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rustic log furniture

  • Dress Your Game Room to Impress With Rustic Log Billiard Tables

    Rustic log furniture is the way to go.You work hard, and you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor in your billiard room. Although you could place a few plain old items in the room to occupy your down time, why not make your billiard room into a rustic oasis? Walking into the room, you'll be surrounded by the beauty of natural furniture, making the room all the more enjoyable. This décor will also be impressive to your guests, as our rustic log furniture is incredibly pleasing to the eye.

    The first thing your guests will notice is the lighting in your billiard room. Having the right rustic log lightingis the key to the overall scheme, as it showcases the gorgeous pieces of furniture in your billiard room. There are numerous types of lighting to choose from, such as lamps specifically designed for creating the setting in a game room, or bar lamps, which display furniture in a certain area of your billiard room very well.

    The welcoming ambiance your lighting will create will inspire visitors to relax and enjoy any of the activities you have available in your billiard room. The activity that your room is inspired by is billiards, and you can have one of the most extravagant log billiard tables available for them to play on. When the light hits the wood on this piece, the craftsmanship will be displayed perfectly, and it will inspire awe. You may want to go with the standard green felt for the top, but there are color options for any taste. While one might think that something so stunning would only be for show, it should be known that it is a piece of solid wood furniture – your choice of pine, hickory, red or white cedar, aspen or ironwood - which means that this table will stand the test of time.

    While some of your friends are making use of the magnificent billiard table, others may choose to sit back with a cold drink and take pleasure in observing the entertainment others provide. This means your billiard room needs to include several hand elegant log spectator‘s chairs where they can assemble. These pieces of rustic log furniture offer not only comfort but stability, as well, and are as pleasing to the eye as the rest of the pieces in your set.

    A piece that is of great importance but is not generally noticed amongst other items in your collection is your cue rack. While this is true in most billiard rooms, it will not be true in yours, because you will have a beautiful, handcrafted log cue rack. You can choose from a floor, wall, or corner rack which will fit into your billiard room perfectly. You can be sure that this elegant piece of solid wood furniture will be noticed by visitors.

    To make your billiard room into the most spectacular, sophisticated area possible, there are a few key items you need to focus on. You need to show them one of the most stylish log billiard tables they’ve ever seen, you need to set the mood with the appropriate rustic log lighting, log spectator’s chairs, and log cue racks. Once you assemble your room, there is no doubt that your guests will be giving you rave reviews.

  • Wake Up Surrounded by Rustic Aspen Bedroom Furniture

    Rustic aspen bedroom furniture all starts with that focal point bed.Imagine coming home after a long day at work. All day, you’ve been thinking about finally getting home and getting some sleep. Once you get home and enter your bedroom, you are surrounded by the fresh, sleek look of rustic aspen bedroom furniture. The warm, mahogany tones are inviting.

    Rustic bedroom furniture creates the perfect atmosphere for a deep, relaxing sleep. While you sleep, you will be surrounded by the beauty of nature that rustic aspen bedroom furniture brings. The stresses of everyday life will be released as you indulge in the best sleep that you’ve ever had. As you wake up refreshed, you will once again be encompassed by warm tones and beautiful furniture.

    To create a bedroom like this, some research will need to be done. You will need to find what styles, colors, and types of rustic bedding sets that are available. There are several varieties to choose one, so you will find the perfect one for you. At Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place, we offer many different bedroom themes such as camouflage, animal, western, and tropical themes.

    Why should you go with rustic furniture?

    Unlike furniture that is made from a cheap material, rustic bedroom furniture is created from sturdy, durable wood. Log bed frames are your best buy! Typically, mass manufactured bed frames need to be replaced every couple of years due to constant lower quality construction and materials. You can appreciate the wise investment found with rustic aspen bedroom furniture, replacement of this furniture is unnecessary. It will stay strong throughout the years and provide comfort to you every single day.

    Rustic bedroom furniture will transform any room to a nature lover's paradise. Even if you’ve never been too fond of nature, you will learn to appreciate it as the beautiful colors and tones will blend together to create the perfect atmosphere. This rustic log furniture blends brilliantly with any other furnishing, so if you only want one or two pieces of this furniture in your bedroom, you can do that as well.

    Once you’ve created a rustic atmosphere in your bedroom, you will probably be inspired to spread rustic bedroom furniture to all the bedrooms in your home. This furniture will look great in the kid's room, and they will love it as well. You and your family will enjoy rustic aspen bedroom furniture so much, that you will want to spread it to every other room in the house. The aspen living room, dining room, kitchen, and other rooms will feel completely ignored if they haven’t yet been made as warm and charming as rustic furniture adds to a room's decor.

    Before you know it, your home will exude elegance and nature all throughout the house. Guests will be in awe at each room, and will quickly want to know where you got this great looking and unique aspen log furniture from. You will become the talk of the neighborhood, as more visitors come to gaze at the masterpiece.

  • Your Home—Rustic Style is Timeless

    Natural beauty is an inspiration to productivity making rustic office furniture perfect for your office.Have you been searching the internet for ideas on how to improve the look and feel of your home? Then, you’ve come to the right spot. The modern way of decorating homes is out of sync with the natural part of your persona. Let’s get back to the basics…and back to nature. Nowadays, everyone is adorning their home with low quality furniture, cheap art, and unappealing accessories. This is all to create a better look for their home, but if you are looking for quality, rustic furniture is for you.

    Replacing all of your current furniture and accessories is easy with the huge selection of rustic furniture designs at Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place. We offer everything that you need in order to create a better home and lifestyle. We have something for every spot in the house, so no room will be left out.

    For the office, we have superior rustic office furniture such as bookcases, log desks, filing cabinets and chairs. Each piece of furniture is hand-crafted, high quality, and durable. The rustic wood bookcases are great for storing books and other memorabilia that you may have. You can showcase all of your items on our strong, reliable bookcase. Our rustic office furniture creates the perfect atmosphere for you to get work done. If you have clients entering your office, they will immediately be impressed by the stylish, sleek look of your office outfitted with fine quality rustic log furniture and computer desks.

    All around the home, we offer rustic furniture to fit your design needs. Your family will love the nature appeal that it has, and guests will rave about the intricate designs on each charming piece of furniture. No one but you will have the exact same piece, the all natural qualities ensure that your rustic log furniture is truly unique. Since every piece that we make is made directly with what Mother Nature offers us, you will know that no one has the exact same furniture.

    In addition to our furniture that is offered for the inside of the house, we also carry rustic outdoor log furniture. This furniture will stand tall throughout any weather without breaking, cracking, or showing any major signs of damage. We also offer extras such as a rustic wood canopy bed. This is perfect for anyone in the family, as they can relax in style at any time of the day. It is strong enough to hold up any member of the family with no problems. A rustic wood canopy bed is great to have on the patio or in a secluded, restful spot of the back yard for snoozing, reading and contemplation.

    For the inside as well as out, we offer the best rustic lighting. Rustic wood log lighting is popular among our customers, because they are stylish, strong, and can be placed in any room in the house. You'll find we have log lighting for wall installation, floor lamps, table lamps and even really nifty rustic lamp shades in exciting colors. To create a house that is ideal for you and your family, warm and beautifully designed rustic log furniture is the way to go for value and timeless style.

  • Handy Tips Concerning Rustic Log Beds

    Log Beds require some familiarityThe primary goal of this article is to provide insightful information to help you make a calculated and wise decision regarding which beds would work best for your rustic-themed bedroom’s requirements and needs. After all it’s the furniture that sets the tone and dynamics of a beautiful room, and rustic log beds are one such attribute.

    When considering rustic log beds it should be stressed that price is not always the determining factor between quality and mediocrity. Due to the nature of and materials used in the making of rustic furniture, you can often find beautiful pieces at bargain prices. While it’s true that you often “get what you pay for,”rustic furniture allows for more exceptions to that rule… so shop around!

    Another handy tip for the price conscious is: buy used! Rustic furniture is often more study than their contemporary counterparts, so when treated properly a rustic piece can easily last generations.

    Before moving on I do want to quickly mention that commitment to quality should never come second to anything in the log furniture industry. While it’s great to save a dollar here or there, if you spend the time and money to select the right piece at the start it can serve you well throughout the rest of your life.Rustic log beds are no exception.

    While purchasing a rustic log bed you should look for innovativeness in their designs to match your individual tastes. One misconception among many people is that all rustic log furniture looks the same; this misconception couldn’t be further from the truth!  Just take a look at all the various styles and collections of rustic log furniture at Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place!

    Rustic log beds are crafted from a variety of woods such as cedar, lodgepole pine, Douglas fir logs, etc. Each wood possesses a distinctive appearance, grain and atmosphere, so just the materials alone present a diverse realm of possibilities for your bedroom. In today’s growing market for designer and cool rustic log beds, the styles these beds are offered in also differ significantly, ranging from classic log bed designs to wild custom log bed designs.

    There are obvious reasons as to why these rustic log beds are becoming more and more popular among people and individuals. A good deal of us desires a home that radiates warmth with a natural elegance. We want a home evocative of prior times; one that brings forth the charm of days past, but still keeps with the style of the modern day. Rustic log beds merge the past with the present perfectly, lending warmth without looking entirely out of place in a modern setting.

    Rustic cedar and pine beds can be ordered in natural unfinished wood or can be completely finished with colored stain to match most any interior design. Hence it can be said that with a keen understanding of quality and design, coupled with knowledge of the fair prices of log furniture, rustic log beds can accommodate nearly any individual’s home to give it the perfect look and feel of the past and the present all collaged into one room!

    Are you looking to lend your home a rustic touch?  Then drop by Rustic where we offer a wide variety of free rustic decor tips and advice.

  • Fresh Home Decorating with a Twist

    Rustic log furniture is clean and relaxing - just what you need in your lifestyle today.Are you ready to put some zip into the rooms of your home with furniture unlike everyone else? Then you really should investigate the knotty charm of log furniture. You’ll be amazed at the vast variety of rustic furniture designs and the selection of woods there is to choose from.Every piece is lovingly crafted to create furnishings with a delightful twist.

    Browsing through the log furniture selections for each room in your home, you will find style and designs from very simple to intricate. Some pieces of rustic log furniture are surprisingly delicate where others are very solid and masculine in character. Then there are some designs that are crazy in a very artistic way. No matter what kind of taste you have in home interiors, there are some pieces of log furniture that will definitely appeal to you.

    Rustic furniture is not completely crafted from logs. You will find 100-year old barnwood richly aged and deep in color. Some pieces of furniture constructed from barn wood are left with a natural timeworn patina and others have been sealed with a clear coating that brings out the dark coloring and texture beautifully. It’s refreshing to know that instead of being left to rot derelict as a tribute to days gone by, recycling this weathered wood into rustic furniture gives it a second lease on life.

    Log beds are amazing. The artisan craftsmen have found tons of different designs that will look great in your home. Charming and timeless, there are log beds for the kid’s rooms in both twin and bunk bed selections. You’ll also find log beds for your pets in a great selection of different styles. Pet beds in rustic furniture designs far outclass anything you will find at any local store. They are part of your home that you have in plain sight every day; naturally you will want the dog’s or cat’s bed to be good looking.

    Rustic beds can be purchased as a full frame with wonderful solid wood headboard and footboard interest. You will also find a variety of artistic headboards available for purchase separately. There are choices in headboards just for a splash of character so needed in a plain old bed and others that feature shelves and cubby holes for books, eyeglasses and clocks. Some headboards are designed like log beds, while others are crafted from barnwood and planed natural woods.

    Living room, dining room and kitchens can also be warmed with the unusual beauty of log furniture designs featuring 100% solid wood in all its natural glory. Occasional tables, lamp tables and bedside tables can be coordinated with sofas, lounge chairs and rockers for timeless style and long lasting daily use. Log furniture can also be purchased in full room ensembles, making it quick and easy to turn your family room, living room or enclosed porch into a pulled together designer look.

    Rustic furniture like this is far better quality construction than most other types of furniture you can buy today. Unlike mass made pieces, there is nothing inferior hidden beneath the glossy surface. Savvy shoppers will quickly grasp the budget-wise choice of purchasing only 100% solid natural wood for their home. Log furniture has nothing to hide and tons of warmth, character and charm to exude.

  • Log Furniture Bestows Honesty

    Honest beauty that goes clear to the bone, log living room furniture you'll love for cabin and home.Truth is not something that comes to mind when you think of the furniture in your home, or pieces that you have yet to purchase. Yet, it is a dominate issue in most home furnishings on the market today. You won’t find a cheap, tawdry, sugar-coated piece of particle board anywhere in handmade log furniture. Pride of craftsmanship and the purity of natural wood is essential and promising when you live with log furniture in any room of your home.

    The inferior particleboard is well disguised in some finer brands of furniture, as long as you don’t move it much. Every time you move particleboard furniture, the structure is just a bit more compromised. Log furniture, being made of 100% solid wood, not chips and sawdust glued together, is the type of home furnishings investment that is built to withstand the test of time. There are many pieces of log furniture built over a century ago that are still in great shape and under daily use today.

    The natural beauty of the wood is allowed to remain in all pieces of log furniture. There is no attempt to cover up the pureness that Mother Nature has built into every log and planed board. Many pieces of log furniture made attractive ornamental use of the bark to add character and originality. For a more rustic look in your home décor bark intact portions of these beautiful pieces denotes a stronger presence of nature within the home.

    Log furniture is safe for the environment. It will not remain clogging the earth’s landfills for hundreds of years like plastic will. Not that anyone would want to dump these lovely home furnishings, quite the contrary. Unlike cheap plastic furniture, log furniture is comfortable to live with and easily becomes instant heirlooms that will be ready to grace the next generation’s nest in fine style when the time comes. One could never expect such long lasting use from any type of particleboard furniture.

    Removing plastic and vinyl furniture from the interior of your home is a big step towards embracing and reconnecting with nature. Log furniture is 100% natural and exudes warmth and charm no mass manufactured furniture could hope to convey. No two pieces of log furniture are an exact duplicate of the last. There will always be a variety of unique personality and singular character to furnishings that are built to play up the natural beauty found in each piece of wood.

    The openness and honesty of log furniture makes your home an inviting place where relaxing is easy and comes over you quite naturally the moment you enter and shut the chaotic world out. It will be far simpler to allow your own unique style and personality reign in a home outfitted with log furniture in every room. Contemporary, traditional or eclectic, every fabric color is at home on the true, pure colors of natural wood. Timeless charm isn’t trendy; the style is ageless and uplifting. The handmade quality of log furniture is as honest as the day is long.

    Rustic log furniture is also popularly known as cabin log furniture. It doesn't matter what room your want to recreate, log furniture manufacturers offer many lovely designs and styles in a variety of strong natural woods. You can select wonderful pieces of log bedroom furniture, log dining room furniture, log living room furniture and even log furniture for all your outdoor living areas.

  • Rustic Furniture Reconnects You with Nature

    You don't have to be transported into the past to enjoy the honest natural beauty of log furniture.Once reserved for hunting cabins and mountain lodges, log furniture is welcome in many styles of home décor today. The warmth and relaxed feeling rustic furniture imparts can bring a connection with nature into every room. From very sparse lines in design to more intricate craftsmanship, you’ll find a great deal of charm and beauty in the purity that only nature can create.

    Log furniture can be crafted from gleaming pine, long lasting cedar and a variety of hardwoods.Each natural wood will impart its personality and hue to your decorating scheme. Pine will be pale in color blending beautifully with off whites and adding a fresh look that is warm and unique. Rustic furniture crafted from cedar logs will be carry a warm glow that is quintessentially the character of this wonderful wood. Aspen log furniture offers a silvered taupe tone, while hickory pieces exude both blonde and honey brown. For the darkest color in relaxed furnishings, the aged timbers for barnwood furniture is perfect.

    Depending on the designer’s eye, some pieces of log furniture will be supple and barely smooth as is the character of logs completely free of bark. Others exude a more rustic charm with both clean planed wood and bark covered logs used in the creation. Free of unnatural stains, rustic furniture brings out the true natural beauty of the wood and it’s graining. This lends a very unique look to each piece of rustic furniture built today.

    Log furniture can be very rustic or a wonderful blend of finely crafted ironwork and the warmth of natural wood. Selecting the right pieces of rustic furniture for your home can be a great deal of fun, unlike shopping for traditional stained to match furniture lines. No other style of home furnishings has quite the unique character that log construction offers. How could the factory duplication ever hope to compare with the fabulous creativity of Mother Nature? If it weren’t for the unexplainable, nature would be as mesmerizing as plastic resin pottery. Seen a few, seen ‘em all.

    Sturdy construction should be an important factor in the collecting of furnishings for the savvy homeowner. The majority of today’s fine furnishings offered in traditional furniture lines today are largely comprised with the use of particle board and paper or vinyl surface wood grain effects. This is not a wise investment in your home and its beauty. Log furniture, however, is solid wood from top to bottom, all lovingly finished to create handsome accents and useful pieces that will be cherished for many years to come.

    Rustic furniture can add so much of the warmth of natural purity to sleek modern homes and the perfect relaxed mood to the traditional styled abode. Something you will notice about log furniture that is not found in any other style on the market is the instant impact of character and reality one solitary piece can add to a room. Solid and built to last, naturally unique rustic furniture is something that you and your family will enjoy inside and on the patio or porch, as part of what makes a house a home. Harmony with nature will play a large part in your life wherever you add log furniture to the décor.

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