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writing desks

  • Storing, Studying, Sewing & Stuff

    Writing Desks with Multiple FunctionsWe avoid buying new furniture. I hate to admit it, but it’s true. We’ve had our leather sofa and chairs for more years than we’ve been married. They are scratched, dirty, marred and in bad need of either being slipcovered or just replaced. But we resist.

    Don’t get me wrong…I love that new sofa smell. Mmmm, I can almost detect that warm, comfy smell of supple leather. But, alas…we are a military family. We move every 2-3 years, and we never know what the floor plan of our next house is going to be. It is inevitable that during every move, some of our furniture will be broken or completely destroyed. And if the movers don’t manage to do it, our two boys will. And so…we persist with beat-up furniture.

    When we do make a furniture purchase, it’s usually something that is sturdy, small(ish), and can be used for several purchases. For our next move, I’ve promised our youngest son an art studio. Now…he’s four, and to him an “art studio” means a place to stash his markers, paper, scissors and glue. A table stuck in a corner would do him just fine. But I also want that “table” to serve more than one purpose. That’s why I selected a simple writing desk for his “studio”.

    The best thing about a writing desk is that simplicity I mentioned. It’s not heavy and it’s not big. It has two drawers for stashing stuff. The Barnwood 2 Drawer Writing Desk is perfect for drawing, reading, or acting as a base for a sewing project. Removable and portable wooden crates can easily be stacked around its base or hung on the wall for additional storage. If those get lost or broken in a move, they are easily replaced.

    A multi-purpose desk. It’s a win-win for our house. Now if only it did dishes and folded laundry…

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