Unique Lighting Adds Woodland Charm to Cabin Decor

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2015-03-19 10:00:18
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Pendant Lights are Good CenterpiecesLighting is an essential element in all country decor. Without properly placed lights, a room can seem cold, claustrophobic and uninviting. The Colorado Lighting 3 Leg Pendant Light suspends from the ceiling to spread light into every corner, banishing unwanted shadows and making your living room, dining area or den a bright and appealing place to spend time in. Not only does it provide the light you need to make the room look its best; it also adds a touch of woodland beauty to the style of the room. This attractive pendant light is handmade in the USA from rugged wrought iron and hefty glass. Three sturdy “legs” radiate out from a central pillar held in place by a sturdy chain. One light fixture hangs down from each leg and is adorned with a flower-shaped shade that diffuses the glow from a 100-watt bulb. The result is beautiful, even lighting that’s perfect for illuminating evening activities or brightening up dreary days. All wiring and fixtures in the piece are UL rated, so you know you can use this fixture safely in any part of your home. Thanks to the inclusion of one six-inch and two 12-inch rod couplers, you can hang this attractive cabin decor from flat or vaulted ceilings of any height. Adjust it as necessary to create just the right ambiance for any room. In the living room, it provides eye-catching overall brightness which can be enhanced by choosing Alabaster Glass shades. In the dining area, you may wish to aim for something more subdued, a look perfected with Mission Amber Diffuser shades. Right in the center of the Colorado Lighting 3 Leg Pendant Light, you’ll find a trio of pine cone and “branch” accents complete with pine needle decorations. This contributes a “woodland” look to the piece that’s perfect for cabins and country homes. Enhance the design with pine log furniture in the room below or choose other accessories with pine tree and pine cone themes to create balanced decor with attractive, timeless rustic style.
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