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teak furniture

  • Teak Furniture Enhances Game Room Design

    Pub Tables for the Game RoomAn unfinished basement or expansive attic can be the perfect place to put a game room. It's hard to go wrong with a space dedicated to relaxation and fun. Whether you choose to create just a game room or combine a game room and bar, your choice of furniture creates a welcoming atmosphere. The more unique your rustic decor, the more people will want to spend time in your newly designed recreation area.

    With the Ponderosa Pub Table from GroovyStuff as part of your game room setup, you'll enjoy the beauty of reclaimed teak along with the cozy intimacy that pub tables provide. Though the table stands 42" high, it's only about 24" wide, making it the perfect spot to sit and share a drink, snack or simple game of cards with a friend. This compact size allows you to include more than one table in your game room, making the piece versatile as well as attractive.

    Whether you put one GroovyStuff Ponderosa Pub Table in the corner of the room or arrange several by your pool table to create a seating area for spectators, you can be sure you're getting quality reclaimed wood furniture. Teak features one-of-a-kind characteristics including a rich red-brown tone and a tight grain that distinguish it from other wood pieces. The design is unique as well and features a round tabletop with a wagon wheel hub accent underneath. Each leg sports a slightly triangular shape at the top that slims down to an outward curve between a square arrangement of supports before ending in a rounded foot. Together, these details form a distinctive style that you'll love having in your home.

    Choosing teak furniture for your game room design brings dramatic color, unique craftsmanship and stunning beauty to the decor. Both family and friends will admire the design for years to come, as teak is naturally resistant to damage and wear. Finished with a Briwax coating, your new table will continue to add warmth and beauty to every gathering in your game room.

  • Teak Furniture Makes Any Home Unique

    Living Room Sofa TablesWhen you compare teak furniture to other pieces, it's easy to see the distinctive differences in style. While most modern furniture follows a specific style or form, teak breaks the mold with its free-flowing design and natural accents. These characteristics are especially visible in the Atlantis Sofa Table by GroovyStuff. Instead of legs and supportive crosspieces, this stunning table features an irregularly shaped slab of teak wood as its base. Every natural edge, color change and grain pattern is preserved when the table is constructed, giving each one its own look and personality.

    Like most rustic decor, the GroovyStuff Atlantis Sofa Table has inherent characteristics that create a distinctive design. Though the slab bases differ from table to table, each piece shares a spectrum of colors ranging from delicate tan to robust red-brown. You may see rounded areas, large swatches of rough, dark wood or even curved projections around the edges of the slab. Tables are topped with a smooth, four-foot teak board that offsets the rugged look of the base. Use this area to display photographs, hold vases of flowers or arrange your favorite rustic decor accents to create a look that reflects your sense of style.

    This unique wood furniture is designed to be used in your entryway or living room as an accent table to complement the rest of your decor. In the entryway, the distinctive construction greets guests in style. In the living room, the table fills up empty spaces with the beauty of natural wood. Since teak is known for its strength, you can be sure that your table will retain this beauty for many years.

    The Briwax coating that it comes with can be refreshed whenever necessary to bring out all the best in the wood. Teak is so versatile that you can even place this table outside if you desire, adding eye-catching style to your patio or deck. No matter where you use it, the GroovyStuff Atlantis Sofa Table makes for a beautiful conversation piece that boosts the style of your home.

  • Slow the Pace of Mealtimes with Teak Furniture

    Comfortable Bar Stools for your dinnerFor anyone who enjoys cooking, the kitchen is a personal place. In the past, families gathered in the kitchen to share in the work of meal preparation or simply to enjoy each other’s company. Today, however, the kitchen is often a hectic spot as family members run from one place to another, only stopping to grab a quick bite to eat out of the microwave. Reclaim the relaxing pace of days gone by with a rustic kitchen design that includes teak furniture like the GroovyStuff Teak Sawtooth Bar Chair.

    Three salvaged branches are used to create the base of this distinctive chair. Unique difference in color run along each one, creating eye-catching tan, brown and deep red-brown patterns. Three shorter logs form a triangle around the lower parts of the legs for added support. This ensures that the round slab seat remains stable. Briwax coating brings out the natural colors of the piece and helps to keep it looking its best.

    Teak wood is suitable for use both indoors and out, so you can take your attractive wood furniture from the kitchen to the patio if you want to eat outside during the warmer months. Teak contains natural oils that keep it safe from potential damage in the elements, so you don’t have to worry about it losing its beautiful appearance. If you leave your bar chair outdoors for a while, a silver-gray patina will develop as it weathers. Enjoy this natural change or apply another coat of Briwax to return it to its original colors.

    Adding a GroovyStuff Teak Sawtooth Bar Chair or two to your kitchen can make a world of difference in the way it looks. Teak has a special beauty that is both simple and rugged. When you choose this style of log furniture for your kitchen, you’re bringing in one-of-a-kind pieces that set the stage for a more relaxed atmosphere at every meal. Gather your family together at the table or in the breakfast nook and start enjoying a more leisurely pace of daily life.

  • Versatile Teak Furniture Adds Rustic Appeal

    Use these Stools Anywhere at homeDining room seating comes in so many designs that it can be hard to choose what’s best for your home. If you have an eye for rustic furniture, you may opt for arm and side chairs for everyday dining or use benches to seat as many people as possible over the holidays. However, if your dining area is smaller or includes counter space, rugged stools can be the best option. The GroovyStuff Teak Garden Kitchen Stool measures a handy 24” counter height, allowing you to place one or more in your breakfast nook or around the dining table for comfortable seating.

    Made using solid teak wood, this attractive, rugged stool is a unique work of art. Teak often features differences in color, ranging from deep browns with red undertones to a warm tan color with dark accents. Simple design showcases these distinctive characteristics in the GroovyStuff Teak Garden Kitchen Stool. Four round wooden legs converge beneath a circular slab seat with horizontal crosspieces offering reliable support. The rugged nature of teak ensures that the stool remains sturdy over time, and a Briwax coating helps to protect it from daily wear.

    The versatile GroovyStuff Teak Garden Kitchen Stool can be used just about anywhere, not just for dining. You can perch on it while you fix dinner to give yourself a break if you’ve been on your feet all day. Put it in the living room for extra rustic seating in the corner or by the fire. Teak furniture is even rugged enough to be used outdoors, so you can bring your stool onto the patio or into the garden when you want to head out and enjoy some time in the yard. Teak becomes silvery-gray if left outside, which only serves to enhance its natural character.

    For rustic decorating in your kitchen or dining area, you can’t go wrong with the eye-catching characteristics of teak. Whether you choose sturdy stools or another type of seating, you’ll love the way this versatile, attractive wood looks in any part of your home.

  • Teak Accents Enhance Rustic Decor

    Table lamps make great accents in any roomIndividuality is an important part of rustic decor. Anyone can arrange some log pieces and handcrafted decor items and call it rustic, but it takes an eye for design to create something truly unique. You can take the look of your cabin or lodge to the next level with reclaimed wood furniture and accessories. Reclaimed wood, such as that used in the GroovyStuff Teak Running Waters Lamp, features a weathered look and natural variations that make each piece one of a kind.

    With its square base and rectangular lampshade, the Teak Running Waters Lamp adds a solid presence to any room. What makes it stunning, however, are the rugged driftwood accents that wrap around the base, creating the illusion of movement. These wood pieces are meant to replicate the look of a stream or river, softening the angular lines of the rest of the lamp. Running water has long been associated with calmness and relaxation, and the Running Waters Lamp is made to reflect this soothing quality.

    You’ll love the inherent characteristics that set teak furniture apart from other home decor items. Teak wood features deep, bold coloration that can range from dark brown to a warm red-brown that looks beautiful in any cabin, lodge or ranch-style house. Like other reclaimed wood furniture, the Running Waters Lamp features unique differences in appearance from piece to piece. No two will have exactly the same color or running water pattern, making this lamp the perfect choice when you want to introduce something truly individual to your decor.

    The GroovyStuff Teak Running Waters Lamp looks beautiful in any room. Try it on an end table in the living room or den for a beautiful handcrafted touch. You can also place it on an entry table to greet guests as they arrive. When positioned on the nightstand in your bedroom, this unique lamp adds charm and a feeling of tranquility, definitely worth the $329.99. Whatever room becomes home for this lamp, you can be sure that the stunning look of teak wood will add style and beauty.

  • Put Teak Furniture at the Center of the Living Room

    Coffee tables should attract people to the living roomCoffee tables are a fixture of many living rooms in all home styles. A good, solid coffee table provides a focal point for the room, giving people a place to gather around while they relax and visit. You can use it to set down drinks or small snacks, or you can incorporate it as part of your overall living room design by adding eye-catching books or rustic decor items.

    The GroovyStuff Desperado Coffee Table With Glass Top is an especially stunning piece that’s made for living rooms in cabins, lodges and ranch houses. Crafted from reclaimed teak wood and featuring a glass top, this table is singular among home decor. Teak furniture brings deep brown and red-brown colors to the style of your living area, adding a bold touch to the room. Reclaimed wood goes one step further with unique variations that make each table a distinctive work of art. A Briwax finish nourishes and protects the wood, bringing out the natural differences in color and adding to the beauty of the piece.

    An antique wagon wheel gives the Desperado table its characteristic appearance. Looking down through the glass top, you can see the hub and spokes, looking exactly as they did when the wheel was still part of a wagon. The bottom of the hub reaches down to a lower square shelf that houses a pull-out drawer, perfect for storing newspapers, TV remotes, books, magazines and DVDs. Square teak supports keep the round tabletop sturdy. Don’t forget to tuck a few coasters in the drawer as well, so that you have them on hand to keep your table free from stains.

    Including reclaimed wood furniture in your living room adds timeless beauty and a sense of rustic style. Built with care from a wood that naturally resists damage, the Desperado table is made to last a lifetime without losing any of its charm. Make this piece the center of your living area and enjoy the distinctive personality of teak furniture now and for many years to come.

    This is an amazing centerpiece for only $1,069.95. You won't regret checking out the GroovyStuff Desperado Coffee Table With Glass Top.

  • Teak Furniture Makes Dining Interesting

    There's room for everyone in these dining tablesBringing the family together for dinner is a tradition that many modern households miss out on. Instead of sitting down to a shared meal, family members rush here and there, concentrating on their own activities and rarely taking time to relax and enjoy each other’s company. If you find that dinnertime is this kind of free-for-all at your house, maybe it’s time to make a few changes to draw the family together again.

    Wood furniture creates an inviting dining room atmosphere that encourages your family to slow down a bit from the daily grind. Choose pieces that invoke a sense of being in the deep woods and you’ll soon find that the room feels more cozy. Unique furniture such as the Sierra Woodland Table by GroovyStuff lives up to its name with an eye-catching design and rustic appearance. Built using teak roots and heartwood, this is no ordinary table. It’s hard to say no to a family dinner when you’ll be gathering around a central piece that’s completely unique.

    Teak furniture has many characteristics that make it interesting. Smooth, tight grain brings out the reddish-brown coloration and provides contrast to the craggy appearance of edges, stumps and roots. The Sierra Woodland Table takes this a step further by using a large chunk of rescued teak roots as its base. Instead of a simple pole or set of wooden legs supporting the table, you have a twisting collection of natural wood that looks as though it’s growing right out of your dining room floor. A solid slab of teak heartwood forms the top of the table, creating an irregular oval with rugged edge accents. Briwax finish nourishes the wood and keeps it looking beautiful.

    A new dining room table might not drag the family away from their daily routines, but having a place for everyone to gather is a good start. Teak furniture lasts for a long time, so once you’ve established your new routine, you can rely on the Sierra Woodland table to be there through many family meals.

    Enjoy meals with family with this $1,190.00 piece! You'll always make impressions with the Sierra Woodland Table.

  • Relax and Reflect with Sturdy Teak Furniture

    These rockers are comfortable like no otherSome days you just need to rest. Whether you’ve been working too hard, haven’t gotten enough sleep or are feeling down in the dumps, it’s nice to be able to relax and rejuvenate in the comfort of your own home. And nothing says relaxation like a rocking chair. The GroovyStuff Rockdale Rocker not only gives you a perfect place to sit and rock your troubles away, it also brings the unique beauty of teak furniture to your cabin or lodge.

    Teak is a great wood for making rustic furniture. Strong and decay resistant with an attractive red-brown color, teak brings stability to any piece it’s used in. The Rockdale Rocker combines teak with metal supports to create a sturdy chair that can be enjoyed in the living room or den, or even out on the porch. Slight variations in color ensure that each rocker is unique. If used outside, the wood will slowly turn silver-gray as a natural patina develops. If you’d rather keep the color looking deep and rugged, a simple coating of Briwax will refresh its original appearance.

    When you add a relaxing rocking chair to your cabin decor, you’re not just bringing in another attractive piece of furniture. You’re also adding a sense of comfort, something that tends to be lacking in today’s fast-paced society. Rustic furniture can’t take away all your stress, but it can give you a way to ease it. The gentle back and forth motions of a rocker make you slow down and focus on something besides your “to do” list. While you’re rocking, you can forget about all the things that add tension to your life for just a little while.

    With its slatted back and curved seat, the Rockdale Rocker offers comfort whenever you need it. Plus the attractive color and rugged reliability of the teak add something special to the atmosphere of your home. Whether you’re rocking away a rainy afternoon or relaxing when you come home from work, a rocker can make your personal time that much more comfortable.

    You'll love the GroovyStuff Rockdale Rocker even more, now that it's only $774.95.

  • Reclaimed Wood Furniture Makes a Home Bar Unique

    Teak bar chairs are sturdy and stylish for any home barThere are many ways to decorate a home bar. You can go retro with a shiny bar top and vinyl stools or use sleek lines and minimal designs for a modern look. But if you’re setting up a bar area or combination game room and bar in a rustic cabin or lodge, you’re going to want something a little different. When you’re lucky enough to have space for something like a home bar, you want use a style you enjoy to make it the best it can be.

    Using rustic décor is a great way to create a laid-back setting and reflect your personal love of all things rural. For a truly unique home bar experience, you can’t go wrong with teak furniture like the Sawtooth Swivel Bar Chair from GroovyStuff. This rugged chair combines the durability of teak with the one-of-a-kind look of reclaimed wood for a finished piece that brings charm and character to any room. Since each one is crafted entirely from reclaimed teak wood harvested in Thailand, no two are exactly the same. Slight variations in color and shape make the logs in the arms, back and legs distinct and beautiful. A sturdy slab seat is designed to swivel, providing guests with a comfortable place to sit and a full view of your entire bar area.

    If you don’t have a home bar but still want to enjoy beautiful reclaimed wood furniture, you can use the Sawtooth Swivel chair as part of an outdoor patio or yard setup. Teak wood’s inherent resistance to decay and insect damage make it ideal for outdoor use. Being outside can also give the whole piece an attractive silvery patina that is unique to mature teak wood. Whether you leave the new color as is or refresh it with Briwax for use indoors during the colder months, you’ll have a sturdy, beautiful chair with all the special characteristics of reclaimed wood furniture. Including the rugged presence of teak seating will have you enjoying your home bar that much more.

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