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  • Renovation Bathroom

    Rustic Style VanitiesOn a recent episode of a home remodeling show, the contractor was explaining the two rooms that are most likely to sell a home: the bathroom and kitchen. I’m a sucker for a spacious and well-appointed kitchen, so that room came as no shock to me. But…the bathroom? It’s a space that is necessary, but not one that I would give extra attention to in plans for remodeling.

    At the conclusion of that show, I ventured into my master bathroom and took a look around. Instantly I hung my head as I realized it was more “before” quality than “after”. I knew it was time for a little renovation.

    As I contemplated a plan of attack for the bathroom, I decided that the changes would be mostly cosmetic. The size and layout were more than functional, it was just the appearance that was dull and outdated. New paint, vanity, fixtures and wall décor would be just the trick.

    Over the years, we have become fans of the rustic style. As a result, every time we purchase new furniture for our home we buy quality reclaimed wood pieces. Our search led us to the Reclaimed Barnwood Barn Door Vanity custom built out of solid wood to our specifications then shipped direct to our door. The process was so easy; the builder sent us a sheet that walked us through how to take the correct measurements, we did so and emailed them back in, and our beautiful vanity showed up about six months later, ready for installation. A truly effortless experience.

    I’m proud to say that now our bathroom is HGTV-worthy. I no longer cringe when I watch the beautiful bathrooms flash across my TV screen. In fact, I’m so proud of our “after”, I’m already making plans to do a renovation project on the kitchen. Next up: reclaimed barnwood cabinets!

  • Rustic Decor in Unexpected Places

    Bathroom Vanities with a Rustic StyleThink about your morning routine. Do you roll out of bed and head straight for the coffee maker, or do you hit the bathroom first for an invigorating shower? Do you spend some time in front of the mirror shaving or putting on makeup to get yourself ready for the day? Whatever you do when you wake up in the morning, chances are it involves at least a bit of time spent in the bathroom. And when evening rolls around, there are teeth to be brushed and perhaps a nighttime beauty regimen to complete.

    All of this adds up to an appreciable amount of time spent in your bathroom from day to day. With this in mind, doesn’t it make sense that the bathroom should be just as beautiful and enjoyable to be in as the rest of your home? By introducing log furniture such as the Aspen Lodge Aspen Log Vanity, you can take your routine-oriented bathroom and give it a rugged woodland flair. Each aspen log used in the piece is hand-picked for its unique character and attractive appearance. Hand-peeling and kiln drying ensure both beauty and stability in the finished vanity, while knots, elk chew, insect tracks and other natural accents make every piece one-of-a-kind. Add an optional solid wood top with a wet-look liquid glass application for extra durability and an eye-catching finish.

    With six sizes ranging from 36” to 72”, the Aspen Lodge vanity gives you a lot of options when it comes to space. Whether you’re working with a small bathroom in a summer cabin or want to deck out the master suite in your rambling Western lodge, you’re sure to find a layout that works just right. Smaller sizes feature a centered sink above a door and faux drawers. Large sizes let you choose left or right sink placement or go with dual sinks, each with different configurations of doors and faux or working drawers. Clear finish preserves the beauty of the piece, giving you something to look forward to each time you enter the bathroom.

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