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Utility and Decorating Outside the Box with Rustic Furniture

When you're looking for versatile rustic furniture, barnwood is the way to go.For most of us when the word ‘dresser’ is mentioned, we immediately think of the bedroom. Once upon a time, every piece of furniture that had drawers was called a dresser, no matter what it was designed to be used for. Isn’t it refreshing to know that with rustic furniture, those hard core modern rules are tossed into the wind?

Take this particularly handsome Wyoming barn wood furniture dresser in the photo. It’s definitely roomy for ample clothing storage as rustic bedroom furniture, yet it doesn’t necessarily scream it must go in the bedroom. Here is one of the really cool things about rustic or log furniture - it crosses the lines in decorating rules so easily.

Breaking the Rules Adds More Charm and Utility to Home

Now where in your home, beyond the bedroom, could you make use of 7 large roomy drawers for valuable storage? I can think of a number of places that you could really enjoy this rustic barn wood furniture dresser. As added linen storage in the bathroom or just outside in the hall would be one spot. Not all homes have ample space for this in the bathroom or anywhere else within easy reach when you need another towel.

Some people love to dress the table differently for each type of cuisine they serve for dinner. If cooking and entertainment decorating in the dining room is your thing, chances are you have oodles of different sets of dishes clogging your china cupboard and little room for candles, silverware and napkin rings… or your collection of table cloths and matching napkins. Here you have a very warm looking piece of rustic furniture for the dining room that will house your entire horde of table setting goodies very neatly. Plus, it will double as extra serving space for mingling guests for those large holiday gatherings.

Barn Wood Furniture for Laundry or Mud Room

Where do you store those beach towels, car cleaning rags, winter mittens and scarves, and other off season items? If the pool is in the backyard, you’ll want fast access for those chlorine dripping kids before they reach the carpeting. Since a lot of us have a utility room that doubles as the laundry room/mud room and cabinets are at a minimum, this big 7 drawer dresser would come in awful handy for getting rid of clutter in a flash.

Imagine the warmth of something not wrapped in Formica that you don’t have to worry about the abuse it would get in the mud room. Barn wood furniture has already been exposed to the elements for a century or more. This tells you that the wood is seasoned and hard. While some things like gooey paint cans could really mess up the finish, a little pool water or mud isn’t going to faze it and will clean off very easily. You couldn’t put a piece of modern particle board and laminate furniture to this test and win! Nope, those manufacturers only put into their products the amount of strength you’ll need to get by for a year or two in the setting they have planned for its use.

So it’s no wonder that we have been trained to think of furnishings in made to match sets. It isn’t just that it makes decorating for the style challenged easier; it’s about how much quality went into each piece. Rustic furniture and barn wood furniture is built to span time and be used in a busy home, not pampered and closing off your imagination. Rustic bedroom furniture can be used in almost every room of your home and hold up beautifully. Well all except the bed, that is. I guess not all rules were meant to be broken.