What to Look For in a Log Swing

2010-03-05 20:50:11
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Ideal Outdoor SwingsSpring is around the corner… I think… So today let’s talk about what features to look for when purchasing a log swing.  You and your loved ones are going to be relaxing and swinging in yourlog yard swing or log porch swing so you will want to make sure that it is going to hold up.   There are multiple styles of rustic swings out on the web and in stores all varying in price and features – yet in our online store we only list a few. “Why is that?” you may wonder, “what makes one log swing better than the next?”  Let’s dig in and find out by looking at 4 main points that make a quality log swing: First let’s take a look at the wood that is used in the construction of various rustic log swings.
  • Cedar is an excellent choice – it is the most durable outdoors due to it’s long life, stability, and resistance to rot, insects, and fungi.  Cedar logs are softer and have some give to them which enables cedar log swings to generally be stronger.
  • Pine is another choice which can hold up decently well outdoors – however you will want to make sure to keep an outdoor finish on your pine log swing as pine wood is not as durable outdoors as cedar.
  • Teak is another wood choice that holds up extremely well outdoors.  It is also very strong and very unique looking.  Teak swings and teak wood swings are becoming very popular.
  • We then move to the wood that you will not find in our online store because they will not hold up more than a year or two on average – Chinese Fir.  This wood is brittle and breaks easily.  Not something we would own ourselves so you will not find it at Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place.  You will usually find log swings in some larger retail stores made from Chinese Fir.  They are usually sold for about $100 less than a quality log swing that will last 10 times longer.
Second, check to make sure the logs used in the construction of the rustic swing are dry – and were dry before they went into construction.  The reason for this is because all logs check (crack) as they dry.  Using logs that have gone through the drying process allows the builder to ensure that the log has not been weakened by stress testing the log. Wet logs that are used in construction may develop cracks along vital strength points in the log swing, resulting in the swing being much weaker and not durable or safe at all.  The logs we use are all kiln dried and are then stress tested before the logs are even allowed to go into production. The third area to look at in a rustic yard swing or rustic porch swing is the size of the chucks/tenons that are used.  The size of the chuck/tenon is what determines the overall strength of the log swing.  It doesn’t matter if the log swing is built with massive 9″ diameter logs and weighs 500 lbs.  If the chucks/tenons are small it will not be any stronger than a smaller log swing with larger chucked/tenoned connections.  In my opinion you will want a log swing that has at least 1 1/4″ – 1 1/2″ or larger chucks/tenons.  Many companies will use 3/4″ or 1″ size chucks/tenons and will hide in small print that their log swing will only support 200lbs.  Personally I enjoy sitting with my wife or friends on our log porch swing.  I can’t imagine having to hang a sign that says one person at a time and only if you weight less than xxx amount of pounds!  Keep watch out for this as there are many copy cat companies who will try to duplicate a quality log swing but will cut costs by using smaller chucks/tenons. Fourth and last thing to look for in a rustic swing is the comfort.  Unless you are buying your swing for looks the comfort of the seat and back should be a pretty big concern.  Contoured seat slats as found on our Contoured Comfort line of log furniture (built by my family – Lakeland Mills, Inc) offer a comfortable sitting area as well as offering a sloping front seat design so the seat does not dig into the back of your knees.  I’m sure I sound biased, and I may be, but in my opinion the comfort that the contoured comfort log yard swing and the contoured comfort log porch swing offer cannot be beat.  This is not to say that a contoured seat is for everyone.  Some people may not find it comfortable or some may want a flat seat with a cushion.  If this is the case I can highly recommend the Rustic Natural Cedar line of log swings.

I hope this helps you in your search for a log swing.  As always if you have questions please feel free to contact us either through email or via our toll free phone number 877-LOG FURN  (877-564-3876)

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