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pub tables

  • Teak Furniture Enhances Game Room Design

    Pub Tables for the Game RoomAn unfinished basement or expansive attic can be the perfect place to put a game room. It's hard to go wrong with a space dedicated to relaxation and fun. Whether you choose to create just a game room or combine a game room and bar, your choice of furniture creates a welcoming atmosphere. The more unique your rustic decor, the more people will want to spend time in your newly designed recreation area.

    With the Ponderosa Pub Table from GroovyStuff as part of your game room setup, you'll enjoy the beauty of reclaimed teak along with the cozy intimacy that pub tables provide. Though the table stands 42" high, it's only about 24" wide, making it the perfect spot to sit and share a drink, snack or simple game of cards with a friend. This compact size allows you to include more than one table in your game room, making the piece versatile as well as attractive.

    Whether you put one GroovyStuff Ponderosa Pub Table in the corner of the room or arrange several by your pool table to create a seating area for spectators, you can be sure you're getting quality reclaimed wood furniture. Teak features one-of-a-kind characteristics including a rich red-brown tone and a tight grain that distinguish it from other wood pieces. The design is unique as well and features a round tabletop with a wagon wheel hub accent underneath. Each leg sports a slightly triangular shape at the top that slims down to an outward curve between a square arrangement of supports before ending in a rounded foot. Together, these details form a distinctive style that you'll love having in your home.

    Choosing teak furniture for your game room design brings dramatic color, unique craftsmanship and stunning beauty to the decor. Both family and friends will admire the design for years to come, as teak is naturally resistant to damage and wear. Finished with a Briwax coating, your new table will continue to add warmth and beauty to every gathering in your game room.

  • Experience Intimate Dining with Cottage Furniture

    Pub Tables for TwoIf you're looking for an intimate dining experience, you can't go wrong with the compact design of a pub table. Made to fit in home bars, game rooms and breakfast nooks, these attractive tables are just the right size for sharing a beverage or light meal. The Cottage Round Pub Table comes in 32", 36" and 40" diameter models to fit whatever space you have available for country decor.

    Adding rustic furniture to your dining area creates a comfortable atmosphere filled with outdoor charm. The Northern white cedar logs used to craft the Cottage Round Log Pub Table are carefully peeled by hand to bring out each natural accent. You'll see bumps and knots, decorative cracks and different grain textures along the log surfaces. Inner bark membrane left behind during the peeling process adds eye-catching spots of dark contrast to the natural light color of the wood. An overall clear finish is applied to seal in these unique characteristics.

    The furniture you choose to decorate your home should be sturdy as well as beautiful. Since every piece is built by hand, you know you're getting reliable quality when you purchase the Cottage Round Log Pub Table. Four sturdy log legs elevate the round slab top to a 42" height, giving you a dining experience that's unique from those offered by standard tables. Add a liquid glass finish to the tabletop and enjoy the extra shine that it provides. This solid finish also protects the table surface from the bumps and spills that are a part of daily dining.

    If you want more cottage furniture in your dining area, the Round Cedar Log Pub Table is a great place to start. Pair it up with other Cottage pieces such as a slab stool or a stool with armrests to create a full bar-style dining set. Crafted with the same care and attention as the table, these seating options allow you to customize your dining area to match the decor of your home and create the atmosphere you've been looking for.

  • Create Authentic Cabin Style with Aspen Furniture

    These pub tables fit right into the cabin homeThe trick to achieving authentic cabin decor is to choose furniture pieces that combine traditional style with rugged personality. Simply throwing together a collection of chairs, tables and accent pieces made from logs won't give you the comfortable rustic atmosphere you're looking for. A classic cabin setting requires a bit of thought and planning as well as unique furniture to bring natural character to every room in your home.

    The Aspen Ridge Free Form Pub Table uses distinctive aspen logs to create a one-of-a-kind base that supports a round wooden tabletop. Instead of a basic pole or carved wooden base, this eye-catching table showcases the knots, burls, twists and gnarls that naturally occur in aspen wood. Stretching upward from a round bottom piece, aspen logs twine around and through each other in a free-form pattern that is never replicated from table to table. When you purchase this aspen furniture, you get a work of art that looks beautiful in your dining room or eat-in kitchen.

    Pub tables make great accents for home bars as well. Match the Aspen Ridge Free Form Pub Table with a few swivel stools and you'll have the perfect place for friends to gather any time you want to get together. Enjoy a favorite beverage or watch others play pool and darts for an enjoyable evening right in your own cabin decor home. You can also relax at the table by yourself and enjoy a cup of coffee and a good book when you need a little personal downtime.

    You'll love the way aspen wood complements other cabin furniture. The natural look of the logs in the Aspen Ridge Free Form Pub Table is balanced by the smooth tabletop, finished with several layers of clear polyurethane. A beeswax and linseed oil finish is rubbed into the rest of the table by hand, bringing out the natural colors of the aspen wood and giving the table a warm glow. Incorporating unique wood pieces into your home gives you an authentic cabin style that lasts and lasts.

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