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  • Create a Rugged Bedroom with Log Furniture

    Bedroom DressersThe unmatched quality of hand-peeled log furniture makes it a stunning addition to any rustic home. When you include the Hickory Logger 10 Drawer Log Dresser in your bedroom set, you’ll enjoy the classic characteristics of Northern white cedar and hickory wood in a piece that echoes the rugged nature of the great outdoors. Crafted with beauty, quality and personality in mind, this dresser delivers a unique combination of form and function that enhances the entire room.

    The functional aspects of the Hickory Logger 10 Drawer Log Dresser are apparent in its solid wood construction and ample storage space. Ten drawers sit within the cedar body, each constructed with dovetail joins and full-extension glides rated at 100 pounds per drawer. This rugged combination allows you to store your entire clothing collection in one place without worrying about the drawers bowing or bending as they can in mass-produced furniture. Use the two vertical banks of large drawers to store heavier items, and place your delicates in the four smaller drawers that run horizontally above them. The rugged build ensures that everything stays safe and organized.

    Hand-peeled half-log drawer fronts and sides add character to this rustic furniture. Each drawer features a solid hickory handle with a dark color that contrasts the appearance of the cedar wood. Hickory log accents appear at the corners of the dresser body to create more visual appeal. The entire piece is topped off with a 2-inch thick piece of cedar featuring natural wood edging. A clear finish is applied to protect the piece and preserve its distinctive appearance. You also have the choice to experience the wood unfinished or add a touch of color with a honey finish instead.

    Complete your country decor with an optional dresser or wall mirror made in the same style as the Hickory Logger 10 Drawer Log Dresser. The dresser mirror sits on top of the piece while the wall mirror is made to hang just above it. Add other Hickory Logger furniture for a finished collection that showcases all the best that these rustic pieces have to offer.

  • Attractive Log Furniture Provides Reliable Clothing Storage

    Dressers for all your ClothesEvery bedroom needs reliable clothing storage. Though most rooms include at least one closet, that's not always the best place to keep all of your clothes. Certain items, especially heavy clothing such as sweaters and jeans, are best stored in a dresser like the Rustic Natural Cedar 6 Drawer Log Dresser. With six full-sized drawers set in a generous 70"-wide frame, this country furniture provides ample space for your entire clothing collection.

    The natural color of Northern white cedar wood gives the Rustic Natural Cedar 6 Drawer Log Dresser a bright and sunny appearance. Each log and board is sanded smooth to enhance the beauty and left unfinished to preserve the original appearance. Attractive round cedar logs form sturdy legs at each corner of the dresser to support the frame and the top. The drawers are arranged in two columns of three each and feature classic round pull knobs. Inside you'll find tongue-and-groove joins and side-mounted nylon roller glides. Together, these elements create a sturdy setup that you can count on to keep your clothes safe and clean.

    Storing clothing in cedar means keeping it safe from decay and insect infestation as well. Certain materials such as wool tend to attract pests, but the natural oils in this log furniture keep pesky bugs at bay. It also means that your furniture will retain its beauty even if you choose to leave it in the original unfinished state. Moisture changes and other weather-related concerns won't take away from the lovely appearance of this dresser even after years and years of use.

    Bringing the beauty of cedar wood to your bedroom enhances country decor while providing the extra storage you need to handle your entire clothing collection. The Rustic Natural Cedar 6 Drawer Log Dresser also comes with the option to add an attractive dresser mirror framed with the same creamy cedar. Choose unfinished wood or a clear finish to match the dresser and enjoy the open feeling that a mirror brings to the room. Both pieces are designed to last a lifetime.

  • Solid Reclaimed Wood Furniture Enhances Bedroom Style

    Dressers with a Rugged FeelBold, eye-catching cabin furniture brings a special personality to any room. Whether you live in a traditional woodland home or a modern house in the suburbs, you can enjoy the distinctive look of pieces like the Idaho Homestead Weathered Wood Dresser. This solid bedroom accent boasts four large drawers, four small drawers and two storage cabinets to give you space for everything from jeans and t-shirts to your favorite accessories.

    Circle cut red fir wood makes up the bulk of the Idaho Homestead Weathered Wood Dresser. Reclaimed wood pieces provide the accents, creating a combination of light and dark shades that grabs attention and puts the dresser in a class all its own. Each drawer front features a deep brown color that stands in contrast to the reddish brown outlines of the rest of the dresser. Dental-style edging adds a bit of Western flair while the sharp angles of the top and side edges create a solid look that enhances any bedroom design. Weathered wood finish complements the appearance for a completed piece that boasts both beauty and charm.

    A rugged dresser needs rugged drawers, and this reclaimed wood furniture doesn't disappoint. Strong dovetail joins ensure that each drawer box is up to the challenge of holding any part of your clothing collection. Full-extension glides guarantee that you'll always be able to grab what you're looking for, even if it gets pushed to the back of the drawer. Solid wood pulls and handles work with the glides for smooth opening and closing every time regardless of the weight of the contents.

    The small storage cabinets that sit to either side of the upper drawers offer a place to store anything that doesn't fit in the rest of the dresser. The two-tone arched door style also serves to create a sense of balance in this rustic decor, filling in space above the large drawers and breaking up the otherwise rigid appearance. Place this rugged dresser in your cabin bedroom or modern master suite and enjoy handmade beauty that lasts for years.

  • Log Bedroom Beauty on a Budget

    Bedrooms sometimes seem to require more redecorating than the rest of the house. Kids grow, tastes change, or things just plain wear out. Having to replace furniture gets expensive fast, putting a strain on your bank account. If you need to keep a budget in mind as you shop for new furniture, the best thing to do is invest in attractive, quality furniture that will fit that budget and last for a long time.

    The Montana 6 Drawer Log Dresser is exactly that sort of piece. Your mind probably doesn’t jump to log furniture when you’re considering budget country décor, but the Montana collection takes advantage of the inexpensive nature of pine logs to provide natural beauty at a lower cost. A hand-peeling process called skip peeling is used to remove bark while leaving bits of the inner membrane behind, creating a contrasting color effect. You can leave the wood as is and enjoy the rugged look, or opt for a Glacier Honey finish.

    If you’ve got a little wiggle room in your budget, why not take the opportunity to customize with a mirror? Mirrors do a lot for a room, adding depth and a sense of extra space. There are two available for the Montana dresser: a basic dresser mirror and a deluxe mirror that includes two shelves on each side. Adding either mirror can turn your dresser into a vanity of sorts, an interesting piece of rustic décor that you’ll enjoy including in your morning routine. The shelves and extra added log accents on the deluxe mirror provide a place to store small items or display favorite photographs.

    It’s easy to see that, with log furniture, “budget” doesn’t mean having to settle for less than the best. You get quality pieces even at the lower end of the price spectrum. So instead of dealing with unattractive conglomerations of pressboard as they warp and deteriorate, you can have an heirloom-quality piece that won’t need replacing again in a year or two. Your home and your bank account will thank you.

  • Log Rental Cabins in Branson, TX

    Dressers with StyleLooking for a getaway in the Branson, TX area?  Then I can recommend Amazing Log Cabins.

    They would love to have you visit.  They currently have a 2 bedroom cabin, a 3 bedroom cabin anand  4 bedroom cabin.  They are all located 7 miles from Branson Landing but tucked away in a wooded golf course area.  They are newer log cabins with new exquisite rustic furnishings each with a private spa on your back deck ranging from 1200 sq ft to 2440 sq ft.

    The cabins are located on spacious lots in a great location and are lovely inside and out.  The cabin décor and rustic furnishings are top of the line and are  fully equipped.

    Please visit their website for more information and pictures.  You can visit their website.

    The cabins are 7 miles from The Branson Landing and about 15 minutes from the main part of the strip.  There is a marina very close, less than a 5 minute drive to the ramp!  It is called Gages Marina.  It provides boat rentals and many other activities as well.  The lake is beautiful and great for water sports.   The cabins also are centrally located to see activities and events.  Each cabin also offers a private spa on your own back deck!

    To check availability, pricing and to confirm please visit their website or give them a call.

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