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  • Mirrors Make Cabin Decor Brighter

    These Mirrors Will Look Great in the Rustic Style HomeLooking in the mirror first thing in the morning can be a shocking experience. Replacing your plain mirror with a decorative Loon Mirror brightens up those bad mornings and turns your grumpy, groggy expression into a smile. This simple cabin decor features a beautiful woodland design that brings to mind peaceful ponds, long walks in the woods and the serenity of being out in the country.

    Two flying loons provide the focal point for the Loon Mirror. One is placed right at the bottom of the frame and is the first image that draws the eye. Wings spread and head held high, this loon is ready for takeoff. Above and to the left, another loon is already in flight, looking as though it’s about to make its way across the glass as you go about brushing your teeth or combing your hair. Wooden cattails and leaves round out the rustic decor style.

    Traditional mirrors tend to be made either with metal frames or as part of cabinets. The Loon Mirror, on the other hand, is crafted with a mix of ash, birch, elm, oak and pine wood. The unique properties of each type combine to create a rugged rim that looks beautiful no matter where you hang it. Measuring 24 inches by 39 inches, this mirror is just the right size for any room. You get a generous amount of glass to “gaze” into in the form of a beautiful home accent that harmonizes perfectly with other cabin and lodge styles.

    If you have a small room or tight space in your home that needs opening up, adding a mirror is an inexpensive way to do just that. Rather than spending a lot of money and time remodeling part of the house, you can enjoy an instant spacious feeling simply by hanging up something reflective. As an added bonus, the natural wood construction of the Loon Mirror brings all the beauty of rustic furniture to the room in one compact piece. Make this mirror a fixture of your home, and all those dreary mornings will become distant memories.

  • Rustic Decor Makes Everyday Items Unique

    Rustic MirrorsIf you stop and think about it, mirrors are everywhere. Whether you're out in public or visiting a friend, you're likely to encounter at least one mirror. Some have practical uses while others are used as embellishments. You probably glance at yourself in these mirrors so often that you don't even notice you're doing it. However, mirrors can be an invaluable part of your rustic decor. More than just a simple reflective surface, a mirror has many applications when it comes to decorating.

    You should take the same care when choosing a mirror as you do when shopping for furniture. Every piece that you introduce into your home has an effect on the overall style. Unique handcrafted accents such as the Oval Slab Antler Mirror are perfect when you want to enjoy the rugged beauty of the outdoors in your living room or bedroom. Crafted from a solid oval slab of wood with natural bark trim, this stunning handmade piece makes a lovely complement to log furniture. The most eye-catching feature, however, is the ring of naturally shed whitetail deer antlers that outlines the mirror glass. Each antler has its own distinctive look, making every mirror a singular work of art.

    Another benefit of mirrors is the way that they reflect different parts of a room to make it feel bigger. This is especially helpful if you live in a cottage, cabin or older home where the rooms aren't as spacious as in modern houses. Hanging the Oval Slab Antler Mirror in a small space not only gives it style but also opens it up, adding a sense of space and light.

    With its attractive buttery color, large oval glass panel and handy shelf, this one-of-a-kind mirror makes a beautiful accent anywhere in your home. Adding a small rustic accessory to the shelf enhances the appearance of the piece and makes your country decor that much more inviting. Choosing a mirror that's different from the ones you see every day brings a unique and special touch to your home.

  • Rugged Barnwood Furniture Reflects Style

    Rugged MirrorsChoosing accent pieces for your cabin depends on the kind of rustic decor you're aiming for. There are so many different styles that you can create simply by using different colors and types of wood. Reclaimed barnwood has a special beauty that is brought out even in simple pieces such as the Cottage Barnwood Mirror.

    Using red oak boards reclaimed from 1800s tobacco barns, this eye-catching mirror is perfect for any room in your rustic home. Barnwood furniture offers a unique look no matter where you place it. Each board has its own distinctive characteristics, honed by decades of exposure to changing weather conditions. Solid and attractive, barnwood creates a beautiful mirror frame.

    The Cottage Barnwood Mirror makes it easy to appreciate the one-of-a-kind appearance of this special wood. Bands of light and dark colors, slight twists and curves and even a few gnarled knots may appear in the piece. A dull catalyzed lacquer finish seals in every accent so that you can enjoy the stunning look of your mirror for years. A good mirror adds a feeling of space to your bedroom, entryway or bathroom the moment you hang it up.

    By reflecting a large area of the room, a mirror can make it appear as though there's twice as much space in any given area. This is a great asset in cabins where the rooms tend to be on the smaller side. It's also the perfect way to create an inviting space for guests the moment they arrive. A sense of openness puts visitors at ease and starts every visit off on the right foot. Investing in barnwood is a smart idea when you want to put together a collection of truly rugged cabin decor.

    Not only does the Sawmill Barnwood Mirror give you a functional mirror that's built to last, but it also brings a unique work of art to whatever room you hang it in. The subtle differences between the boards in barnwood pieces give you a distinctive creation that you can enjoy anywhere, any time.

  • Rustic Decor Opens Up any Room

    Mirrors for the bedroomThere are a lot of little tricks you can use to make small rooms seem bigger. Arranging your furniture to create open spaces can turn a cramped house into a cozy oasis. Mirrors add a sense of depth as well. Redecorating with a mirror such as the Silver Creek Log Wall Mount Mirror is a simple and inexpensive way to change the design of your home. When you include mirrors in your rustic decor, the reflections in the glass trick your eyes into believing there's more to a room.

    Made with the care of skilled craftsmen, the Silver Creek Log Wall Mount Mirror features beautiful natural aspen logs arranged in a basic rectangle. Flattened fronts give the frame a classic look while the natural character of the logs is preserved on the outer edges of the frame. Since every mirror is made with solid natural logs, you'll see beautiful accents that developed over the life cycles of the aspen trees. Burls and knots, twists and curves and even a few insect tracks aren't uncommon in aspen furniture. Clear catalyzed lacquer finishes off the mirror to protect it and ensure longevity. Upgrade to a honey glaze finish for a warm brown tone.

    Mirrors are highly versatile home accents. You can hang your new piece wherever you need an added sense of depth and space. Try placing it in the entryway to welcome guests with a feeling of openness or hang it over an accent table in the living room for a touch of natural beauty. If your bedroom is feeling a little cramped, mirrors look great above dressers and vanity tables. The natural rugged appearance of aspen adds a unique look to any room and elevates your decor to a new level.

    Though simple in its design, the Silver Creek Log Wall Mount Mirror brings a distinctive style to lodges and cabins. Unlike some lodge decor which is designed to grab attention the moment someone walks into the room, this home accent is basic, beautiful and just right for your personal space.

  • Making Friends With Mirrors in Rustic Décor

    Encountering a mirror can sometimes come as a shock. You’ve probably experienced it before: you’re walking around a store or shopping center and suddenly catch sight of yourself in a reflective surface. Either you don’t look how you thought you did, or you get a pleasant surprise and find out that you look even better. Whatever the case, mirrors tend to be one of those things that people love or hate, especially when one appears seemingly out of nowhere."Add

    Having a mirror in your home, however, is a completely different experience. At home, you control the style and placement of the mirror and you know exactly where it is when you want to examine your hairstyle or outfit. Mirrors also have the extra benefit of adding depth to a room, which can be especially helpful in smaller homes or cabins. A full-length mirror like the Beartooth Aspen Log Cheval Mirror makes a stunning bedroom accent that brings delight instead of shock. With a hand-peeled aspen log frame and the ability to tilt at just the right angle, this is the perfect mirror for bedrooms and master suites.

    Hand-peeled aspen logs show off a great deal of the character you’d expect from log furniture. Using the Beartooth Aspen mirror as part of your home’s rustic décor brings this particular personality to the forefront. Both frame and base are handcrafted from solid aspen, which is then finished with a special three-step clear coating to bring out the natural colors and tones in the wood. The top two coats of finish provide exceptional protection from water or chemical damage, ensuring that the mirror stays looking its best.

    If you can’t get enough of aspen, go for the “extra gnarly” log upgrade to make the mirror an even more eye-catching part of your rustic décor. Extra knots, twists, insect tracks and burls in the wood will make you want to look in the mirror more often, if only to admire the aspen itself. Far from basic, the Beartooth Aspen mirror adds beauty and character to any bedroom.

  • Reflections of Nature

    A mirror is a home accent that is often taken for granted. You get up in the morning and check your reflection almost without thinking, smoothing your hair or making sure you look like you got enough sleep. And how many times during the day do you glance into the mirror as you pass, eyes naturally drawn by the movement you create in the glass? Thought of this way, a mirror is a functional piece or even a distraction rather than part of the look of your bedroom.

    Reflective glass takes on a whole new personality when you have a mirror like the Black Bear Mirror by DL Collections Hand-layered pieces of natural wood in varying colors turn a traditional oval mirror into a work of art. A fine piece of rustic décor, this mirror features the images of two black bears surrounded by a rugged wood frame. One bear perches in a tree while the other looks out from a cliff ledge. The design breaks up the glass for an attractive, off-centered look that’s a departure from traditional mirrors.

    While this piece would be most practical hung in your bedroom, you can also use it as an accent in any area of the home. Mirrors add depth to a room, and the unique handcrafting of the Black Bear model adds beauty as well. The subtle wood colors are wonderfully rustic, echoing a bear’s natural habitat. And since the artwork itself is three-dimensional, it draws the eye more than flat pictures or prints. This mirror will draw more attention for its design rather than what can be seen in it. For this reason, it also makes a wonderful addition to your entryway.

    If you already have a lot of log furniture in your home, you don’t have to do much more to ensure the beauty of your rustic décor. The design of the Black Bear Mirror updates a traditional home accent with an artistic woodland scene that you can admire as part of functionality of the piece or on its own any time.

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