The Western Wonder You Didn't Know You Needed

The Western Wonder You Didn't Know You Needed
2020-04-21 15:51:30
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If you’ve never thought about a western-style TV  stand for your home before, prepare to rethink your entire interior design scheme, just so you have a valid reason to invest in our Country Roads Reclaimed Wood TV Stand. High praise and solid style Can we start by drawing attention to an incredible review that we garnered for our rustic alder TV stand? Indulge us, just for a moment! “This TV stand is amazing! AMAZING with extra !!!!! Seriously this piece is just breathtaking [sic] and it is extremely solid. I love the mix of woods used to create the contrast in the doors, and the reclaimed wood used on the top is so full of years of character…” We won’t post the whole quote, as we think you get the idea, but of you’re wondering what it is, apart from our industry-leading quality, that drove a customer to leave such a review, it’s the styling that we dreamt up. The decorative touches and hardware that we chose for this old world TV stand lend themselves to nostalgia and heritage, with a little western flair thrown in for good measure too, resulting in a rustic meets exotic finish that is irresistible. It doesn’t just look good though. Built to last All of our Log Furniture Place pieces have been designed to withstand a lifetime of use, hence many items come with a limited lifetime warranty, including this one. The secret to decades of glorious functionality here is the use of genuine reclaimed timber that has come from all manner of traditional American buildings, including schools, churches and barns. Imbued with at least a century of history and heritage, every plank makes you a steward of our nation’s great history and moreover, they offer you fantastic functionality as well. Anybody can buy modern furniture that’s flimsy, comes with little or no warranty and has nothing in the way of character, but you’ll be part of an elite family of savvy customers when you chose to invest in our Country Roads TV Stand. The two sturdy doors swing open to reveal a treasure trove of storage within, including reclaimed wood shelves and the top section includes what we like to think of as a genius little touch – cut outs for your cables. No need to worry about unsightly power cords hanging out of the front of your rustic TV stand, as they can simply slip through the back panel and disappear to your socket, out of sight. We really have designed this masterpiece to work for you as well as looking great! A beautiful combination of dark walnut and linseed oil finished panels, the reclaimed alder TV stand is a statement furniture item that we think will naturally dictate a lot of wider home styling. We’ve accounted for this by designing a varied range of pieces that can inject some western flair into every room, from a master bedroom to the kitchen and everywhere in between. The only question is, which room will you redesign first?
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