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Unique Candles Brighten Up Cabin Decor

Candles are great for adjusting room lightsCandlelight has a way of making any room feel more cozy. Adding candles to your rustic decor imparts a sense of calm, relaxation and serenity. When those candles are a Set of 3 Rustic Birch Bark Candles, they also bring the beauty of the outdoors to your home. This unique candle set can light up the living room, add elegance to the dining table or turn your front hall into a woodland oasis.

Rustic Birch Bark Candles are made from solid wax wrapped in real birch bark. The style is one-of-a-kind: a series of "rings" inside each candle with an exterior that looks exactly like a small birch log. This makes them perfect for all kinds of cabin decor. Since the prominent shades in birch bark are black and white, you can get creative with other accessories. Try decorative pine branches, bright knickknacks, rustic lamps or even photographs for a display that grabs attention.

A set of log risers made from aspen wood makes a beautiful accompaniment to this bark-wrapped candle set. The risers are available in different sizes and can be arranged any way you wish. Elevate the candles in tiers to create a multi-level effect that disperses their light in unique ways and add accents in complementary colors to complete the look.

As a dining table centerpiece, Rustic Birch Bark Candles provide beautiful subdued lighting for special meals. They're perfect for holidays, and can be customized depending on what you surround them with. Create a fall display with cornstalks and pumpkins, brighten up Thanksgiving with a cornucopia or make Christmas shine with holly leaves and berries. The candles may also be used to add a bit of charm to "ordinary" everyday meals or bring a romantic feeling to an evening spent alone with your spouse.

Light your Rustic Birch Bark Candles whenever you want to enjoy the special flicker of candlelight. Arranged along with log furniture and complementary accents, this three-candle set is just what you need to make your home feel special any day of the year.