Find The Lucky Leprechaun


Hunt through our real Rustic Furniture to find a 'Lucky Charm' and Win!

This St Patty's Day we are having a find the Lucky Charm and Win!  We've had some little leprechauns run around the site and hide 6 lucky charms.  Each charm will take 1 lucky person to a page with a code for instant savings on!  It's almost as good as chocolate.... Hey, we said almost, we aren't crazy.

Each charm will have a prize associated with it.  Here are the prizes:

  • 1 x $100 coupon    $100 Leprechaun
  • 2 x $50 coupon      $50 Leprechaun
  • 5 x $25 coupon      $25 Clover

1 prize per person only, if you try to use multiple coupons on multiple orders they will not be honored.  First to use the code wins, each code can only be used once.  IF the code does not work, it's because it has been found and used already.

There are almost no restrictions on what the coupon can be used on!  You can use the coupon on any product on the website other than gift certificates.

Have fun and good luck to all of you!

St Pattys Day