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Rustic Furniture

  • Quality Construction Found in Rustic Furniture

    If you really want to get your money's worth purchase solid wood log beds for durable, timeless styling.Savvy shoppers always look for the best value from money spent on home furnishing and decorating. You are wise to look past the slick veneer of the majority of furniture for sale today. Most of it is quality that is only skin deep, being largely made from particle board hidden beneath a lovely faux finish. A smarter use of your budget would be to invest in quality built pieces that are 100% solid wood. This is exactly what you will find with log furniture.

    There is a huge difference the value found in mass manufactured pieces with fancy brand names and those crafted with loving care and great pride by artisans. You will find that you get product for every dollar spent on log furniture and not the cost of slick advertising in newspapers and on television. The beauty and quality of solid wood rustic furniture will last many years in fine form in your home. There are pieces of log furniture that were built more than a century ago that are still in daily use in homes across the country today. You’ll not find this kind of durability in any mass manufactured furniture!

    Natural wood colors are so refreshing and add charm and warmth to every room in your home. The log furniture craftsmen understand the inherent beauty found in the purity of form and texture each unique log and freshly planed board has to offer. Their modern rustic furniture designs make the most of these uncontrived attributes in each piece that is completed. Uncomplicated honesty is found in a wide array of styles presented in several beautiful woods.

    The most common form of log furniture is pine or cedar. The paleness of pine rustic furniture is light and airy in expression of color. Cedar on the other hand is a little darker and very warm and ruddy in hue. Both woods lend themselves so nicely in the creation of these unique pieces of heartwarming furnishings. Due to the fact that no stains are used in the finishing of log furniture, you will never have to worry about dye lots and poor color results when adding a few new pieces over time as your budget allows. Real wood in its purest form always matches without fail; nature never gets trendy with important things like this.

    Log beds and complete bedroom ensembles can be selected for every boudoir in your home. Whether you are working on redoing the children’s rooms, the guest room or the master bedroom, the bed is the most important piece. The entire room focuses on the central and largest piece and rustic beds can set the stage or completely steal the show.

    You can create a very unique and welcoming room mixing log furniture with other styles from simple shaker pieces to ornate wrought iron and glass. Many styles of fabrics and every color under the sun work beautifully against the different types of pure wood too. You’ll find it a very simple and painless task to change the bedding without issues of being the wrong color or the wrong fashion statement. In comparison to many other types of home furnishings, rustic furniture is more charming and timeless. You will be delighted to discover just how flexible it is every time you decide a little change will do you some good.

  • Log Furniture Adds Great Warmth to Kitchens

    Rustic log furniture creates smart cottage chic with log kitchen cabinets that are 100% solid wood.If you like the simplistic, timeless design of soapstone sinks and granite counters, you’ll love the warmth and beauty of putting together your kitchen with rustic furniture. The pieces are very charming and add so much more character to the home’s nucleus than can be found in mass manufactured furniture today. Log furniture is honest and open with the clean, pure beauty of natural wood shining through.

    When purchasing log furniture and rustic cabinets for the kitchen, you’ll never have to worry about warping, sagging and laminates coming unglued. Each piece is lovingly crafted by hand from solid wood, not from cheap particle board covered with vinyl wood facsimiles and thin veneers. This gives you an incredible value in your rustic log furniture investment from years of use that will retain its beauty even with everyday use by your whole family.

    There are many examples of log furniture that was made over 100 years ago and still in use today. Something no one can say about mass manufactured furniture in most price levels. The cottage chic character and charm of simple rustic furniture is something that you will never grow tired of. This timeless quality and glowing handsomeness makes adding log furniture to all areas of the home becoming more popular with homeowners today.

    From rustic furniture cabinets and kitchen islands you can add so much homey warmth to your family’s favorite gathering place. Log furniture for bar stools and kitchen bars will be on the top of many an eclectic style homeowner to complete that charming look and enjoy long lasting quality in hand made kitchen cabinetry and furnishings. To really put together an authentic down home room, adding a copper sink to well scrubbed counters will be a great touch.

    For breakfast nooks, kitchen eating areas and your dining room too, log furniture tables and chairs in many shapes and sizes are available. This will allow you to accommodate seating for every sized crowd from intimate morning coffee to Thanksgiving dinner and maintain the beauty of character found in rustic furniture for the home. Log chairs and bar stools can be purchased with designer cushions for increased comfort or all wood models so convenient for growing children and cleaning necessities.

    Kitchen and dining room rustic furniture offers you a selection of woods to choose from. Clear and knotty pine kitchen cabinets and furniture is always the lightest in color leaning toward off white and honey brown. Cedar log furniture is warm and ruddy in hue that adds extra charm. For those who prefer a little darker tone in their wood pieces, the deeper honey and sepia browns found in aspen and hickory rustic log furniture pieces will be just what you are looking for with cottage chic home decorating flair.

    Comfort is so important in designing the kitchen and log furniture is definitely worth considering. The quality and solid wood construction will outlast the majority of pieces now offered in furniture stores and kitchen cabinet shops. Rustic furniture of warm, natural wood that is crafted using highly professional, artisan techniques can be tomorrow’s heirlooms just right for your cottage chic home today.

  • How to Decorate with Rustic Furniture

    Warm, relaxed home decorating gains great individuality with rustic furniture that is well built.If you’re ready to investigate the many possibilities of giving your home a fresh new look, log furniture should be high on your shopping list. The best investment you can make in furnishings will always be pieces crafted from solid wood. Rustic furniture created from logs will never have any particle board or cheaper woods beneath a micro thin veneer. Each piece is built from select solid wood that can have bark intact or be smooth and natural in appearance.

    Log furniture is never stained, unless you request that it be. This leaves you with all the inherent natural tones of the wood and grain intact and fully visible. You’ll find many lovely ways to work rustic furniture of premium pine, red cedar and hickory or aspen into your home decorating project for any room. Each piece will be very unique and the furniture designs run the gamut from very rustic to more traditional. Some are darker in tone while others are very light and smooth.

    Rustic furniture craftsman pay a great deal of attention to artisan quality furniture building to ensure that each piece they make will last for many years in your home. Log furniture offers you and your family a warm, cozy look that will be welcoming and inviting. The timeless quality of the designs will be of value to your decorating without going out of style like so many trendy furniture designs does today.

    Cottage chic and cabin décor is becoming extremely popular with homeowners and apartment dwellers. The reason is that the natural beauties of the many log furniture pieces you can purchase today present you with such an open and easy way to make all rooms look great. There is nothing that looks more like a well lived in home than rustic furniture coordinated with the fabrics you love best.

    Most people will get an instant vision of the standard peeled pine picnic table when they first hear about log furniture. There is just so much more fascinating style found in the upbeat designs available in rustic furniture now. It can be the one solitary natural accent in a high tech room that gives it warmth and interest not found in sleek chrome, glass and leather.

    Log furniture pieces can do so much to change the complete character of any room in your home, the moment you’ve put them in place. For light, airy rooms you’ll most likely want to select pieces of rustic furniture fashioned from off white pine or soft creamy aspen. For a more colorful piece, red cedar will impart a warm reddish glow and hickory rustic furniture offers more drama with a honey and brown range of hues.

    You will find that even more interest can be gained in selecting log furniture that features both parts that have the bark intact and those that have been smoothly peeled or planed into boards. Not every piece of wood that goes into creating the unique rustic furniture styles you can buy today is still in a log form. Drawer fronts and doors of cabinets, dressers and table tops will be planed to provide you flat, highly useable surfaces. All log furniture is sealed with crystal clear finishes to provide you with beauty that will last for ages under daily use.

  • Outfitting the Game Room with Character

    Rustic Style Pool TablesYou can have tons of fun putting together the pieces for a complete game room. Handsome, well crafted rustic furniture for your game room is available with all the bells and whistles. Solidly built by professional craftsmen, you’ll find wonderful character in every piece of log furniture selected to create a relaxed, easy going atmosphere.

    Solid wood construction means that you are getting a great value for your money and each piece of rustic furniture in the game room lineup is a great buy. You and your family and friends will enjoy countless hours over many years with log furniture in the game room. The woods are unstained and clear coated to preserve the natural color and beauty of the wood. There is a wonderful selection available in cedar, pine, aspen and hickory.

    Belly up to the bar in comfortable style with hand built log furniture bars. Light in color and long on looks, there is a style and size to just about any game room or basement refreshment area. The styling can be plain and simple or have ornament accents of bark pieces and design that enhance each piece of rustic furniture so nicely. If a custom shape or length is what you’re looking for, you can have a marvelous log bar custom built to your specifications.

    No rustic game room is complete without the central billiards table and there is an excellent selection of log furniture styles to choose from. Some are sleeker in line and form, while others have wonderful additional character that makes great use of incorporating more unusual portions of logs in the design. For pool playing, they’ll be just as superb as a mass manufactured billiard table. From light colored knotty pine to the unusual and dramatic combination of ironwood and hickory, you’ll find just the right style for your home. Rustic furniture billiard tables have so much more warmth than more traditional styles.

    For adding great game tables, you’ll find a nice array to select from in log furniture design. Round and octagonal poker tables are available in a selection of woods and styles, as are longer tables set up for Texas Hold ‘Em. The chairs that come with each rustic furniture game table are just the right combination to create a nicely finished ensemble, making it instantly possible to enjoy that rustic designer touch.

    Other game room goodies are also available to add more fun to your room like café sized table with inlaid checkerboard/chessboard flush with the table’s surface. Log furniture pieces also offer the addition of foosball tables and dart board cabinets to hang on your wall. For dart shooting pros, the rustic furniture designers have also created a well outfitted cabinet to hold all your necessary supplies. There are also many wonderful accessories to complete the rustic décor with pool table lights, cue stands and extra chairs and stools. All in all, every fun piece you need can be found in 100% study wood construction when you purchase log furniture to outfit your game room at home.

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