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Rustic Decor

  • Use Rustic Decor for All Your Storage Needs

    Jewelry Boxes Made of Cedar WoodFinding accessories that coordinate with the log furniture in your bedroom isn't always easy. While rustic lamps and artwork are available from skilled craftsmen, everyday items such as jewelry boxes are often designed with modern decor in mind. Not so with the Aromatic Red Cedar Log Jewelry Box. Drawer-in-drawer construction makes for a multi-functional storage box that can hold all types of personal accessories.

    Instead of a square or round box, the Aromatic Red Cedar Log Jewelry Box is made from an attractive hollowed-out red cedar log. Two drawers nestled inside its 11" length give you plenty of room for storing jewelry or watches. The first drawer stretches almost all the way across the log while a second, smaller drawer is set inside it at the center. Both feature small log drawer pulls that complement the natural curves of the box. When you push the drawers in, they sit flush with the body of the box so that you can admire its full beauty.

    Made by hand right in the USA, this stunning jewelry box features protective felt lining in the drawers and a clear lacquer finish over the outside surface of the log. The finish serves to keep the outside of the box smooth and free from damage that can occur during day-to-day use. This ensures that the unique nature of each individual box is preserved so that you can enjoy it as part of your rustic decor for many years to come.

    Cedar wood ranges in color from a light, pinelike shade to deep red-brown, and you'll find all of these beautiful tones in the Aromatic Red Cedar Log Jewelry Box. Whether your particular box is adorned with knots, beetle tracks or natural speckles, you'll love the way it looks sitting on your rustic dresser. The wide range of colors make it a suitable addition to country decor, rustic bedrooms and even lodges or ranch houses. This ability to coordinate with all types of home designs makes it the perfect choice for storing all of your jewelry.

  • Barnwood Furniture Beautifies the Bedroom

    DrNightstands with Copper Insetsiving past an old barn or other aging structure, it's hard to imagine that the weathered wood in these buildings could become beautiful rustic decor. When salvaged and placed in the hands of skilled craftsmen, rugged boards and planks become pieces like the Sonora Copper Inset Enclosed Nightstand. Every mark in the original wood from nail holes to knots remains visible in the finished piece, giving it a unique look that can't be duplicated.

    When you place the Sonora Copper Insert Enclosed Nightstand in your bedroom, you'll immediately see the difference that barnwood furniture can make. Every inch of the piece sports a stunning antique look given to the wood from years of changing weather conditions. The old barn you drove by on your way to work could one day become a piece just like this, complete with variations in color throughout its surface. There's something special about the rough-sawn appearance that brings to mind the cozy feeling of old-fashioned cabins and makes you more comfortable in your own space.

    Solid barnwood beams create the basis for a stunning nightstand design in this handcrafted piece. Each side is made up of barnwood planks with a solid top to cap it off. In the front, you'll find just the right amount of storage for bedroom necessities. The drawer features a solid interior and a twisted wrought iron pull handle. On the door, a raised rectangle of wood catches the eye and complements the iron knob. Choose right or left orientation for the hinge to ensure that the nightstand works perfectly as part of your bedroom layout.

    Using a clear catalyzed lacquer finish, the craftsmen behind the Sonora Copper Insert Enclosed Nightstand preserve the singular appearance of this wood furniture. Copper insets provide just the right finishing touch for a bedroom design that takes full advantage of the beauty of barnwood. More than just a place to stash the TV remote and whatever book you've been reading before bed, this lovely nightstand is made to be a lasting part of your home's design.

  • Choose Rustic Decor for a Unique Bedroom

    Aspen Beds with Iron AccentsFinding a sturdy bed with the right rugged look to bring charm to your rustic bedroom isn't always easy. You want something with a unique design that catches the eye, but it also has to be comfortable and well-built. The Iron Arrow Aspen Log Bed combines all of these characteristics in a sturdy handmade piece of rustic decor that makes any bedroom more beautiful. A strong iron frame and aspen log accents give you the durability you're looking for without compromising on style.

    Starting with solid iron, the makers of the Iron Arrow Aspen Log Bed create a frame made to support a mattress in one of four standard bed sizes. More iron is used in the headboard and footboard, fashioned into straight beams that attach to hand-peeled aspen log legs at each corner. Sanded just enough to have a smooth surface, these logs retain their natural characteristics and give the bed a rugged appearance that makes it perfect for cabins and lodges. Choose regular aspen for a traditional look or go with "extra character" logs to bump up the personality of the piece with more natural knots, burls and insect tracks.

    Arranged between the iron beams at the head and foot of the bed, you'll find three pairs of criss-crossed arrows. These unique iron accents are what makes the piece stand out from other log beds. It's a design that works not only in cabin-themed rooms but also as part of Western designs, Southwestern styles and hunting motifs. Choose rusted, black or brown finish and complement it with clear or honey finish on the aspen logs for just the right look.

    Complete with log side rails and support slats, the Iron Arrow Aspen Log Bed is built to give you a comfortable place to sleep every night for years to come. Make it the central focus of a bedroom theme that includes other aspen pieces and iron accents, dress it up with a cozy bedding set in the theme of your choice and enjoy your new log cabin furniture.

  • Add Useful Rustic Decor to the Bathroom

    Towel Bars can be made decorative.If you're thinking about renovating the bathroom in your rustic home, remember that accessories are an important part of the design. Fixtures such as vanities and cabinets set the stage for the room, but it's pieces like the Colorado Iron Towel Bar with Shelf that pull it all together. With its solid construction and attractive accents, this rugged piece is just what you need to complement log furniture and bring out the rugged nature of your bathroom design.

    The Colorado Iron Towel Bar with Shelf features an iron bar that stretches between two panels crafted in your choice of motif. Select trees to give your bathroom a woodland feel or go wild with images of moose or bear. These designs stretch from the towel bar to the shelf above, giving the appearance that one is supporting the other. Hang washcloths or towels for drying hands on the bar and store bath towels folded on the top shelf to grab as needed. Use the included mounting hardware to hang this rustic decor in your bathroom wherever you need extra towel storage.

    You can count on wrought iron to last through just about anything. When properly treated and finished, it resists rusting and retains its smooth appearance over time. Choose one of three finish colors for your towel bar so that it matches the other decor in your bathroom. Canyon Black is closest to the traditional wrought iron color. Frontier Rust adds an antique touch. Choose Patina Natural Rust to complement a bathroom with a "deep woods" theme.

    Made with pride in the USA, the Colorado Iron Towel Bar with Shelf provides handy towel storage in an attractive piece of cabin decor that brightens up your bathroom. This combination of style and function creates a timeless design that will be a fixture of the room for years to come. Choose complementary towel styles that feature your favorite woodland animals and make them part of the decor of the bathroom. When properly balanced, rugged accessories create a unique and enjoyable bathroom atmosphere.

  • Rustic Decor Makes the Christmas Season Shine

    Classic Snowmen on Art Prints!While it may not yet be time for Christmas, it never hurts to shop early for new country decor. After all, you want to have everything together to deck the halls once the snow starts falling and Christmas bells ring. Putting up a tree is only part of the festivities. To truly make your home shine this holiday season, add artistic touches such as the Merry Christmas art print by Pat Fischer.

    Printed on heavy, acid-free stock paper, Merry Christmas features an adorable lineup of snowmen decked out in cold-weather gear. From top hats and stocking caps to earmuffs and checkered scarves, this group of six smiling snowmen stands holding a wooden sign that declares "Merry Christmas" in cheery script. The black lettering stands out against the white of the snow, making this the perfect print to hang in your front hallway to greet seasonal guests.

    Fischer focuses on simplicity, keeping the colors subdued to let the "Merry Christmas" greeting stand out. The bright white of the snowmen is tempered by rustic reds, soft blues, deep yellow and hints of green. A checkerboard pattern of black and tan surrounds the image, serving to frame it and make the snowmen stand out. Look closely in the upper right corner and you'll see a vine with green holly leaves and red berries adding its seasonal accent to the piece. A distressed tan background gives Merry Christmas a vintage look that complements country furniture.

    If you'd like to make your rustic decor even more artistic come Christmas, you may choose to have this attractive print reproduced on canvas. The texture adds a special touch that may be further enhanced by the addition of a custom frame. At 16 inches by 8 inches, Merry Christmas allows room for framing without taking up too much space. Choose a frame style that goes with your holiday layout so you can enjoy the print every year alongside your other decorations. The high print quality ensures that the image will remain beautiful season after season.

  • Enjoy a Rugged Dining Experience with Rustic Decor

    Have many Stools to Entertain Guests!The rugged comfort of log furniture makes any country kitchen more inviting. As friends and family gather around the table, treat them to the handcrafted beauty displayed in the Lakeview Hickory Log Pub Stool. Real unpeeled hickory logs create a sturdy base that holds up to daily use without losing any of its natural splendor.

    An attractive upholstered top makes the Lakeview Hickory Log Pub Stool a joy to sit on. The classic plaid fabric features several eye-catching yet subdued colors to match any country decor. With its light tan background and stripes of deep red, rustic orange, forest green and pale yellow, the upholstery blends right in with other rustic pieces and enhances your dining area with its simple, beautiful design. The lighter colors also serve to complement the natural shade of the hickory, creating pleasing contrast.

    If you're going to be using a stool as seating on a daily basis, you want something sturdy and rugged. Hickory furniture offers just that. Each unpeeled log features a natural hardness underneath the dark color of the bark, providing a solid seating area whether you choose the 24 inch table height or the 30 inch bar height. This versatility and strength means you can match the stool with a standard dining table, a bistro table or a counter area.

    You get true strength and beauty when you choose the Lakeview Hickory Log Pub Stool. Thick logs with natural curves are used for the legs, and each side has two smaller logs running horizontally to provide strong support. Tenoned joins add a classic look along with rugged stability that you can rely on for years to come. Clear lacquer finishes off the piece, giving it a smooth look and ensuring that the wood doesn't suffer damage from frequent use.

    With beautiful hickory pieces as part of your rustic decor, you'll enjoy a comfortable dining experience every time you sit down to a meal. Share the beauty of natural wood with your family or impress guests with the rugged style of your dining room.

  • Make Baby's Nights Comfortable with Rustic Crib Sets

    Ocean Blue Rustic Crib SetsLet your little one ride waves of comfort with rustic crib sets like the Ocean Blue 9 PC Crib Bedding Set. This adorable collection of bedding and accessories turns the nursery into a nautical wonderland with its images of fish, octopi, whales, seahorses and more. Made from a cozy combination of 100 percent cotton and soft micro suede, the set is sure to make every night comfortable.

    The first thing you'll notice about this adorable bedding is the combination of colors. Light and dark blue create the "ocean" backdrop for an array of red, orange, yellow and green accents. White and black provide added contrast that draws the eye and creates a stunning nursery layout. These colors appear in nautical designs that repeat throughout the basic set, which includes a skirt, bumper, fitted sheet, decorative pillow and comforter for the crib as well as a pair of coordinating window valances. The bedding is made to fit not only cribs but also toddler beds, meaning that your child can take the style to his or her "big kid" bed when the time comes.

    Also included with this rustic decor is a toy bag and matching diaper stacker to help you organize the nursery. Having a baby makes life hectic, but these accessories offer an easy way to stay on top of daily tasks. If you need a little more help with keeping the nursery tidy, add a laundry hamper to the collection. Another option is to expand the style across the room with curtain panes and a matching lamp with a white or brown base.

    Ensure that your baby "floats" off to sleep by placing an Ocean Blue musical mobile above the crib. Designed to fit any standard wood furniture, this mobile features a collection of hanging plush circles, each adorned with a smiling starfish. Wind it up and lull baby into a comfortable night with the traditional strains of Brahms' lullaby. Then you can rest assured that he or she will sleep peacefully surrounded by cute ocean friends.

  • Use Aspen Furniture to Create a Unique Dining Room

    Aspen Dining Chairs for a Unique SettingTraditional dining sets often feature smooth surfaces and sleek lines that harmonize in the elegant setups seen in furniture commercials and showrooms. These have their own type of beauty but can't match the unique nature of aspen furniture like the Daybreak Light Aspen Log Dining Chair. Every gnarl, burl and knot in this stunning handmade chair echoes the beauty of nature and adds a special touch to your dining room.

    Each Daybreak Light Aspen Log Dining Chair features hand-peeled aspen logs arranged in a sturdy square base. Two short logs make up the front legs while taller logs stretch up on either side of the back to frame a group of four vertical slats with slightly flattened surfaces. These are set at an angle to provide comfort for anyone who sits in the chair. The slab seat sits on top of shorter aspen logs that provide added reinforcement. Kiln drying ensures that the wood won't warp or crack and tenoned joins increase stability.

    You never know quite what you're going to get when you invest in rustic decor. Though pieces are made with the same configurations, the rugged nature of the wood means that there are unique surprises every time. Choose regular aspen logs for your dining chairs to enjoy the simple bumps and checks that appear on the wood or select "extra gnarly" aspen for a look that's truly exceptional. Finish options include clear, which keeps the natural color of the wood intact; and honey, which provides a warmer tone. Both feature low gloss catalyzed lacquer for a smooth look.

    No matter what style you choose for your log furniture, the Daybreak Light Aspen Log Dining Chair will make your dining room stand out. Arrange a collection of standard chairs around a matching dining table, cap off the ends with arm chairs and you'll have an arrangement that invites family members and guests to gather for a shared meal and some quality time together. The result is a scene that looks far better than anything you'll ever see in a furniture commercial.

  • Illuminate Wood Furniture with Unique Lamps

    Great Handcrafted Table LampsAs fall creeps in, the days begin to get shorter and you find yourself reaching for the light switch more often. A sign of the long winter to come, these days can seem dreary without the right illumination in your cabin or lodge. When you're looking for a way to brighten up autumn mornings and evenings, consider unique rustic decor like the Fallow Deer Floor Lamp.

    Standing around six feet tall, the Fallow Deer Floor Lamp is handcrafted from real antlers. Every antler was shed naturally, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of antler furniture without worrying about its impact on wildlife or the environment. The entire base of the lamp, including the stand that elevates it slightly from the ground, is made from antlers. No metal poles or manmade adornments are found. This makes for a 100 percent unique lamp design that exudes the inherent beauty of the wilderness.

    In contrast to the usually soft, round shapes found in wood furniture, antler pieces feature curves and spikes that vary depending on the size and age of the antler. Colors are different as well, with antlers falling somewhere between tan and dark brown. No finish is necessary to enhance their natural charm. Skilled craftsmen work with the antlers to make a lamp that flows organically from top to bottom, drawing the eye and turning your living room into a woodland oasis. Add other antler furniture or accents to the room for a cohesive style that draws attention and generates comments from friends and visitors.

    Grab a 100-watt light bulb and choose a coordinating lamp shade to finish off your Fallow Deer Floor Lamp and truly enjoy its beauty. When used with other lodge decor, this stunning piece of art brings a combination of ruggedness and elegance to your home. Every time you turn it on, you'll not only get the benefit of extra light at the end of a dim and dreary day, but also the enjoyment of having a bit of nature right in your own home.

  • House Guests in Comfort with Attractive Wood Furniture

    Futons come in multiple designsFutons are fabulous when you need sleeping space in your home but don't have a guest room. Versatile and attractive, the Glacier Country Pine Log Futon combines the beauty of hand-peeled pine with the functionality of a full-sized futon. When placed in the living room or den of your rustic home, this stunning handmade log furniture piece enhances the decor and gives you a place to house guests for an overnight stay.

    Simple yet beautiful, this futon boasts some of the best features of rustic decor. Rugged pine longs with tenoned ends are used for the legs, crosspieces and side accents. Simple round logs create the arms. A box made of the same strong pine wood sits under the 54-inch by 75-inch black futon mattress. This box slides out easily when you want to covert the futon from a sitting space to a sleeping area. With its heirloom quality craftsmanship, the frame will last through years of use, allowing you to provide many visitors with a comfortable night's sleep when they stop by.

    Only dead-standing trees are harvested for use in the Glacier Country Pine Log Futon. Each beautiful log is peeled by hand using a draw knife which creates a pattern of light wood with dark inner bark accents. An eight-step finishing process applies honey pine stain and a top coat of lacquer to protect the wood from wear. The result is a finished piece that exudes woodland charm. Though you probably picture pine as a bright and sunny material, the peeling and staining processes used on this futon impart a deeper tone that works well in cabins and lodges.

    Find a futon cover with a suitably rustic design to finish off your new wood furniture piece and make it blend right in with your home's decor. You may choose a fabric in bright colors or subdued tones depending on the look you want to create. Think of your selection as another accessory in your home's layout and turn your futon into an integral part of your living space.

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