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Rustic Decor

  • Rock Baby to Sleep With Quality Log Furniture

    Comfortable Cradles for the little oneWhen you’re expecting a baby, you want everything to be just right. Whether it’s your first child or you’re adding another member to a growing family, certain preparations need to be made in order for your home to be ready to welcome your new bundle of joy. In the midst of stocking up on clothes, diapers and cleaning supplies, you’re no doubt working on the perfect rustic decor for baby’s nursery.

    A well-designed, comfortable nursery not only greets your baby with a place where he or she can feel safe; it also adds beauty to your home as a whole. Choosing furniture and accessories for baby’s room should be done with the same care you used when decorating the rest of the house. If your aim is rustic style with classic comfort, you can’t go wrong with the Hand Painted Rustic Cradle. This stunning piece of wood furniture features solid reclaimed wood construction and hand-tooled leather accents. Every curve, line and curlicue on the cradle is carved by hand, making your baby’s sleeping space something truly unique.

    The Hand Painted Rustic Cradle is built in a classic rocking design, meant to help lull your baby to sleep even on the most difficult nights. Sturdy side panels with vertical wood slats keep baby safe as he or she slumbers. Carved post legs with swirled accents reach down to two curved rockers that run parallel to the headboard and footboard, creating a rugged base. Arched accents at the head and the foot give the whole cradle an elegant look, with hand carvings at the top and bottom of each panel adding a beautiful finishing touch.

    When you choose this one-of-a-kind cradle, you even get a touch of Western decor for baby’s nursery. Three cowboys are carved into the leather at each end of the piece on your choice of antique brown or turquoise backgrounds. This unique touch is sure to make the Hand Painted Rustic Cradle a family heirloom that you’ll want to hold onto until your children have children of their own.

  • Teak Accents Enhance Rustic Decor

    Table lamps make great accents in any roomIndividuality is an important part of rustic decor. Anyone can arrange some log pieces and handcrafted decor items and call it rustic, but it takes an eye for design to create something truly unique. You can take the look of your cabin or lodge to the next level with reclaimed wood furniture and accessories. Reclaimed wood, such as that used in the GroovyStuff Teak Running Waters Lamp, features a weathered look and natural variations that make each piece one of a kind.

    With its square base and rectangular lampshade, the Teak Running Waters Lamp adds a solid presence to any room. What makes it stunning, however, are the rugged driftwood accents that wrap around the base, creating the illusion of movement. These wood pieces are meant to replicate the look of a stream or river, softening the angular lines of the rest of the lamp. Running water has long been associated with calmness and relaxation, and the Running Waters Lamp is made to reflect this soothing quality.

    You’ll love the inherent characteristics that set teak furniture apart from other home decor items. Teak wood features deep, bold coloration that can range from dark brown to a warm red-brown that looks beautiful in any cabin, lodge or ranch-style house. Like other reclaimed wood furniture, the Running Waters Lamp features unique differences in appearance from piece to piece. No two will have exactly the same color or running water pattern, making this lamp the perfect choice when you want to introduce something truly individual to your decor.

    The GroovyStuff Teak Running Waters Lamp looks beautiful in any room. Try it on an end table in the living room or den for a beautiful handcrafted touch. You can also place it on an entry table to greet guests as they arrive. When positioned on the nightstand in your bedroom, this unique lamp adds charm and a feeling of tranquility, definitely worth the $329.99. Whatever room becomes home for this lamp, you can be sure that the stunning look of teak wood will add style and beauty.

  • Handy Floor Lamps Enhance Rustic Decor

    Floor lamps can be handy in any situationFurniture doesn’t have to be fancy to add style to your home. A simple, well-placed piece can have a big impact on your rustic decor, especially if one corner of a room has been looking bare. If you have extra space, adding a Cottage Lake Log Floor Lamp With Shelf brings light and a sense of openness to your living room, den or home office.

    Log furniture has a unique character that enhances any style of home. When logs are hand-peeled like the Northern white cedar used in the Cottage Lake lamp, it adds an extra touch of rustic charm. Hand-peeling is a careful process that preserves the natural light color of the cedar wood while leaving behind little pieces of bark membrane that give the logs a striped or speckled look. These attractive variations can be seen on the entire length of the lamp’s 48” central pole. A round cedar slab base elevates the lamp to a full 58”, making it perfect for placing next to chairs, recliners or sofas.

    In addition to bringing light to a room, the Cottage Lake lamp also offers you a bit of storage with a second cedar wood slab placed about halfway up the lamp post. This slab matches the base and can be used to hold anything small such as TV remotes, reading glasses or pocket-sized paperback books. Since you get the convenience of an end table in a more compact package, the Cottage Lake lamp may be a good choice for sitting areas where space is limited. It’s also useful for placing near your favorite chair so you don’t have to get up to change channels or grab something to read.

    A choice of clear finish for $259.00 or the honey pine finish makes the Cottage Lake Log Floor Lamp With Shelf uniquely yours. One allows the natural color of the cedar to shine through while the other deepens the tone. Crown the lamp with your favorite rustic shade for an attractive piece of log cabin furniture that adds charm and beauty to your sitting area.

  • Use Coat Racks to Make Cabin Decor Inviting

    Hang your hats on these coat racksWhether you have a designated mud room, decorated front hallway or simple entryway, having a place to hang your coat and hat when you arrive home adds a cozy touch. It also helps to keep the kids’ coats off the floor and allows visitors to shed their winter layers when they come in. If you don’t have space for an upright coat rack, a wall-mounted rack such as the Silver Creek Rustic Coat Rack With Shelf offers the same functionality without taking up as much room.

    Made with care using solid aspen wood, the Silver Creek rack features sturdy round pegs for all of your outerwear. Two triangular supports mount onto the wooden slab back to hold the upper shelf. As the piece is crafted, the unique characteristics of aspen wood are taken into consideration to preserve the natural accents and curves of each log and slab. Aspen may feature knots or burls, insect tracks and other signs of its time out in the elements. These create one-of-a-kind pieces of log furniture that can never be replicated exactly.

    A rugged shelf upgrades the Silver Creek coat rack beyond a simple hanging space. Not only can you hang up coats, hats and other accessories, but you can also use the shelf to display your favorite cabin decor. With the right rustic touches, you can turn your entry space into a cozy, inviting place for anyone who steps through the door. Arrange your favorite knickknacks and pictures to create a special display, or try adding some candles for a fresh scent and cozy appearance. You might even want to add a few outdoor accents such as dried flowers or pine cones to accent your rustic decor.

    A good, solid coat rack makes any rustic home more inviting. Choose clear or honey pine finish for your Silver Creek rack to match it to other log furniture in your home. Five lengths ranging from 24” to 72” help give everyone enough room to hang their things no matter what the time of year.

    It's only $277.00 for the clear finish, but there's also a honey indoor finish for the Silver Creek Rustic Coat Rack With Shelf.

  • Wall Sconces Highlight Rustic Decor in the Bathroom

    Bathroom Sconces for just the right amount of lightingUnless you have an extensive master suite, space in the bathroom tends to be limited. Having to juggle towel bars, mirrors, hampers and furniture can make it difficult to incorporate the rustic decor that you use around the rest of the house. One way to ensure that the theme remains consistent is to choose accessories such as the Tall Pines 4 Light Vanity Sconce.

    This attractive handcrafted sconce features four individual lights with round, cream-colored glass shades. Each light extends from the central fixture on a curved metal arm, creating lantern-style lighting that’s perfect for mounting right above your rustic sink or vanity. At 34”x14.5”, the sconce can easily fit into the available space. Simply add four standard 60-watt light bulbs to bring soft, beautiful illumination to your rustic bathroom.

    Tall Pines features the unique beauty found in all pieces crafted by the Meyda Tiffany company. From stained-glass-style lamps to sconces such as this one, the artisans at Meyda Tiffany infuse each thing that they make with the rugged charm of the outdoors. You can see this in the line of pine trees that runs across the top of the Tall Pines sconce, each a slightly different height just like trees in a real forest. Pines bring a sense of longevity to country decor with an image of natural beauty that remains fresh and green throughout the year.

    Using a sconce instead of a standard lamp to brighten your bathroom frees up counter space and makes the room feel more light, open and airy. Whether you’re using log furniture or a more modern country design, this eye-catching piece may be just what you need to bring a new look to your bathroom. Due to the handcrafted nature of the fixtures from Meyda Tiffany, every sconce they turn out will be slightly different. This means that no one else will have a sconce quite like the one you hang above your vanity so that you can enjoy the simple, elegant motif as you go about your morning and evening routines.

    Each sconce is worth only $399.00, and you'll find something different in each Tall Pines 4 Light Vanity Sconce.

  • Choose Eco-Friendly Copper For Country Decor

    Bar sinks made of recycled copperInstalling a new sink or replacing an existing one can be a daunting task. There’s measuring to do, placement to consider and, of course, the sink itself. How do you choose what type of sink to get? What shape should it be? What style of installation do you want? The answers to these questions can help you to pick out just the right sink for your country decor.

    As you’re trying to decide on a sink style, consider going with something made from copper. Copper sinks are attractive, easy to clean and eco-friendly. The Rectangle Copper Bar Sink is not only recyclable, but it’s also made from 99.7 percent recycled copper, making it a smart choice for the environmentally-conscious home. Its simple rectangular shape allows you to use it in any room, though it looks best in the kitchen or home bar.

    With a hammered copper surface and warm fired patina, the Rectangle Copper Bar Sink sports attractive texture and color. It may be surface mounted or mounted under the counter, so you can choose the style that looks best with your rustic decor. Oil rubbed bronze finish gives the sink an eye-catching tone. Add a counter deck mounted faucet to complete the set and enjoy the unique beauty that copper brings to your home. The bright glow of the metal looks beautiful with wood furniture or stone countertops. Whatever the style of your kitchen or home bar area, the Rectangle sink will fit right in.

    The Rectangle Copper Bar Sink is made by hand to ensure quality craftsmanship. Handmade products are unique and bring a particular beauty to your home. Sturdy copper will last for years, meaning that you won’t have to worry about replacing the sink again anytime soon. Use the included care instructions to keep your new sink looking its best. The limited lifetime warranty lets you rest assured that the sink will remain durable, functional and attractive over time. Choose recycled copper for your next home improvement project and see how beautiful your home can be.

    So much great quality for only $237.00. You can't go wrong with the Rectangle Copper Bar Sink.

  • Put Teak Furniture at the Center of the Living Room

    Coffee tables should attract people to the living roomCoffee tables are a fixture of many living rooms in all home styles. A good, solid coffee table provides a focal point for the room, giving people a place to gather around while they relax and visit. You can use it to set down drinks or small snacks, or you can incorporate it as part of your overall living room design by adding eye-catching books or rustic decor items.

    The GroovyStuff Desperado Coffee Table With Glass Top is an especially stunning piece that’s made for living rooms in cabins, lodges and ranch houses. Crafted from reclaimed teak wood and featuring a glass top, this table is singular among home decor. Teak furniture brings deep brown and red-brown colors to the style of your living area, adding a bold touch to the room. Reclaimed wood goes one step further with unique variations that make each table a distinctive work of art. A Briwax finish nourishes and protects the wood, bringing out the natural differences in color and adding to the beauty of the piece.

    An antique wagon wheel gives the Desperado table its characteristic appearance. Looking down through the glass top, you can see the hub and spokes, looking exactly as they did when the wheel was still part of a wagon. The bottom of the hub reaches down to a lower square shelf that houses a pull-out drawer, perfect for storing newspapers, TV remotes, books, magazines and DVDs. Square teak supports keep the round tabletop sturdy. Don’t forget to tuck a few coasters in the drawer as well, so that you have them on hand to keep your table free from stains.

    Including reclaimed wood furniture in your living room adds timeless beauty and a sense of rustic style. Built with care from a wood that naturally resists damage, the Desperado table is made to last a lifetime without losing any of its charm. Make this piece the center of your living area and enjoy the distinctive personality of teak furniture now and for many years to come.

    This is an amazing centerpiece for only $1,069.95. You won't regret checking out the GroovyStuff Desperado Coffee Table With Glass Top.

  • Fireplace Screens Add Beauty to Cabin Decor

    Perfect the Living Room with Fireplace ScreensHaving a fire crackling in the fireplace is one of the most enjoyable parts of winter. Dancing flames are an iconic image of country life that brings warmth and comfort to any chilly day. You might build a fire to take the dampness out of your living room, to push away the cold of a winter’s night or simply to add some cheer to an otherwise dreary afternoon. A good fire is also wonderful to have around the holidays, as it brings a sense of comfort to your home that visitors find welcoming.

    However, no matter how beautiful it is, keep in mind that all fires carry some risk. Logs can slide and coals can pop out onto rugs. Even if you’re diligent, it isn’t always possible to avoid accidents. The Meyda Tall Pines Folding Fireplace Screen protects your living room with beautiful rustic decor style. Its sturdy mesh design keeps your fire in the fireplace where it belongs, while the pine tree scene provides an attractive accent that’s even more beautiful when backlit by flames. Made for fireplaces up to 34”x60”, the Tall Pines screen is just what you need to keep your home safe while adding a little rugged flair to your cabin decor.

    Handcrafted by artists at the Meyda Tiffany company, the sturdy Tall Pines screen is a one-of-a-kind work of art. Four towering pine trees adorn the central panel, each finished in a bright Antique Copper color that reflects the roaring fire in your fireplace for a beautiful overall effect. The side panels may be pulled out straight or bent at an angle to frame the fireplace and make the screen “pop.”

    When you’re done using your Tall Pines screen for the day, simply fold it up and set it out of the way until you’re ready to have another fire. The convenient folding design makes the screen easy to store during warmer months as well, keeping it ready and waiting for the time when winter comes calling and you feel drawn to the fireplace once again.

    Only $900. Learn more about the Meyda Tall Pines Folding Fireplace Screen.

  • Teak Furniture Makes Dining Interesting

    There's room for everyone in these dining tablesBringing the family together for dinner is a tradition that many modern households miss out on. Instead of sitting down to a shared meal, family members rush here and there, concentrating on their own activities and rarely taking time to relax and enjoy each other’s company. If you find that dinnertime is this kind of free-for-all at your house, maybe it’s time to make a few changes to draw the family together again.

    Wood furniture creates an inviting dining room atmosphere that encourages your family to slow down a bit from the daily grind. Choose pieces that invoke a sense of being in the deep woods and you’ll soon find that the room feels more cozy. Unique furniture such as the Sierra Woodland Table by GroovyStuff lives up to its name with an eye-catching design and rustic appearance. Built using teak roots and heartwood, this is no ordinary table. It’s hard to say no to a family dinner when you’ll be gathering around a central piece that’s completely unique.

    Teak furniture has many characteristics that make it interesting. Smooth, tight grain brings out the reddish-brown coloration and provides contrast to the craggy appearance of edges, stumps and roots. The Sierra Woodland Table takes this a step further by using a large chunk of rescued teak roots as its base. Instead of a simple pole or set of wooden legs supporting the table, you have a twisting collection of natural wood that looks as though it’s growing right out of your dining room floor. A solid slab of teak heartwood forms the top of the table, creating an irregular oval with rugged edge accents. Briwax finish nourishes the wood and keeps it looking beautiful.

    A new dining room table might not drag the family away from their daily routines, but having a place for everyone to gather is a good start. Teak furniture lasts for a long time, so once you’ve established your new routine, you can rely on the Sierra Woodland table to be there through many family meals.

    Enjoy meals with family with this $1,190.00 piece! You'll always make impressions with the Sierra Woodland Table.

  • Log Furniture Keeps Winter Gear Organized

    Keep your coats hanging with coat treesAs the chill of fall begins to take hold, it’s time to get out the jackets, hats and other essential outerwear that’s been packed away since the summer. Your kids will need extra layers when you send them off to school in the morning, and you’ll want a coat when it’s time to head out the door to work. It won’t be long before winter rolls in and the entire family will be suiting up in full cold-weather gear every day.

    More outerwear means more bulk, and the last thing you want to come home to is everyone’s coats strewn around the front hall. The Silver Creek Aspen Log Coat Tree offers six sturdy pegs to hang all of your fall and winter accessories. A central aspen log pole sits atop two aspen crosspieces, providing a rugged base for this piece of rustic furniture. Handcrafted with skill and care, the Silver Creek coat tree is made to support the load of as many cold-weather layers as your family needs.

    With its flowing appearance and unique accents, aspen makes for eye-catching log furniture. “Extra gnarly” style aspen turns the Silver Creek coat tree into a work of art by adding an extra boost to its natural character. Instead of a simple log appearance, extra gnarly aspen is chosen for its abundance of twists, visible knots, tracks and other hallmarks of nature. Seal in the added beauty with a clear catalyzed lacquer finish or go with honey glaze for an extra touch of color.

    During warmer months, you can use the Silver Creek tree to hang light jackets and hats or decorate it with rustic accessories. Organize your reusable shopping bags or mesh market bags so that they’re always handy. Coat trees are great for keeping the kids’ book bags close by as well, so that nobody has to rush around looking for lost belongings before the bus comes. No matter what the time of year, a solid coat tree is a useful accessory and a beautiful part of rustic decor.

    Only $279.00. You can even choose between two wood types for you Silver Creek Aspen Log Coat Tree.

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