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Takin' out the Trash

When you think of racoons, what comes to mind? Annoying little pests that enjoy nothing more than sneaking into tiny gaps, hiding in your lofts and digging through your trash? How many of us have come outside only to find the entire contents of our garbage bins strewn all over our property? Well we’re getting the last laugh because now, you can invite a racoon into your home and display him, clutching a beer can, as a warning to all the others!

Anyone that hasn’t experienced the destructive nature of racoons might try to make light of what a nuisance they are. Unhygienic, selfish, noisy and annoying, they really are one of nature’s biggest pests but hell, if they aren’t super cute too! What a weird way to design a creature, but who are we to judge? 

With their soft fur sweet stripes and cheeky little faces, nature’s burglars make for beautiful trophies in any home, but particularly those within a rustic setting and with a natural theme running through them.  Let’s picture a stunning woodland cabin for a minute and you’ll see what we mean.

Let’s imagine that cabin being a fairly open plan affair, with a sociable kitchen and den and bedrooms off to the side. Log walls keep the atmosphere warm and cozy and you’ve chosen some gorgeous handcrafted furniture as well. Hopefully from us! Now look over at the rustic side table and what can you picture? That’s right: a naughty little racoon clutching his treasure that is a used beer can. What a bit of fun and a hilarious conversation starter! We won’t tell anyone that you didn’t bag the Beer Can Racoon either, so if you want to claim that, you go right ahead!

Considering buying a racoon trophy as a gift? Why not get personal and ask us to use a favorite brewery can? After all, if your gift receiver is a Coors man, you don’t want to give him a Bud Light! We don’t think you could go wrong buying this for father’s day, Christmas or a birthday for the hunter in your life, and they don't even need a cabin to make good use of it either. If they have a man cave or games room that needs a little decorating, one of these loveable masked rogues will make a brilliant centerpiece.

Our reputation speaks for itself when it comes to furniture and we wouldn’t jeopardize that by working with anything less than the finest tanners in the United States. By connecting with seasoned taxidermy artists, we are able to bring not only our quirky ideas to life, but these little furry friends as well. Blink and you’ll think they are still going to scurry away, that’s how incredible they are. But don’t just take our word for it. 

Order your new decorative racoon taxidermy trophy today and enjoy free shipping, as well as a family heirloom that generations to come will love and cherish.