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  • A Win-Win Sleeping Situation

    Futons for a Comfortable Night's SleepAs most people are aware, one of the hallmarks of being a military family is frequent moves. We are preparing to embark on yet another Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move in less than a month. This will be our fifth move, so we are starting to “get the hang of” the entire experience. Although, every move is different and we always seem to learn something new.

    We always opt for a moving company to pack and move the majority of our household goods. We do have a utility trailer and move a few things ourselves…mostly family heirlooms, items of value, and the assorted items that the moving company will not transport. One thing we have moved ourselves, from our very first PCS, is the mattress from our futon.

    While that may seem to most like an odd choice, we have a specific purpose for the futon mattress. Oftentimes, we get the keys to our new house several days before our household goods arrive. The futon mattress functions as a comfortable sleeping solution until we get our bed. We just set the mattress on the floor of our bedroom, slip some sheets and blankets on it, and we get a good night’s rest. (I have a hard time sleeping on an air mattress, but am more than comfortable on a futon mattress.)

    We have even used the mattress for overnight getaways. It fits perfectly into the bed of our truck, which has a bed cover. It’s a cozy place to sleep, but it’s comfortable and it keeps us warm and dry.

    Have a move planned in your near future? Consider packing your Lakeland Cedar Log Futon mattress for a win-win sleeping situation.

  • Log Furniture Makes Autumn More Comfortable

    These Futons Offer a Rustic Autumn LookAutumn is the perfect time to spend a weekend at your cabin or lodge. As the season winds down, you want to take advantage of as much relaxation time is possible. Bringing friends and family along makes these visits more fun, so make sure that you can accommodate them with comfortable log furniture like the Rustic Natural Cedar Log Futon.

    Futons are perfect for living rooms, dens, screened porches and guest bedrooms. During the day, the Rustic Natural Cedar Log Futon functions as an attractive couch. When it’s time to sleep, the seat pulls out to become a full-sized bed. Add a mattress made from 91 percent cotton and 9 percent polyurethane foam to create a cozy sleeping space. Mattress covers are available in solid shades and rustic patterns to bring more personality to the piece.

    Sanding the logs smooth makes the natural light color of cedar stand out in this country decor. Four stout logs serve a legs, and two smaller logs create the arms when the piece is set up as a sofa. More log pieces stretch between the legs on the sides and underneath the solid metal frame to support the mattress. Vertical logs create a miniature headboard and footboard when the futon is folded down. The wood is left unfinished to allow its simple beauty to shine in any setting. Since cedar is a naturally damage-resistant wood, you can enjoy it in this state and be confident that it won’t lose its inherent beauty.

    Create a complete rugged style by matching your Rustic Natural Cedar Log Futon with other cedar pieces such as a mirror, a chest of drawers, a coffee table or a pair of end tables. Using futons instead of log beds gives you space to decorate even in small rooms. Get creative and turn your cabin into the ultimate autumn getaway for you and your guests. With a sturdy cedar futon as the central piece in the living room or bedroom, it’s easy to put together a simple, attractive style that everyone can enjoy while savoring the last warm weekends of the season.

  • House Guests in Comfort with Attractive Wood Furniture

    Futons come in multiple designsFutons are fabulous when you need sleeping space in your home but don't have a guest room. Versatile and attractive, the Glacier Country Pine Log Futon combines the beauty of hand-peeled pine with the functionality of a full-sized futon. When placed in the living room or den of your rustic home, this stunning handmade log furniture piece enhances the decor and gives you a place to house guests for an overnight stay.

    Simple yet beautiful, this futon boasts some of the best features of rustic decor. Rugged pine longs with tenoned ends are used for the legs, crosspieces and side accents. Simple round logs create the arms. A box made of the same strong pine wood sits under the 54-inch by 75-inch black futon mattress. This box slides out easily when you want to covert the futon from a sitting space to a sleeping area. With its heirloom quality craftsmanship, the frame will last through years of use, allowing you to provide many visitors with a comfortable night's sleep when they stop by.

    Only dead-standing trees are harvested for use in the Glacier Country Pine Log Futon. Each beautiful log is peeled by hand using a draw knife which creates a pattern of light wood with dark inner bark accents. An eight-step finishing process applies honey pine stain and a top coat of lacquer to protect the wood from wear. The result is a finished piece that exudes woodland charm. Though you probably picture pine as a bright and sunny material, the peeling and staining processes used on this futon impart a deeper tone that works well in cabins and lodges.

    Find a futon cover with a suitably rustic design to finish off your new wood furniture piece and make it blend right in with your home's decor. You may choose a fabric in bright colors or subdued tones depending on the look you want to create. Think of your selection as another accessory in your home's layout and turn your futon into an integral part of your living space.

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