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sofa tables

  • Close the Cliché

    No Two Sofa Tables Look AlikeDo an image search on a stock photography site or Google “barnwood”, and the majority of the pictures returned to you are rustic images of cowboys, horses, and other Western items against a barn backdrop. This is an association born of history; barns have housed horses, livestock, and farm equipment for centuries. They have been central to the Western way of life.

    In this modern day and age, when the range of home décor includes everything from primitive to ultra-modern, barn wood furniture is very versatile. Reclaimed lumber is commonly found in homes with a Western theme, but its rustic character and sturdy features can even complement the sleek lines and hard edges of homes with contemporary decor.

    A piece such as a Rustic Walnut and Barnwood Sofa Table is the perfect example of that versatility. Its simple lines allow the rustic character of the reclaimed planks to resonate with admirers. The well-worn grooves, knots, and nail holes only add to the individuality of each table. No two are ever the same. This wood is a perfect complement to a log home and a stark contrast to the hard metal and glass elements in a contemporary home. Open your mind to the possibilities of reclaimed barnwood furniture and close the cliché on “Old West”.

  • Teak Furniture Makes Any Home Unique

    Living Room Sofa TablesWhen you compare teak furniture to other pieces, it's easy to see the distinctive differences in style. While most modern furniture follows a specific style or form, teak breaks the mold with its free-flowing design and natural accents. These characteristics are especially visible in the Atlantis Sofa Table by GroovyStuff. Instead of legs and supportive crosspieces, this stunning table features an irregularly shaped slab of teak wood as its base. Every natural edge, color change and grain pattern is preserved when the table is constructed, giving each one its own look and personality.

    Like most rustic decor, the GroovyStuff Atlantis Sofa Table has inherent characteristics that create a distinctive design. Though the slab bases differ from table to table, each piece shares a spectrum of colors ranging from delicate tan to robust red-brown. You may see rounded areas, large swatches of rough, dark wood or even curved projections around the edges of the slab. Tables are topped with a smooth, four-foot teak board that offsets the rugged look of the base. Use this area to display photographs, hold vases of flowers or arrange your favorite rustic decor accents to create a look that reflects your sense of style.

    This unique wood furniture is designed to be used in your entryway or living room as an accent table to complement the rest of your decor. In the entryway, the distinctive construction greets guests in style. In the living room, the table fills up empty spaces with the beauty of natural wood. Since teak is known for its strength, you can be sure that your table will retain this beauty for many years.

    The Briwax coating that it comes with can be refreshed whenever necessary to bring out all the best in the wood. Teak is so versatile that you can even place this table outside if you desire, adding eye-catching style to your patio or deck. No matter where you use it, the GroovyStuff Atlantis Sofa Table makes for a beautiful conversation piece that boosts the style of your home.

  • Choose Bright Woods for Attractive Country Decor

    Brightly colored sofa tablesDecorating the living room with attractive country furniture brightens up your home with the beauty of natural wood. The combination of white pine and Northern white cedar used in the Lakeland Log Sofa Table is especially eye-catching. Built by hand from solid wood, this table is perfect for placing behind your sofa or along a wall. Whether you use it for display or as a place to hold the daily newspaper, this table brings a lovely natural accent to your living room.

    Sturdy German-peeled cedar logs support a flat pine top to create the basic, beautiful form of the Lakeland Log Sofa Table. Two stout support pieces hold each log leg in place while a longer log beam stretches between the pairs of legs, ending with sturdy mortise and tenon joins. Slanted logs at either end support a row of smooth pine boards to create a sturdy tabletop. Screws reinforce the upper joins to ensure that the piece remains stable. Natural knot and grain accents appear along the surface of the wood, giving each table its own unique signature.

    Sofa tables are versatile, meaning that you can use them in the entryway or even the dining room if you so desire. Give yourself a place to put the mail and your keys when you come home in the evening or expand counter space where you eat by using your table as a sideboard. The choice is up to you.

    Cedar and pine are both beautiful options when it comes to log furniture. Each sports a light, attractive color that you may wish to leave unfinished so you can appreciate it in its natural state. Choosing a clear finish adds protection from normal wear as well as potential accidents. Light honey finish stains the wood with a warm yellow-brown tone that complements all manner of furniture and decor. Whether you go with the standard clean look of German-peeled logs or prefer to have your country decor sanded smooth, the Lakeland Frontier Log Sofa Table is a beautiful choice for your home.

  • Handcrafted Hickory Log Furniture Enhances the Home

    Sofa tables are always ideal for the living roomChoosing to adorn your home with log furniture gives you many beautiful options. Furniture for every room is made from all types of wood, so you can mix and match to get the exact look you want for every part of your home. From light-colored pine and cedar to the dark charm of teak and hickory, there's a whole spectrum of attractive natural wood shades to explore.

    Hickory wood may be just what you're looking for if you want a deep and rugged style for your cabin or country home. All of the best characteristics of this wood can be seen in the Hickory Log Sofa Table. Built by hand from a combination of hickory logs and slabs, this table makes the perfect accent to your entryway or living room. A dark, woodsy appearance is achieved by leaving the bark on the hickory logs when they're kiln-dried. Bringing each log to a specific moisture content ensures durability and minimizes the wood’s tendency to shift or warp. The end result is a beautiful, sturdy table that will last for years.

    Sofa tables are more than simple furniture pieces. The solid hickory top and two lower shelves on the Hickory Log Sofa Table are perfect for displaying all kinds of home accents. In the entryway, this unique piece of rustic decor can be used to show off seasonal flower arrangements or your favorite knickknacks. Or place it in the living room and arrange your favorite family photos where everyone can see them. Natural hickory bark edging around the top provides a beautiful display area for anything you can think of to put on it.

    Quality Amish craftsmanship ensures that the Hickory Log Sofa Table is of the highest quality. After all, when you invest in log furniture, you want to know that you're getting the best. The sturdy construction of the table is enhanced with an eco-friendly clear coat that also brings out the unique and beautiful colors of the hickory wood for a stunning finished piece that you'll be happy to own.

    Order now and you can get the Hickory Log Sofa Table for as low as $495.00.

  • Log Furniture Brightens Up Springtime Decor

    Every living room needs sofa tablesWhen springtime rolls around, many people feel compelled to clean things out of their homes that are old, dirty, broken or that have sat unused for a long time. The first sunshine after a dreary winter has a way of waking you up, leading to a desire for an open, uncluttered feeling in your home and your life. Whether or not you plan your own spring cleaning ritual, you may find yourself wanting to bring a lighter, brighter feeling to your country decor as the weather outside becomes warmer.

    Sofa tables are a great way to add this bright and attractive style to your home. Designed for use in the entryway, the dining room or behind the sofa in the living room, these tables give you a place to organize and display family photos or favorite home accents. The Rustic Natural Cedar Sofa Table features the light, buttery color of Northern White Cedar logs arranged in sturdy table design. Slight variations in log sizes creates a scalloped table edge. Four strong cedar legs support both the tabletop and a lower shelf, offering plenty of room for decorations of all kinds.

    The natural characteristics of Northern White Cedar make it desirable for use in log furniture. In addition to the attractive color, which is brought out in the Rustic Natural Cedar table through careful sanding of the logs, cedar resists damage and decay. This ensures stability throughout the lifetime of the piece and means that it can be left unfinished for a rustic appearance. Clear finish may be used to protect the wood without dimming its beauty.

    Warm, bright and inviting, the Rustic Natural Cedar Sofa Table makes a lovely addition to country decor in the springtime or any time. Place it in the entryway to give guests a sunny greeting as they arrive. Add one to the dining room for use as a sideboard or tuck one behind the living room sofa to use as a display table. Whatever you do, you’ll be enjoying the beauty and reliability of log furniture.

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