log accents, the Cottage Hickory Enclosed Coffee Table exudes both strength and warmth. The hardness of the wood is further reinforced by leaving the bark on the log legs and the edge of the tabletop before kiln-drying them to remove excess moisture. This process ensures that your table won’t shift or crack during changing weather conditions, which is especially important if you live in an unpredictable country climate. A clear catalyzed lacquer finishes off the piece, offering further protection. You can choose espresso, rustic maple or rustic alder finish instead if you want a deeper wood tone.

    Full-extension ball bearing glides allow for smooth movement in both the drawers and elevated top of the Cottage Hickory table. Each part of the table is made to last whether you have it as part of your rustic decor for a few seasons or for many years. With this beautiful hickory piece at the center of your sitting area, you’ll have the eye-catching decor that you want along with the table space you need.

    Now only $1,429.00. You can choose from three indoor finishes for your Cottage Hickory Enclosed Coffee Table.

  • Log Furniture Makes For a Comfortable Season

    Get comfy with coffee tables in your living room!Long winter months often mean a lot of time spent indoors. As the snow moves in, cabins and country cottages alike become coated in a blanket of white that makes everything feel muffled. Daily life may even seem to slow down while you watch the flakes fall, turning into drifts of white as the wind blows them this way and that. It’s enough to make you want to curl up on the couch with a blanket and a hot drink and not go anywhere until spring.

    On the days when you’re lucky enough to have the time to do just that, it helps to have a living room design that fosters comfort and relaxation. Including a coffee table like the Aspen Mountain Log Coffee Table With Drawer gives you an attractive centerpiece for your living area as well as a spot to put your coffee, tea or hot chocolate while you spend time in front of the fireplace.

    Once you’re comfortable, you may find yourself wanting to prop your feet up, but the solid aspen construction of the table is far too beautiful to be turned into a foot rest. Hand-peeled aspen logs combine with waned edging and mortise and tenon joins to make the Aspen Mountain coffee table both rugged and attractive. Hand-peeling enhances the natural personality of aspen wood, bringing out the grain and special accents that are created as aspen trees grow. You can choose from either flat-front or half-log drawers to make the table even more interesting, or upgrade to “extra gnarly” aspen for the ultimate in log furniture.

    Log legs, a flat top and the single handy drawer merge classic design with rustic décor to make the Aspen Mountain table unique. The drawer makes a useful storage space for reading glasses and other small household items while the lower shelf lets you store favorite books and magazines for fireside reading. With this table as part of your living room, you’ll be able to benefit from a cozy setting in the winter and comfort all year round.

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