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lodge decor

  • Rustic Renter

    Night Lights are Affordable but Great DecorWe are a family that rents the homes we live in. Renting makes the most sense for us, since we move every 2-3 years. I’m not going to lie; it’s difficult and disheartening to me. I do the best I can to make each house our home, but there a lot of limitations when we aren’t the owners of the residence.

    Because we live in rentals, I’m always on the lookout for home décor items that showcase our love of rustic style without being permanently affixed to a wall or ceiling. In a recent walk through the World Wide Web, I found some really cute nightlights with rustic scenes. Accessories such as those are a great way to inject our style and character into our temporary housing.

    Because I don’t like a completely dark house at night, and because the nightlights are not only darling but also darn affordable, I bought several to dress up many rooms of the house. I sometimes just wander the house at night to gaze at the warm glow of the Pinecone Night Light. It always brings a smile to my face…such a simple pleasure.

    Are you a renter too? Comment below on techniques you’ve used to customize your temporary housing.

  • Lodge Decor Keeps Time in Style

    Rustic ClocksFor those who love the outdoors, a walk through the woods is one of the best ways to relax. It’s peaceful, quiet and free from the distractions that make everyday life seem so hectic. When you’re surrounded by towering trees, the cool air of the deep forest and the chatter of wildlife, you can forget all about pressing worries and cares for a little while. Thanks to lodge decor like the Rustic 15” Black Bear Lodge Clock, you can experience that same peace whenever you glance up to check the time.

    A tin outer frame and rugged weathered finish give the Rustic 15” Black Bear Lodge Clock an attractive aged look that’s just right for pairing with rustic decor. The forest green background color creates a woodland atmosphere and sets the stage for the stars of the image. Depicted front and center, a mother bear and her three cubs stop at a river to enjoy a quiet moment before getting a drink or passing over to the other side. Smooth stones line the river’s edge and long grass rolls along the bank toward the collection of towering trees that decorates the backdrop.

    Telling time is easy with this clock thanks to the contrasting colors. Each number is depicted in a vibrant red that stands out against the green. A repeating leaf motif swirls around the edge along with the numbers and is studded with curling “stems” for an even more attractive appearance. Two lines of cursive text provide the final touch for the 15-inch face. Appearing above and below the image of the bears, the words “Black Bear Lodge” spell out what the scene already suggests: that the people in your home appreciate the great outdoors.

    To maximize the impact of any of our rustic clocks, just add it to your favorite rustic furniture and other lodge accessories. The colors and motifs look just right in your living room, dining room or front hallway, and the clock will tick away on one AA battery to provide accurate time measurement as well as distinctive style.

  • Make Outerwear More Accessible with Western Decor

    Handy Hooks for the Western HomeWith chilly weather moving in, you want to keep your warmest outerwear close at hand. Try hanging the Rustic Barbed Wire Star 4 Hook rack in your front hallway, and you’ll always have a place to put your hat, coat and scarf so that they’re right by the door when you need them. This sturdy piece of rustic decor combines solid handcrafting with eye-catching Western style to create a unique accessory that enhances any rugged home.

    The Rustic Barbed Wire Star 4 Hook features a thin strip of metal at the center that mounts snugly to the wall to support four evenly spaced wire hooks. These hang down below a collection of three barbed wire stars made by hand with a twisted design. The authentic barbed wire construction ensures strength and gives the piece its Western flair. Because the wall hook is made by hand, every star is just a little different. The result is a piece that greets you with rugged personality and charm every time you walk through the door.

    This distinctive lodge decor can be used for more than hanging up coats. When placed in the living room, it makes a beautiful display area for rustic accessories. Hang up a blanket to have on hand for chilly evenings, hook a cowboy hat next to it and top it all off with a horseshoe or other rugged decoration for a one-of-a-kind collection. Rotate your accessories of choice according to the seasons to create a conversation piece that draws attention from friends and family.

    The metal and wire used in the Rustic Barbed Wire Star 4 Hook are not only strong enough to support whatever you choose to hang on them but also rugged enough to last for years. You’ll never have to spend another season hunting for your warmest hat when you have this unique Western decor on hand. Try it out in a few different locations around the house to see where you like it best or where it’s the most convenient, and enjoy its unique beauty for many seasons to come.

  • Rustic Decor Brings Unique Lighting to Any Home

    Chandeliers are truly works of art!Vaulted ceilings are beautiful features that deserve to be dressed up with equally beautiful rustic decor. Having such a high ceiling gives you many options for decorating, and the 20 Light Mule Deer Antlers & Wrought Iron Chandelier is one of the most unique accessories that you can choose. It’s a work of art crafted by nature and finished by hand with an eye for rugged beauty and unique style.

    When hung from the ceiling, the 20 Light Mule Deer Antlers & Wrought Iron Chandelier not only provides subtle lighting but also catches the eye the moment you walk into the room. The entire body is made up of naturally shed antlers selected for their specific colors and shapes. Antlers are then pieced together to create individual masterpieces. The final result is much more than a light fixture; it’s a work of art with an authentic beauty that brightens up your home with its style and grace. Wrought iron circles and curls accentuate the natural shapes of the antlers and bring balance to the design.

    Twenty faux wax candles with optional rawhide shades shed light to every corner of your living room, dining area or wherever you choose to hang this stunning chandelier. All lighting components are UL listed and approved for safety and functionality. Expert crafting ensures that no wires or other components appear on the outside of the piece. Once you add the candelabra bulbs that the chandelier needs, all you’ll see is lovely soft glow that accentuates lodge decor and makes any room more comfortable.

    When it comes to lodge decor, antler pieces are unique and beautiful choices. The use of shed antlers allows you to enjoy unmatched style knowing that no animals were harmed to create the 20 Light Mule Deer Antlers & Wrought Iron Chandelier. With its rugged appearance and solid wrought iron accents, this piece is designed to last for many years. Make it a permanent fixture of your cabin, lodge or ranch house and enjoy how its special beauty enhances the decor.

  • Barnwood Furniture Sets Make Dining Design a Breeze

    Dining Sets Make Life EasierThe dining room should be a place where family and friends can gather to relax and share a good meal whether it’s a weeknight or a special occasion. The Azul Barnwood Table & Chairs with Bench Package helps you create an inviting space with a cozy, rustic atmosphere that makes everyone feel at home. Solid barnwood construction and eye-catching turquoise accents make this rustic decor a unique addition to any home.

    Investing in a dining package is an easy way to coordinate your dining room setup without having to spend a lot of time shopping for furniture. With the Azul Barnwood Table & Chairs with Bench Package, you’ll be all set to seat the entire family plus a few guests. All together, the package includes a 36-inch dining table, four chairs and a dining bench. Each features the beauty of barnwood furniture including light and dark brown colors, rough-sawn surfaces and distinctive weathered accents. Clear lacquer finish seals it all in, preserving the look for years to come.

    What makes this dining package truly unique is the distressed turquoise finish that appears around the edge of the table, around the seat of the bench and on the backs of the chairs. It adds to the natural rugged look of the barnwood while bringing a hint of Southwestern style to the whole package. The brightness of the turquoise stands out against the darker shades of the wood, catching the eye and drawing comments from visiting friends. Rounded nail head accents are the perfect finishing touch with their deep copper tones that add a hint of shine.

    When you make the Barnwood Table & Chairs part of your lodge decor, you transform your dining room into a rustic getaway. Each sturdy barnwood beam, board and plank exudes a feeling of timelessness that will always be in style. The set is designed with simple shapes and lines that allow it to harmonize with other barnwood pieces so that you can create a balanced dining room setup that’s perfect for any occasion.

  • Create a Unique Bedroom Space with Aspen Furniture

    Beds made of Aspen MaterialsWhat is it about aspen furniture that draws attention? Perhaps it’s the “gnarly” nature of the logs, each showing off its own set of knots and twists, accented by makings put there by nature. These special characteristics stand out even more when logs are fashioned into pieces such as the Rustic Aspen Log Canopy Bed. Careful hand-peeling brings out the best that the wood has to offer and makes this bed a stunning choice for bedrooms of any size.

    Using massive six- to seven-inch aspen logs, craftsmen create the legs of the Rustic Aspen Log Canopy Bed and build a log frame with the option of single or double log side rails. Joins in the classic mortise and tenon style create a strong bed that lasts lifetime. The individual nature of the logs means that your bed will be different from any other, even those of the same model. You’ll enjoy unique lodge decor whether you choose light or dark aspen logs. Go for “extra gnarly” logs if you want an even more interesting design.

    Whether you choose queen, king or California king, you’ll get an impressive bed with the space you need for a comfortable night’s sleep. If you want to add more function to your bed, add an under bed dresser with flat or half-log drawer fronts. Larger bed sizes have up to eight drawers for storing clothing, linens and other necessities for safekeeping and to control clutter. Having items such as sheets and quilts close at hand makes tidying the bed easy and gives you more time to relax.

    To complete the look of these stunning log beds, you have a choice of standard clear lacquer finish or honey glaze. The honey color looks especially nice over light aspen as it deepens the tone just a bit and adds a warm glow that makes you bedroom even more inviting. With its open canopy style and log accents at head and foot, the Rustic Aspen Log Canopy Bed is just what you need to make your personal space unique.

  • Make Western Decor Part of Your Dining Experience

    Complete the Western Dining Room with DinnerwareWhen you've spent time outfitting your dining room with Western-style pieces including a barnwood table, rustic chairs and a rugged buffet, the design needs an appropriate finishing touch. Serving your meals on Azulscape Pottery Dinnerware provides the perfect accent to an already beautiful setup. This solid handmade stoneware sports attractive colors and a simple style that complements rustic furniture.

    With a dinner plate, salad plate and bowl along with your choice of a mug or tumbler, the Azulscape Pottery Dinnerware set makes a stunning place setting. Get one for yourself or several to serve the whole family. Made in the USA, this stoneware is lead-free and can be used in the microwave, oven and dishwasher. Stoneware is known for being sturdy and long-lasting. When properly treated and cared for, it should last for many years.

    This unique Western decor brings a wealth of color to your table. While the design doesn't depict any particular scene, it suggests a desert at sunrise or dusk and makes you think of sleeping under the stars. The base of each piece features a rich terracotta hue beneath a sapphire "sky" with bands of red, yellow, green and even a bit of purple stretching in between. This dishware is beautiful enough to put on display in your hutch and yet rugged enough to stand up to daily use.

    Serving your favorite meals on Azulscape Pottery Dinnerware makes them even more enjoyable. As you eat, you'll uncover the gorgeous array of colors that gives this set its unique look. The artisans who create this dinnerware put a great deal of care into the design to ensure that every set is flawless and stunning. This attention to color combination and detail adds something special to any dish you serve.

    Combining attractive dishware with other lodge decor in your dining room creates a balanced style with timeless beauty. Whether your home decor leans towards the bold or the simple, the Azulscape Pottery Dinnerware set will make your table look wonderful every time you set it for a meal.

  • Illuminate Wood Furniture with Unique Lamps

    Great Handcrafted Table LampsAs fall creeps in, the days begin to get shorter and you find yourself reaching for the light switch more often. A sign of the long winter to come, these days can seem dreary without the right illumination in your cabin or lodge. When you're looking for a way to brighten up autumn mornings and evenings, consider unique rustic decor like the Fallow Deer Floor Lamp.

    Standing around six feet tall, the Fallow Deer Floor Lamp is handcrafted from real antlers. Every antler was shed naturally, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of antler furniture without worrying about its impact on wildlife or the environment. The entire base of the lamp, including the stand that elevates it slightly from the ground, is made from antlers. No metal poles or manmade adornments are found. This makes for a 100 percent unique lamp design that exudes the inherent beauty of the wilderness.

    In contrast to the usually soft, round shapes found in wood furniture, antler pieces feature curves and spikes that vary depending on the size and age of the antler. Colors are different as well, with antlers falling somewhere between tan and dark brown. No finish is necessary to enhance their natural charm. Skilled craftsmen work with the antlers to make a lamp that flows organically from top to bottom, drawing the eye and turning your living room into a woodland oasis. Add other antler furniture or accents to the room for a cohesive style that draws attention and generates comments from friends and visitors.

    Grab a 100-watt light bulb and choose a coordinating lamp shade to finish off your Fallow Deer Floor Lamp and truly enjoy its beauty. When used with other lodge decor, this stunning piece of art brings a combination of ruggedness and elegance to your home. Every time you turn it on, you'll not only get the benefit of extra light at the end of a dim and dreary day, but also the enjoyment of having a bit of nature right in your own home.

  • Make Lodge Decor Unique with Rustic Lamps

    Table Lamps with Bear on the DesignHave you been looking for a unique way to light up your lodge or cabin? Since lamps are a must-have in every room, you might as well make the most of them to dress up your rustic decor. Eye-catching pieces like the Black Bear Lamp with Metal Shade deliver the light you need while adding a beautiful accent to your living room, bedroom, den or enclosed patio area.

    Sturdy materials and stunning details are combined in this lovely lamp. The hand-painted poly resin base is crafted to look like a tree stump and features a black bear with her cubs. The cub sits in the crook of a branch above Mom's head, looking down with a playful expression while Mom peers out at the room, keeping watch and ensuring the cub's safety. Above them you'll find a four-sided rectangular metal shade with a bear silhouette on each plane.

    Detail is a hallmark of good lodge decor, and you'll find a lot of it in the Black Bear Lamp with Metal Shade. Intricate lines in the trunk of the tree give it the look of real wood. Texture on the bears makes them appear furry, and the forest floor beneath the mother bear's feet looks amazingly like fallen leaves. The end of the lamp's pull chain dangles just above the head of the cub and is made to look exactly like a pine cone, complete with a bristly surface and deep brown color.

    Made in the USA, this 21-inch lamp looks perfect with any wood furniture including rustic end tables and nightstands. The natural colors and the deep shade of the metal contrast with pine and cedar and can be used to complement darker wood such and barnwood or hickory. Add a 40-watt light bulb and watch the shade light up with a soft, yellowish glow. Though it's a small accent, this lamp can make a big difference in the way a room looks by imparting a sense of rustic charm and delivering a unique image of natural beauty.

  • Cabin Decor Creates a Cozy Feeling

    Art Prints of LakesMany people dream of living by a lake, being able to look out their front windows and enjoy the calming sight of water lapping the shore any time of day. If you've ever spent time in a cabin or lodge with a lakeside view, you know just how relaxing it is. It's hard to recapture that feeling when you have to return to your daily routine, but artist Judith Gibson does an amazing job in her Lake View art print. With its restful images and rustic colors, this print adds a touch of lodge decor to any room in your home.

    The star of Lake View is the log cabin that appears in the left-hand half of the image. From the half-log siding to the gabled roof, everything about it is iconic. Tall windows on every side reveal a softly lit interior that gives the whole cabin a cozy feeling. In the front, wooden steps descend down from a small porch, ending right at the edge of the lake that makes up most of the other half of the image. A small canoe sits off to the left of the steps, waiting to be taken out for a trip around the tranquil waters. Though greens and browns make up most of the print's color palette, you'll also see splashes of red, blue and yellow that make the print stand out among your log furniture.

    A classic woodland setting fills out the rest of the image, contributing to its beauty and charm. Tall, thin fir trees grow in dense groups on either side of the lake while the snowy face of a mountain rises in the background. At the top of the mountain, you'll spot just a bit of sun peeking through a band of clouds. Look closely and you'll see two deer in the distance, stopping by the lake for a drink. The combined effect of these elements creates a beautiful cabin decor piece that can be framed or printed on canvas for a customized finishing touch.

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