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The Hunted Becomes the Hunter

Calling all game room owners! If you’re a self-confessed outdoor pursuits fanatic, you’ll appreciate this very special and unusual Hunter Squirrel trophy mount that brings a little whimsy and humor to the notion of displaying your kills. 

As we all know, safety comes first when stalking through the undergrowth and while camo might be your best bet for staying hidden from prey, those pesky orange vests serve an important purpose when it comes to making sure you don’t take a pellet yourself. You know who know s and pokes fun at this? Mr squirrel over here!

Don’t feel too sorry for this scurrying little critter, as he’s spent a lifetime hunting for nuts but little did he know that a shotgun and hi-viz vest was all he really needed. Well now, he has both! From racing up and down tree trunks to sitting proudly on a shelf in your home, things have come full circle for this chirpy little predator. 

Thanks to Mother Nature seeing fit to make no two animals the same, the image we are displaying is representative of our overall design and the quality standards that we aspire to with each and every creation. Though the overall dimensions might be a little different, with shorter or longer tails and maybe even significantly bigger squirrels themselves, the finished theme will be the same: the hunted becoming the hunters. 

The fur that looks so soft you just can’t resist stroking it? We always look for that during our quality control process. A big bushy tail that defines the breed? Always sought after and moreover, we love to create little trophies that look so unadulterated that you might think they are still alive. Yes, we know this one is a little different, thanks to the little shotgun and vest, but other than those, we think our glossy-eyed squirrel mounts are exceptionally natural and beautiful.

Few things are worse than badly executed taxidermy and we avoid the pitfalls of sloppy work by only collaborating with exemplary professionals. We use the best materials, the most experienced and passionate professionals and bring to life some of the most fun and unique ideas, all to guarantee you an incredible new decorative focal point for your home. 

We don’t want to give you any ideas, but can’t you picture this little chap sat on your mantle at Christmas, wearing a homemade Santa hat? Or maybe posing alongside another piece, as if it is HIS trophy? Just be careful, as one trophy is never enough. Being as cute as these are, you’ll soon find that you have a few dotted around your home, getting up to mischief wherever they are!