Rustic Bed Frames

Rustic Bed Frames and Log Beds

Your bedroom may be one of the more private places in your home, but that’s no excuse to slack on style. The perfect rustic bed frame serves as the focal point of your bedroom, with stunning artwork or wildlife engravings, along with woods ranging from walnut to repurposed barn wood, your options for textures and colors are endless.

While your bed should be relaxing, it can offer you far more than that. Our bed frames can give you storage, style, and durability unique to our handmade furniture. Keep the rustic décor of your home flowing into your bedroom with pieces you can’t find anywhere else.

Types of Frames

Not all bed frames are equal. The distinct styles and materials of each frame make a difference when it comes to both comfort and interior design. Common bed frame types include standard, futon, canopy, and bunk styles.

Our inventory features a wide range of bed frames to accommodate your needs and preferences. Browse 17 bed sizes, 18 wood types, and 56 collections. We even have 16 types of finishes to ensure the frame comes with the ideal glossy and protective coating for extra durability.

Regardless of the bed frame, we guarantee you'll get a product with a unique and unforgettable rustic flair. You can choose from unstripped wood paneling or wrought iron elements, and everything in between. We even offer options that incorporate intricate engravings of nature.

Each style adds an old-fashioned, outdoorsy feel to your home. We take pride in using natural materials over synthetic ones to preserve the connection between the outdoors and your home’s interior. Plus, each bed frame is made to order, so the final product will be as unique as your home.

Rustic Bed Frame

Rustic as a style means to encapsulate the countryside. One way designers and manufacturers capture this essence is to incorporate outdoorsy elements into their work.

The most authentic way to create the natural aesthetic is with raw elements. Whether you use them as part of your décor or in the architecture of your home, the rugged and gritty beauty lends itself to an earthy and humble tone. Typically, the materials center around a neutral color palette of browns, soft yellows, greys, greens, blues, and whites.

When it comes to rustic bed frames, we incorporate wide, raw, and handcrafted planks to bring this woodsy look and feel to life. We strive for a simple chic that fits with the rest of the room's ambiance. If you have metal elements, we opt for industrial or washed surfaces that give the room an old-timey feel, rather than a slick, futuristic one.

If you're looking for a natural atmosphere, you'll like the Rustic Live Edge Walnut Slab Bed. The frame complements the complexion of the oak when it comes to flow and continuity. You will notice a slight curve along the footboard and headboard, as well as weathered knots and pockets that create the rustic charm you’re looking for.

The clean look of walnut suits almost any home, thanks to a moderate coloration and customizable size. You can select twin, full/double, queen, king, and California king frame sizes for any bed. You can also have peace of mind knowing walnut is one of the most durable woods, so your frame will hold up against everyday wear.

If you want a simple but elegant design, try the contemporary rustic look of the Black Granite Single Panel Bed. The bed frame pays homage to the Granite Mountains of Wyoming, as well as the Rocky Mountains that stretch over the West. This fusion of dark pine boards and marbled granite creates a modern feel without forsaking its rustic roots.

The bed frame features thick pine along the base and legs. Consumers will note the wavy grain and dark streaks of color that accent the granite inserts. Whether you live in a ranch, lodge, cabin, or another country setting, this bed frame seamlessly blends with your space.

Each Black Granite Single Panel Bed comes with headboards, footboards, side rails, and support slats. The features vary slightly, with the options of rustic copper and mesa-inspired inserts. Furthermore, you can choose between a queen- and king-sized frame, along with several finishes.

Log Bed Frame

No single decorative element is more rustic than the log. Sizeable, stable, and visually stunning, log décor is the ideal bed frame material, and it sets the tone for the entire room.

Each log has a distinct personality, too. Each plank has textures created by knots, holes, beetle marks, and other subtle characteristics, even if they are all from the same tree. Logs are also one of the most sustainable options, as they typically require less processing power.

The Northwoods Montana Log Bed is a perfect example of durability combined with an unforgettable character. The framework is simple yet sound. It features sturdy posts dense enough to comfortably handle multiple people at once. Additionally, mortise and tenon joints hold the logs together to ensure stable construction. 

Each one of the pine logs is stripped and cut by hand for a one-of-a-kind look. The pine material has a subtle cream hue that works best in a room with understated color palettes. You can also opt to have a clear or honey finish for an added layer of protection.

The Northwoods Montana Log Bed comes with customizable features. In this case, you can change the width and length from twin to king, depending on your bed's specifications. Note that handcrafting raw materials means that dimensions may vary as much as two inches in any direction.

If you want to capture the flow and vibrancy of rural life, the Cedar Lake Bent Branch Log Bed is worth considering. The bed frame uses thick cedar posts as guidelines for mattresses ranging from twins to California kings. But it's the decorative branches between those posts that make it unique.

The headboard and footboard feature branches extending from a singular point toward the top plank. Meanwhile, the crisscrossed series of wood on each side accents the hand-stripped textures of the posts. When it comes to artistic beauty and comprehensive functionality, this bed frame is a rare piece that does both.

Additionally, you have a say when it comes to the decorative profile. You can select between twisted, forked, gnarly, or other branch styles to create a look that brings the whole room together. You also can enrich the framework with honey, clear, or vintage whiskey finishes.

Wooden Bed Frame

Wooden bed frames are quintessentially rustic. The grit of the grain and blended brown, yellow, and white tones evoke the American countryside. In addition to visual aesthetics, consider the frame's density, finish, and hardness.

Before diving into the catalog, it's best to know the properties of different woods so you can make an informed decision when purchasing a new bed frame.

Alder – If you're looking for frames that come in everything from light honey to rich cherry tones, alder will draw you in. The material is highly affordable and comes with a natural knottiness and a striking personality. While the wood is relatively soft, the durability is hardly an issue, since beds are a low-traffic area. 

Aspen - While aspen trees start as a whitish-yellow wood, as the plant matures, it develops into a chocolatey hue. The wood does not split when nailed as it has medium shock resistance and low-bending capabilities. It's often used for furniture as well as molding, toys, and picture frames for its high durability. 

Barn wood – No two slabs of barn wood are the same. The material comes from old barns that have distinctive weathering patterns. Barn wood is the most sustainable and eco-friendly option, as it repurposes old lumber to make new frames, instead of foresting new trees.

Cedar – While cedar is a softwood, it is naturally weather-resistant. The rustic look tends toward light coloration that adds warmth to a room. Many woodworkers use cedar for outdoor furniture because it gives off an aroma that repels moths, mosquitos, and other pests.

Fir – Stability is the defining trait of fir furniture. You often find it in saunas, as the lumber naturally resists warping, twisting, heat, and moisture. It also has a unique grain and works equally well with rustic or modern interiors.

Hickory – Heft and durability are the hallmarks of hickory. While the wood is relatively challenging to produce, it is known for its outstanding shock-resistance and longevity. Hickory comes in a wide range of colors and functions well for flooring, tool handles, and cabinetry.

Pine – Many pieces of kids' furniture are made of pine. The material is lightweight and inexpensive and features a smattering of vibrant brown knots against a yellowish body. Pine is susceptible to scratches and dents, though it holds up well against shrinking.

Walnut – Walnut is most common along the east coast and in the Midwest. This sapwood develops deep curvy grains that complement dark brown hues. Walnut is a robust hardwood that stands up well against bending, shock, and scratches.

How do these woods look and feel as bed frames? Consider the Rocky Creek Barn Wood Highland Panel Bed. It uses barn wood from century-old reclaimed slats.

The aesthetic of the wood makes it stand out from all the rest. It has that gorgeously imperfect rustic personality with marks, nail holes, and weathering patterns that tell its story beyond its beauty in your home.

Our team uses these woods as the foundation for your comfort, so you sleep comfortably. That includes a headboard, footboard, bed slats, and railings about the side. Furthermore, you can finish your Rocky Creek Barn Wood Highland Panel Bed with a low-gloss catalyzed lacquer for a polished and natural look.

Bed Frame

We spend a third of our lifetime sleeping. Make sure you have a bed frame that provides comfort and support year after year. Wood bed frames are so durable that they can last a lifetime and even be passed down through multiple generations.

While the modern metal bed frame has its place, wooden ones are the ultimate long-term investment. You can choose from endless rustic decorations and finishes to ensure it has your artistic fingerprint on the design. Plus, our bed frames are not susceptible to creaks or squeaks like their modern competition.

If you want a bed frame worth its weight in gold, the Sawmill Timber Frame Hand Carved Panel Bed merits attention. Each headboard and footboard includes customized and handcrafted artwork featuring rustic scenery. The artist finishes the engravings with a layer of paint. Scenery options include:

  • A bear with tracks
  • A bear's den
  • A bear trail
  • A bedded buck
  • A bucking bronco
  • A bear cub napping in a tree
  • Two deer with tracks
  • A deer jumping
  • A deer trail
  • A bull moose drinking
  • An elk herd
  • Forty wink fawn
  • A hibernating bear
  • A howling wolf
  • A lone wolf
  • A mother moose
  • A painted horse

The bed frame does more than look gorgeous in your home. It has sturdy, distressed pine timbers for the legs and boards. These come in a darker hue than the footboard or headboard to avoid stealing attention from the visual centerpiece. This heirloom-quality furniture includes a 20-year warranty, free shipping, and a satisfaction guarantee. 

You can express your personality in ways other than artwork. For instance, the Rural Root Legend Barnwood Platform Bed affords you plenty of opportunity to put your stamp on its design. The reclaimed wood is versatile enough to fit with rural or contemporary interiors while paying homage to the aesthetic of farmers across the country.

The bed frame uses vertical planks of rough-cut pine. Even though it has the look of reclaimed barn wood, the pine base means you can save money without sacrificing appearance. Additionally, the wood comes with a triple lacquer finish for maximum protection against scratches and dents.

Each side of the headboard has a defined X design on the Legend Platform model—a staple in authentic barns across the United States. This collection also incorporates rustic styles and textures with the weathering patterns seen on other wooden structures in America's heartland.

Shape and Size of Bed Frames

The shape and size are among the chief considerations for a bed frame. If you already have the mattress, you can work backward to find a proper frame using its length and width. Without the mattress, you will need to figure out how much space you or your family member needs. Mattresses come in many sizes, though the most popular ones include:

  • Twin: 39 inches wide by 75 inches long
  • Single XL: 39 inches wide by 80 inches long
  • Full: 54 inches wide by 75 inches long
  • Full XL: 54 inches wide by 80 inches long
  • Queen: 60 inches wide by 80 inches long
  • King: 76 inches wide by 80 inches long
  • California King: 72 inches wide by 84 inches long

The optimal dimensions depend on the height, age, and preferences of the individual. For instance, a teenager may quickly outgrow a twin bed, so investing in a larger frame might be the optimal move.

Additionally, the design of your home's interior and usable space will determine the bed frame's shape. If space is limited, purchasing a compact chassis, such as a bunk bed or futon, is ideal. However, if space is not a concern, you may want a canopy bed or something with storage capacity under the mattress.

Rustic Bed

Odds are you have a rectangular bed. Despite that most beds are this shape, they are not one-size-fits-all. The number of people sleeping in the bed and area of the room both influence your rustic bed frame choice.

The Woodland Forest Cedar Log Panel Bed offers an accessible shape and four sizes from twin to king. The frame comes with a 20-inch profile and a stout 30-inch footboard, which makes getting in, out, and around the mattress comfortable. It also features cedar planks for long-lasting usability.

The most eye-catching feature of the Woodland Forest Cedar Log Panel Bed is the headboard. The interior side comes with realistic tree decoration that contains the original bark. Woodworkers finish the artwork with a honey amber, American chestnut, Contempo, barn wood lager, or clear finish to preserve the frame for years to come. 

There are also several complementary furniture pieces you can use throughout your home to create that consistent design from room to room. The Westcliffe Pointe catalog comes with rich, textured nightstands, chairs, and even a dining set. Meanwhile, the Olde Towne collection includes rustically aged vanities, sideboards, and entertainment centers.

If you're in search of minimalist design components, you'll enjoy the style and sensibility of the Homestead Rough Sawn Platform Bed. The bed frame is reminiscent of the American frontier with its artisanal elements. The design and materials draw inspiration from the handcrafted works of mountain settlers, who used solid American woods to build their homes.

The testament to craftsmanship shines through with exacting attention to detail. The Homestead Rough Sawn Platform Bed features traditional mortise and tenon joints for support and security. It also has a firm base, so you do not need a box spring.

Manufacturers stay true to the frontier spirit with an Early American stain and clear lacquer for a deep brown complexion. This frame can fit five different mattress sizes, all of which you can find here. Additionally, the pine bed frame comes with a 20-year warranty and requires some assembly upon arrival.

Wooden Bed

There are virtually no limits to the size and shape of a wooden bed frame. Above all, the structure must support your sleeping needs, which depend on their age, weight, health, and personal preferences. It also helps if the bed frame fits with the rustic interior design elsewhere in the room or home.

The stately Rocky Creek Rustic Royal Timber Platform Bed uses every spare inch of space. It does not feature a footboard or railings, which allows you to enter from three sides. It even sports a series of sturdy beams that make up the headboard and offer additional support, whether you're sitting up to read in bed or getting ready to sleep.

You can take advantage of six storage compartments underneath the mattress, too. These drawers match the reclaimed wood exterior and are likewise handcrafted and finished. The storage space will depend on the dimensions, which range from 50.5 to 92 inches wide and 84.5 to 93.5 inches long.

When it comes to saving space, the North Woods Log Murphy Bed has you covered. The bed looks like a standard low-profile bed without a traditional headboard or footboard. Near the head, though, there is an overarching frame that is 81 to 87.5 inches tall.

During the day, you can retract the mattress into the rustic pine frame. The closet-like portal provides a straightforward way to maximize room space without compromising the quality of sleep. Plus, the pneumatic hinges making lowering and raising the mattress a strain-free experience whether you have a twin, full, or queen.

When the mattress is out of the frame, it can stretch upwards of 84 inches in length. During storage, the pine framework can conceal 17.5 inches of horizontal inches of mattress. Manufacturers recommend non-foam beds for this frame.

The North Woods Log Murphy Bed has a warm pine color featuring subtle knots and grains for a nuanced character that suits any rustic home. You can also get a complimentary honey or clear finish, or no finish at all if you want a truly natural look.

Log Beds

Log beds are the best of the best when it comes to vertical beds. The dense timber is naturally suited to extend a sleeping surface upwards while providing the necessary support. Whether you have a traditional bed frame or a bunk bed, users have sturdy tree trunks at each of the post corners.

Consider the Beaver Creek Aspen Log Bunk Bed. The frame ranges from 48 to 70 inches wide and is 87 to 92 inches long. Each one of the posts is a six and a half foot trunk, stripped of its bark, but left with the underlying personality and texture.

This bunk bed is as close as you can come to sleeping among the trees without leaving the comfort of your home. Each trunk tells a story with remarkable texture and grain. The combined knots, cracks, beetle marks, and checks shape and define the wood alongside the perpendicular supporting beams that extend from the center of the post. 

Choose between light and dark aspen, as well as standard or extra gnarled logs, depending on their preferences. The bed is available in five different sizes and two finishes. The Beaver Creek Aspen Log Bunk Bed also comes with a double built ladder and thick side railings.

Another vertical option is the Cedar Lake Log Canopy Bed. The cedar timber framework comes with a striking smattering of knots, bumps, gnarls, and other natural features. While nature fans may opt to leave the frame unfinished or apply a clear finish, you can protect your canopy bed with honey or vintage whiskey coatings.

The canopy bed works best as the focal point in the center of the room. This wooden haven should have the headboard against a single wall with the mattress stretching out across the rest of the room. This setup maximizes the space people can use to get into bed or walk around it.

The Cedar Lake Log Canopy Bed works as a queen, king, or California king. There may be slight variations in the listed measurements, as rustic furniture does not always lend itself to precision—but that’s the beauty of this incredible style. You can also add side rails that are approximately eight inches wide.

If you're looking for the perfect rustic bed frame, check out our catalog! We have a wide variety of pieces to add that rustic flair to your home without sacrificing comfort or space.