Rustic Lamps

Indoor Rustic Lamps and Lighting

Lighting sets the ambiance in a room. The arrangement of everything from shades to sconces can transform how you experience interior design. The most successful lighting elements involve positioning and coordination that works with the aesthetic of the whole room.

If you want to give your home a rustic look and feel, softer lighting can accentuate the existing finishes and furniture with the best light fixtures incorporating subtle rustic elements, like wrought iron casings or a natural oak or walnut finish. The result is a cohesive and continuous décor that blends seamlessly with the overall interior design of the home.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

Capturing the rustic essence means incorporating elements reminiscent of the countryside or rural areas. Use decor and lighting to bring that natural imagery into your home.

Take the Eight-Light Tall Mule Deer Antler Chandelier. This light fixture intricately joins the antlers in an elegant composition that ties the entire room together. The chandelier is made of real mule deer antlers to emphasize the connection between your home and Mother Nature.

The Colorado Rustic Lighting Black Bear & Trees Chandelier adds a lighthearted, playful touch to any space. The chandelier features wrought iron silhouettes of black bears roaming through a three-dimensional forest. Beneath the scene is an Alabaster or Honey Onyx glass diffuser that shines a soft glow on the room below.

Timeless Style with Modern Amenities

Rustic lamps and lighting work exceptionally well with a pale, natural color palette. They bring out the best features of heavy wood furniture, wood floors, and stone fireplaces. The most compatible colors are neutral without being cold or unfriendly. You can show off the colors of any room with rustic lighting using green, brown, grey, and other earthy tones.

Many of the rustic lamps and light fixtures bring these colors to life through a vintage style. Most of the pieces incorporate wrought iron, wood, and bone for a look that fits with this specific interior design. Rustic materials also provide lasting durability that is all but impervious to the stresses of everyday wear and tear.

You can enjoy a combination of your home's cozy interior and the beauty of nature with rustic lighting—especially if you have the Colorado Lighting 3D Pinecone Ceiling Fan. It features naturally finished mahogany blades, multiple amber glass shades, and decorative pinecones while delivering top performance with a three-speed reversible motor, remote control capability, and carefully engineered blade pitches. It cools your room and adds the unique rustic flair you're looking for.

Blending Style with Substance

Whether you're looking for a pendant or a pool table lamp, you should never have to sacrifice style for substance. Your light fixtures should only improve the shape, texture, and color of the other rustic elements in the room. There is no reason you can't have both performance and durability.

Many rustic light fixtures have greater longevity than their competitors. A rustic table lamp, like the Lodge Mesquite Lamp with Real Copper Shade, is made with dense wood and is borderline dent and scratchproof. Plus, if it falls, it's more likely to damage your floor than the fixture.

The Lodge Mesquite Lamp comes in a wide range of shades and patterns to complement your existing interior design. The copper shade comes with handcrafted stencils of moose, elk, bears, horses, trees, and trout. You can even choose between multiple colorful finishes, including burgundy bronze, turquoise, and washed green to add a pop of color to your room.

Rustic Lighting

Rustic lighting doesn't mix well with modern style furnishings. Your rustic home probably won't include synthetic fibers, fluorescent lighting, or plastic fixtures. Instead, rustic homes commit to the earth and find a way to represent it in design naturally.

Rustic lighting tends to be sparser and heavier than its contemporary counterparts. It focuses on grounding your home with a minimalistic theme. The light is selective and runs over the furniture or interior elements in a way that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.  

Rustic Lamps

Set the tone for the room with rustic lamps. Their placement and style add a natural accent and cottage-like inspiration to highlight your space. Lights with wooden exteriors and animal imagery go a long way toward reinforcing that ideal earthy character in your home.

The positioning of rustic lamps makes all the difference. The light source should balance visually with its surrounding elements without blocking or obscuring the view of the space. Our catalog features a range of fixtures from stout wooden lamps to stunning fixtures made from interconnected deer antlers. There's something for every rustic home out there—including yours.