Teak Furniture Makes Dining Interesting

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2012-10-18 10:00:10
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There's room for everyone in these dining tablesBringing the family together for dinner is a tradition that many modern households miss out on. Instead of sitting down to a shared meal, family members rush here and there, concentrating on their own activities and rarely taking time to relax and enjoy each other’s company. If you find that dinnertime is this kind of free-for-all at your house, maybe it’s time to make a few changes to draw the family together again. Wood furniture creates an inviting dining room atmosphere that encourages your family to slow down a bit from the daily grind. Choose pieces that invoke a sense of being in the deep woods and you’ll soon find that the room feels more cozy. Unique furniture such as the Sierra Woodland Table by GroovyStuff lives up to its name with an eye-catching design and rustic appearance. Built using teak roots and heartwood, this is no ordinary table. It’s hard to say no to a family dinner when you’ll be gathering around a central piece that’s completely unique. Teak furniture has many characteristics that make it interesting. Smooth, tight grain brings out the reddish-brown coloration and provides contrast to the craggy appearance of edges, stumps and roots. The Sierra Woodland Table takes this a step further by using a large chunk of rescued teak roots as its base. Instead of a simple pole or set of wooden legs supporting the table, you have a twisting collection of natural wood that looks as though it’s growing right out of your dining room floor. A solid slab of teak heartwood forms the top of the table, creating an irregular oval with rugged edge accents. Briwax finish nourishes the wood and keeps it looking beautiful. A new dining room table might not drag the family away from their daily routines, but having a place for everyone to gather is a good start. Teak furniture lasts for a long time, so once you’ve established your new routine, you can rely on the Sierra Woodland table to be there through many family meals. Enjoy meals with family with this $1,190.00 piece! You'll always make impressions with the Sierra Woodland Table.
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