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Rustic Decor

  • Improve Kitchen Appearance with Rustic Decor

    Cutting Boards Crafted from Mixed WoodsAspiring chefs know the value of quality kitchen accessories. Along with hefty, sharp knives and a good set of pans, a wooden cutting board is an essential part of any cook's collection. The Easy Grip 3/4" Thick Hard Wood Cutting Board is made by hand in the USA from natural woods that offer a combination of beauty and resiliency.

    Available in light wood, dark wood or a combination of the two, the Easy Grip 3/4" Thick Hard Wood Cutting Board looks great in your kitchen whether or not it's in use. Light wood complements the wood furniture commonly found in country kitchens while dark wood makes a bold accompaniment to barnwood kitchen accessories. Choosing mixed wood gives you the most unique result as the craftsmen put together a combination of various hardwoods including black walnut, maple, cherry and oak. The result is a one-of-a-kind cutting board perfect for all of your food preparation needs.

    Wood is a safe surface to use with any kind of knife. Unlike glass cutting boards which can dull blades, wood offers strength without being damaging. You can slice, dice or chop anything on this beautiful piece of rustic decor and know that both your knives and the board will stay in good condition. A food-grade mineral oil is rubbed into every board to keep it looking beautiful. This oil will not contaminate food during preparation and will prolong the life of the cutting board so you can continue to enjoy it through years of family meals.

    Cutting boards also make great gifts for the enthusiastic cooks among your family and friends. Personalize the Easy Grip 3/4" Thick Hard Wood Cutting Board with up to 25 characters for your spouse, your parents, your best friend or anyone else on your list who appreciates handmade cabin decor. Anyone with an eye for detail will admire the differing grain patterns and the light-and-dark contrast of the mixed woods. With its beautiful appearance and handy thumb hole, this handmade cutting board makes a smart addition to any kitchen.

  • Aspen Furniture Makes Any Bedroom Stunning

    Beds with a Clear or Honey FinishWhy settle for a basic bed when you can have the unique, attractive look of aspen furniture right in your own home? The Original Aspen Log Bed combines the natural splendor of aspen logs with skilled handcrafting to create a beautiful, comfortable bed. With both dark and light aspen styles to choose from, you can select the bed design that's right for your home's design.

    All five sizes of The Original Aspen Log Bed start with a frame of hand-peeled logs harvested from dead-standing trees. Sturdy 5"-7" logs make up the legs and provide support at each corner of the bed. Single log side rails stretch between these from headboard to footboard to form a strong foundation for your mattress or box spring set. At the ends of the bed, you'll find a series of shorter aspen logs arranged in a vertical row between top and bottom rails. These form eye-catching head and foot designs that are made even more attractive with the addition of a honey finish. If you prefer to enjoy the natural color of the aspen wood, choose clear finish instead.

    You can rest assured that your new rustic decor will last for many years of comfortable sleeping. Sturdy bolts hold the side rails in place while support slats stretch across the frame of the bed to ensure that the mattress never sags. Upgrade to double log side rails for added support. Aspen is an inherently strong wood, meaning that your new The Original Aspen Log Bed will remain attractive as well as cozy night after night.

    The process of hand-peeling reveals the beauty of aspen that makes these handcrafted log beds so eye-catching. Each log always has a little bit of the tree's inner bark left on it after peeling, so your bed will sport its own unique combination of light and dark colors along with the other accents that naturally develop during the lifetime of an aspen tree. For log beds with even more detail, choose "extra character" aspen logs to add flair to bedroom style.

  • Keep Treasured Blankets Safe with Reclaimed Wood Furniture

    Blanket Chests for the Extra BlanketsDo you have a collection of blankets or toys that doesn't have a safe, permanent home? The Rustic Mountain Barnwood Blanket Chest is the perfect place to put it. Reclaimed barnwood boards stretch between sturdy legs to form a solid rectangular box with a generous 48"x22"x18" worth of space to hold a variety of items. This rustic decor is topped off by a hinged door that forms a solid top when the chest is closed.

    You'll find rugged rounded log legs at each corner of the chest, their shape adding contrast to the sharper lines of the main body. If you prefer a more complementary appearance, square legs may be chosen instead. For a classic look and feel, add a cedar lining. This not only brings charm to the chest, but it also gives everything stored inside a pleasant natural scent. Enjoy this unique smell each time you open the chest to put something away or take something out.

    Use the Rustic Mountain Barnwood Blanket Chest in your bedroom to hold extra blankets for those chilly nights or to keep heirloom quilts safe and sound. When placed at the end of the bed, this stunning reclaimed wood furniture complements rustic nightstands and other cabin or lodge accessories. The light honey finish provides a beautiful backdrop for three pine tree silhouettes, arranged slightly off-center to create a classic woodland accent. Choose a chest with or without this accent depending on the look that you want and enjoy the stunning style of this well-crafted furniture.

    When you incorporate barnwood furniture into your home's decor, you get one-of-a-kind pieces with charm, personality and flair. Reclaimed boards always feature slightly different styles depending on how long they spent in the elements. You'll enjoy a pattern of knots and beautiful varying lines in the grain along with colors including brown, red-brown and even shades of gray. Your unique Rustic Mountain Barnwood Blanket Chest is built to last, so you can store anything you want in it and it will be up to the task.

  • Barnwood Furniture Brings Rustic Charm to Any Bedroom

    Barnwood Nightstands with 1 DrawerThere's something special about barnwood furniture. The combination of rugged, weathered wood and careful handcrafting creates pieces that draw the eye and enhance the style of any room. In the Heritage Barnwood 1 Drawer Enclosed Nightstand, wood reclaimed from century-old or older barns is constructed into a stout bedside storage table with clean, angular lines and an old-fashioned appearance. Colors and patterns vary throughout the piece for a one-of-a-kind design with rustic charm.

    Each edge of the Heritage Barnwood 1 Drawer Enclosed Nightstand features rectangular pieces of barnwood to create a framework for the planks that make up the sides. In the front, a single drawer rests on full-extension glides, providing space for storing small items. The cubby beneath the drawer sports an attractive square door with hinges on either the left or the right depending on which orientation best suits the rustic decor of the bedroom. Cubby space is perfect for larger items that might otherwise have no permanent home. Curved wooden accents adorn the front corners under the tabletop, serving to soften the sharper look of the rest of the piece.

    With more than one type of storage, this nightstand is superior to other bedside furniture. Tables may have an attractive appearance but can quickly become cluttered with commonly used items such as remote controls, mail and books or magazines. Instead of placing these things on top of the nightstand, they can be tucked away until they're needed, keeping the bedroom looking clean and organized.

    This stunning cabin furniture is finished with clear catalyzed lacquer to bring out the best of the unique barnwood look. One of the most attractive features of barnwood is its different shades including light brown, dark brown and hints of red and gold. These variations come from years of natural weathering and make each Heritage Barnwood 1 Drawer Enclosed Nightstand a work of art. Choosing tooled leather or authentic antler handles provides just the right touch for cabin and lodge bedrooms that feature other natural wood pieces or furniture from the Heritage Barnwood collection.

  • Enhance Living Room Style with Versatile Rustic Decor

    These benches are as versatile as they getThe type of seating you choose for your dining room depends on how you'll use it. A basic collection of chairs works well for daily meals with a small family, but when you entertain crowds or have extended family over on a regular basis, the Aspen With Metal Scene Dining Bench is a more practical solution. Instead of trying to crowd a whole collection of chairs around the dining table, you can choose benches ranging from four feet to seven feet to provide just the right amount of space while enhancing your rustic decor.

    What makes this bench different from other log furniture? The solid aspen slab seat is just the beginning. The thick piece of wood features natural log edging with deep coloration that contrasts with the smooth, bright top. Clear finish enhances the beauty of the aspen by bringing out the many undertones present in the wood. Underneath this sturdy seat, four rugged metal legs act as the frame for a hand-cut metal scene featuring your choice of woodland accents. Choose one of the fifteen available designs including bears, elk, whitetail faces, moose, deer and ducks and enjoy its distinctive rugged charm.

    Benches make great additions to the living room as well. Place the Aspen With Metal Scene Dining Bench by the wall or make it part of a seating area around the fireplace for a unique accent that offers both comfort and style. You may also wish to use it as an entry bench so that you have a place to sit and take your shoes off when you come home each day. Its rugged appearance gives guests a warm greeting and provides a preview of the style to be found in the rest of your home.

    This versatility is just one of the hallmarks of good rustic decorating. By combining the unique character of aspen wood with the warm, coppery bronze tone of hand-cut metal, the Aspen With Metal Scene Dining Bench provides beauty, charm and warmth to your home no matter where you place it.

  • Make Country Furniture Part of a Balanced Bedroom

    Accentuate the Bedroom with NightstandsBuilding a balanced bedroom involves careful coordination of country furniture pieces. While the bed is the most prominent feature, other pieces such as chests, dressers, armoires and nightstands all contribute to the style. The Cedar Lake Lodge 1 Drawer Log Nightstand is a particularly attractive piece that works well in both country and cabin bedrooms. Handcrafted in a classic rectangular design with an open bottom, this sturdy piece complements other light-colored wood and offers just the right amount of storage for bedtime necessities.

    If a simple style is what you're going for, you'll appreciate the look of the Cedar Lake Lodge 1 Drawer Log Nightstand. Its rugged frame includes hand-peeled corner log accents and a 2"-thick wood top with natural edging. The sides, drawer and drawer box all feature the same Northern white cedar wood while a bottom "lip" keeps the stand elevated off the floor. When hand-peeled, logs retain their original beauty which may include dark inner bark, beetle marks, knots and gnarls. Adding a clear finish preserves this appearance and extends the life of the piece. Warm brown honey pine finish is stunning as well and allows the stand to blend in with the rest of your rustic decor.

    In addition to attractive style, you get the benefit of an inset drawer with a dovetailed drawer box and full extension glides. Rated at 100lbs., these glides ensure that you can store anything from TV remotes to books in the nightstand and know that it will stay safe. Underneath the drawer, you'll find a handy open space that's perfect for a stack of your favorite reading material or a decorative accent such as a houseplant.

    Leaving the Cedar Lake Lodge 1 Drawer Log Nightstand unfinished allows you to enjoy the stunning beauty of cedar wood in its natural state. Choosing cedar to accentuate the country furniture in your bedroom brings bright, attractive style to the decor while ensuring stability and longevity. Make this solidly built nightstand a part of your bedroom setup and enjoy a comfortable, balanced look that lasts.

  • Log Furniture Makes Pet's Feeding Time Special

    Natural and Simple Pet FeedersYour pet is a special and important member of your family. Whether you have a cat who thinks she rules the roost or a dog who's always up for a game of fetch, you want only the best for your furry friend. Giving them their own personal space complete with a bed, toys and a Glacier Country Small Log Pet Feeder shows how much you appreciate them. Not only does it give your pet a special place to enjoy food; it makes a lovely addition to your rustic decor that's sure to attract attention.

    You don't have to spoil your pets to make them feel loved, but the Glacier Country Small Log Pet Feeder is a fun way to pamper them a bit. Built using American-grown lodgepole pine logs, this feeder has a sturdy frame with an attractive log furniture appearance. Much of the inner bark is left on the logs during the peeling and finishing process, creating a dark look that works well in any rustic home. A protective coating with a honey pine tone is applied to the feeder to protect it from spills and ensure that it maintains a "like new" appearance.

    A pet feeder is practical as well as attractive. This solidly built unit comes with two 1-quart stainless steel bowls that are elevated off the floor for easier access and more sanitary feeding conditions. Mortise and tenon joints in the rugged frame keep the bowls from sliding around as your pet enjoys his or her dinner. Stainless steel is also easy to clean so your pet can enjoy fresh-tasting food and pure water at every meal.

    Like many rustic furniture pieces, the Glacier Country Small Log Pet Feeder features a simple design with lots of natural character. Smooth, stout round logs are used for the legs while longer logs create a rectangular frame with an extra log down the middle that supports the feeding dishes. Your dog or cat will love mealtimes all the more when food appears in this attractive little home accessory.

  • Choose Aspen Furniture for a Unique Dining Room Personality

    Each Dining Chair has a Unique PersonalityDoes your dining room have personality? The feeling you get when you gather at the table with your family is influenced by the layout and design of the room as much as by the food you share. Incorporating attractive country furniture such as the Aspen Log Dining Chair into your decor brings the beauty of the outdoors to your home and enhances your dining experience. Unlike mass-produced furniture, pieces made from aspen have their own special character that can change the whole feeling of a room.

    Whether crafted with standard aspen logs or customized to include eye-catching wood with extra character, the Aspen Log Dining Chair imparts a sense of rugged strength and beauty. Hand-peeling the logs preserves every individual variation of the color and texture of the wood. Aspen develops unique features such as knots, checks and twists as it grows in the wild, and each of these characteristics adds a distinctive touch to your dining area.

    A simple construction with or without arms allows the best qualities of this aspen furniture to stand out. Stout log legs with crosspieces support a slab seat with a sturdy back made from five vertical logs. Another log stretches over the top of these, creating a comfortable back rest. Arm chairs include rugged log arms on either side and are perfect for placing at either end of a rustic dining table. Choose from clear or honey finish to complement the decor of your dining area and enjoy the natural beauty of each chair's style.

    Not only is every log used in the Aspen Log Dining Chair peeled by hand to preserve its natural character and charm; the pieces are also kiln-dried to ensure stability that lasts a lifetime. That means none of the wobbling, cracking or warping that can happen with lower quality furniture. You can rely on this rustic decor to retain its strength and beauty through years of shared family meals. Making aspen part of your dining room ensures a comfortable eating area that never goes out of style.

  • Decorative Lamps Enhance Rustic Furniture Style

    Bedroom Table LampsDuring the holiday season, your cabin or lodge is filled with festive decor that gives every room a magical touch. You don't have to lose that whimsy when the decorations come down. Interesting, eye-catching pieces like the Rustic Tree Table Lamp offer woodland charm that accents your log furniture all year long. Adding stylish items like this to your living room or den brings universal appeal that anyone can appreciate.

    True to its name, the base of the Rustic Tree Table Lamp looks just like a tree trunk "growing" up out of your end table or sofa table. Made from poly resin that's hand painted to resemble natural bark, this lamp is as rugged as it appears. A stunning metal silhouette shade tops off the piece with a soothing outdoor scene. Every time you turn on the lamp, you'll see the image of a canoe floating on a pond. Towering fir trees surround the water and give way to snow-capped mountains in the background. This calming picture is the perfect finishing touch for your post-holiday decor.

    Of course, this lamp has a practical function in addition to its beauty. Add a 40-watt bulb to shed light on daily tasks or brighten up a dreary afternoon. Simply tug the classic pull chain to get the brightness you need. If you feel like relaxing, there's nothing wrong with simply sitting and enjoying this unique cabin decor. The realistic appearance makes it a fun conversation piece that you'll love having in your home.

    The bedroom is another place that often needs some extra light. The Rustic Tree Table Lamp looks great with other rustic decor and provides just the right amount of illumination when placed on your bedside table or nightstand. Use it to give yourself light to read by or to work on a personal project before turning in for the night. Anywhere you use it, this attractive little lamp will bring back a touch of that special feeling you enjoyed when your home was decked out for the holidays.

  • Bring Vintage Country Decor to Your Kitchen

    Vintage Art PrintsWhen the kitchen is the center of activity in your home, it creates a warm, inviting bustle of activity that draws family together. This is especially noticeable around the holidays when you begin cooking more elaborate meals and baking up seasonal treats. You might not think of the kitchen as a great place to hang artwork, but by choosing unique and interesting prints to enhance your rustic decor, you can make your kitchen even more welcoming.

    Nutmeg by Pamela Gladding is a vintage-style kitchen art print with deep and mysterious appeal. Rendered in shades of brown, tan, gray and green, this unusual print is perfect for hanging by your spice rack or beside the sink. Bold lettering and a distinctive antique design set this print apart from the traditional, folksy artwork found in many kitchens. Its dark coloration looks best in contrast with cream or tan kitchen color schemes and light wood furniture such as cedar or pine.

    Looking deep into the layers of imagery in Nutmeg brings to mind visions of the distant lands that explorers once coveted as sources for exotic herbs and spices. Misty mountains rise inside a central circle adorned with a flowing banner that proclaims "Fair Isle" in bold letters. Over to the left, a curious monkey stands as a symbol of uncharted territory. Fronds of palm trees and other foreign plants adorn the rest of the picture.

    Well-placed words and lettering bring the look of the Nutmeg print together. A large bar of black with copper-colored leaf designs spans the bottom of the image, serving as a backdrop for the name of the title spice. An old-fashioned brand name appears near the top along with the designation of "imported select spices." The overall look is that of an antiquated spice label and is perfect for drawing attention whether you have it framed when you buy it or choose a frame of your own later on. Adorn your kitchen with this and other unique country decor to enhance its beauty and charm.

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