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reclaimed wood furniture

  • Rustic Bathroom Vanities Worth Your Investment

    You're So Vain. I'll Bet You Think These Rustic Bathroom Vanities Are About You. Don't You?

    Well, you'd be totally right!  Our amazing, rustic bathroom vanities ARE about you.  We build every one of our vanities with you, and your family, in mind.  We handcraft beautiful, complete vanities from real, solid wood; not just a wood frame.  The cheaply made vanity options in Big Box stores feature an awful lot of plywood veneer exteriors.  In other words, we build these vanities to last through the upbringing of your children and your children's children.

    We've all heard the adage, "you get what you pay for."  And when it comes to buying furniture, it has never rang more true.  Buying furniture is a huge investment.  Heck, even the Big Box flimsy stuff is pricey and a lot of it is practically made of cardboard.  According to HomeAdvisor, the typical cost range for bathroom remodels is around $6,000-$14,000.  If you're going to drop that kind of cash, make sure you're getting the best products, made by the best craftsmen, from the best materials.  You've seen enough poorly made, inferior vanities in the Big Boxes, now it's time for a peek at the finest rustic bathroom vanities you'll ever lay your eyes and hands upon.

    Rustic Bathroom Vanities To Reclaim Your Throne Room.

    Craftsmen carefully select reclaimed planks, beams, and other barn wood pieces from century-old barns and construct rustic bathroom vanities that are as sturdy as the original buildings.  Nail holes, knots, and saw marks are commonly found in the reclaimed timber and give you an authentic style that can't be duplicated.

    The stylishly simple Reclaimed Barnwood Open Vanity is perfect for those who don't need a huge vanity or hidden space for all your toiletries.  You're going to love how this 30" to 48" rustic vanity fits into your new rustic bathroom.

    Reclaimed Barnwood Open Vanity Don't be closed-minded to awesome open vanities!

    Barn wood mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?  Obviously it is this beautiful, Reclaimed Barnwood Barn Door Vanity with classic, X-styled doors!  We offer this storybook vanity from 24" to 72" with choice of sink left, center, right or double sinks.  Pair your new, reclaimed vanity with matching barn wood mirrors and the equally gorgeous Reclaimed Barnwood Barn Door Linen Closet.  Live happily ever after knowing you've made a great rustic furniture decision.

    Rustic bathroom vanities This reclaimed barn wood vanity will last just about as long as the barn did!

    You'll Log For These Rustic Bathroom Vanities.

    We design our rustic, log vanities with one eye on quality and one eye on true rustic style.  Fortunately for you, we build them with both eyes on what we're doing!   The result is an amazing array of real wood and log vanities for your cabin, cottage, lodge, or home.

    Nothing says rustic like bark-on log furniture!  The Real Hickory Rustic Bathroom Vanity features solid wood panels, real wood door & drawer fronts, and bark-on log corner posts.  We build this rustic log vanity with hickory log door and drawer pulls and an option to add a solid hickory vanity top with log edging and live edge back splash.

    Real Hickory Rustic Bathroom Vanity Woodland creatures NOT included.

    Our Woodland Forest Log Vanity has quickly become a customer favorite and it's easy to see why.  Here at the mill, we love it too.  We use bark-on branches affixed to circle-sawn, cedar planks to create rustic "trees" on the doors and side panels.  With a multitude of size and finish options, we're confident you'll find the perfect combination to finish off that rustic bathroom project you've been laboring at for too long now.

    Woodland Forest Log Vanity Don't worry, jaw dropping is normal when viewing this vanity.

    You could lumber around those Big Box stores for days at a time, but you're not going to find rustic bathroom vanities like this next one.  The Cedar Lake Rustic Log Solid Wood Vanity may be a mouthful to say, but you're going to appreciate what all those words mean when this stunning, sturdy piece arrives to your home.  We combine hand-peeled logs, tongue and groove side panels, and inset door and drawer fronts to produce a sleek, rustic bathroom vanity that's sure to be an enduring focal point of your rustic bathroom.  The Cedar Lake Rustic Log Solid Wood Linen Closet is a matching piece to pull it all together.

    Cedar Lake Rustic Log Solid Wood Vanity We can't take our eyes off her, either.

    Quality Should Matter!

    Sure, you can go to a Big Box and buy an inexpensive, cheaply made, rustic vanities from them.  And then you can return in a few short years for another.  Or you could invest in real, solid wood, log and reclaimed barn wood bathroom vanities that will last generations.  But don't take our word for it, listen to those who were once in your shoes...

    Ryan H., owner of a Reclaimed Barnwood Open Vanity says, "This is an amazing piece of craftsmanship.  It has rustic charm with a subtle polished finish.  You can't find this type of quality anywhere else."

    Molly K., owner of a Reclaimed Barnwood Barn Door Vanity says, "In LOVE! We could not be more thrilled with the beauty, the craftsmanship, nor the service from Log Furniture Place. Our vanity arrived in the window of time given. It was boxed to ensure no damage and arrived as such. And they called with a question on our order to ensure we received the product we were expecting. We would recommend Log Furniture Place to anyone who wants incredible quality and craftsmanship to warm their homes."

    Greg, proud owner of a Real Hickory Rustic Bathroom Vanity says, "Can't beat solid wood and this vanity unlike many out there is made with real solid hickory wood. That means my kids can dent it, gouge it, etc. and I can fix it. Unlike the "hickory" vanity I replaced that I purchased from another company a couple years ago. That one was veneer and the minute I tried to sand it, it ruined the piece. Thank you for letting me 'Keep it Real' - I fully understand that saying now."

    You know what we get from reviews like these?  That quality materials and careful craftsmanship DO matter to people.  They sure matter a lot to us, too.  You'll notice the words quality craftsmanship thrown around a lot in our reviews.  Bet the Big Boxes can't say that about the two-bit rustic bathroom vanities they're shilling.



  • Barnwood Furniture Makes Stunning Storage

    Keep your Blankets in these Blanket ChestsOn chilly nights, wouldn’t it be nice to have a stash of blankets close by the bed where you could grab one any time you needed it? With the Timber Frame Barnwood Blanket Chest of Drawers as part of the cabin decor in your bedroom, you don’t have to go far to get that extra warmth. This sturdy chest features two large drawers designed to hold blankets, quilts and anything else that you might want to have nearby when you’re hunkered down in bed.

    With a frame made using beautiful barnwood reclaimed from barns that were at least a century old, the Timber Frame Barnwood Blanket Chest of Drawers features the personality that can only be created by decades-long natural weathering processes. Four small barnwood beams provide support for the corners of the chest and keep the base elevated just slightly off the floor. Barnwood plank panels adorn each side and the drawer fronts with variations in color that range from deep brown to an eye-catching tan with red overtones. Industrial gray accents outline the panels to set them apart and draw attention to the distinctive nature of the natural materials.

    Each side of the Timber Frame Barnwood Blanket Chest of Drawers houses a deep, wide drawer that rests on full-extension glides. Solid drawer pulls match the grey accent squares for a balanced appearance. Like other reclaimed wood furniture, it’s made to last through years of use without the drawers wobbling, sagging or bowing like drawers in some commercially made furniture.

    A solid wooden top adds a rugged finishing touch to this stunning barnwood furniture. You’ll find the same color variations in these thicker planks as in the ones along the sides, and you may also notice special barnwood characteristics like saw marks or nail holes. A careful sanding process levels out the roughest parts to leave a finish that looks beautiful and feels smooth to the touch. Made entirely in the USA, this chest is perfect for placing at the foot of the bed for easy storage and a little extra rugged style.

  • Make Your Cabin More Attractive with Barnwood Furniture

    Keep Lounge Chairs in the Living RoomWords like sturdy, rugged and attractive can all be used to describe the Wyoming Reclaimed Barnwood Lounge Chair. Crafted from a unique collection of boards, planks and beams all retrieved from the plains and mountains of Wyoming, this reclaimed wood furniture combines the best that barnwood has to offer with a comfortable padded seat to create a lounge chair that’s just right for any rustic seating area.

    Simple construction brings out all the best features of the Wyoming Reclaimed Barnwood Lounge Chair. Thin boards reach horizontally from either side of the upholstered seat to form the arms, while each corner sports a thick rectangular barnwood beam to support the rest of the chair. More boards fill in the sides with eye-catching natural patterns, and a single board stretches across the front as a finishing touch for the frame. The result is a strong chair that’s built to last long enough for you to pass it on to your kids.

    Every piece of wood used to make the chair spent at least a decade being exposed to outdoor elements, and this exposure is deliberately showcased in the finished piece. All barnwood furniture features its own distinct combination of grain designs and knot patterns. Colors range from the grey patina that some wood develops when left outdoors to “rusty” orange tones that bring to mind autumn foliage. A polyurethane finish protects these unique characteristics from accidental damage and the wear that comes with daily use.

    A rustic patterned fabric provides the final touch for this distinctive cabin decor. Images of a majestic elk standing in front of a mountain range are framed by a square of twigs, and this motif repeats across a backdrop of forest print that includes leaves, pine cones and acorns. Place this chair in the living room or den to create an eye-catching set. If you love the look, you can expand the decor to the rest of your cabin or lodge with bedroom furniture, dining furniture and sturdy accessories made with the same rugged design.

  • Keep Treasured Blankets Safe with Reclaimed Wood Furniture

    Blanket Chests for the Extra BlanketsDo you have a collection of blankets or toys that doesn't have a safe, permanent home? The Rustic Mountain Barnwood Blanket Chest is the perfect place to put it. Reclaimed barnwood boards stretch between sturdy legs to form a solid rectangular box with a generous 48"x22"x18" worth of space to hold a variety of items. This rustic decor is topped off by a hinged door that forms a solid top when the chest is closed.

    You'll find rugged rounded log legs at each corner of the chest, their shape adding contrast to the sharper lines of the main body. If you prefer a more complementary appearance, square legs may be chosen instead. For a classic look and feel, add a cedar lining. This not only brings charm to the chest, but it also gives everything stored inside a pleasant natural scent. Enjoy this unique smell each time you open the chest to put something away or take something out.

    Use the Rustic Mountain Barnwood Blanket Chest in your bedroom to hold extra blankets for those chilly nights or to keep heirloom quilts safe and sound. When placed at the end of the bed, this stunning reclaimed wood furniture complements rustic nightstands and other cabin or lodge accessories. The light honey finish provides a beautiful backdrop for three pine tree silhouettes, arranged slightly off-center to create a classic woodland accent. Choose a chest with or without this accent depending on the look that you want and enjoy the stunning style of this well-crafted furniture.

    When you incorporate barnwood furniture into your home's decor, you get one-of-a-kind pieces with charm, personality and flair. Reclaimed boards always feature slightly different styles depending on how long they spent in the elements. You'll enjoy a pattern of knots and beautiful varying lines in the grain along with colors including brown, red-brown and even shades of gray. Your unique Rustic Mountain Barnwood Blanket Chest is built to last, so you can store anything you want in it and it will be up to the task.

  • Eco-Friendly Western Furniture Makes Dining Areas Unique

    Enjoy Fine Wine and Dining on these Bistro TablesThe eco-friendly movement has spread from general environmental conservation to include recycled paper products, chemical-free home cleaners and even reclaimed wood furniture. Rooted in a desire to reduce waste and preserve the natural state of the world, this conscious effort to use less and save more drives people to find unique ways to recycle things that might once have been considered junk. The results can be seen in eye-catching furniture pieces like the Barrique Bistro Table.

    From first glance, you'll see that this table is different. Instead of the sharp lines characteristic of some Western decor or the flowing shapes of modern furniture, this table combines the unique bowed appearance of wine barrel staves and rings with recycled antique lumber to create a one-of-a-kind eating area. Its compact 36"x40"x40" size means that it tucks right into dining room spaces, home bars or even breakfast nooks with ease. Designed to follow the flow of the original barrel, this table brings a comfortable rounded design to any room.

    The sturdy top of the Barrique Bistro Table overhangs four barrel stave legs that support two circular shelves. These are perfect for displaying decor items or arranging houseplants to give your dining area a touch of natural beauty. Eight different finish options let you choose a look that complements the inherent design of your home. Bright choices such as Butternut pair well with sunny decor while the deep Noir and bold Rouge catch the eye when placed among darker furniture. Give Pine finish a try if you're in the mood for a splash of woodland color.

    Along with matching stools, this unusual rustic furniture makes a fun addition to your home. In a bar area, it's perfect for a few friends to sit and share a drink. In the dining room, it becomes an intimate seating area for two. When you make this kind of distinctive style part of your home, you're not only supporting the recycling that characterizes the eco-friendly movement; you'll also enjoy one-of-a-kind furniture that exudes beauty and style.

  • Solid Reclaimed Wood Furniture Enhances Bedroom Style

    Dressers with a Rugged FeelBold, eye-catching cabin furniture brings a special personality to any room. Whether you live in a traditional woodland home or a modern house in the suburbs, you can enjoy the distinctive look of pieces like the Idaho Homestead Weathered Wood Dresser. This solid bedroom accent boasts four large drawers, four small drawers and two storage cabinets to give you space for everything from jeans and t-shirts to your favorite accessories.

    Circle cut red fir wood makes up the bulk of the Idaho Homestead Weathered Wood Dresser. Reclaimed wood pieces provide the accents, creating a combination of light and dark shades that grabs attention and puts the dresser in a class all its own. Each drawer front features a deep brown color that stands in contrast to the reddish brown outlines of the rest of the dresser. Dental-style edging adds a bit of Western flair while the sharp angles of the top and side edges create a solid look that enhances any bedroom design. Weathered wood finish complements the appearance for a completed piece that boasts both beauty and charm.

    A rugged dresser needs rugged drawers, and this reclaimed wood furniture doesn't disappoint. Strong dovetail joins ensure that each drawer box is up to the challenge of holding any part of your clothing collection. Full-extension glides guarantee that you'll always be able to grab what you're looking for, even if it gets pushed to the back of the drawer. Solid wood pulls and handles work with the glides for smooth opening and closing every time regardless of the weight of the contents.

    The small storage cabinets that sit to either side of the upper drawers offer a place to store anything that doesn't fit in the rest of the dresser. The two-tone arched door style also serves to create a sense of balance in this rustic decor, filling in space above the large drawers and breaking up the otherwise rigid appearance. Place this rugged dresser in your cabin bedroom or modern master suite and enjoy handmade beauty that lasts for years.

  • Teak Furniture Enhances Game Room Design

    Pub Tables for the Game RoomAn unfinished basement or expansive attic can be the perfect place to put a game room. It's hard to go wrong with a space dedicated to relaxation and fun. Whether you choose to create just a game room or combine a game room and bar, your choice of furniture creates a welcoming atmosphere. The more unique your rustic decor, the more people will want to spend time in your newly designed recreation area.

    With the Ponderosa Pub Table from GroovyStuff as part of your game room setup, you'll enjoy the beauty of reclaimed teak along with the cozy intimacy that pub tables provide. Though the table stands 42" high, it's only about 24" wide, making it the perfect spot to sit and share a drink, snack or simple game of cards with a friend. This compact size allows you to include more than one table in your game room, making the piece versatile as well as attractive.

    Whether you put one GroovyStuff Ponderosa Pub Table in the corner of the room or arrange several by your pool table to create a seating area for spectators, you can be sure you're getting quality reclaimed wood furniture. Teak features one-of-a-kind characteristics including a rich red-brown tone and a tight grain that distinguish it from other wood pieces. The design is unique as well and features a round tabletop with a wagon wheel hub accent underneath. Each leg sports a slightly triangular shape at the top that slims down to an outward curve between a square arrangement of supports before ending in a rounded foot. Together, these details form a distinctive style that you'll love having in your home.

    Choosing teak furniture for your game room design brings dramatic color, unique craftsmanship and stunning beauty to the decor. Both family and friends will admire the design for years to come, as teak is naturally resistant to damage and wear. Finished with a Briwax coating, your new table will continue to add warmth and beauty to every gathering in your game room.

  • Enjoy Reclaimed Wood Furniture in the Bedroom

    Three Drawer NightstandsWhen you think of a nightstand, you might picture a wobbly table covered in odds and ends, stuck in the corner of the bedroom and largely forgotten about. However, nightstands can be a viable part of the rustic decor in your bedroom if you choose pieces like the Rustic Mountain Barnwood Nightstand With Three Drawers. Its beautiful reclaimed barnwood construction contributes a unique style to your bedroom while giving you a generous amount of storage.

    The basic design of this eye-catching nightstand features rounded legs that elevate the bottom of the piece off the floor and provide a strong framework for the drawers. Barnwood sides and a smooth, rugged top create a classic rectangular shape. Each of the three drawers features an attractive circle of wrought iron for the handle, though you may choose a slim horizontal handle or twig style instead. The twig handle enhances the rustic style of this reclaimed barnwood furniture while the iron provides contrast to the natural look of the piece.

    The Rustic Mountain Barnwood Nightstand With Three Drawers offers more than just a simple table with storage space. Upgrade the legs from basic rounded logs to logs with rustic trim or give the piece a sharper look with square legs instead. Optional nail head accents add a touch of Western flair along the edge of the tabletop. If you prefer to stick with a rustic theme, you can choose to have small images of pine trees carved into the legs or top. A tile inset featuring the image of a moose standing on a hill in the midst of a group of trees is also available to accentuate the top of the nightstand. Choose one or more of these options to create a piece that complements your personal style.

    Barnwood furniture is always a little different from other furniture pieces. Natural variations in color throughout the wood catch the eye, setting the Rustic Mountain Barnwood Nightstand With Three Drawers a cut above other pieces and making it an essential part of your bedroom decor.

  • Enjoy Barnwood Furniture Style at Affordable Prices

    Get dining chairs to make room for everyoneEvery home has a unique style that's reflected in its decor. Choosing simple, attractive barnwood furniture for your home gives it the distinct look that only well-aged wood can. With its variable color and eye-catching grain patterns, barnwood makes a beautiful addition to any rustic room design. However, when it comes to affordability, authentic barnwood isn't always a practical option. That's where pieces from the Timberwood collection come in.

    The Timberwood Barnwood Upholstered Dining Chair is built using two inch thick rough-sawn pine boards to re-create the classic appearance of barnwood. The rugged surface and simple design emulate all the traits that you love about reclaimed wood furniture while the use of pine keeps the price low. That way, you can adorn your dining room with beautiful wood pieces even when you're on a budget. Match your chairs up with a dining table from the Timberwood line for a rustic dining setup that you can enjoy for years.

    Like most barnwood pieces, the chairs in the Timberwood collection feature a basic form that looks great with any decor. Square legs and supports create the bottom of the Timberwood Barnwood chair, with the two rear legs extending up to form a frame for the back. Two horizontal boards enclose three vertical slats, creating a simple design that draws the eye without being overwhelming. Dark antique tobacco finish gives the chair the deep color often associated with barnwood, though a lighter honey pine finish is also available. Applied as a penetrating stain and topped with a catalyzed sealer, your chosen finish is then sanded to give the chair a smooth look. Two coats of clear lacquer are sprayed on to complete the process, sealing in the beauty and providing long-lasting moisture resistance.

    There are six attractive fabrics to choose from for the seat of your Timberwood Barnwood Upholstered Dining Chair. Each features an attractive outdoorsy color or pattern to complement the rustic decor of your dining room and give your chair a unique look at a price you can afford.

  • Put Teak Furniture at the Center of the Living Room

    Coffee tables should attract people to the living roomCoffee tables are a fixture of many living rooms in all home styles. A good, solid coffee table provides a focal point for the room, giving people a place to gather around while they relax and visit. You can use it to set down drinks or small snacks, or you can incorporate it as part of your overall living room design by adding eye-catching books or rustic decor items.

    The GroovyStuff Desperado Coffee Table With Glass Top is an especially stunning piece that’s made for living rooms in cabins, lodges and ranch houses. Crafted from reclaimed teak wood and featuring a glass top, this table is singular among home decor. Teak furniture brings deep brown and red-brown colors to the style of your living area, adding a bold touch to the room. Reclaimed wood goes one step further with unique variations that make each table a distinctive work of art. A Briwax finish nourishes and protects the wood, bringing out the natural differences in color and adding to the beauty of the piece.

    An antique wagon wheel gives the Desperado table its characteristic appearance. Looking down through the glass top, you can see the hub and spokes, looking exactly as they did when the wheel was still part of a wagon. The bottom of the hub reaches down to a lower square shelf that houses a pull-out drawer, perfect for storing newspapers, TV remotes, books, magazines and DVDs. Square teak supports keep the round tabletop sturdy. Don’t forget to tuck a few coasters in the drawer as well, so that you have them on hand to keep your table free from stains.

    Including reclaimed wood furniture in your living room adds timeless beauty and a sense of rustic style. Built with care from a wood that naturally resists damage, the Desperado table is made to last a lifetime without losing any of its charm. Make this piece the center of your living area and enjoy the distinctive personality of teak furniture now and for many years to come.

    This is an amazing centerpiece for only $1,069.95. You won't regret checking out the GroovyStuff Desperado Coffee Table With Glass Top.

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