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Rustic Furniture

  • Cabin Decor Gets Dining Rooms Ready for the Holidays

    Get into the season with new arm chairs!Are you looking for ways to dress up your dining room this Thanksgiving? With all the preparation that goes into the meal, choosing decor can sometimes fall by the wayside. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful to get your dining area ready for friends and family to enjoy. A new tablecloth, some decorative candles and a solid set of rustic furniture can take your dining room from everyday to holiday in no time.

    Aspen furniture is a particularly attractive choice for rustic homes. The deep bark and light inner wood offer an attractive contrast in pieces like the Aspen Estate Dark Aspen Log Arm Chair. Made to be placed at either end of a long table, this eye-catching dining chair is a beautiful addition to your holiday setup. Each hand-peeled log features slight differences in color along its length, a characteristic that helps give aspen wood its unique personality. Hand-hewn look joins offer a classic tenoned appearance while ensuring stability. The back is set at a slight angle to the seat, creating a comfortable slanted design.

    You’ll love the way aspen looks as part of the cabin decor in your dining room. Whether you’re introducing new furniture specifically for Thanksgiving or are looking for a style that will endure for years, aspen wood is a beautiful choice. In the Aspen Estate chair, you’ll find a frame of dark aspen logs supporting a seat made from lighter-colored boards. The angled back slats and top crosspiece are made from light wood as well, all the better to showcase the knots, warps and insect tracks naturally found in aspen logs. These little accents give each chair a unique look without affecting the strength of the wood.

    Aspen Estate chairs come finished with a clear catalyzed lacquer that seals in the beauty of the wood. Having a protective coating for your aspen furniture means that you don’t have to worry about spills or other accidental damage. You can relax and enjoy the Thanksgiving meal and your new furniture without hassle.

    Add this $406.00 piece to your shopping list for the holidays! For more descriptions, reviews, images, and specifications, you may want to visit the main page of the Aspen Estate Dark Aspen Log Arm Chair.

  • Log Furniture Keeps Winter Gear Organized

    Keep your coats hanging with coat treesAs the chill of fall begins to take hold, it’s time to get out the jackets, hats and other essential outerwear that’s been packed away since the summer. Your kids will need extra layers when you send them off to school in the morning, and you’ll want a coat when it’s time to head out the door to work. It won’t be long before winter rolls in and the entire family will be suiting up in full cold-weather gear every day.

    More outerwear means more bulk, and the last thing you want to come home to is everyone’s coats strewn around the front hall. The Silver Creek Aspen Log Coat Tree offers six sturdy pegs to hang all of your fall and winter accessories. A central aspen log pole sits atop two aspen crosspieces, providing a rugged base for this piece of rustic furniture. Handcrafted with skill and care, the Silver Creek coat tree is made to support the load of as many cold-weather layers as your family needs.

    With its flowing appearance and unique accents, aspen makes for eye-catching log furniture. “Extra gnarly” style aspen turns the Silver Creek coat tree into a work of art by adding an extra boost to its natural character. Instead of a simple log appearance, extra gnarly aspen is chosen for its abundance of twists, visible knots, tracks and other hallmarks of nature. Seal in the added beauty with a clear catalyzed lacquer finish or go with honey glaze for an extra touch of color.

    During warmer months, you can use the Silver Creek tree to hang light jackets and hats or decorate it with rustic accessories. Organize your reusable shopping bags or mesh market bags so that they’re always handy. Coat trees are great for keeping the kids’ book bags close by as well, so that nobody has to rush around looking for lost belongings before the bus comes. No matter what the time of year, a solid coat tree is a useful accessory and a beautiful part of rustic decor.

    Only $279.00. You can even choose between two wood types for you Silver Creek Aspen Log Coat Tree.

  • Use Country Furniture to Brighten Up the Home

    These benches come in different fabrics to suit your tasteBright and sunny country decor adds a sense of lightness that makes any room feel more open. Out of all the rooms in your home, the bedroom benefits most from this type of style. Dark, cramped or crowded bedrooms can hinder relaxation, which is the last thing you want when you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep. Rustic furniture made from light woods such as pine and cedar help to achieve an open look.

    If you already have some rustic pieces in place, consider adding occasional furniture to complete the room. The Lakeland Log Occasional Bench features beautiful clean-peeled Northern White Cedar logs and a solid pine seat with your choice of upholstery fabric. If you’re looking for a smoother finish, the logs may be hand-sanded instead before being finished in your choice of clear or light honey glaze. Leaving the bench unfinished creates the most rustic appearance, as it showcases the natural cracks and knots in each log.

    The Lakeland Log bench can be used in other areas of the home to good effect as well. Country furniture makes a lovely first impression in the front hallway and offers a comfortable place for guests to sit while they take off their boots or shoes. Including a bench in your rustic living room setup adds a little country charm and visual interest. With dozens of fabric choices, it’s easy to match the Lakeland bench to the decor of any room.

    Wherever you choose to place your new bench, you’ll love the look it adds to your home. Both Northern White Cedar and pine are naturally light in color, with the added bonus that cedar is also resistant to decay and damage. The woods will darken a bit over time, but the beauty of this simple bench will remain. Sturdy crosspieces and small triangular log supports at each upper corner ensure that you’ll always have a sturdy place to sit. Your living room, entryway or bedroom will be that much more inviting and relaxing with the addition of handcrafted rustic furniture.

    For only $147.00, you already get the Lakeland Log Occasional Bench in its clean peeled wood style and in one of three fabric styles. Learn more by visiting the product's main page.

  • Accentuate Rusitc Furniture With Eye-Catching Bedding

    These Bedding Sets Offer and Outdoors DesignWhether you’re looking for a way to brighten up your country furniture or you’ve been searching for just the right home decor, a good rustic bedding set can give you what you need. Designed to bring rugged outdoor beauty to every aspect of your bedroom, the River Fishing Bedding & Decor collection offers a comforter set, sheet set, accent pillow, window treatments and even a shower curtain all in the same attractive, woodsy style.

    Perfect for use in any cabin, lodge or cottage, River Fishing bedding lives up to its name with beautiful complementary designs. The 100 percent heavy cotton material of the comforter uses a pattern of deep brown divided into squares by lighter pinstripes to frame the eye-catching “river fishing” fabric. Along this brightly colored strip, a multitude of fish swim and leap through sparkling blue water. A rocky riverbank lined with towering fir trees provides a lovely contrasting backdrop. You’ll find the same pattern on the included pillow shams along with more brown squares on the bedskirt. The tan-colored sheet set sports even more leaping fish, providing both contrast and interesting detail.

    Available in twin, full, queen and king sizes, the River Fishing collection can be used to complement any rustic furniture. With its mix of light and dark colors, the bedding is perfect for cabins, cottages, lodges and more no matter what the size of the bedroom. Add a square accent pillow featuring the same bright river fabric as the comforter for extra outdoor personality. You can further deck out your bedroom with River Fishing curtains and a window valance. The dark brown curtains match the comforter, while the valance adds a splash of color with even more river fabric.

    If your bedroom is a master suite or has its own accompanying bathroom, why not bring the River Fishing style in there as well? An optional 72”x72” shower curtain completes the set, creating a balanced look throughout your bedroom and bathroom areas. Enjoy the feel of the outdoors with this bright and beautiful cabin decor collection.

    Get the entire sheet set of the River Fishing Bedding & Decor collection for only $44.95! Take a look at the rest of the collection and see what more is in store for you!

  • Relax and Reflect with Sturdy Teak Furniture

    These rockers are comfortable like no otherSome days you just need to rest. Whether you’ve been working too hard, haven’t gotten enough sleep or are feeling down in the dumps, it’s nice to be able to relax and rejuvenate in the comfort of your own home. And nothing says relaxation like a rocking chair. The GroovyStuff Rockdale Rocker not only gives you a perfect place to sit and rock your troubles away, it also brings the unique beauty of teak furniture to your cabin or lodge.

    Teak is a great wood for making rustic furniture. Strong and decay resistant with an attractive red-brown color, teak brings stability to any piece it’s used in. The Rockdale Rocker combines teak with metal supports to create a sturdy chair that can be enjoyed in the living room or den, or even out on the porch. Slight variations in color ensure that each rocker is unique. If used outside, the wood will slowly turn silver-gray as a natural patina develops. If you’d rather keep the color looking deep and rugged, a simple coating of Briwax will refresh its original appearance.

    When you add a relaxing rocking chair to your cabin decor, you’re not just bringing in another attractive piece of furniture. You’re also adding a sense of comfort, something that tends to be lacking in today’s fast-paced society. Rustic furniture can’t take away all your stress, but it can give you a way to ease it. The gentle back and forth motions of a rocker make you slow down and focus on something besides your “to do” list. While you’re rocking, you can forget about all the things that add tension to your life for just a little while.

    With its slatted back and curved seat, the Rockdale Rocker offers comfort whenever you need it. Plus the attractive color and rugged reliability of the teak add something special to the atmosphere of your home. Whether you’re rocking away a rainy afternoon or relaxing when you come home from work, a rocker can make your personal time that much more comfortable.

    You'll love the GroovyStuff Rockdale Rocker even more, now that it's only $774.95.

  • Small Touches Complete The Perfect Log Cabin Décor

    WThat's what makes your log cabin decor design completehen furnishing your home or get-away place with this charming style, it’s important to remember that small finishing touches can make or break your overall design. Taking the time to decorate each room involves more than just choosing large furniture pieces. Rustic decorating involves attention to detail and an eye for which accents work best to bring the layout of a room together.

    In the living room, wall decorations are key. Log shelves can hold everything from books and magazines to clocks and framed photographs. Be sure to choose shelf brackets that complement the overall rustic décor of the room. For the perfect finishing touch, add matching curtain brackets in a variety of woodsy themes. More prominent living room decorations include themed fireplace screens and votive candle holders that add a beautiful accent to any tabletop or mantle.

    Log cabin décor in the bedroom is easy to finish. Mirrors with log frames draw the eye and lend a sense of space. Rustic clocks and portraits liven up bare walls, and the same attractive curtain brackets used in the living room can be used for bedroom windows as well. Small as they may be, these kinds of details help harmonize the look of each room in your home.

    Even bathrooms with rustic decorating need a little extra attention. Holders for towels, paper towels, and toilet paper with fun cabinesque themes can all be incorporated into your bathroom design. Whether you choose a classic log look or something with an outdoor theme, remembering the little things will help make your bathroom look attractive and balanced.

    Last but not least, don’t forget to accessorize the log cabin furniture in your front hallway. This area gives visitors their first impression of your home, and taking the time to add a small log accent table or rustic coat rack can change the whole look of the space, making it more inviting.

  • Create a Country Kitchen and Eat In Style

    TRustic furniture can give your kitchen a wonderful classic lookhe kitchen may seem like an unlikely place to find log furniture, but in fact it can be a lot of fun to spice up your food preparation area with rustic décor. With everything from cabinets to napkin holders available in classic wood furniture style, you can have a beautiful, unique country kitchen in no time.

    Cabinets and kitchen islands are by far the most prominent pieces of kitchen furniture. When you opt for country décor, you have a wide selection of pieces to choose from. Wood furniture is available in a variety of natural shades from light to dark, making it easy to create your preferred kitchen layout. Since cabinets and islands make up the bulk of the look of your kitchen, the styles you choose will dictate the look of rest of the furniture and accessories included in the room. Classic rounded log shapes create a cabin or lodge look, while smoother designs appear more contemporary while retaining the outdoor beauty of the wood.

    Log furniture is the perfect framework for other rustic accents. Copper sinks, country-style pot racks, and even napkin holders look right at home in the midst of the beauty of natural wood. Copper sinks are especially attractive as part of a rustic kitchen. Unlike porcelain, copper has a solid, heavy appearance that complements the inherent variations in country furniture. Adding a unique pot rack to store and organize your cookware brings visual interest and a touch of outdoor beauty to complete the look.

    The feeling created by log cabin furniture is truly unique. It can give your kitchen a true cabin atmosphere, making the room homey and enjoyable to be in. Being surrounded by natural wood is relaxing, and the inviting mood of the décor means that others will want to spend time in the kitchen, too. This mood can even help to bring the family together at mealtimes, turning the kitchen into a bright hub of activity.

  • Barnwood Furniture and You

    Barnwood is the perfect rustic furniture when you want your home to be unique.Barnwood furniture is very distinctive. It's a look that can only be created with planks that have weathered whatever nature has thrown at it for a century or more. The pieces are ruggedly handsome, so it isn’t at all surprising to see how popular this rustic furniture is with people across the country. It's totally different than log furniture or cabin furniture and people who prefer more of a clean, shaker look to their solid wood furniture find it very attractive.

    No faux finishes or chemical processing secrets are used in any of these great looking pieces. Our barnwood furniture is the real thing, created by naturally aged reclaimed wood from old structures that once stood on farms all over North America, including Minnesota and Wyoming.  The trees that were used to create these planks and boards were felled at least 100 years ago. The finish you see on each piece was created naturally by many decades of bare exposure to sunshine, wind, rain and snow. To be honest, there is no way to mimic this patina in a manmade process.

    We have a great selection of rustic bedroom furniture pieces found in our barnwood furniture collections. The simple, yet elegant designs can be combined into some wonderful bedroom settings. Each collection of barnwood bedroom furniture has its own unique coloring due to the different types of timber that naturally was available in regions across the country.

    The Cottage Barnwood line is crafted from red oak tobacco barn boards, which give it a deep russet kissed with honey tones. Each piece is sealed with a protective coat dull lacquer to preserve the natural beauty, and bring out its full character. The Cottage Barnwood craftsmen are very proud of their work, and have extended their line to include bunk beds, night stands, chests, armoires, and mirrors.

    These furniture makers haven’t overlooked your needs for rustic furniture for the kitchen and dining room. Remember those old movies that where a family is sitting around a big country table laden with homemade food? There are fresh hot biscuits and gravy, fruit, stacks of steaming pancakes, and other mouthwatering looking dishes sitting atop the table. Barnwood furniturecan help you achieve this homey eating spot look, the cooking however, they have left up to you.

    Adding pieces of barnwood furniture to your living room, family room or den is also possible. You’ll find some rich looking tv stands, coffee tables, end tables and sofa tables in our Barnwood Living Room section of the website.

    While you’re browsing the barnwood furniture pages at Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place, you’ll see why the wonderful patinas of these pieces find their way into homes that are done in any decorating style that is currently in vogue. Rustic furniture doesn’t always mean that it only belongs in country, cabin or western themed homes. Check out just how much warmth one unique piece could add to your non-traditional home’s beauty.

  • Log Furniture for Less

    We have rustic furniture to fit any budget.Creating a classy home filled with beautiful log furniture used to be a little hard on the wallet, but not anymore.  Well, at least not when you’re dealing with the Log Furniture Place. We make it possible to accomplishing creating that homey and enduring rustic home or cabin look, while on a tight budget. In the hard economic times we're going through, it seems like everyone is trying to go the cheap route.

    Trust us when we say that choosing solid wood construction log furniture guarantees your more life lived on it for your budget. Sure, we have some higher priced pieces, but just like clothes and shoes, there is also a more affordable set of selections for log home furniture. The budget department at Woodland Creek’s offers you something for every room in your home. Such as, log dining room furniture, log desks, and log bedroom furniture or living room suites among other sturdy pieces. We offer you the best prices on log home furniture so that you can have high quality furniture for a low quality price.

    If you don’t find what you must have in our Deals & Closeouts section, we also offer coupon codes and specials regularly. We do understand that our customers are always looking for ways to save, so we are always offering discounts to shoppers.  While our prices are lower than any other place you can buy top quality log or rustic cabin furniture, Woodland Creek’s made sure that the folks who need the added savings can solid, enduring furniture that is well designed in their home for less.

    If you haven’t located us on Facebook yet, its time you did. You could receive members-only benefits by joining our growing tribe of friends there. Once you’ve clicked that Like button and become a fan of the Log Furniture Place, not only will you start receiving special discount notices, there will be updates and inside information arriving regularly about how you can improve your home for less.

    Many people choose to include log home furniture in their house. Some for the feel of nature it brings, while others love the classic, rustic feeling that it adds. Whatever your reason is for wanting to incorporate log home furniture, the Log Furniture Place is the right place to shop.

    It doesn’t matter to us if you select only one piece of quality crafted log furniture in your home, or you go whole hog with log throughout. After all, you can deck out your abode from stem to stern with a log billiards table, log dining room, log living room furniture, and well… we’ve got every use under your roof covered pretty thoroughly. Whatever you choice you make, at Woodland Creek’s you will be saving money and improving the look and feel of your home. You’ll also be improving the quality of your home’s environment while being a citizen who is serious about protecting our planet’s global environment.
    Unlike mass manufacturing of any other wood product, no log or rustic furniture we carry is made of materials that are gained through anything but serious forest stewardship. There is no mass removal of standing timber that is alive and healthy going on around here! To learn more about this sensitive issue - please refer to our earlier post, “Truth, Honesty and Log Furniture” for all the finer details.

    We will offer the best prices on high quality on all your rustic livingneeds from barnwood tolog furniture and on into cabin décor. All of our products are top of the line, crafted with solid wood and using the best in craftsmanship. It doesn’t matter if you found it in the latest new additions, the budget furniture pages or on close-outs and deals. The Log Furniture Place has sold only the best in unique, rustic furniture since 1996. We won’t be changing that any time soon, at the earliest such an altercation could only take place the other side of never.

  • First Home Beauty and Log Furniture

    You need the perfect match to your rustic furniture.When you’re creating a home for the very first time, you start with the basics: furniture, kitchen appliances, bedding, simple accessories and those ‘can’t do without it’ necessities. However, creating a beautiful home is all about decoration, once the necessities are covered. Without adornments and small pieces of art throughout the mass manufactured furnished home, it seems bare and cold. Log furniture and rustic furniture is a wise investment for many reasons and its own unique warmth is only one of them.

    Beautiful art and log furniture blend together wonderfully. While the long lasting benefits of high quality log furniture has to offer honoring your budgetary good sense, pairing it with cabin paintings and rustic art will be the cherry on top.

    You should go about designing the interior of your new home with extra care. It’s the place where you hang out, live your life, catch up with friends, and most importantly - spend time with your family. Home is all about you – the real you. So, it’s essential that you make it a place that you want to be all the time, for many years to come.

    When you hang cabin paintings around your natural furniture home, your personal world takes on a new dimension in light and color. Artwork brightens up each room and adds vitality to your lifestyle. Instead of having your walls bare and utilitarian rooms, adding pieces of art throughout makes the building more welcoming to guests, enhances your family’s surroundings, and gives you personally something to marvel over.

    The great thing about adding colorful art to your home is the variety of styles you have to choose from.  If you’re like the many nature loving people we know already, you’ll want to bring the grandeur of Nature into your home. Log furnitureis an honest beginning in embracing the natural world. Rustic art, country paintings orcabin paintings pull the perfect atmosphere together for you.

    Rustic furniture isn't the only thing you need for your new home.Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place has an array of different paintings from you to choose from featuring moose, deer, scenery, wolf, cabin, bear, nautical, and abstract paintings. So, it isn’t like you won’t have a good selection, quite the contrary!

    Many that see the beauty of bringing nature into the home also become fans of wildlife paintings. These types of cabin paintings and country paintings mix perfectly with rustic furniture, creating the perfect balance of style and the outdoors.

    Whatever your personal style or your interests are, you will find something here. We have cabin furniture and art if that is more suited to your personality over log and rustic designs. However, our rustic art is not something you’re going to find just anywhere. Nor is the stylish designs and time honored craftsmanship of our rustic furniture, log furniture and cabin furniture lines. Each one of these pieces is a piece of art unto itself, but you still need color and interest from the right things for your walls.

    Just like log furniture, art has been around for centuries, portraying beauty and telling stories in each framed new piece. Art, as a craft, has been used to preserve the past, express thoughts and ideas, portray society, and for generations it has been employed to add brightness and elegance to homes. While you need the right place to sit, snooze or eat, without colorful art it’s just another room.

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