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The Perfect Blend

You might not think that ultra rustic and sleek contemporary styling can work together and if you’d asked us a few years ago, we might have agreed with you, but you no longer have to choose between the two. We’ve spent time developing a dining table that captures the harmony and balance that can be achieved, so prepare to fall in love.

We can’t lie; it’s taken some time to get here. Trying to decide between a modern base and a rustic dining table top or what you see here with an antique-inspired base and a smooth, modern top was tricky, but we knew that we wanted to get the balance right using only solid wood. Were we adding metal accents, we could have been more flamboyant, but this needed to be something timeless yet of its own time, all at once. No wonder we had to work so hard!

Let’s start with the base. We’ve aged new pine to resemble genuine barnwood beams that look as though they have been rescued from an old building, to give the rustic underpinnings that this design called for. The rough sawn marks add a lot of character and depth, transforming new pine into something so much more stunning and all but undetectable too. With the rustic table base design set in stone, we then open up the options for you to create your perfect table, with just the right amount of modern chic added in. You can select:

Rustic Table size: With eight sizes on offer, reaching 12ft in length, we like to think we have all bases covered, but get in touch if you need something not listed. Custom work is a speciality for us.

Rustic Dining Table Top style: Why let us have all the fun with the design process, when you can decide which wood you’d like for your top? We have five to choose from, including sumptuous black walnut and classic oak.

Edge style: You can dial the rustic finish up or down, with your choice of top edge finish. Choose a live edge for the more earthy aesthetic, or a flat or chamfered option for a stylized alternative. 

Top finish: Finally, we ask you to tell us what color you’d like your table top. Bear in mind that the base is our proprietary antique barnwood, so you’ll want to choose something that works well and will complement your home too. We have five options, with an under clear being one of them, if you’ve selected a wood that you are particularly taken with.

There are no wrong choices, only the ones that will look the best in your particular home. We think that with the combination of modern and rustic elements here, there is no limit as to the type of property this table would work well in, though a family cabin definitely springs to mind!

Designed, built and shipped from right here in the USA, our Rustic Timber Dining Table has been created to please aloof the people, all of the time and without any compromises on quality, finish or customer service.