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2015-05-07 10:00:01
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Simple Beds for the Aspen HomeA bed doesn’t have to be fancy to be beautiful. The best log furniture designs combine comfort and simplicity in pieces that draw the eye without being distracting. You’ll find these qualities in the Aspen Hobble Creek Log Bed. Durable aspen wood construction makes it unique among bedroom furniture and yet subtle enough to be part of any rustic or country setup. You can’t go wrong when you choose furniture made from aspen to adorn your home. This sturdy, rugged wood displays features that were put there by nature as each tree went through its natural life cycle. The logs for the Aspen Hobble Creek Log Bed are picked out with a focus on character and strength, and the result is a bed that you can admire during the day and be cozy in at night. Every joint uses traditional mortise and tenon construction to ensure that you have a solid platform for your mattress and box spring. It’s easy to sleep soundly with this strong frame surrounding you. Aspen furniture is unique among home accents in that it showcases the interesting shapes that aspen trees often grow in. Many of these trees spend their lives weathering tough winters and wind up with twists and turns in their branches and trunks. You’ll see this in the logs that top off the headboard and footboard of your bed. Additional logs are arranged in a fan shape underneath these crosspieces and supported by straight logs on the bottom. Solid aspen accents and wooden support slats complete the piece. Whether you need a twin bed for your guest room or a cozy California king bed for the master suite, you can get an Aspen Hobble Creek Log Bed that meets your needs. Upgrade the wood to “extra gnarly” aspen to enjoy log beds with stunning personality, or opt for honey glaze instead of clear lacquer if you’re looking for a deeper color. This sturdy, attractive bed brings the simplicity of log pieces to your bedroom and sets the stage for a style that endures.
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