Use Rustic Decor for All Your Storage Needs

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2014-12-18 11:00:09
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Jewelry Boxes Made of Cedar WoodFinding accessories that coordinate with the log furniture in your bedroom isn't always easy. While rustic lamps and artwork are available from skilled craftsmen, everyday items such as jewelry boxes are often designed with modern decor in mind. Not so with the Aromatic Red Cedar Log Jewelry Box. Drawer-in-drawer construction makes for a multi-functional storage box that can hold all types of personal accessories. Instead of a square or round box, the Aromatic Red Cedar Log Jewelry Box is made from an attractive hollowed-out red cedar log. Two drawers nestled inside its 11" length give you plenty of room for storing jewelry or watches. The first drawer stretches almost all the way across the log while a second, smaller drawer is set inside it at the center. Both feature small log drawer pulls that complement the natural curves of the box. When you push the drawers in, they sit flush with the body of the box so that you can admire its full beauty. Made by hand right in the USA, this stunning jewelry box features protective felt lining in the drawers and a clear lacquer finish over the outside surface of the log. The finish serves to keep the outside of the box smooth and free from damage that can occur during day-to-day use. This ensures that the unique nature of each individual box is preserved so that you can enjoy it as part of your rustic decor for many years to come. Cedar wood ranges in color from a light, pinelike shade to deep red-brown, and you'll find all of these beautiful tones in the Aromatic Red Cedar Log Jewelry Box. Whether your particular box is adorned with knots, beetle tracks or natural speckles, you'll love the way it looks sitting on your rustic dresser. The wide range of colors make it a suitable addition to country decor, rustic bedrooms and even lodges or ranch houses. This ability to coordinate with all types of home designs makes it the perfect choice for storing all of your jewelry.
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