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Single Light Switch Covers

Imagine walking into your bedroom in your rustic home. The soft light from your log lamps spill out highlighting your log bed. The log dresser and chest are just visible in the dim light of the lamps. The crackling fire in the fireplace provides just enough warmth and the flames accentuate your bear themed comforter set. You know how soft and warm your bear comforter is, and the memory of it's softness invites you to lay down to continue your journey in your latest novel. "Yes," you think to yourself, "a relaxing break from the day sounds nice." You lift your arm stretching your hand out towards your caramel colored tongue and groove pine walls, it searches for the single light switch to the overhead Meyda ceiling lamp, but to no avail. You are going to have to do it, you will have to look for the light switch. You muster up the courage to look for the switch, you turn your head to the right and gasp! There it is, all alone, surrounded by plain white plastic ugliness. The plastic cover seems to be mocking you in your otherwise perfectly decorated room... Don't let this nightmare come to pass. Browse through our vast selection of wrought iron and copper single light switch covers. Our selections include bear light switch covers, moose light switch covers, deer single light switch covers and many more. You are sure to find the style at Woodland Creek's that will complete and compliment the decor in your room, whether it be the hallway, kitchen, living room or any other room in your rustic home.