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Rustic Tables

Rustic Tables

Whether you’re in search of a decorative or traditional dining table, you need a rustic table that truly makes the room. Your table should pop and set the tone for your style no matter where which room it’s in, while also accentuating the other design elements in your home.

Even outdoor tables need to work for the space. Your patio, deck, or yard are all part of your home, so why not extend your unique rustic flair to those areas, too?

Our selection of handcrafted wooden tables gives you the best of both worlds. These rustic tables stand up to everyday wear, so you’ll have them for generations to come. With materials like teak, hickory, and aspen, along with endless styles and textures, you get a stunning centerpiece that draws everyone’s eye.

Types of Rustic Tables

The best rustic tables are ones that fit with your overall interior design while serving a practical purpose. The table's surface should be durable and accommodating for your preferred usage. It should offer ergonomic comfort for everything from family meals to board game nights. Our inventory of tables includes five varieties.

Rustic Dining Table/Rustic Dining Room Table

Many families only come together once a day for a meal. Make that experience count with a rustic dining table that comfortably fits everyone with a comfortable design and a spacious top. The ultimate aesthetic and dimensions will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

A popular option is the Twisted Trail Live Edge Dining Table, which has a 42-inch width and a length ranging from five to ten feet. Underneath the black walnut slab, you'll find square metallic bases filled with decorative teak furnishings. The range of textures within the sleek and rustic presentation makes it ideal for dining rooms across the country.

If you're up for an adventure, the Black Walnut Bookmatched Slab Dining Table is worth consideration. The modern yet minimalistic tabletop utilizes two wooden components. It has a 44-inch-wide slab of walnut for the surface and a hand-peeled cedar stump for the base. The result is a unique dining experience that is sure to wow family, friends, and anyone else who sets foot in your home. 

Rustic End Table

End tables fit snugly next to the sofa or armchair. They're a convenient place to set down a book, drink, or the remote when you're deep into that new Netflix series. Most end tables are rectangular, and their height and shape should match the adjacent furniture.

Similarly, the accent table can be in any room for any reason. These versatile tables are often a complementary design feature that serves a decorative—but still practical—purpose. Accent tables come in a wide range of materials, dimensions, and shapes to accomplish the aesthetic goals of the room.

The standard model is the Glacier Country Outdoor End Table. The multi-level end table ensures a sturdy surface to accommodate you, whether you sit in deck or lawn chairs. Each model comes with weathered legs that resemble something out of the Grand Lodges of the Rockies from a century ago, thanks to an intricate texture and contrast.

Meanwhile, the Rustic Cedar Rectangle Log Coffee Table serves as a multi-purpose accent for indoor or outdoor usage. The sturdy surface can work as the centerpiece of a living room or a subtly stylish feature when friends and family gather. Additionally, the white cedar and smattered texture of knots and grain invoke a classic countryside aesthetic. 

Rustic Entry Table

An entry table occupies a specific niche within the home. While its purpose and look may come across as inconsequential, it serves the ever-important function of tying together your home's look. When guests walk into your home, the entry table sets the tone and gives them their first impression of your space.

Nature-lovers will gravitate towards the Metal Moose Scene Sofa Table, which provides enough room to place pictures and knick-knacks without being overcrowded. It uses aspen or barn wood as the primary surface material, as the natural variations and history make it more unique than many other kinds of wood. It even features wrought iron artwork of a moose in the forest, adding decorative flair to your rustic household.

No entry table is more visually striking than the Naturally Rustic Teak Root Console Table. It's an explosion of colors, textures, and dimensions meticulously crafted with deft sanding and cleaning to bring out the natural beauty. This heavy-duty entry table can be 52 to 71 inches in length and upwards of 500 pounds.

Rustic Kitchen Table

Picking a material is the first and perhaps the most challenging part of shopping for a rustic kitchen table. Options include cedar, aspen, barn wood, hickory, black walnut, pine, and weathered wood. There are even extendable tables that families can pull apart and insert a leaf for a dining surface that accommodates larger gatherings.

One Beartooth Hickory Rectangular Log Dining Table is a more traditional option. Families can comfortably seat six people around it on benches or dining chairs. You can add these seats, as well as various finishes, during the check out process.

The 42-inch-wide table can be anywhere from five to eight feet long. The solid hickory slab comes with bark accents along the edges for a more rural feel. Meanwhile, the hand-sprayed varnish provides a slick, shiny coating that makes the top glisten like glass.

The Cedar Lake Solid Wood Double Stump Dining Table is noteworthy for its blend of natural elements and modern aesthetics. It features a 42-wide and 2-inch thick top made from vertical cuts of cedar and has a standard or liquid glass finish. The tabletop sits on two stumps that require cleaning and kiln drying for six to eight months before attaching to the cedar slab.

Rustic Coffee Table

Get the most out of your coffee table with a functional and stylish centerpiece. Beyond holding cups of coffee or magazine layouts, this area is a place to store items and add decorative pizzazz. The sky is the limit when it comes to these pieces.

The Glacier Country Log Coffee Table is a classic rustic coffee table. It features a simple, yet smooth design with just enough rustic flair to accent the room. It utilizes handcrafted solid pine throughout, though the legs have an inner cambium layer for added texture.

Coffee tables don't have to be boring or standard. The Ornate Rustic Redwood and Juniper Root Coffee Table sure isn't. This table is an amalgamation of deep hues, flowing textures, and rustic vibes. It's a statement piece ideal for coffee lovers, whether you live in a rustic home, lodge, or cabin. 

Rustic Table Shapes

You might have the perfect rustic table, but it's worthless if the shape doesn't fit the space. The dimensions should complement the existing furniture and furnishings for seamless assimilation. Our catalog features four different table shapes, including round, oval, square, and rectangular.

Rustic Round Table

Circular tables are about efficiency. They allow people to see everything else at the table, which makes conversing and moving simple. There is also no head of the table, so a rustic round table may fit better in a laid back atmosphere.

The Aspen Snow Bent Log Pub Table is perfect a cozy environment with its 36-inch diameter. The top is a hand-peeled log of standard character aspen that is upwards of four inches thick. A series of naturally curving and gnarled branches offer steady support for a pub table with unmistakable personality.

There is also the Outlaw Whiskey Barrel Pub Table, which consumers might find at a brewery or Western-themed bar. The table includes a sturdy circular platform welded to the frame of an authentic oak whiskey barrel beneath it. 

A wrought iron rim that encircles the base provides a comfortable place to rest your feet. This table also is a natural companion to the Rustic Wine Barrel Bar Stool or Wine Barrel Stave Back Bar Stool.

Rustic Oval Table

Oval tables create a distinct focal point that the square and circle cannot match. While the oval shares many similarities with the rectangle, its rounded corners create an illusion that the table does not require as much space. The shape can also run parallel to rustic design elements that utilize flowing patterns.

The epitome of the oval tables is the Saranac Hickory Oval Double Pedestal Dining Table. The base of the table is five feet long, though users can add up to three-foot leaves for more space. Additionally, it is 32 inches tall, which provides ample clearance for the optional Saranac Hickory Panel Back Side and Back Arm Chairs that go with the table.

The hickory surface requires skilled craftsmanship to sculpt. Before carpenters can work the wood, it must go through a three-month curing process to ensure the proper moisture level. The result is a sturdy and durable table that will be the pride of any dining room.

Square Rustic Table

End tables and accent tables are the most common square tables you'll find in the home. The compact and efficient design lends itself well to snug corners, no matter how tight. If you want a square dining table, they're ideal for square or small dining rooms, as they generally only fit four people at once.

If you're looking for a chic or urban edge to your home, you want the square Rustic Stacked Teak and Walnut End Table. This table features interconnected blocks of walnut and teak that resemble a Jenga tower. The contemporary top features an 18 or 22-inch square surface with a natural clear finish.

The Aspen Mountain Corner Table is a more traditional option. The dual-layered structure features hand-peeled logs that capture the natural color and texture of the wood. There is also mortise and tenon joint added during the assembly process to give the table additional support and make it last.

Rectangular Rustic Table

Rectangles are the most popular shape among rustic tables. They're ideal for large families or when hosting many people in your home. Most rectangular tables are three to four feet wide to provide enough room for people to walk around the perimeter during dinner.

The Real Hickory Log Dining Table accomplishes all of this and more with a 42-inch width and a length ranging from 5 to 13 feet. The solid hickory surface holds up no matter how many people gather around it, while the liquid glass finish provides added protection.

Rectangle tables also include pool tables. Enjoy your best games of pool with hand-forged Clavos nail spotting points, Championship Tour Edition K66 cushions, and Billiard Congress of America specifications. Choose from 20 different felt colors, from titanium to taupe to paprika to purple.

E-Commerce Queries

Finding furniture for your home or office can be a tedious and stressful process. You have to consider aesthetics, dimensions, durability, shipping, and price. What should you think about before you purchase a new table from us?

Custom Rustic Table

All of our products are custom made. That includes everything from bed frames to barstools to swings to seats. We take the time to go through the construction process by hand to ensure unparalleled levels of quality and precision. Every custom rustic table comes with an automatic one-year warranty.

You can customize your table during the check out process, and select between different types of finishes and overall sizes. If you have any immediate questions about the process, you can reach out to our customer service team at (866) 329-9060.

Note that every item is made to order. While making log tables, desks, chairs, and more is a labor of love, these products can take some time to produce, and delays occasionally happen. If you would like to check on the status of your order, please contact our customer service team for assistance.

The measurements of the products are approximate. While we do our best to be as precise as possible, we plan for a marginal variation of one to two inches from the stated dimensions. We make a concerted effort to preserve the quality and craftsmanship of your products, which may yield a product that is slightly longer or shorter than the dimensions listed in our product descriptions.

For example, when it comes to the Western Winds Rustic Barn Door Dining Set, shoppers can choose between eight sizes, four finishes, two chairs, and 18 different lengths of benches. In cases like these, the difference between pieces may be more pronounced.

Rustic Table Delivery/Free Shipping

Any table delivery over $99 comes with free shipping to the contiguous 48 US states. You will see a "Free Shipping Applicable" mark on qualifying purchases. We ship items to Alaska, Canada, and Hawaii at standard rates.

Shipping time depends on the item and your location. For instance, larger rustic tables require more labor and hours to produce, and therefore, have a longer delivery time. Additionally, we receive a higher volume of orders during the holidays, which can increase production times.

Every purchase is made to order. That includes designing, crafting, shipping, and testing the durability of the table. Customized products take four to 12 weeks to make and then ship to the customer. Some items may take longer.

Shipments typically take a few business days to travel from us to you and come with an order-tracking feature. You can get status updates by emailing customer service with your order number. Note that someone needs to be on-site to accept the order when it arrives at the designated location.

Our rustic tables ship through UPS and FedEx and use Motor Freight and Light Truck Load Carrier for oversize or high volume orders. The items come in protective packaging to minimize potential damage during travel. We also secure the pallets with multiple pieces of furniture, so shippers do not inadvertently separate packages from the order.

Additionally, we do offer storage, in case you need to extend the delivery window. We use a local and insured storage facility to hold all our products. The storage facility charges specially discounted rates, and we make sure to pass those savings on to you. However, storage that lasts more than two weeks past the due date will include a charge based on the value of the order.

Wood Queries

The table wood informs the overall aesthetic and durability of the product. For instance, hardwoods provide unflappable longevity and a dark saturated hue. Our table woods come from three primary sources, including logs, barn wood, and other woods.

Log Tables

There are a couple of hallmarks of the rustic aesthetic—wrought iron, natural imagery, oak finishes, and diffused light fixtures. Few characteristics are as symbolic of the countryside as log-based furniture.

Using the majority of a log for a table is practical and efficient. It provides a distinct look and feel that offers an expansive surface for sitting or dining. Additionally, the minimalistic design allows carpenters to produce and deliver the final product more quickly.

The Cedar Lake Log Picnic Table and Bench Set captures the appeal of log furniture. Each bench uses white cedar logs aged to perfection. You can even see the knots and beetle marks that make each section distinct. After ensuring that the woods have the proper complexion, we peel and sand them by hand and apply any necessary finishing touches.

Wooden Table

The choice of table wood is, perhaps, the most critical element when shopping for furniture. It determines the usability, color, style, personality, and functionality of the interior design. Each wood also has a predetermined lifespan depending on the hardness of the material.

  • Aspen – Aspen is one of the most widely used woods in the United States. The material is lightweight, straight-grained, and soft. While the material is susceptible to scratches and wear, it is shock-resistant and easy to shape into the desired table specifications.
  • Cedar – Furniture-makers love cedar for its wide range of applications. The wood holds stain and finishes well, and is malleable for design purposes. It also has a spectrum of textures, grains, and colors from golden honey to chestnut brown. 
  • Hickory - Few wood types can stand the test of time like hickory. This dense hardwood is resistant to scratches and chips and comes with rich knots and grains for a distinctive aesthetic. While hickory tables cost more because they are more challenging to construct, owners reap the benefits of a timeless final product. 
  • Pine – On the spectrum of hardness, pine is at the opposite end from hickory products. The lightweight and inexpensive pine building materials are more susceptible to damage. Their low-cost and cream-colored hue makes them ideal for decorative tables.
  • Teak – Teak is known for being exceptionally hard and durable, even to animal scratches. The material is highly resistant to water and pests, too. Similar to hickory, teak products can be a challenge to manufacture, so their longevity and reliability typically merit a higher price tag. 
  • Walnut – Walnut is one of the most frequently used woods for its functionality. Carpenters can stain, screw, paint, or polish the material with ease. Plus, it comes in a diverse range of shades, so those who love the rustic style can find a walnut color that fits with their existing interior design.

Barn Wood Table

Barn wood is a form of reclaimed wood. Often, the wood is repurposed from barnyards over 100 years old. The diverse range of aging and weathering patterns provides grain and coloration unique to each board.

Furthermore, barn wood has an unlimited range of applications. While it is excellent for tables, barn wood also works for siding, cabinets, and floorboards. Even using the material for framing can provide an attractive accent to your rustic aesthetic.

Barn wood is perfect if you want environmental sustainability. Repurposing the wood minimizes deforestation as well as landfill waste. Reclaimed wood also reduces the reliance on petrol-based products and fossil fuels in the manufacturing and transportation process.

If you're looking for a high-quality and handcrafted table, we have an extensive collection in our catalog. Contact us with questions on any of our products, and learn how you can customize your new rustic table.

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