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rustic decorating

  • Enhance Living Room Style with Versatile Rustic Decor

    These benches are as versatile as they getThe type of seating you choose for your dining room depends on how you'll use it. A basic collection of chairs works well for daily meals with a small family, but when you entertain crowds or have extended family over on a regular basis, the Aspen With Metal Scene Dining Bench is a more practical solution. Instead of trying to crowd a whole collection of chairs around the dining table, you can choose benches ranging from four feet to seven feet to provide just the right amount of space while enhancing your rustic decor.

    What makes this bench different from other log furniture? The solid aspen slab seat is just the beginning. The thick piece of wood features natural log edging with deep coloration that contrasts with the smooth, bright top. Clear finish enhances the beauty of the aspen by bringing out the many undertones present in the wood. Underneath this sturdy seat, four rugged metal legs act as the frame for a hand-cut metal scene featuring your choice of woodland accents. Choose one of the fifteen available designs including bears, elk, whitetail faces, moose, deer and ducks and enjoy its distinctive rugged charm.

    Benches make great additions to the living room as well. Place the Aspen With Metal Scene Dining Bench by the wall or make it part of a seating area around the fireplace for a unique accent that offers both comfort and style. You may also wish to use it as an entry bench so that you have a place to sit and take your shoes off when you come home each day. Its rugged appearance gives guests a warm greeting and provides a preview of the style to be found in the rest of your home.

    This versatility is just one of the hallmarks of good rustic decorating. By combining the unique character of aspen wood with the warm, coppery bronze tone of hand-cut metal, the Aspen With Metal Scene Dining Bench provides beauty, charm and warmth to your home no matter where you place it.

  • Brighten the Day with Western Decor

    Bedspreads for the Western BedroomWhen your bedroom greets you with bright, stunning Western decor, it makes even the dreariest, most difficult day seem better. You can't help but feel uplifted when you come home to a cozy, comfortable bed that sports eye-catching colors and unique patterns. The Socorro Bedspread combines these two elements in a poly-acrylic-wool blend spread that can be used on any one of six bed sizes from twin to super king.Color is the first thing you'll notice when you see the Socorro Bedspread. Dusky blue, bright orange, deep red and subtle gray alternate in horizontal bands and designs across the entire surface of the blanket. Some are straight bands of various thicknesses while others infuse a bold look with sharp Southwestern designs. Zigzags, triangles, diamonds and thin lines that look like fringe all make an appearance, marching along the bedspread from side to side in a unique pattern that you'll keep coming back to for another look. Each time you see the design, something new jumps out.

    Whether you're looking to adorn log beds with something a little different or you need a stunning spread to dress up a modern bedroom, you can't go wrong with the Socorro Bedspread. It makes a lovely finishing touch when combined with a coordinating bedskirt, a sheet set and pillow shams. The entire Socorro collection features the same attractive colors along with faux leather and concho accents to create a complete Western style that draws the eye.

    Made in the USA from 40 percent polyester, 20 percent acrylic and 30 percent wool blend fabric, this bedspread is a beautiful choice for any bedroom in your rustic home. From cabins and lodges to ranch houses and summer homes in the country, this attractive style enhances the rustic decorating scheme of any sleeping area. Surprise guests with the distinctive Socorro look or make it the focus of your personal bedroom space. No matter how you use it, the stunning colors and designs will lift your spirits and bring a little light to the end of each day.

  • Inspirational Country Decor Brings Peace to the Home

    Send Inspiring Quotes with Art PrintsSometimes daily life gets so hectic that you forget to stop and take stock of the blessings that you and your family have. Between school, work, chores and personal obligations, it can seem as though there's never time to rest and reflect. No matter how busy you are, though, it's important to take a step back, relax and breathe now and then, even if it's only for a few minutes every day. Making inspirational art prints like Linda Spivey's Goodness of the Lord part of your country decor helps to remind you of what's truly important, even when the rigors of life make you feel as if you're in over your head.

    Goodness of the Lord is a simple 5"x7" print that depicts a quote from Psalm 33:5 in which the psalmist declares, "The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord." These words are written out in attractive, easy-to-read letters that reflect an almost childlike innocence in their flowing shapes. Small round embellishments at the ends of lines and the edges of curves add a decorative feel to the text, and large colorful capitals on "the," "goodness" and "Lord" emphasize the main message of the passage.

    An outline drawing of two bluebirds in a branch appears in the lower left corner of Goodness of the Lord. This decorative accent is filled in with brown, green, blue and yellow shades, adding a splash of color that stands out from the print's white background. The same pretty blue is used to shade in the block capitals in the Scripture quote, creating a balanced look for your home's rustic decorating scheme.

    The living room, bedroom and kitchen are all great places to hang inspirational artwork. Framing Goodness of the Lord helps it stand out among your log furniture and catch your eye whenever you need a gentle reminder of the true goodness there is in the world. As you go about your daily schedule, let Spivey's simple artwork bring a sense of peace and rest to each day.

  • Aspen Furniture Accommodates a Crowd

    Spacious Dining TablesHave you ever found yourself scrambling for extra table space or seating when hosting a large family gathering? Getting everyone a place and making sure they're comfortable can be one of the most stressful parts of entertaining. Instead of filling your dining room and kitchen with tray tables and folding chairs, consider investing in an Aspen Lodge Log Dining Table. This stunning piece of log furniture comes in six different lengths to accommodate crowds of any size.

    Whether you're looking for a simple 6-foot table for daily dining and holiday entertaining or you need an expansive 11 feet of space, the Aspen Lodge Log Dining Table delivers with rugged beauty and charm. Each leg is made from a unique aspen log, harvested in an environmentally friendly manner from dead-standing trees. This not only ensures strong support for the smooth tabletop; it also means that every table has its own distinctive look. Plus, since dining tables see a lot of wear and tear and you never know what's going to get spilled, the piece includes a protective clear finish to keep the entire surface looking beautiful.

    Of course, you don't want to surround your brand new aspen furniture with just any seating. The Aspen Lodge line also provides arm chairs and side chairs to help you create the perfect dining package. With four different combinations of chairs to choose from, you'll always have enough room to seat all of your guests. For those times when you're expecting the entire extended family for a special visit, you might want to try a bench or two instead.

    Adorning your dining room with aspen pieces is a beautiful way to expand your style of rustic decorating. All aspen has its own personality with twists and bumps, checks, decorative cracks and more appearing on each piece. Bring these characteristics together to create a dining room that's perfect for every occasion. Your friends and family will admire the look of the wood and you'll appreciate the careful craftsmanship that ensures the longevity of the piece.

  • Country Decor Seats Family and Friends for Shared Meals

    Good quality benches for the country homeThe dining room should be a comfortable gathering place that you can enjoy on special occasions as well as for daily meals. Choosing solid log furniture to decorate it creates just the right balance of beauty and utility. With its simple construction and classic wood appearance, the Rustic Natural Cedar Log Dining Bench is a lovely choice for your rustic home.

    Smooth and attractive, hand-sanded cedar logs make a beautiful addition to any country decor. When combined with solid cedar planks as in the Rustic Natural Cedar Dining Bench, these rugged logs form a sturdy, comfortable piece of furniture that you can rely on for years of use. Pairs of log legs rise from horizontal log "feet" at either end to support the double-plank seat. Small blocks of wood hold the planks in place. Two more sets of stout logs sit at angles to the legs right under the bench, forming strong triangular supports. This ensures that the entire bench is sturdy and comfortable.

    Since they offer more seating than chairs in the same amount of space, benches can easily accommodate your whole family as well as a few friends. The generous 68" length of the Rustic Natural Cedar Dining Bench gives you plenty of room for anyone who wants to stop by for dinner. Invite the whole family for a holiday or reunion or have the neighbors over for an old-fashioned sit-down dinner. Whatever kind of entertaining you like to do, this attractive wood bench provides more than enough seating for everyone.

    Rustic decorating has a way of making your home feel quaint and inviting, not unlike an old-fashioned log cabin. Including the Rustic Natural Cedar Dining Bench in your dining area brings this feeling to every meal. Purchasing the bench with a clear finish seals in the knots and wood grain accents, preserving them for years to come. If you prefer to finish the bench with a different kind of stain, choose unfinished wood and add the color that best suits the beautiful decor of your dining room.

  • Versatile Teak Furniture Adds Rustic Appeal

    Use these Stools Anywhere at homeDining room seating comes in so many designs that it can be hard to choose what’s best for your home. If you have an eye for rustic furniture, you may opt for arm and side chairs for everyday dining or use benches to seat as many people as possible over the holidays. However, if your dining area is smaller or includes counter space, rugged stools can be the best option. The GroovyStuff Teak Garden Kitchen Stool measures a handy 24” counter height, allowing you to place one or more in your breakfast nook or around the dining table for comfortable seating.

    Made using solid teak wood, this attractive, rugged stool is a unique work of art. Teak often features differences in color, ranging from deep browns with red undertones to a warm tan color with dark accents. Simple design showcases these distinctive characteristics in the GroovyStuff Teak Garden Kitchen Stool. Four round wooden legs converge beneath a circular slab seat with horizontal crosspieces offering reliable support. The rugged nature of teak ensures that the stool remains sturdy over time, and a Briwax coating helps to protect it from daily wear.

    The versatile GroovyStuff Teak Garden Kitchen Stool can be used just about anywhere, not just for dining. You can perch on it while you fix dinner to give yourself a break if you’ve been on your feet all day. Put it in the living room for extra rustic seating in the corner or by the fire. Teak furniture is even rugged enough to be used outdoors, so you can bring your stool onto the patio or into the garden when you want to head out and enjoy some time in the yard. Teak becomes silvery-gray if left outside, which only serves to enhance its natural character.

    For rustic decorating in your kitchen or dining area, you can’t go wrong with the eye-catching characteristics of teak. Whether you choose sturdy stools or another type of seating, you’ll love the way this versatile, attractive wood looks in any part of your home.

  • Pillows Soften Up Log Furniture

    Try these rustic style pillows!Using log furniture is a beautiful way to decorate your home. From cabins to country cottages, log pieces make a statement in any room. Often made by hand, this kind of furniture is unique and special. The many different types of wood available makes rustic decorating easy no matter what your personal style. However, despite its inherent personality, sometimes log furniture needs a little dressing up to look just right.

    You can add style to your rustic home simply by introducing eye-catching soft goods such as the Wildlife Venture Neckroll Pillow. Made as an accompaniment to Wildlife Venture Bedding, this comfortable and attractive pillow can also be used on its own in any room. Wherever it’s placed, the pillow’s unique shape offsets that of traditional square pillows and throw pillows while complementing the rounded appearance of most log furniture.

    The Wildlife Venture pillow features images of does, bucks and moose portrayed in dark brown against a tan background. These images appear on either end of the pillow and on a central strip of tan fabric. A bar of forest green to each side of this strip provides contrast and gives the pillow an overall woodsy look. At 20” long and 9” wide, this pillow offers a large surface for resting and relaxing as well as a highly visible showcase for the woodland motifs. Soft cotton/polyester blend makes Wildlife Venture comfortable as well.

    Whether your rustic decorating style runs more toward country or cabin decor, pillows can add an attractive finishing touch. They’re small enough to be used just about anywhere and yet large enough to catch the eye. Even if you furnished your home with wood pieces years ago, it’s never too late to update your style. Placing Wildlife Venture pillows on your bed, sofa, futon or chairs adds a new dimension of beauty to your log furniture. You’ll be able to rest in comfort while enjoying the attractive rustic appearance it creates. In cabins, cottages and contemporary homes, pillows and soft goods are perfect for adding that extra touch.

    Now at a low price of $109.95. Take a closer look at the Wildlife Venture Neckroll Pillow.

  • Dine In Style With Rustic Cabin Decor

    Achieve a unique style with rustic dining chairsThe arrival of fall brings rich colors and special smells to the landscape. Leaves take on brilliant red, orange and yellow hues, pine cones dry out and drop and autumn produce begins to appear in gardens and at farm stands. Take one look out your window, and suddenly you find yourself craving warm soups, comforting casseroles and, of course, a classic apple pie.

    This urge to cook things that are in tune with the seasons isn’t unusual. Eating seasonally used to be the norm and is becoming important to many families once again. When you take the time to cook special meals that coincide with the time of year, it’s important to slow down a bit and share the bounty with your family. Adorning your dining room with log furniture such as the Nordic Hickory Upholstered Log Dining Chair creates a cozy atmosphere that draws everyone together at mealtimes, bringing back the old-fashioned values of a shared family meal.

    Hickory is a dense, sturdy wood that works well in any home, but it looks especially beautiful with cabin decor. The dark outer bark is left on the logs used in the legs and upper supports of the Nordic Hickory chair, so you’ll see an eye-catching contrast between these and the 2”-thick hickory wood seat. Log accents forming the back of the chair are carved to a comfortable curve, exposing some of the lighter hickory wood beneath the bark. An overall clear catalyzed lacquer finish creates a slight sheen while protecting the piece from daily wear and tear.

    When you bring your family to the table for a delicious fall meal, you want the eating experience to be as comforting as the food itself. Nordic Hickory chairs feature a 1.5” foam cushion wrapped in your choice of rustic fabric. Choose from woodland scenes, colorful leaves, Southwest patterns, a beautiful tree-lined landscape or forest green to enhance your cabin decor and create a unique dining room setup that you and your family can enjoy this fall and on into the winter.

    Save as much as $100 when you get the Nordic Hickory Upholstered Log Dining Chair at the discounted price of only $349.00!

  • Complete the Game Room with Country Decor

    Keep everything in place with cue racksA game room is like a little vacation spot right in your own home. As the pace of life grows more and more hectic, having a space where you can relax and spend time with friends becomes essential. Whether you’ve dedicated an entire room to your favorite games or set up a few things in your basement so you can play on weekends, a little rustic decor can help make it feel even more inviting.

    Pool tables are, of course, a traditional fixture of home game rooms. The impressive size and commanding presence tends to make these tables the central focus of the room, but you also need to have the right accessories. After all, when you’re not playing a game, it’s a good idea to have a safe place to store your cues and billiard balls. The Pine Log Cue Rack gives you just that with a beautiful piece of log furniture that’s made to last. Built by hand from knotty pine logs and wood slabs, this cue rack coordinates perfectly with other pine game room furniture. With space for up to seven cue sticks and storage for a full set of billiard balls, this rack makes the perfect addition to home game rooms of any size. It also features four cup holders with cork inserts, allowing you and your friends to keep your favorite beverages close by when you get together for a game night.

    Four sturdy knotty pine logs support the upper and lower shelves of the Pine Log Cue Rack. Hand draw knifing creates a unique rugged texture on each log and helps to accent the natural knots. Clear finish gives the entire piece a light, shiny look that brightens up your game room and complements country decor. If you prefer darker wood colors for your rustic decorating, choose honey pine finish to deepen the overall shade of the rack and make it look even more rugged. Add charm to your game room and keep all of your billiard accessories safe using this attractive rack.

    Only $279.00. Choose the indoor finish of your choice for the Pine Log Cue Rack.

  • 3 Reasons to Decorate With Log Furniture

    LLog furniture makes for a unique choiceog furniture can help you achieve a truly different and beautiful look for your home. There are many reasons to choose this type of furniture when looking at rustic decorating options.

    Unique Style
    Unlike most furniture available today, log furniture has character and style. Most pieces you find online and in furniture showrooms are constructed in plain, boxy shapes that lack interest and often fade into the background when placed in a room. By contrast, rustic furniture echoes the very nature of the logs it is made from. Rounded shapes pair with slight variations in color and grain to make you feel as if you’re living in the heart of the forest. Whether you seek out specific wood types like hickory or aspen or prefer the weathered beauty of barn wood, cabin furniture brings a unique style to any room in your home.

    Most of today’s furniture is made to fit into a modern home or a specific idea of “classic” décor. This makes it possible to use traditional furniture pieces in any room of the house, but often at the expense of true beauty. Log cabin furniture takes the opposite approach by offering pieces that define and enhance each room. Even unexpected places like the bathroom can benefit from the outdoor charm of log furniture.

    Wood furniture is much more reliable than many of the “inexpensive” pieces you see in department stores. As long as it’s taken care of, wood is less susceptible to bending, warping, and cracking. This means that once you’ve built your rustic décor, you can continue to enjoy it far into the future, which is something that cheap pressboard furniture can’t promise.

    For quality craftsmanship, long-lasting reliability, and unique character, you need look no further than log furniture. Your home will look stunning when finished with rustic décor, a marvelous mesh of simplicity and relaxing woodsy beauty.

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