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dining tables

  • Timeless Style

    Dining Tables that Last in Durability and DesignLet’s face it: many of our favorite things eventually go out of style. Some of us resist it, like that gal at the gym who continues to wear tights and legwarmers, even though the 80s were over many years ago. Or, the guy who still rocks the business-in-the-front-and-party-in-the-back hairstyle, another favorite in the eighties.

    Suffice it to say, when making a significant purchase it is sensible to buy a high quality item and ensure it is of timeless style. Those considered to be financial experts sometimes advise that buying gold is an investment that will never steer you wrong. Others consider real estate to be a wise means of spending money. In the world of fashion, where many styles come and go on a whim, shoppers are encouraged to buy conservative cuts and colors that are more apt to be acceptable with the shift in what is considered ‘hip’ and ‘in vogue’.

    In the world of home interiors, rustic and reclaimed furniture is a timeless investment. Design trends may ebb and flow but the practice of carefully harvesting boards from neglected old barns and structures to re-use them in new and inventive ways will never go out of style. Not only is reclamation environmentally friendly, the look of rustic sophistication that can be created with combinations of old and new materials is unmatched by any modern factory-made product. Just take a look at this Timber Frame Barnwood Dining Table.

    If you are looking to purchase some new decor and are seeking an investment with timeless appeal, look no further than reclaimed furniture. You won’t be disappointed.

  • There is a Difference

    These dining tables were made of reclaimed barnwood materialsI have been married to my husband for almost ten years, but he still manages to surprise me. He’s a “guy’s guy”, parked in front of the TV on weekends during football season and spouting sports statistics to his buddies whenever they get together. He likes to hunt with his buddies back home and drink a couple of beers with friends new and old.

    The other day, I flippantly threw an invitation his way to attend a local craft show with me. To my amazement, he cheerfully accepted. (In hindsight, I think his definition of “craft show” is root beer and whoopee pies. LOL) And so it was our family of four was found walking the streets of Occoquan, gazing under canopies at all the wares and whims available for purchase.

    We were simultaneously drawn to a vendor with cool-looking furniture. As we approached, we ooh’ed and aah’ed over the rustic appearance of the dining table. Its rough cut surface had streaks of turquoise and red paint, nicely balancing the natural wood grain. The edges were wrapped in wrought iron, and it was an impressive sight.

    But, as I looked closer and inspected the matching buffet, I opened a drawer and saw pressboard. My heart dropped as I realized; even though this set was made to look rustic and reclaimed, it was anything but. The lumber had been rough cut and treated to look weathered and cheap materials had been used in areas that were out of sight. Suddenly the quality of the table was cheapened to match the price on its tag.

    Be a smart shopper. When researching a potential furniture purchase, inspect it inside and out. If possible, talk to the person who made it. Find out how it was made, what materials were used, and know whether the lumber is reclaimed or made to look rustic. When it comes to rustic furniture, there is a difference. Make an informed purchase so you won’t be surprised or disappointed later. A good example of a great quality piece would be this Timber Frame Gable Barnwood Dining Table.

  • The Centerpiece of My Family

    Dining Tables for the FamilyI am thankful for every meal we eat, sitting around the table as a family. Great conversations happen when we’re together, and we find out what happened with each family member that particular day. We laugh, we sometimes cry, we relax as we talk about the challenges and victories we have been facing.

    Sometimes our dining room table is not only the meeting place for family meals, but also the centerpiece of family game night. Our family of four gathers around the Monopoly game board in a heated competition. The boys may be little, but they are already fiercely competitive. Knowledge is gained and lessons are learned the game table.

    Other times, I sit down with the boys to do some drawing, painting, and just plain doodling. The kid in me comes out when I get scented markers and crayons in my hands. I really do love doing art and craft projects with the boys, spending time connecting with them in such a simple way.

    I don’t think our family is alone in gathering so often, and for so many reasons, around the Carriage House Timber Frame Barnwood Dining Table. For that reason, that table should be sturdy and secure. It should be of a quality that encourages longevity so it will be the centerpiece of the family for a few generations.

    The next time you gather around the dining room table with your family, take a look around and give thanks for that moment. They can be so precious, yet fleeting.

    Cheers to you and your family!

  • Table for Four…or More

    Make More Space with these Dining TablesOne of my favorite times of the day is when our family of four gathers around the table for dinner. I cherish the time we spend talking, laughing, discussing, and living life together over a meal. As our boys grow older and get more involved in activities, I know sitting down together is going to be much more difficult, which makes each family meal even more precious.

    Our dining table is perfectly proportioned for our family of four. Its round surface allows the four of us plenty of room to spread our elbows. However, we also like to invite friends and family members to join us for some meals. Our little round table does not give us any extra space for more diners, causing us to pull a folding table and chairs out for the extra guests.

    Luckily, I’ve convinced my husband that we need to upgrade our little dining room table. I’m thrilled to have found a beautiful rustic table that is not only the perfect size for our family of four, but also can be extended to accommodate extra guests. No more card table!

    I’m super excited to make more family memories around our new Homestead Rough-Sawn Extendable Dining Table. I’m even happier that our dinner guests can all gather around the table with us. Bon appetit!

  • Aspen Furniture Makes the Perfect Holiday Centerpiece

    Dining Tables are the Best CenterpieceThe holidays have a way of sneaking up on you while you’re still getting used to fall. Before you know it, you find yourself planning the yearly Thanksgiving feast for your family and wondering once again how you’re going to fit everyone at the table. The Aspen Grizzly 9ft Log Dining Table with Wild Stump Base provides enough room for everyone to sit and enjoy a bountiful meal while adding the charm of cabin decor to your dining room layout.

    This unique log furniture features nine feet of solid aspen wood sitting atop two natural stumps. The stumps are harvested from the Rocky Mountains of the USA and taken only from dead-standing trees to ensure sustainability. After harvesting, the logs are peeled by hand to preserve the natural character that makes aspen special. Mortise and tenon joins are used to affix the stumps to the tabletop, creating a piece that you’ll be able to pass on to your children and grandchildren in the years to come.

    For a smooth look, the Aspen Grizzly 9ft Log Dining Table with Wild Stump Base is sanded by hand and finished with a protective water-based polyurethane coating. This not only seals in the beauty of the wood but also protects it from spills and other potential mishaps. Log edging finishes off the rugged tabletop for a unique look that may include bumps, knots or wavy edging. Every table has its own personality that enhances every meal, and you can add boldness to this personality by choosing dark bronze aspen finish instead of clear.

    As you’re considering making this aspen table the centerpiece for holiday dining, don’t forget about seating. Coordinating captain’s chairs and side chairs are available in sets of two, four, six or eight to accommodate the family, or you can choose benches that range in size from four to six feet. As part of the Aspen Mountain collection, these pieces are made to match the rugged style of the table for a combination that can be enjoyed on Thanksgiving or any day of the year.

  • Spice Up the Dining Room with Barnwood Furniture

    FeeGather Around these Round Dining TablesEvery dining table design has something different to offer. Long, slim tables create an elegant setup for holidays while bistro tables offer an intimate dining experience. The Arthurian Round Table combines authentic reclaimed barnwood with a circular design that exudes charm and makes your dining room feel cozy the way only rustic furniture can.

    Round dining tables echo the feel of bistro styles but seat more people, an important consideration if you're planning to entertain guests. The design of the Arthurian Round Table is particularly flexible in that it allows you to choose from standard, counter and bar heights as well as six different diameters that range from 30 inches to 60 inches. With these options, you can get a table that's a perfect fit for the size of your family as well as you dining room space.

    This sturdy barnwood furniture features the same attractive construction regardless of configuration. Solid planks make up the top and are held in place with an octagonal border. One thick beam is used to create the pedestal-style support and rests on a pair of crossed boards for added stability. Curved accents decorate each join at the bottom and top of the support beam, a feature that softens the otherwise stark design of the table. The natural accents found in barnwood add to the look as well, with everything from nail holes to saw marks making an appearance somewhere in the piece.

    You can't go wrong when you include a bit of barnwood in your rustic decor. When used in the dining room, the Arthurian Round Table imparts the special beauty of naturally aged wood. Skilled craftsmen make sure that each piece is used in a way that shows off the full impact of its inherent beauty. Topped off with a clear finish, this rugged dining table makes the perfect centerpiece for daily dining, holidays and other special occasions. Surround it with chairs made from barnwood to create a truly stunning effect that impresses guests and makes you family feel right at home.

  • Cozy Up to Aspen Furniture

    Consider Getting Aspen Dining TablesPutting together a dining set that looks great in your cabin or lodge means choosing natural log furniture with one-of-a-kind personality. The Aspen Dining Table With Metal Inserts delivers just that. Rugged, handcrafted components come together in a piece that features bold aspen design along with an eye-catching metal nature scene set into its surface.

    Starting with dead-standing wood, talented craftsmen hand-peel four thick aspen logs to use as legs and include the same detailing around the edge of the tabletop. Make this basic style your own by choosing light aspen, dark aspen or "extra gnarly" aspen depending on the statement that you want your cabin decor to make. Both the clear and honey finish options protect the wood and allow the burls, insect track and elk chew marks to shine through.

    Eighteen different metal inserts are available for this stunning table. Choose from fishing scenes, elk or deer, bear, Western themes and more for a beautiful finish that gives your table added personality. The insert is set into the tabletop behind a sturdy panel of glass so you can enjoy it every time you sit down for a meal.

    Make your Aspen Dining Table With Metal Inserts part of a complete dining set by adding a chair or bench package. You can choose plain seating made from the same type of aspen as the table or add metal inserts to enhance the style. Get a combination of side chairs and arm chairs or benches in varying sizes to give everyone in the family a sturdy place to sit. Each seating option features the same careful handcrafting as the table and is made to last just as long.

    Table size is another important consideration when purchasing aspen furniture, especially if you tend to host big gatherings on special occasions. The Aspen Dining Table With Metal Inserts comes in lengths ranging from five feet to ten feet so you can gather as big a group as you want to enjoy a meal while relaxing in a cozy cabin atmosphere.

  • Incorporate Barnwood Furniture into Daily Dining

    Have Beautiful Dining Tables in your Dining RoomThe sight of an old barn standing in a farm field brings to mind images of solidity and reliability. You'll find these same characteristics in the Conestoga Barnwood Trestle Table. A classic two-legged trestle base and a solid barnwood top make this table a sturdy, one-of-a-kind addition to the rustic decor in your dining room. Handcrafted from 100 percent reclaimed barnwood, the table features the beautiful accents that develop when structures are left to weather naturally over time.

    Six table sizes from five feet to ten feet are available for you to choose from so you can seat your immediate family or gather a whole group for a special occasion. You can also choose a 42-inch or 48-inch table width to get just the right size. No matter what configuration you settle on, you receive the same quality handcrafting and stunning barnwood furniture appearance. The barnwood boards used for the tabletop feature rough-sawn areas along with hewn marks and the occasional nail hole, all authentic "decorations" from the wood's former life.

    The Conestoga Barnwood Trestle Table is finished with a clear coat to enhance the natural strength of the wood and protect its unique appearance. Daily dining can do a number on tabletops, but the combination of barnwood strength and protective finish preserves the look of this table whether you're dealing with a host of rambunctious kids or just the occasional bump or spill. The dark brown, red-brown and light brown colors will remain beautiful regardless of mishaps.

    The trestle style is part of what makes this stunning cabin furniture so appealing. The tabletop rests on a pair of thick pillars, each featuring a curved design with three "feet." A supporting beam stretches between them to ensure stability. Its arched shape adds a touch of elegance to the otherwise rugged appearance of the table, making it suitable for any kind of home decor from basic country to bold Western designs. Make the Conestoga Barnwood Trestle Table part of your dining room and enjoy its unique beauty at every meal.

  • Aspen Furniture Accommodates a Crowd

    Spacious Dining TablesHave you ever found yourself scrambling for extra table space or seating when hosting a large family gathering? Getting everyone a place and making sure they're comfortable can be one of the most stressful parts of entertaining. Instead of filling your dining room and kitchen with tray tables and folding chairs, consider investing in an Aspen Lodge Log Dining Table. This stunning piece of log furniture comes in six different lengths to accommodate crowds of any size.

    Whether you're looking for a simple 6-foot table for daily dining and holiday entertaining or you need an expansive 11 feet of space, the Aspen Lodge Log Dining Table delivers with rugged beauty and charm. Each leg is made from a unique aspen log, harvested in an environmentally friendly manner from dead-standing trees. This not only ensures strong support for the smooth tabletop; it also means that every table has its own distinctive look. Plus, since dining tables see a lot of wear and tear and you never know what's going to get spilled, the piece includes a protective clear finish to keep the entire surface looking beautiful.

    Of course, you don't want to surround your brand new aspen furniture with just any seating. The Aspen Lodge line also provides arm chairs and side chairs to help you create the perfect dining package. With four different combinations of chairs to choose from, you'll always have enough room to seat all of your guests. For those times when you're expecting the entire extended family for a special visit, you might want to try a bench or two instead.

    Adorning your dining room with aspen pieces is a beautiful way to expand your style of rustic decorating. All aspen has its own personality with twists and bumps, checks, decorative cracks and more appearing on each piece. Bring these characteristics together to create a dining room that's perfect for every occasion. Your friends and family will admire the look of the wood and you'll appreciate the careful craftsmanship that ensures the longevity of the piece.

  • Teak Furniture Makes Dining Interesting

    There's room for everyone in these dining tablesBringing the family together for dinner is a tradition that many modern households miss out on. Instead of sitting down to a shared meal, family members rush here and there, concentrating on their own activities and rarely taking time to relax and enjoy each other’s company. If you find that dinnertime is this kind of free-for-all at your house, maybe it’s time to make a few changes to draw the family together again.

    Wood furniture creates an inviting dining room atmosphere that encourages your family to slow down a bit from the daily grind. Choose pieces that invoke a sense of being in the deep woods and you’ll soon find that the room feels more cozy. Unique furniture such as the Sierra Woodland Table by GroovyStuff lives up to its name with an eye-catching design and rustic appearance. Built using teak roots and heartwood, this is no ordinary table. It’s hard to say no to a family dinner when you’ll be gathering around a central piece that’s completely unique.

    Teak furniture has many characteristics that make it interesting. Smooth, tight grain brings out the reddish-brown coloration and provides contrast to the craggy appearance of edges, stumps and roots. The Sierra Woodland Table takes this a step further by using a large chunk of rescued teak roots as its base. Instead of a simple pole or set of wooden legs supporting the table, you have a twisting collection of natural wood that looks as though it’s growing right out of your dining room floor. A solid slab of teak heartwood forms the top of the table, creating an irregular oval with rugged edge accents. Briwax finish nourishes the wood and keeps it looking beautiful.

    A new dining room table might not drag the family away from their daily routines, but having a place for everyone to gather is a good start. Teak furniture lasts for a long time, so once you’ve established your new routine, you can rely on the Sierra Woodland table to be there through many family meals.

    Enjoy meals with family with this $1,190.00 piece! You'll always make impressions with the Sierra Woodland Table.

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