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table lamps

  • Burlap and Barnwood

    Table Lamps made of a Bag of AcornsReclaimed wood is a versatile accessory for many homes; it’s a perfect accent for contemporary design as well as a home with more rustic décor. The character and texture of barn wood provides a warm and welcoming backdrop as an accent wall or trim, or is also at home as a feature piece of furniture in a room.

    To further enhance the décor of a rustic home, burlap is a suitable fabric for accessories. Pillows, draperies, and lampshades are all great places to introduce the rough and rustic texture of natural burlap. To add a unique and personal flair, stencil a design onto the burlap or use the label section from a burlap feed sack.

    An affordable fabric, burlap is a sensible and stylish drapery for large windows and/or areas that need softening. Its open weave filters light without blocking too much of it, and lends a rustic touch to the hard edges around windows. For a more primitive look, the fabric can be attached with tacks or nails and secured with twine. Or, if you prefer a more finished look, the swag of burlap can be wrapped around or hung on a traditional curtain rod.

    Burlap and barnwood are a rustic decorator’s dream, such as this Burlap Bag of Pine Cones Lamp. The combination of the two meld together perfectly and create a serene and natural setting. As Forrest Gump might say if he were decorating a home, burlap and barnwood are “like peas and carrots”.

  • Use Cabin Decor to Light Up Your Home

    Table Lamps with a Rustic AccentSimple accessories create a rustic look that enhances cabin decor in any room of your home. The Cottage Barnwood Table Lamp incorporates the weathered beauty of barnwood into a functional piece that can be placed on the end table in your living room, den or bedroom. Whether you need extra light or are looking for a unique piece to bring balance to the style, this lamp offers just the right flair.

    Handcrafted from reclaimed barwood, this table lamp features UL-certified wiring and a traditional socket with support for an optional lampshade. The base is fashioned from a single barnwood beam and supported by a small, square plank. Although the style is basic, the patterns in the barnwood make every lamp unique. In fact, barnwood can be considered a work of art thanks to the forces of nature imprinting the wood with individual characteristics over the span of many decades. Clear catalyzed lacquer is used to finish off the base and protect the surface of the barnwood from damage and wear.

    If you choose to add a lampshade to your Cottage Barnwood Table Lamp, you get another handmade accessory that features a cedar background with a distinctive pattern of leaves across the lower half. Since these shades are made individually, no two are exactly the same. You wind up with a stunning lamp that brings a soft, warm glow to any room while adding to the beauty of your country decor. Flip the switch whenever you need extra light and enjoy the simple charm it exudes.

    Standing 26 inches high from the base to the top of the shade, this lamp makes the perfect compact complement to barwood furniture. It’s small enough to sit on a nightstand without crowding out other accessories but large enough to provide light for all of your favorite activities. Set up one or more around your home to create a beautiful style that shines with all the appeal of reclaimed barnwood. With its combination of personality and practicality, the Cottage Barnwood Table Lamp is just what you need to make any room feel cozy and inviting.

  • Balance Rustic Decor with Beautiful Lighting

    Bring Table Lamps to the Living RoomIt’s fun to decorate your cabin or lodge with rustic decor, but it’s also possible to go overboard if you focus solely on accessories like artwork and knickknacks. When you’re looking to bring an extra element of outdoor beauty to a room but don’t want to clutter it up, try the Pioneer Table Lamp. With its carved resin base and woven shade, this simple lamp combines beautiful craftsmanship with useful lighting for an attractive accent that literally brightens up any room.

    This 28.5-inch tall lamp features a base made to look like the trunk and branches of a pine tree. Each miniature “branch” features a carved pinecone that adds visual interest and texture to the piece. The rough texture of the resin looks just like bark so that, from a distance, the lamp has a true treelike appearance. Another carved pinecone appears on top, peeking out of the shade just enough to draw attention.

    A classic bell shade covers the upper part of this rustic decor to diffuse the light from a 100-watt bulb. This gives you enough brightness for any task from working on a project to relaxing and reading the newspaper. The three-way socket design provides multiple levels of light so you can choose how much illumination you need. Go for low light in the early morning, bright light at night and something in-between for those gray days when your house is just a little too dim.

    Using functional accessories adds beauty to your home without making it look like you went on a crazy woodland decorating spree. As a simple, elegant accent, the Pioneer Table Lamp pairs well with classic log furniture choices such as pine and cedar. Include it in your living room on an end table or put it on the nightstand in the bedroom so you can enjoy its dual purpose of providing light and adding charm to your existing rustic design. Then pick out a knickknack or two to balance it and put a personal finishing touch on the room’s decor.

  • Make Lodge Decor Unique with Rustic Lamps

    Table Lamps with Bear on the DesignHave you been looking for a unique way to light up your lodge or cabin? Since lamps are a must-have in every room, you might as well make the most of them to dress up your rustic decor. Eye-catching pieces like the Black Bear Lamp with Metal Shade deliver the light you need while adding a beautiful accent to your living room, bedroom, den or enclosed patio area.

    Sturdy materials and stunning details are combined in this lovely lamp. The hand-painted poly resin base is crafted to look like a tree stump and features a black bear with her cubs. The cub sits in the crook of a branch above Mom's head, looking down with a playful expression while Mom peers out at the room, keeping watch and ensuring the cub's safety. Above them you'll find a four-sided rectangular metal shade with a bear silhouette on each plane.

    Detail is a hallmark of good lodge decor, and you'll find a lot of it in the Black Bear Lamp with Metal Shade. Intricate lines in the trunk of the tree give it the look of real wood. Texture on the bears makes them appear furry, and the forest floor beneath the mother bear's feet looks amazingly like fallen leaves. The end of the lamp's pull chain dangles just above the head of the cub and is made to look exactly like a pine cone, complete with a bristly surface and deep brown color.

    Made in the USA, this 21-inch lamp looks perfect with any wood furniture including rustic end tables and nightstands. The natural colors and the deep shade of the metal contrast with pine and cedar and can be used to complement darker wood such and barnwood or hickory. Add a 40-watt light bulb and watch the shade light up with a soft, yellowish glow. Though it's a small accent, this lamp can make a big difference in the way a room looks by imparting a sense of rustic charm and delivering a unique image of natural beauty.

  • Complement Rustic Furniture with Beautiful Lamps

    These table lamps will work anywhere!With the longer days of summer in full swing, you're not likely to need extra lighting unless you enjoy getting up early or staying up late. However, the lamps that you choose to adorn your home are for more than illumination. Beautiful accessories like the Abbott Glow Table Lamp dress up rustic furniture with subtle curved lines and eye-catching accents. A far cry from the mass-produced lamps found in most department and discount stores, this stunning accent is just what your rustic home needs to give it an "outdoorsy" flair.

    Bronzed metal with warm copper tones adds a sense of elegance to the Abbott Glow Table Lamp. From the sturdy rectangular base to the flowing lines of the arms that support the lampshades, this lamp radiates a beauty you won't find in standard lamp designs. Two thin "branches" of metal curve in opposite directions as they reach up from the base, sporting unique three-dimensional pine cone and pine needle decorations. The bronze and copper finish makes these accents stand out and turns the lamp from a simple lighting device to a unique conversation piece.

    Two stunning amber glass shades top off this country decor. Each sports an attractive curved shape that brings to mind the open bell of a flower or the base of an elegant vase. Light bulbs up to 100 watts may be added to provide the right amount of light for those days when the summer sun goes to bed before you do. The three-way socket allows you to choose from three different levels of brightness and the UL certification ensures the lifelong safety of the lamp.

    You can place the Abbott Glow Table Lamp wherever you feel that your cabin decor needs a little something more. The graceful design and timeless style will brighten up your living room, bedroom or den with a look that you can appreciate every day, whether you need to turn the lamp on or not. Make this accent a part of your home style and enjoy true woodland beauty.

  • Decorative Lamps Enhance Rustic Furniture Style

    Bedroom Table LampsDuring the holiday season, your cabin or lodge is filled with festive decor that gives every room a magical touch. You don't have to lose that whimsy when the decorations come down. Interesting, eye-catching pieces like the Rustic Tree Table Lamp offer woodland charm that accents your log furniture all year long. Adding stylish items like this to your living room or den brings universal appeal that anyone can appreciate.

    True to its name, the base of the Rustic Tree Table Lamp looks just like a tree trunk "growing" up out of your end table or sofa table. Made from poly resin that's hand painted to resemble natural bark, this lamp is as rugged as it appears. A stunning metal silhouette shade tops off the piece with a soothing outdoor scene. Every time you turn on the lamp, you'll see the image of a canoe floating on a pond. Towering fir trees surround the water and give way to snow-capped mountains in the background. This calming picture is the perfect finishing touch for your post-holiday decor.

    Of course, this lamp has a practical function in addition to its beauty. Add a 40-watt bulb to shed light on daily tasks or brighten up a dreary afternoon. Simply tug the classic pull chain to get the brightness you need. If you feel like relaxing, there's nothing wrong with simply sitting and enjoying this unique cabin decor. The realistic appearance makes it a fun conversation piece that you'll love having in your home.

    The bedroom is another place that often needs some extra light. The Rustic Tree Table Lamp looks great with other rustic decor and provides just the right amount of illumination when placed on your bedside table or nightstand. Use it to give yourself light to read by or to work on a personal project before turning in for the night. Anywhere you use it, this attractive little lamp will bring back a touch of that special feeling you enjoyed when your home was decked out for the holidays.

  • Rustic Lamps Provide Unique Cabin Decor Accents

    Deer themed table lampsThough the days get longer as winter slips away, there are still a few hours in the morning and evening when you need reliable lighting. Well-lit rooms look and feel more inviting than dim ones, making lamps an essential part of your cabin decor all year round. However, you don't want to include just any lamp in your home's rustic design. The lighting you choose should match your furniture style and create a feeling of warmth.

    The Meyda Tiffany Company uses the beauty of nature as inspiration for all of its pieces, including the Lone Deer Parchment Shade Accent Lamp. At first glance, the design may seem simple; however, the longer you look, the more you'll appreciate the careful craftsmanship that goes into every Meyda Tiffany piece. A square base and slim metal center pole support not only the functional parts of the lamp, but also the stunning image of a leaping buck. Captured in silhouette, this icon of the deep woods creates the illusion of movement and a sense of power. An antique copper finish brightens the whole base, making the perfect complement to rustic decor.

    When you put a 100-watt light bulb into the Lone Deer Parchment Shade Accent Lamp, you can appreciate its beauty more fully. The white shade is constructed from sturdy paper and includes natural pressed foliage accents. A three-way socket allows you to choose what lighting level is best at different times of day. Use a soft glow in early evening, something a little brighter for early morning and the brightest level at night to light up all of your daily activities.

    Lamps from Meyda Tiffany provide more than just lighting. Each handcrafted piece is its own work of art, featuring slight differences in color and style. Your Lone Deer Parchment Shade Accent Lamp will not only brighten up your living room or den but will also provide a unique and beautiful accent to your wood furniture. Place this natural handmade lamp anywhere in your rustic home and enjoy its lasting beauty.

  • Unique Lamps Add an Artistic Touch to Rustic Decor

    Pine Table LampsIt’s easy to accessorize the wood furniture in your home if you have a flair for decorating. Looking at any room with an artistic eye reveals new and unique ways to change the decor so that it reflects the beauty of nature. Capturing the look you envision for your home requires pieces that match the styles and colors already in place. This can be difficult when adding necessary components such as lighting, since the fixtures you find don’t always fit in with your design ideas.

    The Meyda Tiffany Company helps to solve this problem by offering distinctive, beautiful rustic decor items inspired by the natural beauty of the outdoors. The Winter Pine Table Lamp is one such piece. Handcrafted by Meyda artisans, this lamp features contrasting light and dark colors, eye-catching pine cone accents and a unique shape that makes it perfect for your cabin or lodge.

    American Craftsman design meets Tiffany beauty in this one-of-a-kind lamp. Two tapered rectangular poles rise up from a squat half-pyramid base, all finished in bold Craftsman brown. A three-dimensional shade matches the shape of the base. Iridized beige glass creates the form of the shade, supported by a dark brown frame. The delicate image of a pine cone with a spray of needles surrounding it sits in the upper part of the front of the shade, adding beauty and interest to your living room, den or bedroom. Pop in a 100-watt lightbulb and enjoy the warm glow from this distinctive, artistic lamp.

    When you focus on cabin decor for your home, pieces like the Winter Pine Table Lamp make perfect additions. You get the lighting you need from a high-quality, American-made lamp that was crafted with care by skilled artisans. This unique process ensures that Meyda Tiffany never makes two pieces that are the same. Your rugged lamp will be a work of art that nobody else has, set apart from modern lamp designs and singular in its own beauty. Enjoy it wherever you need a little brightness in your home.

  • Teak Accents Enhance Rustic Decor

    Table lamps make great accents in any roomIndividuality is an important part of rustic decor. Anyone can arrange some log pieces and handcrafted decor items and call it rustic, but it takes an eye for design to create something truly unique. You can take the look of your cabin or lodge to the next level with reclaimed wood furniture and accessories. Reclaimed wood, such as that used in the GroovyStuff Teak Running Waters Lamp, features a weathered look and natural variations that make each piece one of a kind.

    With its square base and rectangular lampshade, the Teak Running Waters Lamp adds a solid presence to any room. What makes it stunning, however, are the rugged driftwood accents that wrap around the base, creating the illusion of movement. These wood pieces are meant to replicate the look of a stream or river, softening the angular lines of the rest of the lamp. Running water has long been associated with calmness and relaxation, and the Running Waters Lamp is made to reflect this soothing quality.

    You’ll love the inherent characteristics that set teak furniture apart from other home decor items. Teak wood features deep, bold coloration that can range from dark brown to a warm red-brown that looks beautiful in any cabin, lodge or ranch-style house. Like other reclaimed wood furniture, the Running Waters Lamp features unique differences in appearance from piece to piece. No two will have exactly the same color or running water pattern, making this lamp the perfect choice when you want to introduce something truly individual to your decor.

    The GroovyStuff Teak Running Waters Lamp looks beautiful in any room. Try it on an end table in the living room or den for a beautiful handcrafted touch. You can also place it on an entry table to greet guests as they arrive. When positioned on the nightstand in your bedroom, this unique lamp adds charm and a feeling of tranquility, definitely worth the $329.99. Whatever room becomes home for this lamp, you can be sure that the stunning look of teak wood will add style and beauty.

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