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This Little Fella ain't From Around These Parts!

Well howdy partner! This gun-toting squirrel makes a fun little addition to any home, but partner him with another and suddenly, you have dueling varmints (or should that be vermin?) that create a beautiful focal point.

What a bit of fun. We’ve often looked at squirrels and thought that they looked like they were up to no good and now, they are dressed for mischief and rustling! With fluffy tail, bright eyes and bristling whiskers all in place, the addition of a cute little holster and cowboy hat, made specifically for each squirrel, creates a western themed display to rival all others. 

We joke that these little chaps are quick on the draw, but maybe too slow to get away, which is why they’ll end up in your home, but it’s all light hearted humor. We treat the animals with the utmost respect and give them endless life as beautiful trophies but where’s the harm in adding a little creativity and fun too? 

Picture your rustic retreat. Whether it’s a cabin, lodge or second home in the woods, we are willing to bet that it’s furnished and decorated with authentic pieces that come together to create a harmonious theme. Now let’s assume that you have a good sense of humor and an appreciation for the finer and more unique things in life. That’s where a striking piece of expertly crafted taxidermy can add extra style to your home.

Not all taxidermy is created equal. There’s no point in denying it, because as soon as you see our gunslinger squirrel, you’ll be able to see how much time and expertise has gone into his creation. While other lesser ‘artists’ would be happy with second grade leather, ratty furs and unimaginative diorama themes, we give our creative geniuses more freedom. We only accept the finest materials, the cutest ideas and the best final pieces, because we want them to last a lifetime and bring joy forever. We back this up with a lifetime guarantee as well.

If you’re an outdoors enthusiast and a crack shot, we know you’ll appreciate these trophies and will see the good natured humor in them. We bet you might even buy more than one, to position them in funny places around your home. As you can see in our pictures, we rather like the way that two gunslingers look as if they are about to have a showdown, but nothing’s stopping you from creating an entire corral! 

Packaged with care and shipped for free, our little pistol wielding squirrels are ready for their new homes but don't be shy about talking about a custom idea. Just as with our log furniture pieces, we are always looking for ways to create something new and fresh and specifically for you. Our craftspeople are ready to make your display dreams come true, so why not get in touch and tell us what you’re picturing?