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Wrap Up Warm in Cozy Cabin Decor

Throw Blankets Make Great Accessories!Autumn weather is often unpredictable. One day will be sunny and so warm that you need an air conditioner while the next brings chilly winds, rain and even frost. Since you can't really know what the the temperature will be like, it pays to be prepared for anything with the Lumberjack Throw Blanket and other warm rustic decor. Not only does having a throw on hand give you something to wrap up in when you're cold; it also adds comfort and beauty to any room in your home.

The Lumberjack throw offers an expansive 54"x72" of soft cotton fabric that features a varied motif of thick and thin vertical stripes. Colors alternate between tan, blue, black and red with thin white piping accents interspersed between them. The result is a subdued style with a great deal of rugged charm. These neutral colors make the perfect complement to log furniture. Drape the throw over the back of the couch in your living room or add it to your favorite chair in the den for an attractive accent that doubles as a cozy blanket. You'll be glad to have it around the next time the temperature drops and you need a quick way to warm up.

Other Lumberjack accessories are available to beautify your home and keep you warm through the erratic fall months. The throw is made to coordinate with any of them, so whether you choose bedding, pillows or even curtains, you'll get an eye-catching, balanced motif. Adding rugged style to your cabin or lodge gives it an attractive look that you can enjoy throughout the fall and right on into winter.

When you accessorize your cabin decor with the Lumberjack throw, you bring a sense of warmth and comfort to every room. If you find that the colors become dingy or dull, a run to the dry cleaner's will restore its beauty. Every time you pull this comfortable throw around your shoulders or spread it out on your bed, you'll appreciate its cozy, attractive nature and simple design.