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Rustic Decor

  • Balance Rustic Decor with Beautiful Lighting

    Bring Table Lamps to the Living RoomIt’s fun to decorate your cabin or lodge with rustic decor, but it’s also possible to go overboard if you focus solely on accessories like artwork and knickknacks. When you’re looking to bring an extra element of outdoor beauty to a room but don’t want to clutter it up, try the Pioneer Table Lamp. With its carved resin base and woven shade, this simple lamp combines beautiful craftsmanship with useful lighting for an attractive accent that literally brightens up any room.

    This 28.5-inch tall lamp features a base made to look like the trunk and branches of a pine tree. Each miniature “branch” features a carved pinecone that adds visual interest and texture to the piece. The rough texture of the resin looks just like bark so that, from a distance, the lamp has a true treelike appearance. Another carved pinecone appears on top, peeking out of the shade just enough to draw attention.

    A classic bell shade covers the upper part of this rustic decor to diffuse the light from a 100-watt bulb. This gives you enough brightness for any task from working on a project to relaxing and reading the newspaper. The three-way socket design provides multiple levels of light so you can choose how much illumination you need. Go for low light in the early morning, bright light at night and something in-between for those gray days when your house is just a little too dim.

    Using functional accessories adds beauty to your home without making it look like you went on a crazy woodland decorating spree. As a simple, elegant accent, the Pioneer Table Lamp pairs well with classic log furniture choices such as pine and cedar. Include it in your living room on an end table or put it on the nightstand in the bedroom so you can enjoy its dual purpose of providing light and adding charm to your existing rustic design. Then pick out a knickknack or two to balance it and put a personal finishing touch on the room’s decor.

  • Create a Log Cabin Getaway with Rustic Decor

    Create an Easy Rustic Bedroom with Bedding SetsLog cabins have long been associated with living the simple life and the coziness and comfort that comes with being sequestered from the crazy pace of the modern world. With the right accessories, you can bring this feeling to your home even if you live on a busy street in suburbia. The Arcadia Rustic Bedding Set gets you started with an eye-catching combination of simple colors and bold designs that make rustic decor really pop.

    Tailored for queen and king beds, the Arcadia Rustic Bedding Set includes a duvet, a bedskirt, two pillow shams, a bedrunner and one unique envelope-style accent pillow. Each is made from soft yet sturdy fabric. A “Panama Tobacco” shade of cotton takes center stage for the duvet while the three-paneled bedskirt is made from “Gravel Plaid,” a dark brown pattern reminiscent of tweed with a polyester, rayon and cotton mix that stands the test of time. Each stunning red and black Arcadia sham is fashioned from polyester and complemented by the double-sided bedrunner, also in Arcadia style.

    With the envelope pillow, you get a two-toned accent featuring light Gravel Plaid with “Suave Black” folded over the top, affixed using brass accent studs with a large metal button in the center. These designs work together to complement log cabin furniture with a unique sense of beauty. To make the bedrunner match this pillow instead of the shams, simply flip it over to reveal more light brown fabric in the Gravel Plaid style.

    This beautiful collection is made to accentuate log furniture with its rustic colors and bold patterns. Using a stunning contrast between black, red, white and tan, the Arcadia Rustic Bedding Set becomes the star of the bedroom. Light woods like cedar and pine balance out the vivid tones. Barnwood, teak and walnut add complementary dark shades. Choose your favorite wood in designs that speak to you to create a bedroom space that makes you feel as comfortable as if you were drifting off to sleep in the log cabin you’ve always dreamed of.

  • Swing in Comfort with Country Furniture

    Yard Swings for the Great OutdoorsEach year as spring creeps in, it brings with it the promise of warmer days with more time spent outside. It’s a time to plan gardens, clean off the patio, get out the lawn furniture and start setting up your outdoor seating area. Adding the Contoured Comfort 5 ft Log Yard Swing to the setup brings the beauty of country decor to the landscape and gives you a fun place to relax when the warm weather arrives.

    Clean-peeled Northern white cedar logs are assembled by hand into a rugged support frame for the Contoured Comfort 5 ft Log Yard Swing. The triangular shape includes crosspieces and angled logs to ensure that the swing is sturdy and safe. Instead of chains, more logs are used to hold the swing, and no chains are used at the bottom of the swing. This design creates a well-supported seat that won’t flip so you can feel confident about letting your whole family enjoy this stunning rustic decor.

    A unique seat slat style sets the Contoured Comfort line of furniture apart from other log pieces. Many rustic designs feature straight slats which can irritate the backs of your knees, but the cedar slats on this swing curve at the edge, allowing you to sit comfortably for as long as you want. Leave the wood unfinished for a smooth, natural look that softens to a silvery-gray tone over time, or deepen the natural color with the choice of a “cedar tone” finish. Either option gives you beautiful results that you can enjoy for years.

    Thanks to natural oils in the wood, cedar resists damage from insects and the decay that other country furniture can be prone to. That means you can leave it in the yard to enjoy any time and know that it will stay beautiful, rugged and sturdy. Whether you spend some quiet time swinging alone or gather the whole family for an afternoon of relaxation, the Contoured Comfort 5 ft Log Yard Swing is a great way to welcome the spring.

  • Barnwood Furniture Sets Make Dining Design a Breeze

    Dining Sets Make Life EasierThe dining room should be a place where family and friends can gather to relax and share a good meal whether it’s a weeknight or a special occasion. The Azul Barnwood Table & Chairs with Bench Package helps you create an inviting space with a cozy, rustic atmosphere that makes everyone feel at home. Solid barnwood construction and eye-catching turquoise accents make this rustic decor a unique addition to any home.

    Investing in a dining package is an easy way to coordinate your dining room setup without having to spend a lot of time shopping for furniture. With the Azul Barnwood Table & Chairs with Bench Package, you’ll be all set to seat the entire family plus a few guests. All together, the package includes a 36-inch dining table, four chairs and a dining bench. Each features the beauty of barnwood furniture including light and dark brown colors, rough-sawn surfaces and distinctive weathered accents. Clear lacquer finish seals it all in, preserving the look for years to come.

    What makes this dining package truly unique is the distressed turquoise finish that appears around the edge of the table, around the seat of the bench and on the backs of the chairs. It adds to the natural rugged look of the barnwood while bringing a hint of Southwestern style to the whole package. The brightness of the turquoise stands out against the darker shades of the wood, catching the eye and drawing comments from visiting friends. Rounded nail head accents are the perfect finishing touch with their deep copper tones that add a hint of shine.

    When you make the Barnwood Table & Chairs part of your lodge decor, you transform your dining room into a rustic getaway. Each sturdy barnwood beam, board and plank exudes a feeling of timelessness that will always be in style. The set is designed with simple shapes and lines that allow it to harmonize with other barnwood pieces so that you can create a balanced dining room setup that’s perfect for any occasion.

  • Make Aspen Furniture a Featured Part of the Game Room

    Play with Dartboards all DayAt the end of a long work week, all you want to do is sit back and relax. Weekends are meant to give you the time you need to unwind, and there’s no better way to make the most of that time than to have your friends over for an afternoon or evening in the game room. The Aspen Log Dartboard Cabinet with Doors gives you all something fun to do while you hang out, catch up and enjoy a little downtime. Plus, it adds the beauty of rustic decor to your home.

    Solid aspen wood creates a sturdy cabinet that opens to reveal an old-fashioned dartboard. Hand-peeled aspen logs make up the body of the piece and also serve as handles for the smooth wooden doors. Another, larger log sits across the top to cap off this unique aspen furniture for a rugged, beautiful look.

    The Aspen Log Dartboard Cabinet provides space to store your darts where they’ll be safe when not in use. On the opposite door, there’s space for a score card and pen to keep track of who’s currently in the lead. Track one game at a time or hold tournaments with your friends to make things more interesting. As you play, you can admire the natural beauty of the dark aspen logs which includes gnarls and knots as well as unique patterns that stretch along the length of the wood.

    Since a dartboard is the only piece of cabin decor you’re likely to throw sharp things at on purpose, it’s a good idea to choose a protective finish. Go for clear to seal in the beauty of the aspen or opt for a honey color that deepens the wood tones to bring out even more of its natural character. This well-crafted rustic beauty is made to last so you can enjoy it as part of your game room for many years to come. Make darts a routine part of “game night” and unwind with this rugged piece at the center of the fun.

  • Create the Perfect Living Room with a Rustic Decor Furniture Package

    Enjoy the Perfect Living Room with Furniture PackagesAre you the type who likes everything in your home to coordinate perfectly? When you’re also a fan of log furniture, you know that the unique nature of the pieces can make it difficult to put together a matching set. With the Rustic Natural Cedar Log Living Room Package, however, the job is done for you. This five-piece set includes everything you need to create a beautiful living room layout without having to shop around for individual home accents.

    With the Rustic Natural Cedar Log Living Room Package, you get a sofa, loveseat, chair, end table and coffee table. Each piece is made from solid Northern white cedar, sanded and left unfinished for a bright appearance that lightens up your living space. Create a unique setup with the coffee table as the focal point to encourage conversations when guests come to call or put together separate seating areas around the living room for a modern look. Since you get the entire package at once, it’s easy to experiment with different layouts until you find the one that you like best.

    Choose rustic cushions for the sofa, chair and loveseat in forest green, burgundy or khaki to give the room a comfortable atmosphere and soften the appearance of the furniture. Add accents such as throw pillows or blankets for a personal touch that infuses the room with charm. The end result is a cozy living room or den in your cottage, cabin or lodge. Individual natural accents on the wood enhance the unique look that makes this set a staple of rustic decor.

    The durable nature of cedar means that the Rustic Natural Cedar Log Living Room Package can stand up to whatever daily life throws at it. Whether you set it up in your summer cabin and only use it for one season or you make it part of your permanent home’s country decor, it retains its beauty throughout many years of use. Relax in comfort and enjoy the balanced look that this handcrafted set brings to your home.

  • Accentuate Rustic Decor with Attractive Stoneware

    Easy to Clean and Microwave Friendly Dining SetsChoosing the perfect country decor for your dining room doesn’t have to send you searching all over for matching accessories. Start with a solid dining table that you love and use your sense of style to balance the look with pieces like Mountain Waves Pottery Dinnerware. This rugged collection looks great when paired with matching serving plates and a simple flatware set for a complete table setup that the whole family will love.

    Made from hand-thrown stoneware, this lead-free table setting comes with four matching pieces: a dinner plate, a salad plate, a bowl and your choice of a mug or tumbler. Each features beautiful shades of blue that start with turquoise at the top and gradually get darker until the bottom fades into almost-black. The effect is that of gazing out over the ocean or looking at distant mountains. It’s an image that brings a peaceful feeling to any meal, be it an old-fashioned “sit-down” dinner with all the fixings or a simple breakfast of tea and toast.

    Stoneware is rugged and can stand up to all kinds of use. That means you don’t have to save this stunning set for special occasions. The whole family can enjoy the design every day at mealtime, and the dishes will still look stunning enough to clean them up and use them at your next dinner party. The eye-catching shades of blue complement all manner of country furniture. Each plate, bowl and cup has its own personality thanks to the hand-thrown construction, making each set a work of art.

    The Mountain Waves Pottery Set is safe to use in the microwave, oven and dishwasher, so it goes through all phases of cooking and cleanup without hassle. Serve piping hot food or keep dishes warm, heat them back up and get them sparkling over and over again. The beautiful design will last through it all to be enjoyed for years. Unlike cheaper rustic decor that fades or scratches, this set is made in the USA to ensure high quality and reliable craftsmanship.

  • Rustic Decor Keeps the Christmas Glow Alive

    Keep the Holiday Cheer Alive with Art PrintsEvery year after Christmas, there’s a sense of sadness as the glow of the season fades and the routines of daily life creep back in. You find yourself wishing that you could capture the feeling of Christmas day and hold onto it all year long. With prints like Snow Folk Hope by Mary Ann June, you can. Though the holidays are over, this cheery print will continue to bring joy to your rustic decor throughout the rest of the winter months.

    Snow Folk Hope features a pair of snow people—one snowman and one snow woman—standing on either side of a scraggly Christmas tree. Each is decked out in festive winter outerwear including a coat, scarf, hat and mittens. As they stand looking out at the viewer with big smiles on their snowy faces, they’re reaching out to hold the tree up so the star on top can be clearly seen. More stars appear around the border of the print along with intertwining twigs that sport bright berries and curls of bark. Finished off with a tan background and the word “Hope” written above the tree in simple script, this print is just what you need to keep the holiday cheer alive in your home.

    Simple colors create a subtle landscape in this decorative art print. Whether you choose a custom frame for the museum-quality image or have it reprinted on canvas, you’ll enjoy shades ranging from rustic brown to light tan with splashes of forest green and golden yellow here and there. Deep maroon also makes an appearance, standing out against the white of the snow for an eye-catching accent that looks beautiful when displayed above wood furniture. Artist Mary Ann June makes the most of every color to create a well-balanced print with timeless style.

    Hang Snow Folk Hope wherever you’ll see it most often to enjoy its cheerful image and uplifting message throughout the day. As part of your cabin decor, these happy snow people will bring a bright spirit to any room.

  • Handcrafted Rustic Decor Brings Woodland Beauty Home

    Wall Lamps to Compliment Your FurnitureThe woodlands hold a wealth of beauty that can be enjoyed on any hike. Birds sing in the trees, squirrels skitter through the underbrush and all manner of unseen creatures add their voices to the choir. It’s hard not to want to bring the experience home, and with the Honey Bear Swing Arm Wall Lamp, you can have it in your cabin decor.

    Handcrafted by artist Dick Idol, this unique light fixture is made from resin and features a multi-wood finish in shades of brown to mimic the look of natural tree bark. Starting with a sturdy round mounting plate and extending out into a 24-inch arm, the “tree” part of the lamp looks just like a pair of branches attached to a trunk. Another vertical “branch” extends up from the arm to support the UL-certified lighting components and the espresso leatherette shade. Adding a 100-watt bulb brightens up the style and brings just the right amount of light to any room.

    Look closely at this rustic decor and you’ll see two adorable black bear cubs climbing across the arm and the base. Also crafted from resin and painted in a shiny black finish, these simple accents turn the lamp from a basic log design into something truly special. Guests will want to take a second look to see just what is adorning the lamp, and they’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality craftsmanship of each detail.

    This lamp is a compact 19 inches high so you can mount it anywhere in your home. It makes a great reading lamp for the living room or den and can also be used above the counter in the kitchen. In the bedroom, it adds a rustic touch to complement other cabin-style pieces. You can even put it in your home office to give yourself something special to enjoy as you go about daily work. With its attractive woodland motif, deep colors and bark detailing, the Honey Bear Swing Arm Wall Lamp is just what you need to complement log furniture.

  • Cozy Up to Rustic Furniture With a Beautiful Loveseat

    Cozy loveseats that are perfect for sharingLoveseats are the ultimate in comfortable living room furniture. Cozy and compact, these classic pieces can be used in homes of all sizes from cabins to lodges. The Cottage Hickory Upholstered Loveseat follows the traditional design with its simple rectangular shape and large, soft cushions. Complete with a rugged fabric deck and loose pillow back, this loveseat is just what you need to bring relaxation and style to your rustic decor.

    Simplicity is the hallmark of this hickory piece. The bark is left on the sturdy logs for a dark color that retains the natural beauty of the original tree. Two short logs form the front legs while two taller logs serve to support the padded back. On each side you’ll find a rectangle of hickory pieces with smaller accents arranged vertically inside. The overall effect is a sense of strength that is echoed in the quality construction and reliable durability of the piece.

    It’s easy to create a custom look for your hickory loveseat simply by choosing fabric styles that appeal to you. Select a faux leather base that complements other rustic furniture in your living room and pair it with your choice of solid or patterned fabric for the loveseat cushions. With all of the available options, the style combinations are endless. Two included pillows finished in the same fabric as the cushions serve to round out the design and provide extra comfort. Cushions are wrapped to ensure longevity so you won’t see them wearing or ripping over the life of the piece.

    Make the Cottage Hickory Upholstered Loveseat the main attraction in your living room or use it to balance out a rustic sofa and provide extra seating for guests. The kiln-dried hickory logs are finished with a catalyzed lacquer that lets the beauty of the bark shine through while protecting the wood from daily wear and tear. This makes the frame of this log furniture sturdy enough to stand up to years of use so family and friends can relax in comfort whenever you gather together.

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