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Log Cabin Furniture & Decor

Bring the beauty of the outdoors inside with Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place rustic cabin furniture!

Our line of indoor lodge furniture, rustic home furnishings, and cabin décor lets you immediately bring the beauty of the outdoors inside to enhance the look and feel of your home, office, or retreat. Add instant charm and comfort to any space with log cabin furniture, reclaimed wood furniture and related accessories such as lamps, copper sinks, and 3D wood art from Woodland Creek.

Have a lakeside rental? Our log beds and cottage furniture are a perfect fit! Looking for a unique twist on authentic rustic country furniture? Consider our aspen, Barnwood, teak, or primitive furniture lines. Nothing says country quite like century-old Barnwood furniture! Are you craving a kitchen remodel? We’re here to satisfy all your rustic décor style needs.

Why Cabin Furniture from Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place?

Our ability to craft custom log furniture according to your specifications, lowest price promise, free shipping on most orders, and a diverse catalog featuring thousands of quality products proudly made in the USA make us truly unique!

A premier manufacturer of handmade rustic furniture and long-time e-tailer of lodge décor and related accessories, the Woodland Creek's Log Furniture Place family, has served satisfied homeowners and lodge owners across the US and Canada for more than 25 years.

Explore Our Cabin Furniture Options

The space you need to furnish and decorate as well as your overall style preference both directly affect what furniture will work best. Whenever selecting cabin furniture for your home, office, or retreat space, there are a few things you want to consider before getting started.

First, to maintain overall cohesiveness in your space, you'll want to carefully select what kind of wood you intend to use for each room. Rather than randomly picking pieces you like, select furniture made of the same color and type of wood. You'll easily maintain a pleasant, welcoming, and entirely cohesive theme throughout your space.

When selecting a color, keep in mind what effect dark and light will have on your space. While darker colors are often thought of to be more regal, picking lighter furniture for your home helps create a feeling of openness and brightness.

Once you’ve determined your colors and themes, you must understand what size of cabin furniture you need for every room you are furnishing. While bigger pieces are impressive, they tend to be best suited for spaces that are also large and open, such as substantially sized living or great rooms.

If you only have small spaces to work with, then consider using smaller pieces or fewer larger pieces made from smaller logs. Avoid overcrowding or cluttering.

Lastly, you’ll want to be sure the furniture you select is appropriate for the purpose you need it to serve. While that might sound obvious, it takes more consideration then you might think. For instance, when selecting a dining table, if you have children, you'll need a wood specifically treated to resist damage.

That goes for coffee tables, dressers, bathroom vanities, and more: consider the use you’ll need out of each item.

Once you have all these details sorted, it’s time to narrow down your cabin furniture selection!

Create an Enchanting Bedroom with Cabin Furniture

You (hopefully) spend at least eight hours every day in your bed, so you may as well love it! Imagine how delightful it would be to lay down after a long day and embrace an enchanting sleep surrounded by the bedroom set of your dreams!

Vacation spots and coveted social media pictures will have nothing on you and your bedroom after you’ve furnished it with the perfect cabin furniture pieces! Whether you need log beds for a cabin or rustic bunk beds for kids, dressers, side tables, or more, you can find what you need at Woodland Creek.

With our hand-crafted beds and unique, rustic bedroom dressers, you can easily piece together your ideal sanctuary. Don’t forget about log cabin decor to complete your overall look!

At Woodland Creek, we strive to make finding the highest quality of cabin furniture and décor as easy as possible. If you don’t see anything that piques your specific interest, then ask us about our custom log furniture! We have almost a dozen different choices of wood, including but not limited to antler, aspen, walnut, and hickory, and we can put together cabin furniture to your specifications.

Cabin Furniture for a Charming Kitchen

The kitchen is arguably the heart of the home. It's where friends and families come together to enjoy each other’s company and share stories over a fresh, delicious meal. Why not make the experience warm, beautiful, and utterly memorable? Don’t worry about sacrificing an ounce of functionality with your rustic decorations! Our pieces are made to be used.

Since there are so many options when it comes to cabin dining room tables and chairs, you can easily transform your kitchen into your ideal space. If you're looking to include more than just a dining room table upgrade, consider adding iron racks, copper sinks, and other irresistible kitchen accessories.

If you need any adjustments made, such as a longer, taller, darker, or wider barn wood dining table than what you see on our website, just let us know! We'd be thrilled to build you a custom piece to perfectly fit your space. Before you know it, you'll want to spend more time cooking and eating in this comforting kitchen than you ever have before!

Cabin Furniture & Decor for the Perfect Rustic Bathroom

Here's a hint that will guarantee your home, office, or retreat maintains a cohesive theme, giving it that authentic-log-cabin feel—don't forget about the bathrooms. Including your bathrooms in your rustic, lodge-style will bring your theme together in a quick, comforting way.

You’ll create a space so warm and cozy that you might actually start taking those baths you’ve been meaning to take!

If you’re not sure where to start, then check out some rustic bathroom vanities for some fast inspiration. Think about using pieces that make a statement while accentuating your carefully chosen theme. You have multiple options for sinks, linen closets, toilet toppers, mirrors, faucets, and more!

Add in your preferred decorations and shower curtains for a room you’ll be proud of. Details (but not clutter!) will bring it all together in no time.

Let Us Know if You Have Questions!

Obviously, there are more rooms in your home than just your bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Browse our website for whatever cabin furniture or decor you desire, for whatever space or purpose!

If you don't see anything that's quite right for your needs, don't hesitate to contact us and ask about a custom piece. We'd be happy to help you design the log cabin furniture of your dreams.