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log bedroom furniture

  • Snooze Well on a Comfortable Log Bed

    We have the right log bedroom furniture for you.We spend a third of our lifetime in bed. In this huge chunk of time we spend rejuvenating in our sleep, it is important that we have total comfort. Tossing and turning is not a good night’s rest. The key to a good night’s sleep is a naturally relaxing log bedwith a great mattress. These beds provide comfort for the bones as well as one’s sense of good looking and a personal invitation to completely relax.

    The inviting look of our log beds will make you want to stretch out, snuggle up in that blanket, and sleep the day away. It is that quality of sleep that when you awaken, you will be completely refreshed, and ready to take on the new day.

    Are you tired of replacing bed frames too often? You should get many decades, if not centuries from the purchase of a bed frame. Unlike today’s lesser quality mass manufactured bedroom furniture, a log bed will eliminate that problem. Your bed will last as long as you do, and live on into your offspring’s home – possibly for several generations.

    Our log bed framesare crafted from the sturdiest wood and are guaranteed to last a last a lifetime. You can choose from unfinished or finished log bed frames. Some people choose our beds to be shipped in an unfinished selection giving them an untamed and truly natural look. Others choose their piece to be finished because the coating enhances the grain, knots and beetle trails that decorate the wood.

    Outfitting your weekend getaway always has people looking for extra sleeping space for guests. Space is always a dilemma in the lakeside retreat or hunting lodge, but Woodland Creek’s has the perfect solution. Adult log bunk beds are a spin on your typical bunk bed, which is normally designed for kids. These beds offer more accommodations in very little space than trying to squeeze in the same number of regular beds. There is a selection of woods and styles available, so you’re sure to find the right adult log bunk bed.

    Whether you choose an adult log bunk bed, canopy bed, daybed, or regular log bed, you will need other pieces of log bedroom furnitureto finish out the room. We have an excellent assortment of beautiful, handcrafted dressers, nightstands, and armoires. It is the perfect atmosphere for the relaxed personal space, and allows you to create a handsome ensemble for your bedroom.

    Log beds always have been and always will be the central feature of what was once known as the sleeping chamber. Did you know that? Even as recently as the late 1800’s, house plans label the bedrooms as ‘chamber’ on the floor plan. If you find an old book of Victorian house designs, every one of them will have chamber titled where you know the bedroom goes. Along about the turn of the century, folks started using the term bedroom. Somehow, log chamber furniture just doesn’t roll of the tongue as well as sayinglog bedroom furniture.

  • Finally—A Bed Strong Enough for Your Kids

    You can't beat the sound craftsmanship and solidity of log bedroom furniture for you children.Your kids can make one heck of a mess in their bedroom - what with clothes and toys strewn everywhere, the bed in shambles, and even writing all over the wall. No matter how hard you try, it can be pretty difficult to keep up with the state of your kids' room. During their long wrestling matches and aerial trick contests, it is often that their bed will crack underneath all the pressure. It’s time to find a bed that is strong enough to handle the everyday play of your children. Your best investment in your child's safety and wise use of your income is to put log bedroom furniture in their rooms. If you haven't forgotten, in some games, leaping from the dresser top is the fearless thing to do!

    Log beds for kids are strong and durable enough to withstand daily play and still come out without a scratch. Kids will love the unique look that their new log furniture has to it, as well as its ability not to creak or sway when they jump on it. This is really the ultimate solution when it comes to buying beds for kids.

    Kids love being outdoors. Typically, when they are asked to come inside after a long day of play, they respond with groans and wails but now, they can enjoy the outdoors all day. They may be forced to come indoors after dark, but they can still be surrounded by nature once they enter the house. Log bedroom furniture and these rugged beds for kids will help them to appreciate the outdoors and everything that it has to offer them. These beds will become imprinted in their memory, as they spend day after day playing countless games on them.

    As a parent, it is important that our child gets the best. It is also crucial that their safety is a top priority, so why go with beds for kids built by companies that don’t make your child's safety their #1 goal? Many bedding companies are focusing only on cost and profit, but log bedroom furniture makers focus on strength, durability, and style. All of these elements combined to create a bed worth considering in the long run, you will actually save money. Rather than buying a new bed every couple of years, these log beds will last a lifetime, and lifetimes after that! It is a hassle going to scavenge for different bed, only to discover years later that it broke. Log beds for kids ensure that you can count on these beds to stand tall throughout the years.

    For households with more than one kid in the house, there are also log beds to fit your entire family’s log bedroom furniture needs. Bunk beds are increasingly popular with kids, as they provide two stories of long-lasting fun. They are durable, so the fear of it collapsing is nonexistent, which can be one of parent’s biggest concerns when purchasing a bunk bed. There are a variety of log bunk beds, making shopping enjoyable.

    At Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place, you will be overwhelmed with the assortment that we have. That’s in a good way, of course. With our selection of log bunk beds, you will find log beds and log bedroom furniture that is perfect for you and the kids. You’ll be happy and your kids will be excited. Let the games begin!

  • Log Bunk Beds for Kids Today and Tomorrow

    You can't beat the sturdy, solid wood construction of cabin log bunk beds for children's bedrooms.Cabin log bunk beds are the perfect beds for kids. Sturdy and durable, log bunk beds are made to withstand the rigors that children can put them through.

    What child has not used his or her bed in some adventure that required jumping and rough play? From searches for buried treasure to wrestling matches, kids are usually the ones that put furniture to the real test. While children want something that is fun, parents want beds for kids that are functional and attractive. Cabin log bunk beds are the perfect kid's beds, because they provide one set of furniture that can satisfy both sets of tastes.

    Log bunk beds can meet the rugged demands that children place on them, and they can still offer parents the aesthetic value they want. This honest rustic furniture is made from real wood, these great log beds give the kids a sense of the outdoors, allowing them to enjoy nature, even inside.

    Cabin log bunk beds can last for many years, its doubtful you will need to replace these pieces of rustic furniture. Handcrafted quality and manufacturers’ warranties ensure parents will make only log bedroom furniture purchase with these durable beds. Other kid's bedroom furniture products today are manufactured from cheap, flimsy materials that warp, split, crack and can fall apart easily under the use of healthy children in a short span of time. You won't find these issues with log furniture beds. These naturally strong, handsome beds for kids will last through countless wrestling matches, tug of wars and endless bouncing and climbing. Pirate treasure can be found time and again without parents worrying about the bed falling on top of the child, or falling apart.

    Log bunk beds reflect the strength of nature with the appeal of a beautifully finished product. They come in many styles. Some have a traditional ladder that sits on the floor beside the bed. Others have a ladder that is built into the frame. There is also a bed available that has a futon as a bottom mattress, and it is quite popular. These beds for kids can even come with larger mattress sizes on the lower bed frame, to accommodate several children at a time. Log furniture beds featuring twin over full or queen construction will make sleepovers a lot more comfortable than the traditional floor accommodations.

    These fun and unique cabin log bunk beds can be bought separately or in sets. You will also be able to match up dressers, armoires, desks and bookshelves to create the entire log bedroom furniture suite. These beds for kids provide safe furniture to play on, comfortable furniture to rest on and beautiful furniture to look at. Cabin log bunk beds will withstand the rough tests that children can put their furniture through, surviving to the next generation.

    Imagine that, you won't find this kind of durability with the majority of standard beds purchased from your normal retail stores. Log beds are made to last for generations with timeless styling. Your children will grow up to pass this log furniture down to their children. So in essence, buying these beds for kids is a double value investment in the present and the future. Making them the first gift you have for your grandchildren, ready and waiting when they arrive.

    Cabin log bunk beds allow children to experience the benefits of nature and the enduring strength of the best materials known to man. Log furniture offers young minds a sense of adventure and an introduction into the gifts of the earth and just how vital our environment is to life. With these beds for kids, parents and children can enjoy the rustic appeal that provides comfort and a sense of strength.

  • Relax in Style with Canopy Log Beds

    Dressed to the nines, dripping with lace or left bare for the beauty of wood, canopy beds are cottage chic focal pieces.Canopy log beds are the epitome of classic country charm and cottage chic decor. Whereas other styles and models of beds can be large, awkward and even imposing, log beds with canopies will be surprising, as they offer simple elegance that can be quite beguiling to anybody.

    Canopy log beds come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. These lovely pieces of rustic furniture invite owners and guests to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep with no annoying metal creaking when someone rolls over.  The great thing about these beds is that they are sturdy, built to allow all four legs to touch the floor. This is a much better option in comparison to beds that are anchored to wheels that move the bed to a position it should not be in. Log beds with canopies are beautiful, providing various shades of wood color that can fit into or stand out in any color room. There are a variety of canopied log bed frames with different styles for the head and foot boards, allowing the individual the choice of what he or she wants to see every day.

    With the right canopy log bed, the entire room will be inviting. Beds are the centerpiece to any bedroom suite, and usually draw the most attention. With charming cottage chic log beds, what people see is the inviting, comfortable work offered by nature and skilled craftsmanship. But, there are more pieces of warm, homey cottage style log bedroom furniture that you can add to the ambiance.

    Rustic furniture comes in full suites of log bedroom furniture perfectly suited to the cottage chic decorating style. This includes the Cedar Lake Log Canopy Bed, the Rustic Collections, Cabin Creek Canopy Collection, Aspen Mountain Canopy Bed and many more. These collections will please even the most discerning of tastes, bringing an effortless simplicity that anyone will find naturally enjoyable. With the canopy log beds, people can lie down and wake up in style, offering aesthetics and as well as functionality.

    These beds are handmade and crafted out of the finest wood available. Log beds with canopies look great just about anyway you choose to dress them. Draped in lace, left with bare canopies wearing vibrant quits or comforters, or fitted with corner drapes for softening. They are durable and resilient, providing years of service. When canopy log beds are made, the manufacturer guarantees the work for several years, making it more cost-effective than that of another type of furniture. The same is true of all other pieces of log bedroom furniture. This is far beyond the quality guarantee you find with any standard, mass manufactured furnishings for any room in your home.

    Furniture made of cheap materials will wear out in a few short years (or less), leaving you searching for suitable alternatives. With rustic furniture crafted from solid wood and the timeless style of canopy log beds, this is a once in a lifetime purchase that you can and pass on to your children. As in the past, these pieces can become family heirlooms that will be treasured by the generations to come. The reason for such a sharp difference between traditional mass made furniture and the longevity of cottage log bedroom furniture is simple. These craftsmanship skills have been proven to last hundreds of years when the rustic furniture is well cared for. Particle board could only hope to assume the durability of real solid wood.

    Log canopy beds are a unique source of rich warmth and enduring cottage chic charm. These country home style beds can be dressed up with so many beautiful fabrics on the  mattress or frame, and they look just as fetching left bare. In their simple state the grain of the wood and artistry of these personality plus log beds can be savored. Whichever way it is dressed up or down, log canopy beds can fit into almost any existing furnishings, providing a charm that will please anyone.

  • Create a More Comfortable Home—Starting with Your Bedroom

    Create your safety zone beautifully unique with log bedroom furniture of the best quality.It’s our sanctuary—our bedroom. It’s the place we unwind after a long day, and expect peace and quiet. We spend a lot of our time there sleeping and relaxing, so it is important that the bedroom is a comfortable, cozy place to rest.

    A log bed is the place to start if you are trying to make your room more comfortable.  The variety of log beds is astounding, which is ideal is you are looking for a specific look. From golden honey to a rich mahogany, you will be able to find the perfect wood and tone suitable for your taste. Each tree is unique, meaning that each bed is going to differ from every other bed as well.  No two log beds will have the same intricate designs so you can enjoy your bed knowing that no one else in the world has that exact bed.

    Some of the log bedroom furniture is kept as natural as possible. For those who are aiming at a fancier appeal, there are several choices of log bed designs for you to choose from. These include intricate patterns and textures throughout the furniture, creating the look of elegance.

    When choosing to go with log bedroom furniture, you might want to add log bedding that fits a rustic lifestyle. It isn't necessary though, unpretentious log furniture can make a unique statement with just about any fabric colors and styles, so get creative. There are several types of log beds available, including bunk beds, futon beds, canopy beds, daybeds, extra character beds, or log and iron beds. Each piece of log bedroom furniture will add to the beauty of your house and bedroom.

    Running all the way to the wilderness to enjoy the benefits of the cabin is unnecessary. You should be able to experience cabin decor life right from your bedroom—and now you can. This log bedroom furniture is available through the best log furniture manufacturer you'll find. You don't need to drive anywhere, we'll ship it right to your door. Transforming your bedroom into a cabin has never been easier. Log bedroom furniture can now be obtained from the comfort of your own home. Why stop there? Share the love with the other rooms in your house! You will be able to come home to a relaxing bedroom, and a comfortable home.

    Log bedroom designs and décor will make your bedroom the perfect place to unwind after a long, hard day at work. Our Log Furniture Place offers the biggest variety of log beds available on a single website. Transforming your bedroom can be fun and easy with Woodland Creek's Log Furniture Place. There are dozens of log beds for you to browse through and take your pick from, and also other pieces of furniture and décor that can be added in order to make your bedroom as beautiful as it can be.

  • Sleep Comfortably with Log Bedroom Furniture

    All natural, solid wood crafted with enduring engineering and all this charm makes log beds, log furniture and accessories so popular.Log bedroom furniture is sturdy and beautiful, making it easy to use and keep in great condition for years. Any bedroom set that is bought for the home will withstand the test of time and the wear and tear of normal, everyday activities. For the households that have children in the home, log beds for kids can keep the parents from having to replace the bed frame in the kids’ room every couple of years.

    Children can be rough on furniture with games of adventure and excitement, but with log bedroom furniture, rough play will not destroy the bed. This furniture is an investment that will make any homeowner proud, with log bed frames that are aesthetically pleasing and that offer years of service.

    Log bedroom designs are organized into packages like the Log Bed Packages, the Canopy Bed Packages and the Bunk Bed Packages. These packages are further organized by collections, such as the North Woods Alpine Collection, the Rustic Natural Cedar Collection, the North Woods Montana Collection, the Cabin Creek Windigo Collection, and more. These log bed designs, with the unique packages and collections, ensure that everyone has the option of getting exactly what they want. This is much better than buying pre-made factory furniture, which does not have the quality or style that handmade, solid log bedroom furniture has.

    Log bedroom designs can extend to include the nursery. Some parents prefer to have the crib of their infants in their own room. Beautiful log bedroom furniture can include the unique and quality crafted cribs and changing tables that are made in the deep rich tones of wood. In this way, even the nursery furniture can match the log bedroom designs that parents have already chosen. These cribs and changing tables can be passed down to the next generation, with little worry about the reliability of the piece.

    Log beds, log furniture and accessories create a classic look, bringing a touch of the past to mix with the modern conveniences like televisions and computers in the bedroom. Not only does a log bedroom design offer a bedroom suite, but also it offers a way to match other log furniture in the house. Homeowners can invest in log bedroom furniture knowing that any item they buy can be matched to the log dining room furniture, log living room furniture and even the log patio furniture they have already bought, or might be thinking of buying.

    Log bedroom furniture can include the log bed frames, night stands, the dresser, armoire, TV stands and even bookshelves and desks to put the computer on. With log bedroom furniture, the possibilities are endless. Log bedding provides a better alternative for individual expression and home investment than the cheaper quality, pre-made furniture that is sold by some manufacturers. This furniture can serve its intended purpose for years, adding quality and value to what is already there.

  • Fresh Contemporary Style in Iron and Log Beds

    Iron Log BedsNot all log furniture is extremely rustic in character. Classifying of furniture has its reasons for the manufacturers, but overlooking the innate beauty and charm of iron and log beds could result in missing out on something highly unique. Contemporary home designs tend to feature clean, uncluttered spaces that focus on lines and abstract shapes. The traditional chunky lines of log furniture are not part of the new more contemporary design of these particular log construction pieces.

    Color and fresh modern looking pieces are sought by those who love the modern style. You’ll find that they clean, airy look and warmth offered with iron and log beds is just the right balance to create a stunning bedroom. Charm never goes out of fashion and these lighter weight selections of rustic furniture are rich in this feeling.

    Many is the modern home’s design that is completely made anew with the addition of the simple and natural presence of iron and log furniture pieces. The artisan craftsmanship of each unique piece is easy to see and adds great value to your selections. There is no particle board, micro thin wood laminate or vinyl fake finish in any piece of these proudly handmade pieces of rustic furniture. You can count on an incredible value and fine workmanship when purchasing log furniture for your home.

    The timeless quality of iron and log beds and other coordinating pieces can give your bedroom a wonderful feeling cozy permanence. This is something that we all look for in today’s harried world, a simple comforting place that is soothing and restorative. Rustic furniture designed with lighter lines can provide all of this and introduce the natural beauty of solid pine, cedar, aspen or hickory for an unexpected and pleasant accent.

    You won’t feel hampered by color restrictions with iron and log beds. The neutral, solid earthy colors of natural wood allow you free reign on using any bedding ensemble or coordinates and still have the finished look be sharp. The sleek, black finish of the ironwork is such a wonderful contrast against the warm earthly hues of the wood; you’ll find many delightful reasons to add these beautiful pieces of rustic furniture to your very contemporary home.

    As we seek to become more connected with nature, the trend of bringing the outdoors in and extending the indoors out is embraced by more people. Rustic furniture offers you the benefits found in surrounding yourself with nature instantaneously. Even in high tech urban design schemes, log furniture can be so very at home.

    You’ll find many pieces of beautifully designed and artisan crafted rustic furniture and log furniture that can add rich warmth to your rooms not available from more modern living furnishings architecture. In addition to the natural beauty and charm of incorporating iron and log beds to the bedroom, you are rewarded with the benefit of usefulness and good looks for many years. Something you just cannot get from purchasing pressboard pieces so predominantly available in furniture stores today.

  • Cabin Bedroom Décor for Today’s Look

    Achieve Bedroom Harmony with Log BedsSaving money on home decorating does not always work out well when investing your hard earned dollars into inferior beds or dressers. Solid is something not readily found in the bedroom furniture designs available in most stores. You won’t find any of the particle board and inferior lamination issues with log furniture and log beds. Unless you pay an incredible amount of money for a bed, it will be poor quality construction beneath a faux finish or veil-thin finish. Savvy shoppers will be looking for bedroom pieces that are going to last for many years, and do so beautifully.

    As we turn an eye to getting back into harmony with our natural world, the warmth and comfort of the true beauties of wood furniture is becoming more recognized. Log furniture will find just such a spot of importance in any room of your home. When it comes to creating a soothing and calming bedroom atmosphere, log beds and dressers will be just the right touch. You’ll find it a very charming place to lay your head at night and relaxing beyond any truly manufactured bed from any price level.

    Log beds can be very rugged in styling and given such a unique character in the utilization of the unprocessed wonders and shaping found in the branching and actually growth of the tree. This ability to work such one of a kind features right into the overall design on a piece of furniture is an art that transcends time backward far into the past. The charm of the Adirondacks and simple homey style can be found in so many of the attributes that log furniture has to offer you and your home.

    Given a close look at the inherent hues and grains of different woods used to craft log beds, you’ll see that there is a definite value that will benefit a wide array of decorating schemes. Log furniture is not built using stains that detract from the natural tone and beauty of each different type of wood. Here you will find that the character is very arresting and different from other possibilities you have for putting together a bedroom to call your own space apart.

    Pale, almost white and honey gold is the color values found in pine log furniture. Cedar, on the other hand, will always cast a warmer color in both the light and dark tones of the wood. Aspen log beds will be honey and brown in color that can add instant natural glow to any style of decorating. Hickory log furniture is more dramatic with darker, more sepia type browns and honeyed white light grain.

    Pulling together a bedroom ensemble that is matched in style can be accomplished with log furniture. For some, the focal point of the one unique piece touting nature’s intricate artistry is just the right look. It all depends on your personal taste and where your decorating is headed. log beds in different styles and woods will give you some excellent choices in bringing the glory of nature into the most intimate rooms of your home.

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