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  • Make Aspen Furniture the Focus of the Bedroom

    These Nightstands are Head TurnersIf you’re looking for simplicity in bedroom design, cabin decor is a great choice. Inherently rugged and infused with the beauty of the great outdoors, pieces like the Midnight Dark Aspen 1 Drawer Log Nightstand add beauty and functionality to your personal space. Each nightstand is built using solid aspen logs and features the quality you’d expect from handcrafted furniture.

    Nightstands serve two purposes in the bedroom. One, they balance out beds, dressers, vanities and other pieces that would otherwise overwhelm the room with their size. Two, they provide the storage you need for small items such as pens and paper, remote controls and reading glasses. With the Midnight Dark Aspen 1 Drawer Log Nightstand, you get your choice of a flat or half-log front for the single drawer along with a solid lower shelf that can be used to hold books, magazines or home decor items. The drawer slides in and out on full-extension ball bearing glides rated at 75lbs. Along with dovetail box construction, this ensures long-lasting, reliable stability.

    You can enjoy the Midnight Dark Aspen 1 Drawer Log Nightstand without guilt knowing that all the logs were harvested sustainably from dead-standing timbers. Using trees at the ends of their life cycles preserves forest environments and ensures the maximum amount of unique aspen character for each nightstand. Take a close look and you’ll find the designs that developed as each tree grew, including knots and warps as well as beetle holes and superficial cracks. Enjoy these characteristics as is or opt for a honey finish that deepens the wood color to make a bold statement.

    Making rustic furniture a fixture of your bedroom creates a style that’s unique and beautiful. Choose matching pieces such as dark aspen beds, dressers and chests for a cohesive, beautiful look that you can enjoy each night as you head off to sleep. Turn your bedroom into a rustic getaway with a full complement of rugged, beautiful furniture. The strength of aspen ensures longevity while its timeless look will never go out of fashion.

  • Barnwood Furniture Beautifies the Bedroom

    DrNightstands with Copper Insetsiving past an old barn or other aging structure, it's hard to imagine that the weathered wood in these buildings could become beautiful rustic decor. When salvaged and placed in the hands of skilled craftsmen, rugged boards and planks become pieces like the Sonora Copper Inset Enclosed Nightstand. Every mark in the original wood from nail holes to knots remains visible in the finished piece, giving it a unique look that can't be duplicated.

    When you place the Sonora Copper Insert Enclosed Nightstand in your bedroom, you'll immediately see the difference that barnwood furniture can make. Every inch of the piece sports a stunning antique look given to the wood from years of changing weather conditions. The old barn you drove by on your way to work could one day become a piece just like this, complete with variations in color throughout its surface. There's something special about the rough-sawn appearance that brings to mind the cozy feeling of old-fashioned cabins and makes you more comfortable in your own space.

    Solid barnwood beams create the basis for a stunning nightstand design in this handcrafted piece. Each side is made up of barnwood planks with a solid top to cap it off. In the front, you'll find just the right amount of storage for bedroom necessities. The drawer features a solid interior and a twisted wrought iron pull handle. On the door, a raised rectangle of wood catches the eye and complements the iron knob. Choose right or left orientation for the hinge to ensure that the nightstand works perfectly as part of your bedroom layout.

    Using a clear catalyzed lacquer finish, the craftsmen behind the Sonora Copper Insert Enclosed Nightstand preserve the singular appearance of this wood furniture. Copper insets provide just the right finishing touch for a bedroom design that takes full advantage of the beauty of barnwood. More than just a place to stash the TV remote and whatever book you've been reading before bed, this lovely nightstand is made to be a lasting part of your home's design.

  • Make Rustic Decor an Integral Part of the Bedroom

    Nightstands made of good quality cedarNightstands are all too often used as dumping grounds for piles of bedroom clutter. Instead of being regarded as an important part of the decor, these little tables and cabinets become buried under piles of books and papers, back issues of magazines and other odds and ends. The beauty of the Cedar Lake Lodge Enclosed Log Nightstand, however, is too eye-catching to meet the same fate. Choosing this rustic furniture for your bedroom will change your whole perspective on what a nightstand can be used for.

    Hand-peeled Northern white cedar logs pair up with flat panels of cedar wood to create a simple box shape accented with stunning log edges. Each log has its own personality complete with gnarls and beetle tracks, knots, burls and color variations all created during the lifetime of the trees they came from. Logs are chosen for their unique appearances and peeled to reveal their beauty. Log edging around the top and bottom balances out the look of this rustic decor.

    With a single drawer placed above a cabinet sporting an attractive inset door, the Cedar Lake Lodge Enclosed Log Nightstand provides space for all of the items that could otherwise bury the piece. Instead of hiding the solid 2-inch thick cedar top under everything that won't fit elsewhere in the room, tuck your belongings away and use the space to hold a rustic lamp or a favorite photograph. The full extension glides that the drawer rests on are rated at 100lbs. to hold just about anything. Dovetail drawer box construction ensures longevity while log handles add a touch of rustic charm.

    Whether you choose a clear or honey pine finish for your Cedar Lake Lodge Enclosed Log Nightstand, you'll appreciate what handcrafted log furniture can do for your bedroom. Instead of being a storage spot for everything you can't find another place for, it will become a fixture of your bedroom's style for a long time to come. Match it with other Cedar Lake pieces to create the perfect bedroom collection for your rustic home.

  • Barnwood Furniture Brings Rustic Charm to Any Bedroom

    Barnwood Nightstands with 1 DrawerThere's something special about barnwood furniture. The combination of rugged, weathered wood and careful handcrafting creates pieces that draw the eye and enhance the style of any room. In the Heritage Barnwood 1 Drawer Enclosed Nightstand, wood reclaimed from century-old or older barns is constructed into a stout bedside storage table with clean, angular lines and an old-fashioned appearance. Colors and patterns vary throughout the piece for a one-of-a-kind design with rustic charm.

    Each edge of the Heritage Barnwood 1 Drawer Enclosed Nightstand features rectangular pieces of barnwood to create a framework for the planks that make up the sides. In the front, a single drawer rests on full-extension glides, providing space for storing small items. The cubby beneath the drawer sports an attractive square door with hinges on either the left or the right depending on which orientation best suits the rustic decor of the bedroom. Cubby space is perfect for larger items that might otherwise have no permanent home. Curved wooden accents adorn the front corners under the tabletop, serving to soften the sharper look of the rest of the piece.

    With more than one type of storage, this nightstand is superior to other bedside furniture. Tables may have an attractive appearance but can quickly become cluttered with commonly used items such as remote controls, mail and books or magazines. Instead of placing these things on top of the nightstand, they can be tucked away until they're needed, keeping the bedroom looking clean and organized.

    This stunning cabin furniture is finished with clear catalyzed lacquer to bring out the best of the unique barnwood look. One of the most attractive features of barnwood is its different shades including light brown, dark brown and hints of red and gold. These variations come from years of natural weathering and make each Heritage Barnwood 1 Drawer Enclosed Nightstand a work of art. Choosing tooled leather or authentic antler handles provides just the right touch for cabin and lodge bedrooms that feature other natural wood pieces or furniture from the Heritage Barnwood collection.

  • Make Country Furniture Part of a Balanced Bedroom

    Accentuate the Bedroom with NightstandsBuilding a balanced bedroom involves careful coordination of country furniture pieces. While the bed is the most prominent feature, other pieces such as chests, dressers, armoires and nightstands all contribute to the style. The Cedar Lake Lodge 1 Drawer Log Nightstand is a particularly attractive piece that works well in both country and cabin bedrooms. Handcrafted in a classic rectangular design with an open bottom, this sturdy piece complements other light-colored wood and offers just the right amount of storage for bedtime necessities.

    If a simple style is what you're going for, you'll appreciate the look of the Cedar Lake Lodge 1 Drawer Log Nightstand. Its rugged frame includes hand-peeled corner log accents and a 2"-thick wood top with natural edging. The sides, drawer and drawer box all feature the same Northern white cedar wood while a bottom "lip" keeps the stand elevated off the floor. When hand-peeled, logs retain their original beauty which may include dark inner bark, beetle marks, knots and gnarls. Adding a clear finish preserves this appearance and extends the life of the piece. Warm brown honey pine finish is stunning as well and allows the stand to blend in with the rest of your rustic decor.

    In addition to attractive style, you get the benefit of an inset drawer with a dovetailed drawer box and full extension glides. Rated at 100lbs., these glides ensure that you can store anything from TV remotes to books in the nightstand and know that it will stay safe. Underneath the drawer, you'll find a handy open space that's perfect for a stack of your favorite reading material or a decorative accent such as a houseplant.

    Leaving the Cedar Lake Lodge 1 Drawer Log Nightstand unfinished allows you to enjoy the stunning beauty of cedar wood in its natural state. Choosing cedar to accentuate the country furniture in your bedroom brings bright, attractive style to the decor while ensuring stability and longevity. Make this solidly built nightstand a part of your bedroom setup and enjoy a comfortable, balanced look that lasts.

  • Create a Balanced Bedroom with Log Furniture

    Three Drawer NightstandsSimple designs with clean lines and rugged style work together to create furniture that looks beautiful in any room of your home. When you're searching for something to bring subtle beauty to your bedroom, you can't go wrong with the Northern white cedar and white pine construction of the Lumberjack 3 Drawer Log Nightstand. Each wood has a bright, almost sunny color that, when combined, creates a piece that brings a sense of lightness to your country decor.

    The first thing that catches the eye in this nightstand is the cedar log legs and drawer fronts. Crafted using hand-peeled logs, each corner accent features the knots and bumps that naturally form as cedar trees grow. Similar accents appear on the half-log drawer fronts for an eye-catching rustic look. White pine frames each of the three drawers and is used in the solid 1 ½"-thick nightstand top. Inside the drawers, you'll find ½"-thick aspen wood fitted together with rabbeted joints that are then glued and stapled to ensure lasting stability. All three drawers feature steel glides that are coated with epoxy for easy, quiet operation.

    Storage is probably the function you think of first when shopping for a piece like the Lumberjack 3 Drawer Nightstand, but this beautiful log furniture is also perfect for balancing out larger pieces like dressers and vanities. Place it to one side of the bed in your master bedroom or between a pair of twin beds in the guest room for a distinctive accent that exudes classic woodland charm.

    The natural colors of cedar and pine make beautiful country furniture, but you're not limited to that look for your nightstand. Instead, you can choose from five different finishes to match the piece to the rest of the room. Unfinished wood and clear finish both preserve the natural colors. You can get a deeper, warmer shade with colonial maple, early American or golden oak. Each has slightly different undertones that highlight the natural wood accents in the Lumberjack 3 Drawer Log Nightstand for a unique finish that lasts.

  • Enjoy Reclaimed Wood Furniture in the Bedroom

    Three Drawer NightstandsWhen you think of a nightstand, you might picture a wobbly table covered in odds and ends, stuck in the corner of the bedroom and largely forgotten about. However, nightstands can be a viable part of the rustic decor in your bedroom if you choose pieces like the Rustic Mountain Barnwood Nightstand With Three Drawers. Its beautiful reclaimed barnwood construction contributes a unique style to your bedroom while giving you a generous amount of storage.

    The basic design of this eye-catching nightstand features rounded legs that elevate the bottom of the piece off the floor and provide a strong framework for the drawers. Barnwood sides and a smooth, rugged top create a classic rectangular shape. Each of the three drawers features an attractive circle of wrought iron for the handle, though you may choose a slim horizontal handle or twig style instead. The twig handle enhances the rustic style of this reclaimed barnwood furniture while the iron provides contrast to the natural look of the piece.

    The Rustic Mountain Barnwood Nightstand With Three Drawers offers more than just a simple table with storage space. Upgrade the legs from basic rounded logs to logs with rustic trim or give the piece a sharper look with square legs instead. Optional nail head accents add a touch of Western flair along the edge of the tabletop. If you prefer to stick with a rustic theme, you can choose to have small images of pine trees carved into the legs or top. A tile inset featuring the image of a moose standing on a hill in the midst of a group of trees is also available to accentuate the top of the nightstand. Choose one or more of these options to create a piece that complements your personal style.

    Barnwood furniture is always a little different from other furniture pieces. Natural variations in color throughout the wood catch the eye, setting the Rustic Mountain Barnwood Nightstand With Three Drawers a cut above other pieces and making it an essential part of your bedroom decor.

  • Make Wood Furniture Part of Rustic Bedroom Decor

    Get the nightstands just the way you like themThere are many benefits to having a good nightstand in your bedroom. Nightstands give you a place to put a lamp or nightlight, provide extra storage and help to balance larger furniture pieces such as beds, armoires and chests. If you’re a fan of wood furniture, adding a nightstand allows you to bring a touch of rustic decor to your bedroom layout. A Hickory Logger Nighstand can help you do just that.

    Built from hand-picked Northern White Cedar logs and accented with hickory, the Hickory Logger Nightstand is the perfect complement to other log cabin furniture. Everything about this piece is meant to be rustic. Both the sides and the drawer fronts are crafted in a half-log style, creating an overall rugged look. The solid top is two inches thick and features a natural log edge. Hickory logs with the bark left on function as drawer pulls and create eye-catching decorations on each corner. All of the cedar logs are naturally aged, giving you a sturdy place to put your favorite bedroom accents.

    Full extension glides rated at 100lbs. give strength and stability to each drawer in the Hickory Logger Nightstand. No matter what you have to store or organize, the cedar drawers are up to the task. Tenoned joins reinforce the natural sturdiness of wood furniture, and your choice of clear finish or honey pine finish adds protection to the entire piece. If you prefer, the nightstand may be left unfinished to let the natural state of both cedar and hickory shine through.

    Depending on the look you want and how much storage you need, you can choose one of four attractive nightstand styles. One, two and three drawer models are available as well as an enclosed model if you want a sleeker look. Whatever look you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy the natural accents found on all cedar wood. Gnarls, beetle tracks, burls and more add to the natural beauty of the Hickory Logger Nightstand, bringing more than just simple log cabin furniture to any bedroom setup.

    With so many options to choose from upon purchase, the Hickory Logger Nightstand gives you more value for a discount price of $349.00.

  • Hickory Logs Add Charm to Log Furniture

    Nightstands come in handy in any bedroomLog furniture has the kind of charm that enhances any home. When you want something a little different from the types of furniture that you see every day, log pieces are just the thing. Wood offers a wide variety of styles and colors in its natural state. As you look at different pieces, you’ll see many nature-made accents such as knots and tracks left behind by insects. These unique decorations can’t be found in other furniture.

    All of these beautiful characteristics can be incorporated into any room, but the Bear Lake 1 Drawer Hickory Nightstand is designed to accent your bedroom. The perfect complement to a log bed and other log furniture, the Bear Lake nightstand is handcrafted from solid hickory. Each flat surface on the table shows off the natural grain of the wood. The bark is left on the log accents to give them a dark, woodland look that adds unique flair to your rustic decor. Diamond patterns on the drawer and sides provide eye-catching decorations and complete the look of the piece.

    Of course, a nightstand is also useful in addition to being attractive. Having a nightstand next to your bed gives you a place to put a rustic lamp and to store items that you want to have close by. Full extension drawer glides in the top drawer mean you’ll always have easy access to your reading glasses, the TV remote, a favorite book or whatever else you choose to keep there. Larger items can be kept in the open space beneath the drawer. Use it for more storage, or decorate it with a few favorite home accents to further beautify your bedroom.

    Hickory furniture looks lovely when used in rustic decor. With this in mind, the Bear Lake nightstand is given a bit of stain before being finished with a clear coating to protect and preserve the wood. The hardy nature and timeless beauty of hickory wood means you’ll be able to enjoy this handcrafted piece as part of your bedroom decor for as long as you wish.

    Now only $569.00, specifications on the Bear Lake 1 Drawer Hickory Nightstand can be found here.

  • Country Decor Keeps Bedroom Necessities Organized

    Nightstands make your evenings more pleasantNothing is more frustrating than when you’re settled into bed at night, ready to wind down with a favorite relaxing activity, only to find that you left the thing you wanted to do halfway across the room. Going to get it means climbing out of bed again and disturbing your relaxation. You might find yourself wondering if it’s really worth it and going to bed frustrated rather than calm.

    This sort of thing wouldn’t happen if you had a reliable nightstand. A nightstand serves two purposes in the bedroom. One, it provides an attractive accent to balance out your country decor. Two, it keeps everything you could want at bedtime close at hand so you don’t have to worry about getting up to retrieve anything once you’re settled. Pieces like the Pine Lake 1 Drawer Nightstand With Door give you multiple storage options for all kinds of items. Tuck your reading glasses, the TV remote or small toiletry items into the upper drawer so they’re right there when you need them. The space behind the door is perfect for storing books, magazines and anything else that might be too big for the drawer.

    Made from light-colored Norway Pine logs, the Pine Lake nightstand looks lovely with other log furniture pieces. Whether you have a cabin, cottage or country home, you can use pine furniture to good effect. Choose either clean-peeled or hand-peeled logs to achieve the look you want for your rustic bedroom. Hand-sanded logs and tenoned joins ensure a smooth, sturdy construction that can be finished with clear sanding sealer and lacquer to further preserve the piece. Unfinished pine wood is beautiful as well. Or you can finish the Pine Lake nightstand any way you wish to add just the right crowning touch to your bedroom.

    Investing in a Pine Lake nightstand gives you an attractive piece of log furniture as well as a useful place to store anything you might want nearby when you go to bed at night. Whatever your bedroom storage needs, a log nightstand gets the job done.

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