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Rustic Decor

  • Unique Candles Brighten Up Cabin Decor

    Candles are great for adjusting room lightsCandlelight has a way of making any room feel more cozy. Adding candles to your rustic decor imparts a sense of calm, relaxation and serenity. When those candles are a Set of 3 Rustic Birch Bark Candles, they also bring the beauty of the outdoors to your home. This unique candle set can light up the living room, add elegance to the dining table or turn your front hall into a woodland oasis.

    Rustic Birch Bark Candles are made from solid wax wrapped in real birch bark. The style is one-of-a-kind: a series of "rings" inside each candle with an exterior that looks exactly like a small birch log. This makes them perfect for all kinds of cabin decor. Since the prominent shades in birch bark are black and white, you can get creative with other accessories. Try decorative pine branches, bright knickknacks, rustic lamps or even photographs for a display that grabs attention.

    A set of log risers made from aspen wood makes a beautiful accompaniment to this bark-wrapped candle set. The risers are available in different sizes and can be arranged any way you wish. Elevate the candles in tiers to create a multi-level effect that disperses their light in unique ways and add accents in complementary colors to complete the look.

    As a dining table centerpiece, Rustic Birch Bark Candles provide beautiful subdued lighting for special meals. They're perfect for holidays, and can be customized depending on what you surround them with. Create a fall display with cornstalks and pumpkins, brighten up Thanksgiving with a cornucopia or make Christmas shine with holly leaves and berries. The candles may also be used to add a bit of charm to "ordinary" everyday meals or bring a romantic feeling to an evening spent alone with your spouse.

    Light your Rustic Birch Bark Candles whenever you want to enjoy the special flicker of candlelight. Arranged along with log furniture and complementary accents, this three-candle set is just what you need to make your home feel special any day of the year.

  • Bring the Family Together with Barnwood Furniture

    Upholstered Long BenchesNow that fall is in the air, it's time to start planning for the holiday season. It may seem like a long way off, but if you're the type who likes to have the whole family home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, you know how much preparation is involved. One thing you want to be sure of is having enough seating in the dining room. Instead of trying to surround the table with a ragged grouping of individual chairs, you could try rustic decor like the Cottage Barnwood Upholstered Bench to seat the coming crowd.

    Barnwood furniture is made with reclaimed boards and planks from old structures. The wood in the Cottage Barnwood Upholstered Log Bench is red oak from tobacco barns that were used in the 1800s, so it has a special character that's unique to weathered wood. With thick planks used for the legs and a full-length supporting beam, this bench is built to last. The upholstered seat is further supported by planks of wood that sit just beneath it and are attached securely to the legs.

    The builders of this beautiful bench preserve its personality using a dull catalyzed lacquer finish. Finishing barnwood seals in the nail hole accents, saw marks, abrasions and weathering patterns so that you can enjoy them for a long time. Barnwood itself is known for longevity given that it's been naturally weathered from spending years being exposed to changing weather conditions. After that, day-to-day wear and even heavy use around the holidays won't cause the appearance of the wood to deteriorate.

    Customize your Cottage Barnwood Upholstered Log Bench with one of the nearly four dozen fabric choices available for the seat. Find one that complements your cabin decor, then choose the length you need to seat all the guests you're expecting for the upcoming holidays. Whether you need a four-, five- or six-foot bench, you get the same stability and beauty you expect from barnwood. Let this eye-catching piece enhance your dining room during the holidays and throughout the rest of the year.

  • Make Lodge Decor Unique with Rustic Lamps

    Table Lamps with Bear on the DesignHave you been looking for a unique way to light up your lodge or cabin? Since lamps are a must-have in every room, you might as well make the most of them to dress up your rustic decor. Eye-catching pieces like the Black Bear Lamp with Metal Shade deliver the light you need while adding a beautiful accent to your living room, bedroom, den or enclosed patio area.

    Sturdy materials and stunning details are combined in this lovely lamp. The hand-painted poly resin base is crafted to look like a tree stump and features a black bear with her cubs. The cub sits in the crook of a branch above Mom's head, looking down with a playful expression while Mom peers out at the room, keeping watch and ensuring the cub's safety. Above them you'll find a four-sided rectangular metal shade with a bear silhouette on each plane.

    Detail is a hallmark of good lodge decor, and you'll find a lot of it in the Black Bear Lamp with Metal Shade. Intricate lines in the trunk of the tree give it the look of real wood. Texture on the bears makes them appear furry, and the forest floor beneath the mother bear's feet looks amazingly like fallen leaves. The end of the lamp's pull chain dangles just above the head of the cub and is made to look exactly like a pine cone, complete with a bristly surface and deep brown color.

    Made in the USA, this 21-inch lamp looks perfect with any wood furniture including rustic end tables and nightstands. The natural colors and the deep shade of the metal contrast with pine and cedar and can be used to complement darker wood such and barnwood or hickory. Add a 40-watt light bulb and watch the shade light up with a soft, yellowish glow. Though it's a small accent, this lamp can make a big difference in the way a room looks by imparting a sense of rustic charm and delivering a unique image of natural beauty.

  • Make Rustic Decor an Integral Part of the Bedroom

    Nightstands made of good quality cedarNightstands are all too often used as dumping grounds for piles of bedroom clutter. Instead of being regarded as an important part of the decor, these little tables and cabinets become buried under piles of books and papers, back issues of magazines and other odds and ends. The beauty of the Cedar Lake Lodge Enclosed Log Nightstand, however, is too eye-catching to meet the same fate. Choosing this rustic furniture for your bedroom will change your whole perspective on what a nightstand can be used for.

    Hand-peeled Northern white cedar logs pair up with flat panels of cedar wood to create a simple box shape accented with stunning log edges. Each log has its own personality complete with gnarls and beetle tracks, knots, burls and color variations all created during the lifetime of the trees they came from. Logs are chosen for their unique appearances and peeled to reveal their beauty. Log edging around the top and bottom balances out the look of this rustic decor.

    With a single drawer placed above a cabinet sporting an attractive inset door, the Cedar Lake Lodge Enclosed Log Nightstand provides space for all of the items that could otherwise bury the piece. Instead of hiding the solid 2-inch thick cedar top under everything that won't fit elsewhere in the room, tuck your belongings away and use the space to hold a rustic lamp or a favorite photograph. The full extension glides that the drawer rests on are rated at 100lbs. to hold just about anything. Dovetail drawer box construction ensures longevity while log handles add a touch of rustic charm.

    Whether you choose a clear or honey pine finish for your Cedar Lake Lodge Enclosed Log Nightstand, you'll appreciate what handcrafted log furniture can do for your bedroom. Instead of being a storage spot for everything you can't find another place for, it will become a fixture of your bedroom's style for a long time to come. Match it with other Cedar Lake pieces to create the perfect bedroom collection for your rustic home.

  • Cabin Decor Brings the Deep Woods Home

    Sturdy Lamp Sets with a Nice Bronze FinishPicture yourself standing in the deep woods, surrounded by towering pines with the sounds of the forest around you. Wouldn't it be nice to take the peace you find in that place and bring it home? While having the Autumn's Light Accent Lamp Set as part of your rustic decor isn't the same as taking a hike along your favorite woodland paths, the unique design can serve as a reminder of the quietness you find there. The decor of any living room or den can benefit from the subdued colors and intricate design of this lamp set.

    Each Autumn's Light Accent Lamp rests on a sturdy base with round tiered accents and an amber bronze finish. The deep color is contrasted by the light amber glass that surrounds the bulb socket. All around the glass, detailing is used to depict flowing images of pine branches, cones and needles with the resulting impression that a tree is growing up from the base of each lamp. Metal rings cap the lamps off and support metal pine cone accents. The balance between dark and light creates a lamp that's pleasing to the eye and just right for cabin decor.

    With the light from a 25-watt type B bulb, these lamps take on a subtle glow that lights up the pine cone and branch accents from the inside. It's hard not to sit mesmerized by the look of these finely crafted pieces. You can place them side by side for a two-level lighting effect or have one at either end of a table for an interesting visual arrangement.

    The Autumn's Light Accent Lamp Set includes two lamps: one that's 21.5 inches tall with a 6.5-inch base and another that stands 18 inches tall on a 5.5-inch base. Together with wood furniture and other rustic accents, these attractive lamps transport you to that peaceful place in the forest that's far away from daily stressors and concerns. With their fine craftsmanship and soft lighting, these lamps are the perfect touch for your rustic home.

  • Rustic Decor Adds Elegance to Meal Preparation

    Great Kitchen Islands to Work WithDo you need more space to prepare food in your kitchen? You can get it with the Montana Lodge Kitchen Island. This attractive rustic decor stands 25 inches high and features a 35-inch by 28-inch top. Recycled antique wood gives the piece a rustic appearance that can be customized with one of eight unique finishes to fit the look of your kitchen and enhance its current design.

    Recycled wood furniture has a unique appearance that improves the look of any room, including food prep areas. Wood repurposed from other furniture or structures has already aged, so you can rely on its strength and stability. The Montana Lodge Kitchen Island makes use of this strength in a simple yet elegant design that features a square top with legs attached to the outside of each corner. Eye-catching round hardware in a deep shade accentuates the wood for a dramatic look.

    Adding an island expands the area you have to cut vegetables, make salads, slice bread and other simple kitchen tasks. The Montana Lodge Kitchen Island is designed to keep the things you need close at hand as you work. One side features a towel rack; another has handy pegs for holding a cutting board. The surface provides enough space for preparing everyday meals and can also be used to serve appetizers when you're having a party. Place it in a corner to expand your counter space or center it in your open-plan kitchen to break up the room and add a touch of beauty and elegance.

    Every finish available for this rustic furniture gives it a different personality. For country kitchens, choose the light and sunny Butternut or the comfortable Weathered. Deep Noir and dramatic Rouge look great in modern kitchens while the blue of Ocean can match any light-colored decor. Pine and Fern are both great choices if your home is on the rustic side. Select the finish that best matches the decor of your kitchen and enjoy the beautiful Montana Lodge Kitchen Island every time you prepare your favorite foods.

  • Enhance Your Dining Area with Log Cabin Furniture

    Dining Chairs at their Finest!The atmosphere you choose to create in your dining room depends on its primary uses. Do you sit down to a family dinner with your spouse and kids every night to enjoy some relaxing family time? Are you more likely to have to clean an inch of dust off the table before all of your relatives show up for Thanksgiving? For most people, reality is somewhere in between. Fortunately, rustic decor like the Real Walnut & Rustic Hickory Dining Chair works for formal and everyday styles by adding a rugged look to your dining area.

    The legs, lower supports and back supports of the Real Walnut & Rustic Hickory Dining Chair are made from solid hickory wood and logs. Instead of peeling or sanding the wood, the craftsmen who build these chairs leave the bark on. This creates a deep color that is complemented by the walnut wood used in the seat and back rest. All-over clear finish seals and protects the chair from the wear and tear of daily use. Your seasonal guests will never guess that you use these stunning chairs on a regular basis. They'll be too busy admiring the pristine, glossy appearance and natural charm of the wood.

    When you look at log furniture, it's hard not to appreciate the individual accents that make each piece unique. Wood continues to be a popular choice for home furnishings not only because it lasts a long time but also due to its singular personality and rustic beauty. From the rounded legs to the smooth lower support beams running from side to side and back to front, the Real Walnut & Rustic Hickory Dining Chair exudes the beauty of a dense forest and brings to mind the many secluded wild places that still exist around the world.

    Whether you want to spruce up your dining room with some handmade log cabin furniture or simply need a new set of chairs, you can rely on hickory and walnut wood to enhance your home for many years to come.

  • Bring Illuminating Rustic Decor to Your Cabin

    Wall Sconces with a beautiful rustic accentSummertime at your cabin means staying outside as long as you can until dusk turns into dark and you have to take the party indoors. As you sit and talk or play a game of cards, it's nice to enjoy cozy cabin decor like the Cottage Hickory Double Log Wall Sconce. This handcrafted piece serves two purposes: it provides light for your evening activities and brings a little bit of the outdoors to your cabin's already rugged style.

    Every Cottage Hickory Double Log Wall Sconce features a pair of small hickory logs attached to a solid wood backing. Kiln-drying the logs boosting the natural hardness of the hickory to give it extra strength. The drying process also preserves the unique characteristics found in the bark, which is left on the logs for a beautiful dark finish. The lighter color of the backing provides attractive contrast and harmonizes well with log furniture. Clear catalyzed lacquer is used to finish the whole fixture and protect the wood from damage.

    You can make your new wall sconce match the theme of your home by choosing a pair of lampshades in whatever style you fancy. Pick your favorite from a selection of solid colors, outdoor scenes and textured surfaces to create the look that's perfect for your cabin. A beautiful yellow-brown shade with a pattern of leaves and pine needles is suggested for the sconce or you can select your own design separately for a custom look.

    Measuring about 36 inches long and 17 inches high, the Cottage Hickory Double Log Wall Sconce can be placed anywhere in your home. Enjoy the combination of beautiful style and handy illumination as part of your rustic decor this summer and on into the fall. As the days get shorter, you'll appreciate having the extra light to .brighten up the evenings and bring a touch of outdoor charm to your home. Whether you only spend the summer at your cabin or like to go there for weekends throughout the year, this sconce will come in handy.

  • Make Rustic Decor Part of Every Meal

    Flatware for the Barnwood HomeCabin life is all about creating a rustic experience. Somehow, setting the dinner table with traditional dishes and flatware doesn't quite fit into this image. Whether you eat around a long table made from classic barnwood or a bistro style table with the made from natural cedar, you need accessories that match your beautiful log cabin furniture. Choosing a unique group of place settings such as the Antique Copper Twig Flatware set adds eye-catching style to every meal.

    Each Antique Copper Twig Flatware set comes with one spreading knife, one each of a wide fork, narrow fork, soup spoon and dessert spoon. Choose two, four, six or ten sets depending on your needs and the size of your table so each family member and guest gets a full complement of silverware in this attractive style. Should you need an extra set, that option is available as well. The utensils are crafted from 18/8 stainless steel with solid copper handles. This combination of metals results in flatware pieces that can be used throughout the years without suffering damage or losing any of their simple beauty.

    What makes this particular set of flatware special, though, is the exquisite detailing in each handle. It would be easy to crank out set after set of mass-produced flatware with plastic or resin handles in twig shapes, but this unique rustic decor features handles that are so well made that they look almost exactly like real twigs. Details include twists and knots as well as small "branches" protruding from the upper portion of each handle just under the head of the piece. Rough lines create the appearance of bark while variations in the color of the copper draw the eye.

    Making accessories like the Antique Copper Twig Flatware set part of your cabin decor creates an authentic atmosphere that makes each meal special. Choose matching rustic dishes and surround your family and friends with a beautiful woodland experience as they come together to share a good home-cooked meal in the evenings and on special occasions.

  • Incorporate Barnwood Furniture into Daily Dining

    Have Beautiful Dining Tables in your Dining RoomThe sight of an old barn standing in a farm field brings to mind images of solidity and reliability. You'll find these same characteristics in the Conestoga Barnwood Trestle Table. A classic two-legged trestle base and a solid barnwood top make this table a sturdy, one-of-a-kind addition to the rustic decor in your dining room. Handcrafted from 100 percent reclaimed barnwood, the table features the beautiful accents that develop when structures are left to weather naturally over time.

    Six table sizes from five feet to ten feet are available for you to choose from so you can seat your immediate family or gather a whole group for a special occasion. You can also choose a 42-inch or 48-inch table width to get just the right size. No matter what configuration you settle on, you receive the same quality handcrafting and stunning barnwood furniture appearance. The barnwood boards used for the tabletop feature rough-sawn areas along with hewn marks and the occasional nail hole, all authentic "decorations" from the wood's former life.

    The Conestoga Barnwood Trestle Table is finished with a clear coat to enhance the natural strength of the wood and protect its unique appearance. Daily dining can do a number on tabletops, but the combination of barnwood strength and protective finish preserves the look of this table whether you're dealing with a host of rambunctious kids or just the occasional bump or spill. The dark brown, red-brown and light brown colors will remain beautiful regardless of mishaps.

    The trestle style is part of what makes this stunning cabin furniture so appealing. The tabletop rests on a pair of thick pillars, each featuring a curved design with three "feet." A supporting beam stretches between them to ensure stability. Its arched shape adds a touch of elegance to the otherwise rugged appearance of the table, making it suitable for any kind of home decor from basic country to bold Western designs. Make the Conestoga Barnwood Trestle Table part of your dining room and enjoy its unique beauty at every meal.

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